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The Crossing Down

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The Moon's Ocean Of Storms And The Crossing Object's Powerful Forces

"Gravity data from NASA's GRAIL mission suggests that Oceanus Procellarum, or the Ocean of Storms is surrounded by a buried rift system. New gravity maps prepared using data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) spacecraft reveal that Oceanus Procellarum, the largest lunar mare, was not formed by a massive asteroid impact. Instead, it is an area that was flooded by lava from an extensive rift system."Oceanus Procellarum is a large lunar mare with an irregular outline that spans the northwest quadrant of the moon’s near side."

The Oceanus Procellarum is the area of the Moon that is oriented closest towards the Object's retrograde orbital path. The Ocean of Storms is always the area of the Moon that is closest to the Object when the Object orbits between the Earth and the Moon. This is dramatic evidence of the massive Object's powerful forces.

The lemon shaped Moon's internal axis is oriented very closely with the Objects retrograde orbital flight path.

I believe that from that first point in time when after Theia initially struck the early Earth and then returned to orbit down through between the previously impacted Earth and the debris from that impact for the first time, the powerful Object has been shaping and evolving the Earth and the Moon right up until the present day.


"The Oceanus Procellarum, or the Ocean of Storms is surrounded by a buried rift system."

Lemon Shaped Moon's Long Internal Axis Matches The Object's Orbital Crossing Angle

Libration is manifested as a slow rocking back and forth (or up and down) of the face of the orbital body as viewed from the parent body. Libration is closely tied into understanding when the Ancient Object crosses down in front of the Moon.
Perigee and apogee along with libration are all a part of this three body system the Earth, Moon and Object orbital puzzle.
The Object, the Moon and the Earth are locked in a very hard for me to imagine precise orbital dance
that sees the retrograde Object cross down and obscure the Moon's disc three nights before the Moon every 46 years.

The Earth and the Moon are in resonance with the Object as evidenced by the repeating sights that occur in the Moon's Changed light.
These precisely detailed repeating shapes and sights can only be caused to happen if everything that
happens does so in exactly the same way every time an orbit between the Earth and Moon occurs.

I think that this indicates that the Earth and Moon are in resonance with the Object.

Maybe like a shock absorber or perhaps maybe more like a massive punching bag the Oceanus Procellarum, the Moon's Ocean of Storms region absorbs the forces that the Object of the Crossing Down exerts on it every time the Object crosses down through between the Earth and Moon. Maybe the Moon acts as a brake after the Object passes beyond it's closest point to the Moon contributing to the libration action. I don't know how this works I'm trying to find my way here. In combination with the Earth the Object's actions must directly cause the Moon's Libration movements and behavior. Does the massive speeding Object exert a force against the Moon as it nears similar to some sort of pressure or gravitational or electromagnetic shock wave similar to a bow wave? I don't know if that's possible. Or does the Moon only feel the pull of attraction before and after the Object passes the Moon with those attraction or pulling forces peaking when the Object is at or suddenly past it's closest point to the Moon's surface? The entire Ocean of Storms area within the newly discovered rifts in the lunar crust appear as if it must get pulled upwards similar to tidal forces on the Earth caused by the Moon.

In early Earth's continental history it appears to me as though there were great rifts were also present in the area of the Earth that is also oriented towards the crossing Object's orbital path. How does the crossing Object's tremendous speed effect or contribute to the forces that are exerted on the Moon and also the Earth. Consider the early Earth and Moon in closer proximity to each other along with the Object crossing down through between them closer to both, on the crossing angle and retrograde orbital path I describe. If it's true that the Object is actually Theia then clearly the formation of the Earth and the Moon are directly attributable to the Object's powerful forces and influences and history. The newly discovered rifts of the Ocean of Storms and the present day orientation of the Lemon Shaped Moon are visible tangible effects of the Object's crossing that can be observed thanks to Nasa's GRAIL mission.

It doesn't matter how you slice it or how you look at the situation. Thanks to the Ancient Object of the Crossing Down we are here. From the creation of our planet and the Moon to our own creation when some of the life that arose on the Earth looked up and saw the intense muscular shape of a man formed out of the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light by the sculpting point of a shadow that was cast by a randomly standing crater rim piece on the Object's surface. Somehow we are conscious living matter copies of a shape that is light from the Moon that was changed by the Object's powerful forces and caused to last. Somehow at the heart of this Changed Light mystrey I feel as though the rotational frame dragging effect as Einstein theorized combined with a very great mass, and possible powerful magnetic field along with probably many many other factors as well all working together to cause the light from the Moon as seen from the Earth over the Object's upper right horizon to become changed in the fantastic ways I describe. With the Earth and Moon in resonance with the Object, the shadows that the crater rim pieces cast happen the same way and are cast in precisely the same way every time the Object crosses between the Moon and the Earth. It's fantastic! The exact same sights are seen every time by anyone who looks up at the Moon at the right time. All throughout our entire history humans have been looking up to see the Object cross down and changed the light from the Moon. This is truly the most fantastic thing! The big main shadow I describe in my Viewer Guides is responsible for sculpting, forming and creating the solid Lasting Light shape of a muscular human that is similar to a statue. We are copies of a shape that is actually really light from the Moon, this is what actually happens, clearly obviously the effects of the Object's powerful forces are extremely far reaching far beyond just the Moon's Oceanus Procellarum region itself to say the least.

Years ago I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours talking with a space historian. I was describing to him how the light from the Moon becomes changed in appearance and behavior as seen over the Object's upper right horizon. In spite of the facts as I was describing them to him he was adamant that no such thing or effect was possible in association with any possible celestial object that could potentially be seen between the Earth and the Moon. Well I totally get his point and I totally understand why he had to take the position that he took. He said that the amount of gravity or gravitational forces required to cause the light from the Moon to become changed would be simply enormous. I'm guessing that his reasoning probably told him that an object that had the capacity to do such a thing would be so big that it wouldn't even fit between the Moon and the Earth. Either way whatever he was thinking he couldn't associate any celestial objects that he was aware of with the Object and the effects I described.

Certainly as everyone will see for themselves the crossing Object changes the Moon's light in the most dramatic and stunning way. Clearly easily the returning Object's forces are powerful enough to change the light from the Moon when it's orbit sees it roll down through across between the Moon and the Earth. What does this fact say about the nature and the possible composition of the Moon coloured Object. The Object's potential powerful magnetic field and rotational frame dragging may be key forces that help to cause the Changed and Lasting Light event to occur.

The Object's colour is an exact match with the colour of the Moon's bright areas. As a young boy I had seen pictures of the lunar surface in National geographic magazine. As a boy I used to think the Object looked like a moon type of place that had been cleaned up, all the boulders, rocks, stones and dirt were gone and the surface's crease mark indentation lines and bulging areas inside of these lines in the areas between the Standing Stone Craters looked like it had been polished to a high reflective finish.

The vertically standing crater rim pieces are extremely massive and tower many thousands of feet above the Object and are very probably originally areas of surface crust. I looks to me like some sort of tremendous internal pressure blasted the surface outwards forming the standing stone style craters that number into the hundreds. The vertically standing crater rim pieces did not brake or fracture at their base like rock would. Blasted upwards and outwards from the Object's surface probably heated at their bases. Concerning all of the Standing Stone style craters that I saw, I didn't happen to notice any missing crater rim pieces. Also none of the rim pieces are leaning outwards from their crater past 90° instead they are actually vertical at 90°.

The reason why I am describing the crater rim pieces to you is because years ago as a part my work career as a heavy equipment operator IUOE 793, I used to operate hoe rams. Basically a large size chisel designed to brake concrete, asphalt and rock etc. For years after seeing the Object and especially the Changed Light I used to have problems remaining thinking about the Object if I was thinking about it before suddenly I wouldn't be thinking about it anymore as I describe elsewhere in more detail. Also the opposite would happen, suddenly I would be somehow reminded about the Changed Light or the Object and in that moment I would think about things again before like a light switch instantly the thoughts would end. I know I was experiencing a type of shock that is hard to describe here quickly. In around the mid 1990's as I was on another job breaking asphalt that was laid over concrete. As I was working over the course of that very hot summer week suddenly out of the blue without any thought leading up to that moment I was suddenly thinking about how the rim pieces. must be surface bent upwards at their base. Seeing how the asphalt would sometimes bend upwards suddenly made me think about the Object. At that point I suddenly realized that the Object's surface layer was very likely more metal or metallic that rock.

A basic fact is this; the retrograde Object is not some sort of rocky body like for instance a typical moon. The true nature of this astronomical body is different than all of the other astronomical bodies in our solar system. Is the Object the core of what was once a rocky or gaseous planet? Is the Object a type of mini star? Somehow this Object combined with it's tremendous speed has forces powerful enough to change the light from the Moon and in the beginning like a cannonball through a watermelon the massive Object Theia blasted it's way through the early earth and then just kept going. This is truly staggering and a reality that will eventually become apparent and instantly realized by all no matter when the Object actually gets back.

I first started my Formation of the Moon page when I learned that the dark lunar surface areas were volcanic areas. These areas of the Moon are the areas of the Moon that are closest to the crossing Object. Now I have heard about the moon's Ocean of Storms and the discovery of the rift lines that frame this entire area.

Is This A Clue To Understanding The Mountains Of The Valley?

A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for Theia.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."





Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

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