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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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A Stonehenge And An Overhang. Fantastic!

Zabid, Yemen, 1998,
Dr. Edward Keall, director of the Canadian archaeological Mission of the Royal Ontario Museum, made a chance discovery of a series of Stonehenge like standing stones on a coastal plain.

Dr. Edward Keall's discovery (

A Stonehenge-like enclosure of
granite and basalt monoliths (

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A Stonehenge along with an Overhang, Fantastic!

This ancient Return site incorporates two of the Object's most basic and fundamental elements.
Big vertically Standing Stones and the all important Overhang.

The Shadow itself begins or starts to develop, under the Overhang as I describe in the Return Viewer's Guide. I know that this Return site next to Zabid Yemen is very important because it's all about the returning Object and the way the Object intercepts and changes the light from the Moon. And then people like you and me looking at the sights that are caused to happen and be seen by viewer's in the Moon's changed and Lasting Light.

Along with the area under the Overhang the Object's towering crater rim pieces cast their own individual shadows over the Object's upper right horizon into the Moon's Changed Light. Standing stones without upper cross pieces were sometimes meant to represent the object's crater rim pieces as opposed to similar looking sights that were shaped Lasting Light. I don't know if this Return site originally featured cross pieces connecting the tops of the standing stones or not. I mention this because Stonehenge is mentioned.

Unfortunately at this point I am unable to find information on the web about the Overhang that is located near the standing stones in Yemen. I learned about this Overhang while watching a TV documentary that discussed this Return site next to Zabid Yemen. Apparently today the area under the Overhang is used to store farm produce, grains I think.

One of the investigating scientists was interviewed and asked about the ancient rock paintings found under the site's Overhang. One of the questions was basically;

"Why are these rock paintings similar to other rock paintings located around the world?"

He gave his answer. In fact to me his answer seemed far fetched almost fanciful. He had no knowledge or understanding concerning the facts and the details of what happens when the Object returns.
I see this unfortunate situation repeated again whenever I hear or read about what various ancient history experts think or what solar system scientists think.

For example on this page The Formation Of The Moon I make the point that those who are studying the formation of the Moon are doing so without any knowledge of the returning Object. The accuracy of their scientific research done to date has been dramatically impacted by this fact. Ancient Object related data was not included in their work. The inescapable conclusion that has to be reached is that if the area of research happens to include details and facts that are ancient Object and Lasting Light related and the researcher or scientist is unaware then at the very least their work is incomplete.

Overall this situation is mystifying to me however I have come to realize more and more that unfortunately this is the situation that the world is in today. People today just don't know what actually happens in our own local area of our solar system. This is even more true concerning what happens when the Object changes the light from the Moon. A very worrying serious situation indeed.

In my opinion the Rock art or paintings found under the Overhang are similar to rock painting around the world because the sight of the shapes within the Moon's changed Light was the subject the ancient people were focused on and their subject. Because of the way the shadows causes and effects within the Moon's Changed Light repeat every time the Object returns the shapes and forms that are seen by the viewer happen the same way every Return. Everyone sees the same sights every time these very specific sights occur. I think this is why many rock art sites around the world exhibit similar looking rock art subjects.

Another question that was asked:
"Why would the ancient people who built the Return site located near Zabid, Yemen, transport the large stones used over such great distances to this specific site?"

"Why did they chose this location?"

Every single person who has ever seen the forward rolling Object's slowly developing Overhang suddenly produce the shadow knows that the Overhang is central and key to the entire event. Once the shadow drops and becomes the thick black wave of the Shadow traveling through the sea of Standing Stone Craters the fantastic events that happen in the distance of the Moon's changed light has started and is well underway.

Every single person who has ever seen these Return sights knows that what they are seeing is something unique and very special. For any person who has seen the Ancient Object's return or for any person who knows that there is an object and knows the details of what the Ancient Object does between the Earth and the Moon the obvious is the obvious. The ancient people knew these sights and they also knew that a Return event is special.

In the case of the Return site near Zabid, Yemen, just like in many similar Return sites around the world the people built copies of the various sights they witnessed. Along with the natural overhang at this site near Zabid, Yemen, the people built their very own Standing Stone Crater. This location is also associated with a plain.

It's a natural, both the standing stones and the overhang are tied together located in the same place, on or beside a plain, and both are central to the creation of the incredible Lasting Light muscular Awesome Good.

It's no wonder why worldwide the ancient people went to such extraordinary lengths and supreme efforts in the many types of incredible constructions that they undertook. It turns out that Object and the Lasting Light event that the Object's forces causes or generates is the fantastic big thing that happens.

"A chance discovery of a group of megaliths on a coastal plain in western Yemen has sent scholars scrambling to explain"

The scholars are scrambling but just like I describe on the page; Nobody Lives There they the scholars have no chance to guess correctly.

There is no chance that any scholars will be able to guess correctly and be able to begin to explain the big picture because just like the rest of the people of the world today they are completely unaware of the facts of the Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down Between The Earth And Moon, and the incredible incomparable Lasting Light event that the Object causes to happen with the light from the Moon and the background of space.

As it turns out we live in a world during a time that is completely in the dark and totally oblivious as far as what really happens is concerned. Usually we the people of the Earth can count on and depend on the scholars, and expert types, whenever we need something understood and then explained to the rest of us lay people. Unfortunately the scholars and the experts are just as lay, as the rest of the world. We the people of the Earth are in a situation were the scholars and experts are simply not at all in any sort of position were they can help anyone and very soon all of these people are suddenly going to understand that this situation as I describe it really is the case.

What then?

I did see the Ancient Object and I saw the way it's forces change the light from the Moon.
Knowing the Ancient Object's last Return seems to have been a safe Return overall, is a good place to start.

As it happens this website that I'm doing for my children and for your children,
is a starting point for understanding whether people are able to realize it or not.


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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