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Detecting The Object As It Approaches It's Crossing Point Between The Moon And The Earth

When the forward rolling speeding retrograde Object is finally detected how will it be detected and how much time will there be left before it's actually back between the Moon and the Earth again? Will it still be geologically dormant like it was when I saw it or will it be a worst case scenario where the Object arrives back down from deep space radiating searing heat with it's surface craters geologically active again like they clearly were at various times in the past? Everywhere on the Earth in the ancient past back to the end of the great megalithic high tech age that appears to have ended approximately 12,000 years ago and beyond further back through to more distant prehistoric times when people were aware of the Object they made great efforts to predict the time of Object's next return back down again to it's crossing point between the Moon and the Earth. Many different civilizations and groups of people all over the Earth spread out through time knew when the Object would be back again. When the time of the Object's return finally arrived they were alert waiting and watching the patch of night sky were they knew they would see the Object make it's first appearance. They knew when to expect the Object's return, they knew where to look for it's first appearance, they knew they were going to see the Object intercept and fantastically change the Moon's light and they knew they were going to have a chance to see the incredible Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon and that's what they did with an intense focus, need and dedication that is obvious and very clearly completely understandable to me.

The two highest priorities have always been to survive the Object's crossing and of nearly equal importance for people was seeing the Moon's incredible fantastic profound Changed Light over the Object's upper right horizon in an uninterrupted manner for as long as possible from it's first appearance through to it's conclusion if possible. Along with the possibility of suddenly seeing the most important fantastic visual spectacle possible from up over the Object's upper right horizon from a place that is actually within the Moon's Changed Light because of the way the Moon's Changed Light works allowing or causing you to see from within it, unfortunately people also knew they had to fear the Object because of the ever present real possibility that the Object might return in a geologically active state and everyone knew if that happened again a very dire situation would soon exist on the Earth again.

Even though I don't know why the world's knowledge of the Object and it's true nature and especially the knowledge of when it gets back and how it intercepts and changes the light from the Moon has been lost I can guess. Unfortunately it appears to me that the Object is almost certainly responsible for why some prehistoric cultures like the very distant fantastic world wide high tech megalithic builders, were destroyed. Once people see the Object for themselves I am sure that many people will come to the same disturbing conclusion. Obviously it's very important to try to understand the Object and this important troubling situation. What has led us to our unfortunate situation today were knowledge of the Object, when it gets backs and what it does to the light from the Moon is unknown? Many researchers today believe that humanity is suffering from a collective amnesia as a result of disastrous world wide cataclysms. The single thing that has effected me the worst through my life is my fear of the Object and what will happen if it does actually return in a geologically active state again as a part of a natural cycle that sees the Object intermittently active and then dormant again. I know that detecting the returning Object is an urgent international priority. Sooner or later the speeding Object will be close enough to the Earth for us to be able to detect the sun's light being reflected back towards us from it's smooth shinny very reflective forward rolling surface. One way or another, good or bad the Object will be back again. At this point I have every reason to beleive and hope that the Object will return safely again the next time it's back home crossing down in front of the Moon. Once the Object is detected the era we live in will be over and the next era of our shared human history on our planet will begin.

When Will The Object Return?  May 26, 2018?

These are among some of the questions and the issues that obsess me. When will the Object return, how will it be detected, how much time will there be for the people of the world to find out from the Return Viewer's Guide that the Object can return safely and that they need to look over the Object's upper right horizon to see how the Moon's light becomes fantastically changed and how much time will there be for the people of the world to prepare and brace themselves and protect vital infrastructure around the world once the Object is detected?

Because people today don't know about the Object the world is never ready and waiting and watching for the Object's next appearance. Detecting the Object is going to be difficult for the world because people are unaware so basically if the Object is detected at a great distance it will be an accidental rediscovery. I think this is a huge contributing factor as to why the Object has remained unknown up until our time. The speeding accelerating Object arrives very quickly and then it disappears down into the Earth's shadow as it crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth and then it's gone again. Because people are unaware scientists, astronomers and the astronomical methods they use to find astronomical object's in the solar system within the distance of the Oort Cloud are not tuned into what to look for in order to detect the returning speeding forward rolling very reflective Object as it rapidly approaches us. The correct patch of sky just like any other patch of the night sky may or may not be imaged by an astronomical instrument that is capable of detecting the Object while it is still at a great distance. If the correct area of sky is imaged that image might be taken long before or just before the approaching Object finally becomes bright enough to be visible to that instrument. How long before that telescope or another telescope or sky survey happens to image the correct patch of sky again? Then how long before any relevant data is examined? When the data is examined who is looking for a new practically unmoving steadily brightening point of heat and blue shifted light that wasn't there before instead of a point of light that has moved from a previous position to a new position? A standard motion search will not be effective looking for this astronomical object as it is approaching the Earth as it eventually first becomes visible at an extreme distance.

Once the Object is close enough to become visible because of reflected sun light there will not be much time left before it arrives and is suddenly upon us and our unsuspecting world. Even though the Object may be detected at a great distance leaving the world at least some time left in the lead up to it's return I'm guessing that instead the opposite will be the case and we will find ourselves suddenly confronted by the Object days or hours or even minutes before the Object is once again speeding down across through between the Moon and the Earth. I don't have a lot of faith in the ability of science to accidentally discover the returning Object with lots of time left before it is actually back intercepting and changing the light form the Moon again. I hope I'm wrong and I could be wrong because of the very impressive things that astronomers are able to do but I am afraid to get my hopes up to high.

How was it possible for me to see the Object when I was a boy maybe May 25, 1972 and at the same time clearly the Object was not widely seen and reported by many people or seemingly even any other people at all? Plain logic tells me that this should not be the case or possible and so it has always been a stunning thing to me that the Object could cross down seemingly without anyone even noticing it when it should have been a big world wide news event at the time instead. Somehow the astronomers of the day didn't detect the Object before it got here and along with that they didn't even notice it when it was here! How is that possible and do I think the same thing could happen again? I don't know and yes absolutely of course I do except that at the very least there should hopefully be a moon cam or two that happens to image the Object. It would be such a loss for science if they aren't alerted ready and waiting for the Object in order to gather as much science as possible when the Object is going to be as close as only approximately 144,000 miles away when it is finally back fully eclipsing the Moon again.

It actually took me a long time to finally figure out that the Object was actually unknown. I still do think that there may be at least a few other people out there who also saw the Object and the Moon's Changed Light when I saw it and just like me they have also been unable to make any real difference so far and they have also been unsuccessful reporting the Object so that it can become known again to the world. Maybe that's why I haven't heard about any other people who saw the Object. They would be facing the same types of obstacles and problems that I have been trying to get past. The basic problem is the fact that the Object and what it does to and with the light from the Moon is simply to fantastic to be believed without a person actually seeing the Object and the Moon's Changed Light for themselves. I totally get that and I myself would have zero interest or time for any of my descriptions of the Object and what happens if they were written by someone else and I hadn't actually seen the Object for myself, period. You have to see the Object change the Moon's light for yourself to be able to really know for yourself and anything less than that and it's just impossible for a person to be able to beleive, consider or even be the slightest bit interested in descriptions of what really happens. That's why it's virtually impossible to make any real progress informing other people about what really happens, they are not going to be interested because unavoidably it just sounds to preposterous to them. By the way I have always said that this isn't about me convincing anyone or getting anyone to beleive anything about what I say I saw. I am attempting to put people in a position where they will be able to see what happens with exact foreknowledge by putting the Return viewer's Guide out there free so there's a chance for as many people as possible to have heard about what happens before this repeating celestial event happens again. As I look around the internet I see many different types of good ideas and theories that try to explain the evidence for Planet Nine and theories that try to explain various aspects of the many ancient monuments, depictions and texts that happen to be related to the returning crossing Object and especially directly related to the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light and everything seen within it as it lasts and evolves through it's stages or phases. There is a vast wide range of ideas and beliefs out there that try to explain things and yet so far in all of that, at least for me it seems that there is still no room for my descriptions of what actually really happens.

Detecting the Object may be as simple as this, there will be someone who notices a new practically unmoving point of growing heat and intensifying blue shifted reflected sun light that has just suddenly emerged and become visible out of the blackness of space. They should see that as the suddenly newly visible speeding forward rolling Object continues to accelerate down towards us it's apparent size will increase and it's brightness will increase at an increasing rate as it rapidly approaches the place in space where it will ultimately cross down through between the Moon and the Earth. I'm guessing that the Object will be heating up as it gets closer to the sun as it dives towards the ecliptic plain so at some point it should be visible to an infra red telescope or instrument that can detect the heat of astronomical objects. The Object rolls forward in it's direction of travel at rate I estimate to be approximately one forward roll every 45 - 65 seconds. By applying the basics of the Dynamo Theory to the Object and it's core this strongly suggests that the Object's core is probably functioning like the Dynamo Theory would suggest on steroids generating a very powerful magnetic field and potentially a lot of heat and pressure. The Object's forward rolling action may be the key factor that drives the Object's internal geological processes. It looks plainly obvious to me that tremendous subsurface pressure blasted upwards causing the Object's craters and their staggeringly massive towering vertical crater rim pieces to form. Some type of internal process caused tremendous subsurface pressure resulting in huge bulging regions. The craters are all located within these raised level bulging surface regions. I am guessing that the massive vertical crater rim pieces that neatly ring every crater are original surface crust that has been blasted upwards, bent upwards at their bases 90° into their present positions. I saw at least three quarters of the Object's surface and I saw hundreds of craters and I didn't happen to notice a single missing crater rim piece from any of the craters I saw. This would not be possible if the Object had a rocky crust. I beleive the actual smooth very reflective shinny surface of the Object is highly metallic and was once in a molten state maybe caused when the Object Theia, struck the early Earth blasting it's way through it like a cannonball through a watermelon causing the formation of the Moon and the three body Earth, Moon and crossing Object system. The giant hit and run impact event with the early Earth that caused the formation of the Moon may be the cause or the beginning of the process on and within the Object that resulted in the Object's very large raised mound surface feature to form. Perhaps the mound formed because of the combination of the Object being in a molten state as a result of it's collision with the young Earth and the fact that it exhibits a forward rolling motion or spin in it's direction of travel. With each revolution or forward roll lasting approximately 45- 65 seconds I would think that a high centrifugal force would be generated as a result. Could that centrifugal force in combination with a molten Object have caused the formation of the Object's mound feature? When the Object is geologically active along with generating tremendous radiant heat some type of material is ejected straight upwards into space from every crater's position on the speeding Object's forward rolling surface. What type of material is ejected upwards into space from the Objects craters? The ancient people knew what this material was because it struck the Earth. It's important to understand as much as possible about the Object and very unfortunately this is one of the many real questions to ask about the Object's craters and the Object's true nature.

At this point in time I have no idea when the Object will be back. I thought my third guess, May 26. 2018 was fairly solid and well thought out but that date was incorrect. At this point I still think that I might have seen the Object May 25, 1972 although I am not certain about this date.

I had seen pictures of the lunar surface taken from the lunar surface by Apollo astronauts before I saw the Object. Now I know that when I saw the Object eclipsing the Moon it was blocking download telemetry from maybe as many as five separate Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages that were deployed and operating continuously from the time of their deployment on the lunar surface until 1977 when they were shut off, well past when I saw the Object. Each ALSEP package that was deployed had it's own central station unit that had a radio transmitter operating on it's own unique frequency. Nasa didn't see the Object but they detected the Object when they temporarily lost and then reacquired their ALSEP download telemetry from the lunar surface. If you can determine the date and time of the ALSEP signal interruption, The Apollo Detection, you will know exactly when I saw the Object. If you do find this information I would be very grateful if you would consider sharing it with me, thank you.
rvgcontactme at

I presume that my information and descriptions will remain ignored or genuinely unknown until after the Object's next crossing down. Later on once my descriptions of the Object and the Moon's Changed Light are looked at again by those who already know about them, and by the rest of the people who will be genuinely discovering my information for the first time hidden here at since 2005, astronomers will instantly realize the obvious fact that understanding the Object's orbital time period is going to be much easier than they would have originally thought because I did see the Object and nasa did detect it. @NASAGoddard knows when the Object I saw interrupted their ALSEP download telemetry down to the last seconds. The explanation I heard was that nasa claims that the ALSEP signal loss and reacquisition problem was "solved by computer means," whatever that's suppose to mean. I'm guessing they must have thought that it was a ground based problem because otherwise how could multiple transmitters on the lunar surface all fail at the same time unless something very huge blocked those signals for a considerable amount of time and they couldn't go there because it appears that they really don't know about the Object I saw between the Moon and the Earth that night and how the speeding Object rolls at you from the face of the moon eclipsing the Moon for as long as 45 seconds or more explaining why @NASAGoddard lost contact with all of their ALSEP central station units for what would have seemed like and actually was for an unusually long time period. They could not have imagined that an astronomical object traveling in the millions of miles an hour that was either slightly larger or slightly smaller than the Moon on the bizarre orbital flightpath between the Moon and the Earth that I describe was the cause of their very unusual ALSEP download telemetry loss and reacquisition anomaly. They did their best to try to explain what has been apparently referred to as "the nasa anomaly." Unfortunately it turns out that after nasa's analysis of the situation they came to the wrong conclusion and instead the Object I saw caused their nasa anomaly. The relevant information that they have is the date and time of the ALSEP signal interruption occurrence. That information is tremendously vital to science in understanding the Object's retrograde orbital time period. Basically it will inevitably boil down to this, once the Object has returned and it's gone again everyone is going to be very relieved however instantly everyone is also going to be very very desperate to figure out when it will be back again. Join the club, it will be good to finally have some company.

Detect The Object

Thanks to Caltech astronomers Dr. Mike Brown and Dr.
Konstantin Batygin I can finally imagine or try to visualize the Object's retrograde orbital path down into the solar system's disc. I knew the Object orbited down into and through the ecliptic but I had no way to connect the part of the Object's orbit that I can describe down through between the Moon and the earth with anything else out further beyond that. I couldn't connect what I knew with any sort of bigger picture until I saw the Planet Nine science and then I could suddenly see how the Object might enter down into the solar system through the perturbed outer Trans-Neptunian object's perihelion region. When I lined up the Object's basic orbital path between the Moon and the Earth with the Trans-Neptunian object's perihelion region beyond Neptune I was able to see the place in deep space beyond that from where the Object might return down towards us from. Then I saw that researchers from the University of Michigan shared research regarding searching for Planet Nine. "Astronomers have narrowed down the field." The researchers indicate a "probable zone," as the most likely place to find the theorized Planet Nine along it's orbital path as the Planet Nine astronomers imagine it. As it happens it turns out that the U. of michigan researchers pointing towards the same region of space that I am pointing towards as the possible region of space where the Object might return down towards the Earth from. It's my best guess, a guess I'm only able to make thanks to other people sharing their important research.

Reflected light from the returning Object may first be detected in the region of space that University of Michigan researchers are pointing towards in their "probable zone," for the location of the theorized Planet Nine. I have heard that the gravitational evidence for planet Nine suggests that the Object, or Planet Nine should be on an elliptical orbit that is oriented 30° above the ecliptic. This suggests to me that the retrograde Object travels down into the solar systems disc curving to the right through and from the middle of the U. of Michigan researchers probable zone region and then down through the outer KBOs perihelion region downwards towards the ecliptic where it might cross down through between the Moon and the Earth on a 30° degree downward angle relative to the ecliptic plain.

A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for the Object.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.


Detecting the Object and then eventually being able to understand the Object and it's powerful forces and how these forces combine with the light from the Moon and the light from the background of space are the starting point for understanding the fantastic process that has led to our existence as a species. Once the Moon's light has become Changed by the Object's forces it lasts and evolves in the same exact precise repeating way every time the Object crosses down and changes the light from the Moon. The Moon's Changed and Lasting Light has an imprinting effect on the viewer that starts happening instantly from when it first appears even before when the viewer suddenly feels pressure and intensity from seeing the Lasting Light rise from over the Object's upper right horizon. Everything about the Changed Light event is special and understanding the forces that causes this incredible celestial spectacle to reoccur is the first step that we will need to take before we will be able to begin to really understand were we can from and the profoundly important special natural process that created us humans in our present form. It's an incredible thing as everyone will eventually see for themselves! For me today this is just way too big the same way it's always been for me since I saw the Object and the Moon's Changed Light and it will be the same for you when you see the Object do what it does with the Moon's light. Check the free Return viewer's Guide so that you can see the Object change the Moon's light with vital foreknowledge. Later after the Object has come and gone and the Moon's light has returned to it's normal state it will be up to you to try to understand what it all means and what it's all about for yourself whether you are an astro physicist or just an ordinary person like me.

(Under Construction)
When the Object is close enough to be detected and seen there might be an unusual factor or force to consider that might complicate the situation called Rotational Frame-Dragging. I am guessing here, there are many questions that I wonder about and ever since I first read about rotational frame-dragging this question is one of them. Will the sunlight that has reflected back towards us from the speeding steadily accelerating forward rolling massive Object's very reflective smooth shinny moon coloured surface look "normal," as observers would expect? Will the Object actually be visible when it should normally be visible? I'm guessing that it will be visible but if it is still geologically dormant the way it was when I saw it the Object might not be visible or the way it looks might be effected because instead of sunlight being reflected back towards the Earth from a standard slow moving solar system object that is basically barely moving at all relative to the Earth in comparison with the forward rolling accelerating Object that will be hurtling towards it's crossing point between the Moon and the Earth in the many millions of miles per hour. I know I could be completely off here but I am guessing that the sunlight that has been reflected off the Object's surface directly towards the Earth might not actually go directly towards the Earth the way we would normally expect because of the Object's very probable extreme density and mass combined with what is also probably an extremely powerful magnetic field combined with it's known extreme speed, forward rolling action and the rotational frame-dragging force as the Object's very reflective smooth surface moves nearly directly towards observers. Certainly if the Object's light spectra is visible it should be unique and different compared to all other known astronomical objects. It's light energy should be blue shifted and also as the Object continues to accelerate towards observers the amount that it's reflected light is blue shifted should also steadily increase as the Object's speed increases as it dives towards the sun as it follows it's retrograde orbital path down through the ecliptic when it's travels down through between the Moon and the Earth. For me the fact that it seems as though the Object crosses down through the ecliptic plain here between the Moon and the Earth is a stunning thing! Again I don't know the true answers to the many questions I am suddenly confronted with like this one,
Is The Retrograde Object At Perihelion When It Is Between The Moon And The Earth? but every now and then I can try to answer them. Along side the internal processes that are probably driven within the Object's core by the Dynamo Theory effect, the surface and the core of the forward rolling Object will probably be increasing in temperature the same way a comet warms up as it approaches the sun because of the sun's radiant heat. As the Object heats up and it's infra red signature grows and intensifies how will this effect how the increasing amount of sunlight reflected back towards us from the Object's surface looks or appears to the various astronomical instruments and telescopes that may eventually observe the Object.

The sunlight that reflects back towards us from the Object's surface may be easily visible to astronomers as it approaches the Moon and the Earth exactly like it is when it's in front of the Moon where I saw it or perhaps maybe not because of the complicated powerful rotational frame-dragging force. When the massive forward rolling speeding Object eclipses the Moon and then the Moon's light emerges to the right of the Object the Moon's light is drastically changed in appearance and behavior because of the Object's powerful forces. During the second phase or stage of the Changed Light event when the solid Changed and Lasting Light is rising emanating up from over the Object's upper right horizon you can see a thick rippling glistening flowing layer of light that closely hugs the Object's surface before it's one way moving waves of light join in with and rise from the edge of the Object's upper right horizon. Could it be possible that the effects these complicated powerful forces have on the light sources from the background of space that are close to the Object and the background sources of light that the Object eclipses, might somehow change the way that background light looks and behaves. Could these rotational frame-dragging forces somehow manifest themselves in a way that effects and complicates the way the sun's rays might be expected to be seen from the Earth after having been reflected back from the speeding Object's surface making detecting the rapidly approaching Object with as much warning as possible potentially more complicated and difficult?

Within the overall Theory of Relativity is what is called Rotational Frame-Dragging. I beleive understanding this force and it's complicated powerful effects may be key in understanding what is happening when the Object intercepts and profoundly changes the light from the Moon and the background of space. Of course when I saw the Object as a boy I never knew about rotational frame-dragging. Many years later when I first discovered and read about rotational frame-dragging I found myself imagining that it was as if Albert Einstein had seen the Object change the Moon's light and that's where he got the idea from! I know that is not accurate only because surly if he had actually seen the Object he would have found a way to report the Object and we would all already know about the Object today. That's how I know that he probably didn't actually see the way Object's forces drastically change the light from the Moon and the background of space otherwise I could argue that he saw or had heard about how the Object and it's powerful forces actually do change the Moon's light. Instead Einstein was just so smart that, as he's proved over and over again, he was able to imagine this sort of strange reality without actually seeing what that reality looks like! Having seen what is without question in my mind the largest closest most dramatic example of rotational frame-dragging visible from the Earth I am very certain that once again Einstein's Theory of Relativity will seen to be correct.

Maybe the raw power of the bizarre rotational frame-dragging effect combined with the gravitational lensing effect, and maybe a bow wave of compressed gravitational waves (I'm really guessing here) that are themselves distorted and stretched down and around the forward rolling Object because of rotational frame-dragging, as the speeding Object accelerates down through space space towards us, might effect the way the Object looks to us even when the Object is only covering or eclipsing the background of space and not the Moon. There are a lot of distant but powerful light sources within any given very small patch of sky. In the background of space all of the sources of light and energy positioned behind the Object or in very close proximity to it's surface could or should be effected by the powerful rotational frame-dragging effect as seen by an observer on the Earth the same way the Moon's light is effected even if different looking visual effects are produced. If this is true how could this combination of forces and other unknown to me acting forces effect the way that the sunlight that has reflected off the Object's surface looks to observers? Could it be possible that when the Object is geologically dormant it is difficult to see as it approaches before it eclipses the Moon because of rotational frame-dragging? The entire time I saw the Object in front of the Moon it was clearly visible and it could turn out that the Object is always clearly visible in it's geologically dormant state from it's first appearance at a great distance onward without any of the possible complications I am considering. I know for a fact that it is easily visible from the Earth when it's geologically active well before it gets here, at least a couple or a few days beforehand because I have read more than one clear translation from more than one ancient text that are descriptions of what the Object looks like as it approaches in a geologically active state generating extreme heat and therefore it's own light, so seeing the Object days before it gets here in that situation is clearly possible. Because I saw the way the Object changes the light from the Moon I am wondering if detecting the Object when it is geologically dormant before it gets here could be complicated by it's high density, strong gravity, it's potentially very strong magnetic field and other forces that I don't know about along with what is very probability an extremely powerful rotational frame-dragging effect?



Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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