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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
Go to your right...
Save The Object

I wrote this page, we'll call it a bit of a rant, at some point years ago I can't remember when. Every couple of years I think I should delete it but I still haven't done it. For now I have decided not to delete it like some of my other early pages it reminds me of an earlier time when I had figured out less about the Object and I tended to rant a bit more than I do anymore today.

Some stupid with a missile!
(Probably this does not apply to you, read Disclaimer, at the bottom of the page.)

I could picture it...
Someone who has been, or will be, sitting there for a long time,
just waiting, just dying to blast some sort of big space thing...
Go ahead!
Blast some sort of big space thing!
Who cares?

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It may be necessary, and it'll be impressive!
Don't worry a hero you'll get those big pats on the back you'll deserve plus all your big space friends will be so jealous!

JUST DON'T BLAST THIS GREAT BIG SPACE THING! This great big rolling space thing never hits the Earth!

Obviously the Object always does miss the Earth! Any other notion gets into the ridiculous and the impossible!
There is no way that we would be here if this Object had ever struck the Earth. On the other hand if the Object is Theia then after it hit the early Earth the first time the Earth, Moon and the Object became a three body system and since that time the Object will not hit the Earth again. At least that's what I think.

(Today in 2016 I have realized that the Object I saw may be Theia and this entire business and us humans here in our present form may in fact have been caused by the theorized Giant Impact theory. That said since that initial impact the Object never hits the earth or the moon.)

Also there is no way we would be here at all, at least in our present form, if it was not for the Object!
How could it be otherwise?
The Object's perfect surface and way the sight and the form of The Awesome Good, looks, makes this an obvious fact!
Plus there's the Shape Effects!

The very existence of our planet and possibly even the entire solar system's regularity itself could possibly depend on this Object's forces and it's obviously fantastic incredibly precise and delicate, very very long orbital course.

It could turn out that the Object's opposite sort of behavior could act as if a type of counter rotating fly wheel, that provides the balance, stability, and ultimately the regularity that our solar system seems to possess.

Whatever the down side, if there is a down side at all, ultimately I believe that the Earth and maybe even our entire solar system itself depends on this fantastic, massive forward rolling crater covered place, for a great deal more than we could possibly ever imagine.

Certainly it's a no brainer that We need to develop realistic and reliable planetary defense technology's.
Some very serious and hard working honest people seem to be making major efforts in this vital area.
Here is a very good example of what I am talking about;

Below is a website run by a gentleman who is obviously a serious and very dedicated sincere citizen of the Earth. A person who obviously really cares about the welfare of every single person on the planet. This is a person who obviously really does care about the future that our children will hopefully be living in. My hat goes off to these sorts of caring hard working people who are out there actually doing something about this problem. We really do need to support these sorts of very worthwhile and very sincere honest efforts. I hope you will visit this website and decide to support this very worthy cause. Also I hope you will search for and support more individuals and groups who are also involved in this vitally important area of research;
Future Asteroid Interception Research
"Non-profit fundraising,"
for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs, (near earth objects). & are not affiliated or connected with each other in any way.
I just happened to find this website while using an internet search engine. I checked out, and was very impressed by the
non-profit fundraising efforts being made by the gentleman who is responsible.

Here is another very good example;

Former astronaut, Rusty Schweickart, serves as the Chairman of the Board of, The B612 Project

The stated goal of the B612 Foundation, is to significantly alter the orbit of an asteroid in a controlled manner by 2015.
This is fantastic stuff.

You can help Mr. Rusty Schweickart in his efforts by using the donation buttons he provides on his webpage titled, "Current Interests."
Mr. Schweickart provides lots of very interesting information and links on this webpage.

Find at the bottom of the page "Current Interests."

"You should know that since B612 Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 any contributions you make to it will be tax exempt.
The donation buttons below allow you to make direct contributions to the Foundation using either a credit card or PayPal.
Thank you."
Mr. Rusty Schweickart

Obviously Near Earth Objects are a very real threat!

The returning Ancient Object definitely does not fall into the Near Earth Object category!

The returning Object definitely should not be interfered with at all!
However Near Earth Objects definitely are obviously a serious threat and should be intercepted and nudged somehow or even destroyed if need be. Why does such a serious threat receive so little attention and serious funding? Surly some sort of serious and credible funding efforts could be undertaken by responsible governments. Perhaps the United Nations could or should initiate some sort of program and show real leadership regarding this question. That seems logical to me. Why do these people gather anyway's? If protecting the world's citizens from the perhaps avoidable threats that the clear and present danger that Near Earth Objects obviously pose doesn't fall into U.N. area of responsibilities then I really am at a total loss to even begin to understand exactly what the world's priorities actually really are.

It does look as though even modest amounts of money directed towards the development of various planetary defense systems could very well prove to be money well spent. Real threats hover over our heads and worldwide we spend trillions pointing weapons at each other. We live in insane times.

Combine this insanity with the pure insanity of preventable starvation, deforestation, habitat destruction, over fishing, rapid nonrenewable resource depletion, pollution, global warning, ozone layer destruction, nuclear weapons proliferation and all W.M.D's, and war and the rapid extinction of species etc etc etc and it seems to me that it is an obvious foregone conclusion that all of history will certainly condemn us and may even hate us for our selfish short sighted terrible and destructive ways. By now surly it's way to late to change this very sad but well deserved judgment.

To top it off as if that wasn't bad enough already today we have the ability to destroy the integrity of the returning Object. Stupid insane acts litter our modern high tech era. It turns out that today and very soon everything is on the line like never before in all of history.

There is no question that tremendous positive advancements in many areas have been made and we can all be and should all be thankful to those who have made these valuable important contributions. I think that history will surly recognize these positive advancements.

Will we commit the ultimate crime against The Object?
A more realistic question is this; Will a small group of totally insane individuals armed with their big rockets take it upon themselves to carry out the worse and most despicable premeditated crime against humanity in all of Earth's history?

These selfish evil individuals will have read my Return descriptions. Once they detect and see the Object for themselves they will know that; My return descriptions are accurate so... these individuals will have NO, possible excusable defense for what would obviously be a criminal act!

The orbiting Ancient Object is a fragile world!
Standing randomly, fragile crater rim pieces neatly ring all the numerous craters. The big main shadow, is probably cast by a single fragile, crater rim piece. The tallest biggest obelisk shaped very black shadow that emerges ahead of the wave of the big main shadow, along with the group of other smaller similar obelisk shaped shadows are central to this event and it is critically important that the features that cast these shadows be protected and preserved for all time.

It is very possible that a single most important crater with it's vertically standing crater rim pieces may be responsible for all of the main most important shadows. These individual main most important obelisk shaped shadows travel into the distance of the changed light of the Moon, the sight of the Magnificent Ancient Valley, first, ahead of and beyond, further and faster than the awesome wave of the big main deep thick black shadow.

The big main shadow that does sculpt the form of the illusion's focal point, the Awesome Good, is approximately twice the width of the two smaller obelisk shaped shadows that travel away from the viewer along with, and behind, and on either side of the big main shadow. It could be simply a vertical crater rim piece that faces towards the Sun at a flatter angle. Whatever the main most important surface feature is, there is no question about the plain and simple fact that it is a very fragile feature.

An incredible thing to know that somehow the human form ultimately is a model of what is very probably a single crater rim piece's shadow's resulting effects within, and then ultimately out of the Moon's changed and solid appearing very intense Lasting Light!

It seems as if there are a lot of reasons why all humans should be interested in preserving the Ancient Object's integrity!

It is obvious that, any sort of premeditated effort to interfere with any aspect of the fantastic natural process that has resulted in us humans looking up, at The Lasting Light at what looks like ourselves, and then ultimately even contemplating ourselves, would easily be nothing less than *the all time ultimate obscenity!*
Nuking the big rolling star bursting place,
fracturing and bursting open it's surface's fragile crust, causing it's
interior to explode outwards towards ourselves,
would surly incinerate us all!
Then the thought of the Object, fatally wounded, wobbling off course with it's molten hot interior wildly spewing forth out through it's fractured crust at various odd angles as it once again leaves for the depths of space, would surly spell the Earth's ultimate doom...
We owe our children and we owe the future!
*We can't ever let that happen!*
Someone is going to turn around and stand up and notice you and then suddenly rise with his friends
from over the Object's upper right horizon!
Either the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light is going to be incomprehensibly beautiful, perfect and exact in detail as always, and we are all going to be having fantastic heavenly dreams for the rest of our lives or the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light is going to be extremely intensely ugly like never before and we will only have incomprehensibly terrible nightmares from hell if we even live long enough to sleep another night! An incomprehensibly terrible obscene thought, but... we would have destroyed, The One Who Rolls.

The One Who Rolls? Look it up! Go Ahead, look it up.
What did the ancient writers say...? Or at least what do some people today think that the ancient writers meant.

I saw the big place rolling down across in front of the Moon. I know that the incredible Awesome Good is generated and created over the Object's upper right horizon by the object's forces, in and then out of the Changed and then suddenly Lasting Light from the Moon, by the point of very tall black obelisk shaped shadow! This is what really happens! It turns out that it actually doesn't make any difference what you think or if you like it or not because
"The One Who Rolls," does generate and create The Awesome Good!

The Awesome Good is real! a solid form in extreme detail, a form that is pure Lasting Moon Light!

To see is to receive the intense pressure of the sight of this incredible form created in and then out of the changed and then Lasting Light from the Moon. Somehow, incredibly, in part at least, this is were we must have come from!
In part to start with, we humans must have somehow been caused or created by life looking up, at the back of this very muscular intensely clear sight that is somehow seen from above and behind!

At a basic fundamental level, somehow this is were it must have all started.
To see this spectacular sight during these very brief seconds is to know that something happened that is still going on that is simply fantastic!

Human life must have modeled itself based on this form that is pure light and intense and then suddenly very extremely intense beyond belief!
Either that or human life didn't model itself after this spectacular form that is light.

Hopefully one day in the very near future we will all have a chance to study these questions once everyone has had a chance to see the forms within the Changed and Lasting Light. I say what I think but I am only expressing my own personal opinions.
This event and The Lasting Light and human life is simply much to complicated for me to be able to say that my opinions are definitely 100% correct.

I also think that it may be true that maybe, no matter what anyone person or group eventually say's, there never will be a single opinion or theory, that can ever fully explain or describe this fantastic event that is somehow driving the process of life on Earth.

Here and on other pages I and simply expressing my opinions and asking questions and taking guesses.
In my opinion this is something that every person should have a chance to do and should be allowed to do.

Seeing The Lasting Light and then expressing opinions, asking questions, and taking guesses is the way humans must have always reacted after seeing the changed and Lasting Light ever since the most distant ancient times.
That's what I did, and that's what I do.

Soon it will be everyone else's turn to also do the exact same thing as we all join with our ancient ancestors who can show us the way if you listen to what they are actually saying.
Soon this will be possible for everyone because soon everyone will finally see exactly what our ancient ancestors were and are, actually really talking about.

The Lasting Light really is a beautiful and wonderful thing and so are living thinking loving human beings!

The ancient people knew and wrote about this, I know about this and I write about this and soon everyone will know and very definitely many others will feel compelled to also write about what they saw and what they know.

Even though no one seems to know about the exact details of these seconds, these seconds are widely written about and known and definitely everyone does want to see this incredibly wonderful sight.

Looking up at the sight of The Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon is the ancient human thing to do.

Every human is pre wired to receive, process, and store this powerful forceful intense light.
Later you will still be able to see this light and people will once again learn this ancient art.
It starts with the immediate after effects and then later with determined concentration and practice the Shape Effects will just simply suddenly happen!

I do know about the important idea of hope.*

You have your theory, and it is whatever it is.

It turns out that one day when you look back you will see that your big theories and your big ideas actually basically do match up with what really happens.
You shouldn't be surprised. You have followed the evidence were it has led you.

Not only that but the bravest have stuck their necks out, ignoring how crazy other people may think they are because of the way they are saying it the way the ancient texts really sound and look. I applaud these brave individuals for letting the evidence lead them and then for saying it the way it looks to them when they get there. When you look back one day I hope you will see that you actually were hitting the nail on the head. I learned a lot about what I saw thanks to the things that you people have written in our day, thanks.

Having seem the last Return, a safe Return, the Object itself and The Lasting Light, certain things are very obvious to me.

One of the things that is very obvious is that a great many of the ancient texts and stories are actually literally describing the sights and events that take place within The Lasting Light. Overall it is very obvious that many ancient descriptions and texts that are actually literally describing The Lasting Light and the way it behaves have been interpreted and used in our time as basis for building theories and understandings that are suppose to be describing the original writer's intent and the meaning of what is being described.

The ancient people saw the Object and the changed and Lasting Light and so did I.
If the ancient people could read today's interpretations concerning what they wrote long ago in their time about the sight of
The Lasting Light, I know that they would and could only be left wondering and scratching their heads.

Even though a great many points within these various theories actually match up with what is actually really seen, just like me they would be unable to initially quickly make many direct connections and associations between what they can read today, the theories, that are suppose to be explaining all about what it all means, and what they know about The Lasting Light because of seeing The Lasting Light.

On the other hand the things I am referring to that have been written in our day are sometimes literally describing a Return in many instances even though the author does not realize it. There may be some head scratching and wondering going on but if the ancient reader is able to realize that a Return is still the big subject that is being written about even in our modern day, suddenly the connections and associations become completely clear.
A Return is a Return and if the text ancient or modern, is describing the Object's return home, that's what it is.

These points may seem unrelated to the "Save The Object," topic of this page but in fact the relationships are clear.
According to many of today's ideas the Object is associated with destruction, and we have to think in terms of defending ourselves, from the Object.
This may or may not be true in regards to the Object's forces at least up to whatever point. This relates to the duck and cover while still looking type of thinking that may or may not be necessary.

I do know that it is plainly obvious and completely clear to me and it would be just as obvious and clear to everyone who has actually seen The Lasting Light that it is the actual Lasting Light itself that was the ancient focus.
The phase three of The Lasting Light event, the plain or world, of Lasting Light forms lasts, and then goes into action.
Then The Lasting Light evolves and plays out and then ages and eventually an end time is reached.
At this end point in it's evolution, the entire Lasting Light event, everything within the oval shaped layered plain that had emerged out of the mountain's sleeve of light earlier faces some sort of deterioration or disintegration, ultimately, destruction, a type of inevitable self destruction I suppose. It does look as though after the Moon's light is changed it only lasts for a certain amount of time before it somehow destabilizes.

Do the Object's forces actually impact the Earth itself?
This is a separate question and a different issue and the answer to this question may well be yes.

Even if the answer to this separate question is yes this still does not mean that the Object itself strikes or collides with the Earth, or that it ever has or ever will collide with the Earth.

Also it does not mean that anything should be done to try to somehow stop the Object.

It does look as though at one time in the past the Object's forces might have possibly impacted the Earth itself in various ways.
I try to discuss this aspect of things on the "Return Prediction and Preparations Issues," page.

When reading various ancient texts the question of The Lasting Light event is actually sometimes very difficult to distinguish from the Object's forces and the way these forces may have impacted the Earth in the past. Within the ancient texts there is an intermingling of these two separate and distinctly different aspects of a Return. Where is the dividing line between what happens within and too The Lasting Light and what actually can potentially happen on the ground down here on Earth as a result of the forces of the object itself?
I don't know were the line is exactly.
There is a definite line between these two aspects of a Return but it is very hard to tell exactly were this line is located.
Another problem that makes things even more complicated and nearly impossible is this;
Distinguishing between familiar types of events that normally take place on the Earth from very similar looking types of events that happen within the lasting light itself that have nothing to do with any sort of destruction, is sometimes virtually impossible to do when reading ancient texts.
A very confusing situation is the result.

This confusing situation is made even worse as a result of the fact that that it seems as if the translators don't just translate but they also sometimes seem to be also interpreting meanings as well. When I read an ancient text, and it sometimes reads as though the Object itself, is some sort of person, I know that it is obvious that the translator, through no fault of his own, definitely never saw a Return.

The Awesome Good does happen there but separately, the Object, is sometimes basically refereed to as if it was some sort of person and then the text goes on to describe the lasting light. Certain things are sometimes simple and easy and it turns out that this area of things can sometimes be very simple and easy to understand if the ancient text, that sometimes isn't really sounding that ancient anymore has enough clues left in it so that a reader, who has seen a Return, is able to realize that a Return and especially The Lasting Light is in fact what is being described by the ancient writer.

The Object generates The Lasting Light event.
The light lasts and then actually evolves leading from one part of The Lasting Light event to the next part.
I know of three definite distinctive stages or phases that The Lasting Light event goes through. I saw the entire first phase. My view ended part of the way through the second stage or phase of the event. I am able to read about the first two phases of The Lasting Light event. I am also able to read about the third stage or phase of The Lasting Light event in ancient texts. Also I can understand that the layered oval shape that is widely known because of many world wide ancient depictions is very definitely the shape of The Lasting Light's third and final overall shape and evolution. This is definitely were the focus of a great many of the ancient world's biggest stories and events and texts, takes place.

It's the light from the Moon.
The elements and very familiar looking forms, that are sculpted and created by individual shadows are basically, literally standing on the surface of the Moon!
Or rather the light from the actual surface of the Moon, depending on how you think about it.

Not only that but the Moon's changed and lasting very solid looking light, is seen at a close position towards the viewer's location. I know that sounds to strange but very soon people are going to see this incredible effect for themselves. The Object's forces change the light from the Moon causing it to last in solid shapes and forms. The entire Lasting Light event evolves from the point when the Object becomes "undone," and what I know has to be the Magnificent ancient Sacred Ancient Valley of old is seen to the right and the upper right of the Object, all the way through to to point were eventually the layered oval shaped area or plain shaped area of Lasting Light has finished evolving and has aged and is then old and the action the ancient viewer's were seeing ends. Then at this end point in the life of The Lasting Light it's deterioration somehow happens.

The Lasting Light does ultimately deteriorate somehow and if you read carefully the ancient writers point to specific things to look for that signal the fact that the end of The Lasting Light event is nearing or is at an end. In part because the ancient viewer's saw up through the separate layers or level's of the oval shaped plain, the ancient viewers knew the details of The Lasting Light event in a very intimate way. The entire event including the end times of The Lasting Light was the focus of the ancient writers. An incredible event that repeats in exact detail with every Return.

It could be possible that the Object orbits past between the Earth and Moon at a slightly further out position every orbit. With every more distant orbit or crossing point, the final evolution of the scene and the action within and inside up through the oval shaped plain of Lasting Light may have been expected to be progressively different compared to the previous return and Lasting Light event. It could also be possible that perhaps some of the ancient writer's may have been trying to predict what sorts of sights could be expected to be seen during or towards the end of the their next, Return and Lasting Light event and also Returns in the distant future.

The Lasting Light event that the Object causes may follow a predictable cycle or changing pattern that directly relates to the orbital characteristics of the Object.
If the knowledge of what happened before, was known, then a writer past or present, would be able to say what was going to happen during the next Return and Lasting Light event. They could make a prediction, although that's not what it really is unless you think about it in the most simplest of terms.
What many ancient writers did and what I have done and what I do is simply state what I know from having seen the Object and the Lasting Light before as I describe. It's not any sort of a guess or prophecy concerning what is about to happen next. This is true regarding what happens in the first instant in The Lasting Light as my Return Viewer's Guides describe, but more so I am thinking about ancient writers who saw The Lasting Light event play out in it's entirety. Also I'm mainly thinking about the ancient writers who may have seen the ultimate sights up through the separate layers or levels of Lasting Light within the oval shaped plain of Lasting Light itself.

For example; read the descriptions contained in The Secret Book Of Enoch. Would I love to read a more literal basic translation attempt. Ultimately reading this book and understanding it in it's original language would the the thing especially if the reader knew about the facts of the Object's return and the way it changes the light from the Moon and the light from the background of space because that's exactly what this text is describing.

Also it may be true that ancient writers may have had knowledge concerning what happened in Returns before their own time but more specifically they may have had knowledge of Lasting Light details that were seen during Returns that occurred during previous Return cycles.
If you know what happened before at a certain point within the cycle, you can expect to see the same basic or exact sights, again. In that sort of case a person could accurately predict or describe the future behavior of the Lasting Light.

Knowing this leads me to believe because I'm forced to believe that there really is no such thing as prophecy at least as far as describing future sights that happen concerning the Object, and the Lasting Light itself.
Go ahead and roll out all the so called proof that you want, if you are unaware of the Object and the details contained within the Lasting Light event and that's what your so called proof is actually based on, and it usually is as far as I am able to determine then it turns out that you will also be forced to realize that there really is no such thing as prophecy, the way people imagine it to be in our day. I think in the future people will be amazed that we could have been thinking this way all this time.
This is simply part of the difficulties to come. This is only one example of a big idea of today that is about to be swept away.
Soon people will know for themselves that the Object, the Lasting Light, the details contained within, the entire event as I accurately describe it is what really happens. Knowing that I was able to do this simply because I saw it all before, people will have a hard time imagining my writing to be that of a Prophet. It isn't, and I'm not.
As far as I'm concerned there are no real Prophets, because there is no such thing as prophecy at least as far as the Object and the sight of the Awesome Good standing up and turning around etc is concerned.
Just my opinion. I'm allowed, just like everyone else. Just because I saw it does not mean that I'm not allowed.

Ultimately the world, of Lasting Light is destroyed. Perhaps a better way to think of it is an aging and dying or inevitable passing away.
Either way, the Lasting Light event was the focus of the ancient writers and ultimately the event ends.
The Lasting Light has some sort of life span and then some sort of a scattering over the Earth apparently takes place.
Not only that but it may be true that as each of the successive waves of light finishes or plays out completing it's own part of the action seen within the plain it may actually reach it's own end point. A scattering maybe apparently takes place in regards to each separate stored up and then later seen in action wave of light.
I can go into detail and I will on the page, The Plain, or The Lasting Light page.

I am able to understand that unless a person has actually seen the Object's return down across in front of the Moon, and
The Lasting Light, the things I describe are basically impossible to realize. That is just the way it is and I can't do anything about how impossible this is for people who haven't seen the Object or The Lasting Light event to realize.
All I can do is point towards what happens and then try to make the point that The Lasting Light is the big highlight of a Return and The Lasting Light event was definitely the focus of the ancient writers.

When the ancient writers are describing destruction, the plain and simple fact is the destruction they describe does not necessarily actually happen down here were we are on the Earth!
This is just the way it is and knowing this does help me to feel slightly less worried.
This is the very important part that I am able to realize is a reason for real true hope.

Hope does exist and I'm glad I know this because if I was unable to realize the idea of hope then I would still be stuck back in the past in those days before I was able to understand the real reasons for hope. Those days took a great toll on me and wore me down and crushed me down under their weight.
I feel much better but I am still not completely ok because I know what a Return actually is about.
When I read about destruction in ancient texts I go through a great deal of anxiety and stress.
Because of this effect that I know I seem to do a fair bit of avoiding reading more however I always eventually do come back for more because along with being a great cause of my worry, reading ancient texts is also my only source of relief and at least partial understanding.
Up to an early point when my view ended I saw the same sights in The Lasting Light that were seen by the ancient viewers and then written about by the ancient writers. Overall though I worry about this a great deal because I don't know were that line is and I did see the hard rolling ground of the Object.

I mention that some things are simple and easy. That is only an expression I use to describe certain smallish, things. Overall there is nothing simple about the ancient Object's Return and definitely none of this is easy. It will take another safe Return before I'm back to 100%. I'm not going to avoid the worrisome unknown but I know that there really are reasons why people can feel better.

None of this matters to anyone now but me. Very soon however the Object will be detected. Once that happens I can guarantee that the terror and fear will be on and in a very very big way. The Object misses and we can all feel better knowing that the Object does not hit the Earth and the Object isn't going to actually hit the Earth during the next Return. This is a good place to start for people who don't know this basic fact. Remember, hope does exist and during those days, or hours, depending on how much warning there is, any hope at all will help.

Realize that there is hope and realize that there is such a thing as a safe Return.
I sincerely hope that in some small way, on that day, when the Object "Adoil," to me, finally returns and is seen rolling down my words about hope may help.

It could be true that some sort of destruction takes place here on the Earth's solid ground as a result of the Object's forces. Interfering with the Object itself would not be a constructive option or a very wise course of action for the reasons I mention elsewhere.
Destruction, a type of destruction does definitely take place within The Lasting light.
Also ultimately all of The Lasting Light does finish evolving and lasting and the oval shaped plain of Lasting Light, if the plain actually happens, is ultimately destroyed or it does ultimately self destruct once the end of it's time is reached depending on how you think about it.

When the life span of The Lasting Light event is reached and all the destruction, takes place, the Object itself is long gone, and has been long gone for quite a while.
This is a basic important point and a fundamental thing to know.

The Object intercepts the Moon's light and generates and creates The Lasting Light event and then leaves it behind and the Object itself continues down across following it's orbital course at "marvelous speed," as it was once described.
The Moon's light is caused to last and then Object, "Adoil," continues down below the Earth's horizon towards the area beside and below the Sun.
The Object is long gone and The Lasting Light itself remains and does all the evolving and aging and eventual passing away that it does complete with the much written about destruction that goes on and meanwhile the Object itself has long since departed.

Doing something like attacking and trying to somehow destroy the returning Object in order to save ourselves, from the destruction, on the ground that may very well not happen at all, would only cause the feared destruction on the ground to be worse if it were to actually happen.
Also a situation on the ground that was not going to include any sort of destruction could possibly suddenly be drastically changed and a perilous situation could suddenly exist were there was none previously.

Also, obviously we have to make sure that no harm ever comes to the incredible Awesome Good!

I could easily picture a situation like this actually happening.
Even if people know what is going on and they know what they should and shouldn't do,
people are very capable of taking actions that are well past completely stupid and insane!
It turns out that if you don't have a big missile, tipped with some sort of warhead, then there's not much you can do to cause destruction to the returning Object.
If you do have some sort of big missile then the disclaimer at the bottom of the page applies to you.

What should I do?
Sit back and let the chips fall were they may?
Should I leave my children's future in the hands of those with weapons of mass destruction?
On the other hand should I give these .mil people along with everyone else some sort of clue about what is about to happen?

It really seems as if people just simply don't know about this and that's why I'm saying something about it.
Certain things are going to be happening and it actually does not matter what people are able to believe about what I am talking about as long as no one actually does anything as insanely stupid as launching some sort of blind attack against the returning Object, the big thing that happens, and the Big Thing itself, The Awesome Good!

I may or may not be in some sort of a fight to save the Object and the incredible Awesome Good that does happen there,
I simply don't know.

For me this is about fighting for my children and fighting for their right to have a future.
That's what my priority is and that's my focus.

The big ideas of today are about to be swept away by the Object's next Return and that's just the way it actually really is so why tip toe around when I know there are some very basic important points that really need to be made right now!

That said the point is to try to preserve the future that my children and your, children will hopefully be living in.
In that day no one is going to care about the outdated overturned big ideas of yesterday.
That's basically how I feel today. I really do care about people and especially their kids but I do know that the big ideas of today aren't even a consideration at all in the big picture. Later, give it enough time and no one else will care either. One day you will know for yourself that I am right when I say that the big ideas of today aren't even a consideration at all, in the big picture of things.

On the other hand the big things that everyone says they care about are about to return.
Even though the big ideas of today are slightly off, it turns out that in many ways they are not totally off.
A Return is the big thing that people are looking forward to even though they seem to be unaware of this fact.
The big ideas of today are off but they do match up with what really happens.
In a strange way this really is the situation.
I don't know what sort of consolation that may or may not be for people but a Return and The Lasting Light event and the sight of the Awesome Good is the big thing that people say they care about.

Today many people are focused on the ancient texts.
The ancient texts focus on the returning Object and especially the Moon's Lasting Light,
that's what it's all about.

It should be no surprise to people when they discover that the big things they know and the big ideas of today actually do basically match up with what really happens.
Soon this is all going to come to pass as they say and it will all be old news.
Everything old will be new again restored to a world that has somehow forgotten what actually does happen.
The Object's Return is really an incredible thing to see and know about and soon everyone will also see and know.

Many things are amazing to me. One of those things is that it appears as if within the ancient texts similar situations are described were it seems as though at various points in the long ago past the idea of a Return and The Lasting Light was forgotten or unknown or at the very least, not understood.
Then with the Return and the rebuilding and The Lasting Light event actually happening all the way through, out to it's full length and duration the forgotten facts and knowledge were restored.
It looks to me as though the exact same type of situation is about to unfold very very soon in our present day.
May 24th, 1926, then in approximately 1972... it won't be long before the big thing that happens will be back.

It really doesn't get any better that The Lasting Light.
The Lasting Light is the thing that the big ancient fuss was about.

Soon there is going to be a very big fuss once again.
I survive by thinking about the good part, the part that the big ancient fuss was all about.
I have to also think about the rest of it but I usually try to block it out.
Beyond the efforts I am making here on these pages on behalf of and for my children, there isn't much or really anything I can do.

I sincerely hope that we will be able to resist the human urge we have that causes us to lash out and destroy what we are afraid of or what we don't understand or what we don't want to know.

The big show is about to happen!

Lets let the big show happen the way it's meant to happen! Lets keep our hands and or missiles off.
We don't want to mess this up!
All that's required is preparations on the ground as I discuss and from that point onwards it a looking so that you will see so that you will know situation.

Be ready and do the right thing and don't do the wrong thing.
In the end, or is it the beginning again, the children, your children, will be happy that you did in fact do the right thing!

The Lasting Light Is Humanities' Greatest Most Precious Treasure!
Obviously it goes without saying that the vertically standing crater rim piece that actually casts the shadow that sculpts and creates the shape and form of the Awesome Good in and then out of The Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon is central and at the very heart of everything that is important.

All of our most ancient ancestors new the basic fundamental vital importance of seeing the sight of The Lasting Light.
Definitely they practiced it's lessons as they understood them, and they saw it later and for the rest of their lives when they concentrated on it.

Our ancient ancestors built great monuments and structures that along with themselves were also models and copies of the shapes and sights within the lasting light.

It seems that our ancient ancestors then made great efforts to predict their next Return so that they could prepare and so that they would be ready to see the sight of The Lasting Light once again and especially so that their children could also see.

It turns out that it's all about "The One Who Rolls," and the way "The One Who Rolls," intercepts and then changes the light from the Moon causing it to last in moving and evolving solid shapes and forms.
Then this intense light somehow causes the life that sees it, to become not just like it but,
exactly like it!

We can all thank, "The One Who Rolls!"

Always remember...

That's what happened the last time.


and we save ourselves!


And by the way I don't mean to say that everyone who has a missile or rather, yes, "a rocket," is actually a stupid with a missile.
All I am saying is that launching a missile at this Object would be way more than just simply stupid.
There is simply no good that could possibly ever come from such an insanely stupid evil act!


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
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Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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