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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
Go to your right...
The Object Returns

This is a page along with this page, The Object Of The Crossing Down are two pages that I wrote some years ago when I was even less skilled as writer than I am now lol. At that time in part this page was an attempt to describe the idea behind doing the Return Viewers Guide at some point in the near future. Along with all the unnecessary commas and text bolding I have left this page online and unaltered as a way to remind myself of that time and cause me to think about the discovery and journey over time and also some basic goals that I set at that time. I am very fortunate to have seen and I want as many people as possible to also have the same good fortune to have seen the Object and the incomparable ancient Changed And Lasting Light event.


It might have been May 25, 1972 when I was a young boy living in Mississauga Ontario, Canada I was invited over to a friend's house one evening to look at the Moon through his new telescope.

I somehow happened to look through his telescope at the exact moment that a very fast moving massive crater covered forward rolling moon looking and Moon coloured object crossed down between the Earth and the Moon.
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The same object is about to return and roll down across between the Earth and Moon once again.

Along with the returning object the most fantastic event is about to occur again!

The sight of the Moon's light is transformed over the object's upper right horizon.
A series of fantastic visual events occur.
The Moon's changed, and then very intensely changed and focused light is suddenly very precisely oriented directly at you, the viewer.

Somehow it turns out there really is a big ancient mystery.
Somehow it turns out that there really is a very big that happens, a very big ancient thing!
Now the sight of what the ancient mystery looks like, is very suddenly there!
The ultimate ancient mystery is suddenly there and now it's moving up through space from the object focused directly at the viewer.
The impossible is there, "happening," and it's noticed you.
There really is an "Awesome Good," and it is this sight!

The ancient mystery is not just what's going on in the first place?
Just to start with, How could a returning object exist?

I can think of a few good questions to ask but I don't have many or actually any answers.
I can only describe the sight of what happened and what things looked like.
Also I can describe the very distant fringes of the shape effects.

If a person knows to let their eye follow and ride the obelisk shaped point of the big main shadow as it travels into the distance to the right, into the expanse of the fantastic changed light from the Moon, then they will see and they will know.
Very suddenly in shocking clarity your viewing perspective, "the place were you see from," moves forward and has changed and you seen to be looking from a very suddenly closer viewing position.
From a modest height above, you are now looking down to a place that is just below and in front of your viewing position.

The first area of changed light that is moving in your direction, suddenly very noticeably is perceived. The point of the shadow has sculpted a shocking familiar form out of the changed light.
The focus point, or the focal point, the "heart," of the Moon's changed light has formed!
This focal point is the first thing you see right after the sudden squiggly line of the former point of the big main shadow after it is finished the first part of the sculpting.
An incredible sight that lasts for mere seconds at best.
You really won't have time to think but you will suddenly know what you are looking at and you will know in those seconds that you are looking at "the muscular back," of the the Awesome Good!
How could it be otherwise?

There is no chance that any person could possibly believe these seconds and then especially the next seconds without seeing them for themselves. I understand that and that's part of the point for me.
I'm just saying that people should watch the point of the big shadow go into the distance towards the upper right past the object's far horizon.
If they are able to get that far then very suddenly they will also be looking down from just behind and just above the incredible sight that I describe.

Even when people finally do "see," even though it's undeniable, people will want to question their own eye's.
That's easy for me to understand.
The point for me is not to go around trying to convince anyone concerning the exact details. Instead I have decided to simply describe and say what I saw.

Time, the full big huge roundness of time is rolling down and the big show along with it. Things are going to happen all by themselves and it is not for me to try to "convince."
Certainly nothing about this is easy.
Something's are simple but there really is nothing to do with this, that actually happens to be easy.


Suddenly the incredible heart of this event, "The Awesome Good," light from the Moon, suddenly reorients itself and turns to face you!
You are looking directly at an area of moving, lasting light. It is a part of the area of the light's one way, slowed down, and then as an area moving altogether, moving wave.
The shock and especially the shocking intensity all start instantly when the heart of the entire changed light event has finished turning around and "getting up" all in one motion, upwards towards it's upper left.
The "Big Sight" is now focused directly back at you!
This is were you want your eye to be. The entire point is to see.
Instantly all viewer's are going to suddenly know that, "need to look away feeling!"
You are now "forced," to comprehend the incredible sight of the start of the ultimate ancient mystery!

The now badly struggling viewers have to keep looking.
You would think that having come all this way all viewer's will naturally want to look, and they do, they will want to look. But looking was, and looking is, and looking will always be very intense and difficult!
Does a telescope magnify the light's incredible pressure and intensity? I have no idea.
Off the scale is off the scale.
As a kid at the time, I certainly had no idea that there was any sort of scale, but that's were I suddenly found myself. Ancient people wrote about
this intensity in the past and I know what they mean.

A very big goal of mine is to try to ensure that as many eyes as possible are riding the point of the big black main shadow, the next time it suddenly isn't strait anymore, at that instant after the up and down and up and down stops, when the shadow's point then starts drawing the zig zagging squiggly line in the distance of the moving arriving and suddenly there, solid looking and lasting light of the Moon.
The sudden shocking manner in which the suddenly formed lasting light focuses and is suddenly very intensely focused on you, the "viewer," is an incredible and unbelievable sight to see.
This is one of the special moments that was written about in the distant past!
This is an incredible wondrous thing to see!
This is the written about "moment," when you are first "noticed!" Somehow the sight is real!

You are suddenly watching this happen,
and very suddenly somehow the feeling, of being intensely noticed, is very real!

The heart of this incredible visual spectacle, that is real light from a real place, the Moon, is the center and heart of a now completely immense new place, once again, the Moon's light!
The incredible heart of this entire immense place, and this entire new place, blends with the object's forward rolling surface, it's upper right horizon, and becomes a totally new great big huge place!
It's as if the this whole great big huge thing that is suddenly just simply right up there, has noticed you! A very intimidating situation to suddenly be literally faced with, guaranteed.

One of the big questions is obviously why does this incredible sight look the way that it does look?
This should be impossible but there it is.
It is the impossible and it definitely seems as though it has noticed you!
Suddenly a situation completely beyond belief is happening to the viewer!
A very strong and completely indescribable pressure and intensity is now there from light that is basically only as bright as the Moon.

The changed and lasting light from the Moon is no were near bright enough to be hard to look at.

The Moon's changed light's details are clear and easily seen if you are able to stay looking at them. There were glistening points of light within, however even their brightness was not enough to make you unable to stay looking at them similar to the way the sun is bright.

The viewing tips I offer are completely accurate and reliable.
Allow your eye to ride and follow and be drawn along by the point of the big black main obelisk shaped shadow as it travels into the distance of the valley to the right and you will arrive, and you will also see!

I am just am ordinary dad. I have no big answers. I don't know the how and I don't know the why.
I don't know how could this possibly be.
I always ask myself, how could this possibly be?
I simply obviously don't know.
All I know is that I saw the big thing that rolled down across between us and the Moon that night.
Many years of asking that same old, "but how could this be" question, have got me nowhere. I try not to but I still ask myself this same old question, but it is a waste of my time.
It's a waste of my time to keep asking it and it's a waste of my time to keep trying to answer it and I don't try anymore.
That's part of why I asked people to "please," don't bother to ask me the question, "but, how could this be?"
For me, asking and trying to answer this question is just simply a complete waste of time.

I understand that I can't ever hope to begin to truly understand the profound importance of this sight, however I do know and understand some basic things having seen the last return and the first portion of the visual spectacle that is created out of the Moon's light.
It is a simple thing for me to realize that there will be a very great number of people who would and will be interested in knowing about this spectacular sight so that they can also see.
That's a big part of the point for me.

It is my intention to describe what I saw. It is also my intention to provide future viewer's with detailed viewing tips, so that they can also expect their own eyes to be arriving along with everyone else's gaze, all together at that very special point, at the same instant in time within the distant area of the very fantastic and changed light from the Moon.
There are many things that are important and this is one of them.
None of this is actually easy, however compared to the big impossible questions, this part turns out to be easy. Providing viewing tips would certainly be simple for anyone if they were looking and they saw what happens.

There is a certain amount of looking left and right that you want to do.
You don't want to be looking left, right at the big moment. You definitely could miss the sight of the first instant if you aren't actually looking at it.
I lucked out and I happened to look back to the right just in time or I would not actually know about the very first sight.
In my viewer's guide,(s) I describe the sights and the order of events.
This time, "they," are going to get lots of pictures of the object's surface, the hard ground of the place so don't look left at the object's rolling surface for to long. You can hopefully sit down and inspect the pictures later.
Instead, play it safe and don't stay looking left for to long.

I describe the timing.
I feel as though I have a responsibility to recommend the safe conservative course.
Look right and left and look down, but look back to the right early, and find the rapidly moving point of the big main obelisk shaped shadow as it rapidly moves away from you and focus on remaining looking at it.
You don't want to miss this chance to see!
All I can say is look around but be sure you look back to the right in time!

Once all the viewer's in the future have seen the strait line of the shadow's point finish going up and down and up and down, the zig zagging, cutting back and forth, squiggly line starts to happen.
The next instant is a very very special point in time and an incredible sight to suddenly know that you are seeing. The impossible heart of the event is suddenly way more than just simply there to be seen.
Then seconds later, once the Awesome Good has finished getting up and turning around to it's left and the big noticing has started, the Moon's changed light is now rising and moving towards the viewer directly through this now very close and very uncomfortably clear focal point that is now obviously very directly, specifically directed strait at you, the viewer.
This does happen and I can only guess that it has always happened.
This is just the first part, but this is definitely a big part of the big sight of old, and it's on it's way back to that place between the Earth and Moon, right now.

I am able to provide some basic in site and some viewer's tips. Since I was using a telescope during the last return, I am only able to provide guidance from the perspective of a small backyard telescope. I don't know how far away the object would have looked without the use of a telescope.
Could the circumstances regarding this next Return be different when compared to the last Return?
I don't know, we will have to wait and see. That's a question that will be answered on that day or rather on that evening, just after dark.
I try to discuss this difficult situation on the, "Return Preparation and Prediction Issues" page.

I am able to point to the May 24th date of the second last Return in 1926.
A very short description is offered but it is all that I need to know that a Return is described. Also I know that the date and even the exact time of the last return is known.
"They," detected, "The Apollo Detection," what I saw, "My Mississauga Sighting".
It turns out that there is some sort of chance that the object's orbit can be understood at least to some degree. Because of the fact that the object and entire event seems to have been seen from a closer position in the very distant past, some very serious questions suddenly present themselves and are unavoidable.


Instead, as always I try to remain focused on the good that is real.
For most of my life I had no clue that there could potentially be some sort of downside.
After realizing and spending a great deal of time worrying about the possibilities related to "a downside," I can thank some ancient author's for providing a very welcome measure of relief.

I understand that because of the not so simple fact that the changed light is the big ancient subject, there are some very real and very solid and very fantastic reasons why it is possible to actually have real and true hope.
I understand that these reasons will not seem like they could be real.
Also I understand that these reasons for hope will be very widely unbelieved.
For me personally I know that reasons for hope are as real as the sight of the changed and lasting light from the Moon. For most of my life I did not understand or even know about these reasons.

Finally I am able to feel better and I can tell people that when it's time and the object is approaching they can know that overall it turns out that there are reasons why they can have some hope and some relief from the fear we will be suddenly feeling.
It's not as simple as the fact that the object is going to miss the earth as always.
It goes beyond that foregone conclusion and then very quickly goes strait into some very difficult areas.
These areas at least some of these areas are in fact also related to the reasons why there really is hope.

It's only a small starting point for people on that very difficult and fast approaching day in the near future. I know that knowing these reasons for hope is the one big thing that helps me.
Because of some of the things I know and because of the sights I saw, I understand that I have to let myself be led by things that I know are important.
Being widely unbelieved is something that I understand completely and expect. Because I saw the last Return, I understand what is real and what is not, at least up to whatever point.

The big rolling place will roll down and go by.
My anxiety does not relate to whether anyone believes my descriptions.
Except for the Return preparation issues and the people who will need to understand these issues ahead of time before the object returns, for me, the importance of actually being widely "believed," by "people," is not the point. Even for the rest of the people that I just mentioned actually believing really is not the point either.

Hearing about the object so that people know what's happening when they suddenly see
or somehow suddenly detect the returning object is a very big part of the point for me concerning those folks who look out into space using those big telescope based instruments.
The "proof" of what I am saying will be back.
All of the big believing will take care if itself later, at the appointed time, whenever that is exactly.

I am able to see that some very basic things are completely misunderstood.
Also I can see a great deal of the unknown. I'm not saying that I understand all those big unknown things, but I did see some of them.
The sight of the Awesome Good is surely the most ancient and one of the most mind boggling sights ever. Somehow a sight that is clearly at the heart of the big point of it all!
How could it be otherwise?
The ancient people all seem to have been very impressed by this sight and especially very enthusiastic about this whole event. After seeing the first portion of this event, I can understand some of the enthusiasm!

I am going to try to build a clear enough picture of what I saw so that others have a chance to understand some of what is rolling down towards us once again. The ancient Big Thing is returning. Not just the object and the entire fantastic visual event that it generates but the specific focus or focal point of the light. The actual "Big Thing!" The "Awesome Good," is about to arrive back home once again!

The true heart of the entire event, the focal point of the illusion is real.
It's real and unless this sight somehow skips a turn every other time by, or the main most important crater rim piece that casts the big main obelisk shaped shadow has been somehow damaged or broken, the big sight will be here and seen again!
I saw it and I can point to it's ultimate evolution here on Earth, carved in stone!
This time it's not going to quietly sneak past.
These days the world is looking outward into space
The object will be detected and seen before it rolls down across between us and the Moon.
Using the basic points I mention in the Viewer's Guide for use with a small telescope, viewer's will know what they can expect ahead of time.
There is a certain place in the light that all viewer's will want their eye's to be arriving, right at that ultimate and very special moment. Just by sheer luck I know this because this is what happened to me.

The Viewer Guide's basic points describing the scene and landmarks and specific details will allow future viewer's to understand the big ancient series of events that leads your eye right up to the formation and the sculpting of the Awesome Good and the very startling and suddenly totally shocking heart of what must somehow actually be a big part of the overall big point of it all!

A very big problem for me is that I have to try to describe in words, the indescribable sight of what should be impossible.
A very fast and incredibly complex series of sights and events is topped of by the completely impossible!
And that's just the start.
The impossible happens again, many times over and then the intensity of the sight of the Moon's changed light somehow actually manages to multiply, as the spectacle literally evolves, and grows as it does way more than just last! (Here is just one more example of me repeating myself. I repeat myself, that's what I do. I hope that overall, it helps.)

I can only say that all of my descriptions sound completely lacking and hollow to me when I read then.
Even all the descriptions I have written so far taken together strike me the same hollow way. I understand that I am able to do and say only so much.
My hope is that all of the overlapping descriptions of the sights and events that I continue to write about, will continue to slowly build a better picture.
This approach starts to explain why there is so much that seems to be repeated within what I write.
This effect is evident above and below this point on this page. This does also go back to the point I make about how a reader needs to have a great deal of patience when they read what I write.

By luck, or more like by a total fluke, I saw the object and the first part of the event that is generated.
I realize that this situation's implications are always much more far reaching than I can ever imagine.
I try to remember that none of this is my fault as I try to describe the return that I saw.
I can describe the sights that I saw. I did not see the entire visual event that is generated.
I did see the heart and focal point of this event form.
I can describe the sights and the exact series of events that lead very directly to the creation of this fantastic incredible impossible very special sight!

As a way for me to try to at least partially understand and then describe this event, I divide the event as far as know it, into three basic overall phases. Ultimately the visual spectacle that the object generates out of the Moon's light surely has more than only three phases. There is a brief refocusing or time of changing focus, "the transition period," that occurs between phase one and phase two of the lasting light visual spectacle that I loosely refer to as the illusion.

Here's another point to try to start to clarify.
The illusion must surely not be an actual real illusion, or maybe it is, I have no real idea.
What exactly is an illusion?
What exactly is the changed and lasting light?
The changed light is real light. The changed light is really seen. It is really there.
Do these points make this awesome sight an illusion?
Illusion or not it is the most awesome sight and it is real light from the real rock of the Moon and it does the most fantastic things!

I have no idea what this event, that is the sight of the Moon's light, really is, besides the fact that it is the light from the Moon.
I understand some basic things but I can't answer any of the big questions about what it all means. All I know is what this sight and event look like.
I can describe part of what I assume is "the mystery." Ultimately the focal point of the illusion, the heart of the mystery, turns and the Moon's light focuses very specifically at you, if you are looking.
The shape of the focal point and the way it appears should just simply be impossible.
It turns out that somehow the impossible is possible.
At this point the suddenly intensely shocked and struggling viewer is faced with the fact that they are now somehow suddenly locked into the ultimate, most intense and most difficult staring contest in all of Earth's history. This description is surly true, but it comes nowhere close to describing it.
Understanding that this ultimate sight is important is something that I can do. I can never come close to understanding just how important this sight of this changed light actually really is.
The shape effects are real.
It is a simple thing for me to realize that the shape effects are at the very heart of some sort of truly fantastic thing. Ultimately I know that everyone will realize that this is were we actually somehow came from. I know this but I also know that it will only be when others also see, before anyone else also knows this incredible difficult thing. There are many things that I know I will never finally understand.

I am able to understand that seeing this sight is the only possible way that a person could possibly actually believe that this could be true. It goes even farther than that for me.
The idea of what happens is so impossible sounding that even people's sudden awareness that the object is real once they hear that it has actually been spotted rolling down towards us will not be anywhere near enough of a reason for anyone to even possibly begin to realize that my descriptions could be true.
Even when those final seconds are ticking down when the obelisk shaped point of the big Black Road, the main big shadow, is streaking into the distance of the valley about to go up and down and up and down while it is still strait, right before it starts drawing the zig zagging squiggly line with all of those future viewer's eyes riding on it's point, there's still no way anyone could really finally truly believe what happens next, until they see it for themselves.

I want interested people to realize that they to can also see the ultimate ancient mystery.
I saw it and I know that it's coming back.
Many things are very difficult as it turns out. This is easy for me to understand.
Also I am able to say that many of the reasons for difficulties are also reasons why there is real hope.

Because I know and live with the object and the reality of the memory of it's visual spectacle and the shape effects, I am able to understand that there are some very big and real reasons why there is actually hope.
I realize that the reasons I can list for hope will be to impossible sounding to be believed. I understand that, and that's ok.
Because I know these reasons are as real as the changed light, I am able to feel somewhat better. Because I know that real reasons for some hope are there, I understand that it is important to say so.
I don't know how far the reasons for hope go but I understand that real hope is there. I think that it is very important for people to know about the idea of hope. These reasons are the main things that help me. (Here I go again, repeating myself. I understand that the idea of hope really is something that is well worth repeating.)

There are many indescribable things that I try to describe.
One basic idea is that the ancient people who saw this event and then regularly wrote about this event, were looking up.
It appears as if things did occur on the Earth but a great many things that were written about actually happened up there within the area of the changed light especially the "plain," area of lasting light.
Because I know that this is actually true, I don't have a problem with the fact that it sounds impossible and it sounds as though it could not possibly be true. It turns out that there is nothing simple about any of this object returning and illusion business. Seeing the object and seeing what happens in the Moon's changed light is the only thing that will help.

I'm not here trying to convince or argue points.
On that future day at the appointed time, the Fullness of Time will once again be rolling down across between the Earth and the Moon.
Once again there will be many human eyes riding the big shadow's point,
all being drawn deeper into the distance of the expanse of the Moon's changed light, strait towards the sight of the sculpting of the Awesome Good!
I know this can only sound impossible. I saw this happen and I know that this big sight has always been and is always returning.
People don't need to believe me now in order to know to look later.
I am very happy to know that soon there will be many others will also know, having also seen.

My view started from a point were the Moon was already obscured by the object, but before the object seems to settle into place in position in front of the Moon, and then tilts instead of rolls at the viewer.
The tilting signals the beginning of the sight of the valley, phase one of the illusion.
At first I only saw the object rolling down without any sort of valley or place attached to the right.
The very fast forward moving, forward rolling object sinks down, very slowly dropping as it crosses the face of the Moon from the left to the right. The tilting and light blending or merging starts and then suddenly the light from the face of the Moon is seen seemingly to rise over the object's upper right horizon.
A view of a very real looking, truly fantastic valley is very suddenly presented.
It's the Moon but, now it looks "exactly," like a valley.

My view lasted from just before the sight of the valley, up until just before the down ward facing crescent moon's effect's would have started to have been seen carried forward within the second phase of the illusion.
The object itself was well low enough at the end of my view for the downward facing crescent shape to be seen normally but because of the way the light is behaving it was still not seen. The Moon's light moving during phase two of the illusion was on the very verge of rising or finally being seen arriving over the object's upper left horizon, the top, as well as the upper right horizon area were it has only been visible rising from so far.

I think of this end point as perhaps about the first one quarter of phase two of the illusion. I don't really know how long phase two lasts for. I can only guess based on the last sights I saw, the shape effects, and an ancient depiction that does seen to basically replicate the shape of the light during phase two of the illusion.

My guess of one quarter will somehow surely ultimately be an inaccurate representation as to when my view ended. I try to take guesses at things and I try to always say when I'm guessing and when I'm not guessing. Also many many things I think I know or thought I knew become outdated or obsolete or just plain wrong because my evolving understanding that always seems to go with this entire object business. An unavoidable result is that I can't ever hope to be completely accurate in every area or even any area. This has always been a process for me. In the end the effect will always surely be the same for everyone.
There is no way any one ever has or ever will just simply stand there and see this thing, this event, and then turn around and accurately explain much of any thing never mind more than that.
What should be impossible is just not easy to explain.
I know I can't explain it or completely accurately describe it, and I hope people will remember that.

Later, in the future, after the Return event is know again and is well studied, people will be able to easily see and understand exactly were and exactly when my view of the last return started, and when it ended. All of the separate descriptions that I have written, taken together, describe exactly when my view started and exactly when it ended.
This will be something that will be simple for then to realize and understand at that point in time in the future.

I have to repeat that I am not able to answer any of the big questions. I know what some of the big questions are but I really can't answer any of them at all.
I can only try to do what is right with what I saw.
Somehow by a complete fluke I find myself in this very difficult situation.
I know that this should not be happening but I know that somehow it is. I will continue to try my best to care for my two young children as I also try to do what is right. It is my hope that doing what is right and doing what I have to do will somehow add up to helping my children and also ultimately all the children.
I know there is hope, and I believe that I can succeed.

On behalf of the children,
Thank you.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
Find in point form Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down the page;
Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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