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The Crossing Down

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Thiea, Is Theia's Core Now The Speeding Object Of The Crossing Down?

Today a situation exists where a very large fast moon coloured forward rolling astronomical body crosses through between the Earth and the Moon. This is a fact.

At this point I believe the Object's orbital time period is 46 years and one day, this is a guess. When Will The Ancient Object Return

I recently heard about the Giant Impact Hypothesis and Theia. It's taken me some time but gradually I am forced to ask the obvious question. Could the speeding moon coloured Object I saw actually be what remains of Theia? And yes it could be, in fact it's gradually becoming glaringly obvious to me that the Standing Stone Crater covered Object I saw is very likely what remains of Theia.
If that is true then the incredible forward rolling Object that I saw cross down through between the Moon and the Earth is Theia.


I had always assumed that Accretion theory was responsible for not just the Earth and the Moon but also responsible for the ancient forward rolling celestial Object I saw cross through between then as well. Part of the reason I always assumed the Accretion process had to be responsible for the formation of the Earth, Moon and the ancient crossing Object was because I could never consider the idea that the Object I saw could be a captured object. I still don't think it could be a captured object at least in the normal or traditional sense. That said today the idea that a mysterious planet-size body slammed into the young Earth about 4.5 billion years ago and then the moon formed from debris blasted into space is an idea that seems to be popular and apparently proved by various scientific means and evidence. If the astronomers are correct then today's reality sees a situation where the core of planet Theia was not absorbed by the Earth instead it probably exists as I describe orbiting down through between the Earth and the Moon.

Could it turn out that the amazing orbiting Object I saw is actually this theorized Theia? Maybe a collision with the early Earth could account for the way it rolls forward in the direction it travels along it's orbital course? If Theia's lower or southern region collided with the Earth multiplied by the Object's incredible speed imparting a forward spin. Could this cause the forward rolling rotation motion behavior that the Object has today? I'm guessing that as long as the core of Theia missed the early Earth's core, it could have simply blasted it's way through the Earth even in close proximity to the Earth's core and then just kept going ending up in the orbit it exhibits today. The Earth and Moon formed out of the same stuff maybe with a little bit of original Theia somewhere in the mix if Theia left any material behind in the giant impact collision. Looking at my basic flight path image it's clear to me that if the Giant Impact hypothesis is correct and my guess that the crossing Object is Theia then the impacting Theia struck the Earth behind it's core as the early Earth orbited the sun. The Object's collision with the Earth would have been like a cannon ball shot through a watermelon with the Object barely slowing down. Luckily the Object missed the Earth's core or else everything we know could have turned out very differently. Just a guess based on this idea of Theia.

Maybe a glancing blow type of collision from the speeding object Theia that was already rolling forward and already in the basic orbit it is exhibiting today could have caused the Moon as described by the impact theory? I used to think that the odds were that one day it would be discovered that the Accretion type of model would best describe the formation of the Moon, the Earth and the Object I describe. Now that I have heard about the Impact Theory and the idea of Theia I understand that this could account for the Object I saw and the incredible precise orbital dance between the crossing Object and the Earth and the Moon.

With the Object crossing through between the Earth and Moon three nights before the full moon, and with the crossing angle of the Object's orbit as I describe this would see Theia hitting the Earth on a slight downward angle from the side and behind the Earth's center. This does allow for the core of both the Earth and Theia to remain intact both continuing on their separate orbital paths.

I just don't know enough about how the theories work that try to describe how the Protoplanetary disk accreted and how planets orbit. I have to wonder about the Theia impact idea because I had not heard of this idea before. I used to think that the Moon and the Ancient Object were formed together with the Earth from the beginning when the Protoplanetary disk accreted. The only other alternative that I knew about was the captured object idea applied to the Object I saw and that just didn't seem possible to me. The Object "Theia," just happened to cross down through a previously formed Moon and Earth causing it's capture and it's stable 46 year orbit? Somehow I can only suspect that this type of scenario is highly unlikely at the very least if not practically impossible.


The Basic Flight Path                         

Even though the Object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth, it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon.
I am mentioning this point because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image;
"The Basic Flight Path."

Illustrating the crossing Object's orbital path down through between the Moon and the Earth with 100% accuracy is not possible. However in general with a slight adjustment, The Basic Flight Path image is exactly what the forward rolling Object's orbital crossing angle looks like.

Adjustment: The left to right crossing angle and the top to bottom sink rate shown are very probably to high. Slightly reduce the crossing angle. Also slightly reduce the top to bottom angle and this may be a closer approximation than the angles across and down that are shown in my Basic Flight Path Image.
How Big Is The Ancient Object?

How did the Moon and the Earth and the crossing Object I saw come into existence? Now for me the choice is the Accretion Theory, or the Giant Impact Hypothesis.

If the ancient celestial Object I saw does turn out to be a captured object perhaps a spectacular collision with the Earth 4.5 billion years ago could have resulted in the reality of our solar system as it exists today with the Earth, the ancient Object and the Moon locked into this extremely precise orbital dance with each other.

Maybe the Object that crosses down between the Moon and the Earth is basically the ancient core of the planet Theia that is said to have struck the early Earth. I know that has to sound a bit far fetched but I always wondered if the ancient Object I saw crossing in front of the Moon was once the core of a planet. Also I wonder if it's a type of mini star? One that rolls forward in it's direction of travel. If it's a type of mini star it could still also be the object thought of as Theia. I have wondered about the troubling implications if the Object I saw is a type of once active or intermittently active forward rolling mini star type of celestial Object in various places on this website. This does go straight to the heart of my very worst fears.

People imagine Theia as some sort of planetary body that was destroyed and absorbed by the Earth causing the formation of the Moon. We are all in an ongoing situation that will soon see the return the incredible orbiting astronomical body that is the third member of the Earth and Moon system. It looks like this aspect of the Giant Impact Hypothesis possible outcomes was not foreseen predicted or considered. I know the crossing Object is a fantastic thing, a type of celestial object that appears to be unknown to science and undescribed except by me with my words and descriptions, some crude pictures, clay models and a couple of styrofoam balls and a pipe cleaner.

Does the existence of the Object I describe prove or help show that the idea that some sort of giant impact caused the Moon's formation? Or does it disprove it? I'm guessing the answer is much more complicated than a simple yes or no. Is the Object I saw what remains of Theia? It could be but I certainly don't know the answer to this question 100% but the answer might be yes. Incredibly if the Object I saw is Theia then after it's impact with the Earth it somehow then orbited back and has remained in that orbit till our time in solar system history. The Object I saw orbits down through between the Earth and the Moon as I describe.

The Object I describe does exist and it might be what remains of Theia which means that it may actually be Theia!

Example; the core of mars should or does happen to approximate the size of the Object at it's lower or smaller possible size range. The scientists today are very convinced that they are correct and there was a giant impact of some description. Unfortunately these people's efforts are hampered because they don't seem to know about the crossing Object, call it Theia, and it's tremendous speed. Surly the computer models they are using to attempt to understand the Giant Impact don't include Theia's tremendous speed at least as far as it's present orbital speed is concerned.



"Theia is thought to have struck the Earth at an oblique angle when the latter was nearly fully formed. Computer simulations of this "late-impact" scenario suggest an impact angle of about 45° and an initial impactor velocity below 4 km/s however, oxygen isotope abundance in lunar rock suggests "vigorous mixing" of Theia and Earth, indicating a steep impact angle. [1] [2] Theia's iron core would have sunk into the young Earth's core, and most of Theia's mantle accreted onto the Earth's mantle." Giant impact hypothesis link below

It appears as if the giant impact hypothesis is correct in part. They think there was a collision, I show the crossing angle of the Object. The "vigorous mixing," they describe seems to have resulted because of the collision they believe happened. Theia's core did not sink into the Earth's core instead the collision striped away whatever mantel material that the Object is thought to have originally had and then the Object just kept going after the collision, at this point rolling forward along it's orbital path leaving the Earth Moon system behind ultimately destined to become a member of that system with every return orbit down through between the evolving Earth and Moon.
"Astronomers think the collision between Earth and Theia happened at approximately about 30–50 million years after the Solar System began to form. In astronomical terms, the impact would have been of moderate velocity. Theia is thought to have struck the Earth at an oblique angle when the latter was nearly fully formed. Computer simulations of this "late-impact" scenario suggest an impact angle of about 45° and an initial impactor velocity below 4 km/s however, oxygen isotope abundance in lunar rock suggests "vigorous mixing" of Theia and Earth, indicating a steep impact angle. [1] [2] Theia's iron core would have sunk into the young Earth's core, and most of Theia's mantle accreted onto the Earth's mantle. However, a significant portion of the mantle material from both Theia and the Earth would have been ejected into orbit around the Earth (if ejected with velocities between orbital velocity and escape velocity) or into individual orbits around the sun (if ejected at higher velocities). The material in orbits around the earth quickly coalesced into the Moon (possibly within less than a month, but in no more than a century). The material in orbits around the sun stayed on its Kepler orbits, which are stable in space, and was thus likely to hit the earth-moon system sometime later (because the earth-moon system's Kepler orbit around the sun also remains stable). Estimates based on computer simulations of such an event suggest that some twenty percent of the original mass of Theia would have ended up as an orbiting ring of debris around the earth, and about half of this matter coalesced into the Moon."

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

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