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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
Go to your right...
The Far Slope

I try to understand and describe various aspects and elements of the incredible scene down the Object's far sloping surface. This is area is up over the crossing Object's upper right horizon.

Light from planets and stars and all light from the background of the space that is the background for the entire Changed Light event is all a part of this extremely complicated event. Within the complicated Changed Light event the incredible magical scene down the Far Slope occours.

Once the wave of the thick black shadow has passed by from the left to the right suddenly an incredible scene is clearly seen from basically directly infront of you down over the other side of the Object. Once you are looking directly at the Changed Light that is generated and or caused to happen by the crossing Object's forces you are suddenly seeing as if out of a remote camera up there as a way to compare the effect to something familiar. Look and instantly you will be seeing from the place you are looking at or from a place a lot closer to that place or thing you are looking at.

It's as if suddenly you are looking at glistening sparkling fantasic place that actually looks like a city although a special city. A place of glistening shpes that are seemingly oriented outwards towards the distance of the Valley the same way you are basically oriented.

I have always been very fascinated by the two fantastic brilliant triangle shapes that are eventually seen as a part of the incredible scene past the Object's upper right horizon, down over the Object's Far Slope.

For many years I had only thought of and considered the light from stars as the possible source for the light that is seen in the form of the two brilliant triangle shapes.
Once I started to read about various planetary alignments it was obvious to me that along with stars I had to consider the planets themselves as the possible source for the light that the Object eventually transforms into the two triangle shapes.
Also I have finally caught on to the idea that it's very possible, even highly likely that the sun light that is reflected from the many moons that orbit these planets may very well also play an important part in, be an important part of the lasting Light event.

Over time I read more and more about Venus being a focus of interest for the ancient people. I have known for a long time that there was a light source seen over the Object's upper right horizon, down over The Far Slope that was somehow different compared to the light reflected from the tops of the vertically standing crater rim pieces that remained above the line of the thick black shadow.

Many different ancient descriptions of various aspects and shapes seen within as a part of the Lasting light event include a wide range of colours. These colours have some sort of a source.
Concerning the outer planets, if more than the light from the planets Venus and maybe Jupiter is intercepted captured and transformed and then stored to be eventually displayed by the Object as a part of the Lasting Light event then perhaps this could possibly help explain how various ancient peoples knew the colours of some of the solar system's most distant outer planets.

Also what other sources of light from space display different colours? The planets seem as if they display a range of colour.
What about the moons that orbit the planets of our solar system?
Stars themselves all look the same to me but could some stars actually display different colours?
From various ancient texts that I have found to read here and there I find myself forced to conclude that at least some of the stars themselves actually do come in various colours but I know that this sounds unlikely.

I have to make this guess just because I know what happens, the Lasting Light event, and I know where it happens, outer space.
As with many of my guesses this particular guess may well eventually prove to be inaccurate. Based on the fact that I can understand some of the subjects described in some ancient texts I am still stuck with this guess because I am faced with what simple logic tells me.
Ancient people wrote about some of the different colours they observed within various stages of the lasting Light event past the point that my view of the Lasting Light ended. They saw various shapes that displayed colour. Colours that I did not see. I know that these colours had to have originated from the background of space because that's where this entire event takes place. Once again I am forced to guess that along with the planets, some stars must somehow emit light that shows or displays a range of colours. Could the Object's forces cause the light from ordinary stars to be displayed in a changed way? A colourful different way compared to the way the light from these stars normally appears to us?

I can only suppose that the ancient people would have never known the outer planets themselves for what they really were, planets, but they could have been very familiar with the light from these planets because of the way they were so obliviously very familiar with the details of the Lasting light event. Especially within the layers of the oval shaped plain of light that emerges out of the tunnel or outer sleeve of light that is originally seen as the mountains that surround the sight of the ancient valley that the scene on the Far Slope faces and is oriented towards.

The light from the tops of the vertical crater rim pieces are the source for the vast majority of the brilliant shapes seen down over the crossing Object's upper right horizon. All of these brilliant shapes are very very fantastic as future viewers will agree once they see this scene for themselves.
The two triangle shapes down the Far Slope are really something extra special, even compared to the rest of the incredible bright fantastic shapes on the line of the shadow down the Object's Far Slope.

As with many aspects of this returning Object business like the light from planets and their moons as a possible source for the triangle shapes and other Lasting Light shapes, and the apparent fact that it does appear to me as though somehow the stars produce or display different colours even though I know the idea or conclusion, sounds completely unlikely, even to me, a great many things come together for me accidentally or by luck, whatever you want to call it.

I was looking at a series of images of the Moon thanks to the people at

Suddenly I was stunned to find this incredible image of the planet Venus located below and beside the Moon in the exact place were a planet needs to be in order to become the light source for the triangle shapes that are seen over the Object's upper right horizon, down over The Far Slope!!!

The complicating factor for me is that this image was apparently taken from Apollo 15 from behind the moon and is not an image taken from the Earth.

I have some questions about this situation;
The planet Venus or some sort of light source is located beside the Moon's lower right side during the Object's crossing down in front of the Moon.

- Could an image similar to this image of Venus beside the Moon's lower right region be also taken from the Earth?
- Could Venus be the light source that becomes one or both of the triangle shapes seen down the Object's Far Slope?

This is a basic question and the answer to this question could prove to be critically important in regards to being able to possibly predict the date and time of the Object's return orbit down across in front of the Moon.

- Also there is this image of Jupiter
The light from Jupiter may well also be a part of the Lasting Light event.
- Does the light from Jupiter become one of the two triangle shapes? Maybe, maybe not I simply don't know enough about our solar system and planetary alignments, more specifically a Return alignment to be able to say with any certainty. I can ask questions and I can make guesses though.

I don't know or understand all of the aspects of this situation or all of the wide range of possibilities. At some point the Object will obscure the Moon's disc once again. The sequence of events I describe in the Return Viewer's Guide #1 - 5 will occur again exactly as I describe.
The two triangle shapes will once again occur and be seen before they are stored and carried forward to hopefully be seen again at a later stage of the Lasting Light event just like they used to be back in ancient times.

- Is the planet Venus the source of the light for the two triangles or just one triangle?
- Is the planet Jupiter and or other planets the source of the light for the triangle shapes?

- Is a second planet's light responsible for the second triangle that is seen.
Possibly a second planet in a planetary alignment maybe exactly the same as described by Mr. John Jenkins above on this page?
Venus, Jupiter? Also what about the rest of the less distant planets Uranus and the more distant planets?

Also incredibly to me as the caption for this image mentions; "The stars Castor & Pollux as well as the planet Venus are
visible to the right." of the Moon.
- There are two stars basically exactly were they are needed but now what about Venus?

- Also there is the light from the stars in Orion's belt.
There is some talk about how these stars match up with the three fantastic, especially the two fantastic triangle shapes located at Giza. Obviously all pyramids are models of some of the fantastic shapes that are seen within and as a part of the Lasting Light event. Obviously I have my suspicions but I simply don't know with 100% certainty exactly what light source becomes what fantastic shape that was seen and them depicted in stone by the ancient people.

I do know with 100% certainty that the shapes the ancient people admired and then copied and depicted in stone were definitely shapes that were shaped and sculpted Lasting Light, the changed Lasting Light from the Moon.
Eventually all of this will be sorted out and better understood, once the Object returns.

- Maybe the two triangle shapes are in fact the light from stars and the light from Venus is the source for a sight that happens later past the point that I saw the Lasting light up too. I know that this is entirely possible. I can only guess concerning so many, most of the many many complicated confusing aspects of the Lasting Light event as I saw it and especially past the point that I saw it.

This brings me to this image of the stars of Aries, Triangulum & especially the Pleiades

Obviously people who understand the solar system and it's movement and mechanics against the background of space are the people that are required in this completely complicated situation. I can say what I saw and I can try to ask the right questions as I notice this or that aspect of the planets and stars locations and behaviors I am simply unable to progress much beyond this point because of my lack of knowledge and understanding concerning solar system and celestial mechanics, if that's what you call it.

Once again because of the fact that the solar system's exact position and orientation can be determined because of the Apollo Detection, all of these important questions can be answered by people who work in this area. For these people determining the answers to the questions I am asking will be simple and easy once they finally realize that the situation as I describe it is what really actually happens.

I did see how the Changed light moves and some aspects of how it behaves. I saw how it can remain unchanging, then how moves and flows as a one way moving area. I saw how it can look as though the surface of the Moon with the Object lower down in front can seem to be rising and flowing upwards into space! I saw how the upward pulsating waves join in and then remain unchanging themselves the newest area of the rising Lasting Light! A truly incredible spectacular awesome sight!

The Object itself and the Lasting Light as far as I saw it are really my area of things compared to the way I an left to grasp at straws in what is the area of other people. As much as I like the way things are now with the world basically oblivious and not noticing or caring about the details of the Object or the Lasting Light event as I know it and am able to accurately describe it I know at some point that all has to change and it will change.

There are two triangle shapes, this is true but only one planet Venus obviously.
A guess, perhaps Venus or another single light source is the light source for both triangle shapes.

This could be possible if the light from Venus is captured within a particular earlier moving wave or area of light to perhaps become the larger triangle. Then possibly the next area or wave of moving light then captured it's own amount of light from Venus and this amount of light could become the next triangle shape.
I know this sounds confusing and also impossible but I know that this is actually a reasonable guess to make. At various points I did see how the Moon's changed light moves as waves or one way moving areas of light similar to waves arriving on a beach without then washing back out to sea or similar to an upward pulsing motion all flowing upwards.

I will keep looking into this area of things concerning the background of space that is in place during a Return alignment. The area of space that is seen above and to the right of the Moon. The light from the area of space that ultimately becomes a part of the incredible fantastic scene that is visible down over the Object's upper right horizon, down the Far Slope.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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