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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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A general description of the astronomical object I saw
cross down between the Moon and the Earth Some Images

(This will always be a work in progress, thank you for your patience)


Astronomers Will See A Fast Mover Suddenly Appearing Growing In Brightness

Astronomers Will See A Fast Mover Traveling Towards Them Making The Object Hard To Notice

A Pillar And A Platform

A StoneHenge And An Overhang. Fantastic!

An Email / Message To Solar System And Planetary Scientists And Astronomers

Ancient Common Themes, The Common Source is The Object And The Moon's Changed Light

Ancient Names Used For The Object Of The Crossing Down

As The Object Approaches Share The Return Viewer's Guide

Ask The Astronomer Contest

Astronomers Planetary and Solar System Scientists, Experts and Others


Comet C/2013 UQ4 May Have An Orbit That's A Miniature Mirror Image Of The Object's Retrograde Orbit

Contact Me

Countenance, It's Shocking But This Is What happens

Counter Rotating Is How I Used to Describe The Object's Retrograde Orbit

Damage Caused By Satellites Being Updated

Denying The Illusion

Detecting The Object As It Approaches It's Crossing Point Between The Moon And The Earth

Did Theia's Impact With The Earth Cause It To Become A Captured Object Orbiting The Sun?

Do Changed Light Photons Organize Particles Within The Particale Zoo?

Does The Retrograde Object Disturb Ort Cloud Bodies Causing Comets like Retrograde Halley's Comet?

Earthshine Plus The Effects Of The Star Bursting Object On The Infant Moon

Elongated Skulls Copied Human Looking Shapes Seen In The Moon's Changed Light

Excavate Puma Punku!

Failed Projects


Gravitational Lensing, The Object's Forces And The Changed Light From The Moon

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."

Helios Is The Sun, Selene Is The Moon, Theia Is The Object, Eos Is The Changed Light,
Hyperion Is The Man Of Light

How Big Is The Object?

How Big Fast And Far Away Is The Object?

Human Looking Sitting And Standing Statues And Things Seen In The Moon's Changed Light

I Capitalize Some Words That Would Not Normally Be Capitalized

If I Have Told You About This

If There Is A Downside To The Object's Return

I'm Absolved

I'm Actually Not A Writer, That Explains A Lot

Is The Object A Intermittently Geologically Active Companion Star to The Sun?

Is The Retrograde Object At Perihelion When It Is Between The Moon And The Earth?

Is The Object An Example Of An Exotic Type Of Highly Metallic Mini Compact Star?

Is The Object Of The Crossing Down Planet 9? *

Is There A God? I Believe That Even After Seeing Face To Face It's Still A Matter Of Faith

Is This A Clue To Understanding The Mountains Of The Valley?

I Reported The Object To The Minor Planet Center
I was going to but I decided against it because based on past experience surly I would not have been successful. I still would like to contact them. Their complicated website interface is meant for amateur astronomers and others to input data. I would want my first contact with them to be successful. I don't see how emailing or calling them would end with whomever I contacted being able to take me seriously through no fault of their own.

Update, I have started to use my twitter account recently and today I tweeted them. It seems like everyone is doing it, tweeting each other so why not give it a try? It is certainly worth it to try.

ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

Later After The Object Returns Some People I Know Are Going To Kick Themselves

Lemon Shaped Moon's Long Internal Axis Matches The Object's Orbital Crossing Angle

Lunar Perigee Alert May 27, 2064
(The majority of this page's content is probably obsolete because the Object did not return on
the May 26, 2018 date. This date for the Object's inevitable return was my best guess and unfortunately
it was incorrect.)

Lunar Swirl Reiner Gamma's Location And The Object's Close Orbital Path

Magnetic North And 1970

Mainstream Archeology Fails To Acknowledge Our Ancient High Technology Past

Many Early Hominid Types It Only Makes Sense

Megaliths Polygonal Construction And Things Seen In The Moon's Changed Light

Message To The World Media *

Minor Lunar Standstill Cycle And The Object's Retrograde Orbital Period

Mr. W. Spill Reported The Object Crossing Down May 24, 1926?

Music Credits

My Orthopedic Surgeon Said My Thick Back Muscles Saved My Life

Naming Rules What Naming Rules?

Nasa's Official Truth About Nibiru

News and Updates


Nobody Lives There


Pyramids Around The World That Look Similar

Pyramids Of Giza And The Two Brilliant Triangle Shapes Seen Over The Object's Upper Right Horizon
Down The Far Slope

Return Viewers Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

_*Fundamental Basic Important Viewing Information*


Rotational Frame Dragging And Time On The Object's Surface And Within The Moon's Changed Light

Sandra And William's Valley

Save The Object

Seeing The Moon's Changed Light, The Pineal Gland And The Shape Effects

Return Viewers Guide
For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope


This is the complete full version
of each of the five separate
Return Vewer Guides

I strongly suggest that you consider printing and saving at least one copy of this file. A printed copy of this free file guarantees you that no matter what is going on at the time of the Ancient Object's return and crossing down you will have accurate basic viewing information that you can trust and depend upon. Help those around you to see!

Return Viewers Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope


Size Scales In Our Solar System And The Crossing Object

Some Images
A general description of the astronomical object that I saw orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth.

Some People Are Going To Say I Should Have Done More So That They Could Have Known About The Returning Object

TESS May Be In Jeopardy!

Terms Of Use

The Ancient Alien Theory, What?

The Ancient Cretan Phaistos Disc

The Ancient Star Bursting Object Of Old

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Apollo Detection

The Awesome Good Updated *

The Big Full Circle

The Black Road

The Curved Headdress Effect

The Far Slope

The Formation Of The Moon * Important Update *

The Future After The Ancient Object's Next Return *

The Giant Hit And Run Impact Hypothesis

The Great Serpent Mound Is The Overall Shape Of The Moon's Changed And Lasting Light

The Hand Bag Effect

The High Tech Dark Ages Of Today

The Intihuatana Stone

The Lion Man Is The Man Of Light's Second Look Or Evolution

The Moon And Earth Are In Orbital Resonance With Retrograde Theia, Is This A Key To The Solar System's Regularity?

The Moon's Ocean Of Storms And The Crossing Object's Powerful Forces *

The Retrograde Object Is Like A Counter Rotating Flywheel For The Solar System

The Object Of The Crossing Down (formally titled, "The Object.")

The Object Returns

The Object's Basic Flight Path And The Earth's Shadow

The Object's Basic Flight Path And The Shape Of The Moon

The Object's Downward Crossing Angle Between The Moon And The Earth Is Approximately 5°-8°

The Object's Downward Crossing Angle Into The Ecliptic Plain May Be Approximately 30°

The Object's Side Profile Within Ancient Depictions Writing & Hieroglyphs

The Oceanus Procellarum Rift Vertical Energy Field

The Olmec And Mayan Calendar Track The Orbit Of The Object Of The Crossing Down

The Oval Shaped Area Of Lasting Light

The Positions Of The Human Forms Seen In The Sunken Room Down Within The Rising Mountain's Upper Structure

The Pressure You Feel And The Shaking That Happens Inside your Head When You See The Changed Light Rising

The Return Of The Object Will Finally End Our High Tech Dark Age

The Shadow

The Shape Effects, The Actual Greatest Thing I Know!

The Shigir Idol And The Holy Ghost Panel Horseshoe Canyon And Nunalleq Idols Of The Yup'k

The Sitting Crouching Or Kneeling Man Of Light Stands Up And Turns Around Face To Face

The Slow Prograde Earth Spins, The Fast Retrograde Object Rolls

The Speeding Forward Rolling Object's Magnetic Field

The Standing Stone Craters Exist On A Planetary Size And Scale

The Star of Bethlehem? I Don't Know It's up To Other People To Decide And Write This Page

The Step Effect

The Thinker, The Sphinx, Moai Tuturi, The Man Of Light *

The Qur'an

The Volk, Malhotra Kuiper Belt Detection

Theia, Is Theia Or Theia's Core Now The Speeding Object Of The Crossing Down? * Important Update *

I Think That Retrograde Theia May Have Struck The Early Earth Behind And Below It's Core Allowing It To Continue Orbiting

Total Lunar Eclipse Oct 8 2014


Velikovsky Figured Out That There Was Another Member Of The Inner Solar System

We Are Conscious Living Matter Copies Of A Shape Created From The Changed And Lasting Light From The Moon

When I Looked Up Down Into The Rising Sunken Room I Thought The Members Of The Crowd Had Their Hands In Their Pockets
(As it turned out years later I discovered from many ancient depictions that instead the members of the crowd, the Easter Island style human figures that rise with him
on his left and right and curving around behind him all facing toward towards the upper right horizon from their positions, all have their hands on their naval area instead of in their pockets.)

When Will The Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down Return? * Important Update *

You Can Also See Planet 9 Cross Down In Front Of The Moon

A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for Theia.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."




Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
Find in point form Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down the page;
Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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