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When I Looked Up Down Into The Rising Sunken Room I Thought The Members Of The Crowd Had Their Hands In Their Pockets

As it turned out years later after I saw the Object cross down in front of the Moon and change the Moon's light I discovered from some ancient depictions of the human form that instead of the members of the Changed and Lasting Light crowd having their hands in their pockets, the Easter Island style human figures that rise with him 2 on his right and 2 on his left and the rest in an evenly spread out small curving semi circle around behind him all facing directly towards the Object's upper right horizon from their positions on the floor of the sunken room atop the rising light mountain, instead they have their hands on their naval areas instead of in their pockets like I had originally thought when I first saw them from above, at the same instant when they first appear and are first seen rising.

This entire situation, this entire event is way more than just very complicated and unbelievable so talking about the human forms that are created by the shadows that are cast into the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light by the vertically standing crater rim pieces on the forward rolling speeding Object's surface is the most difficult aspect of what happens for me to describe and for the reader to hear about so understandably my descriptions of these sights are going to be completely impossible for you to be able to consider. But because I saw the Object and especially because I saw the how the Object intercepts and changes the light from the Moon and I saw what happens when the crater rim pieces on the Object's surface cast shadows into the Moon's Changed Light, I know for a fact that the massive forward rolling speeding astronomical object that I saw crossing down through between the Moon and the Earth and the spectacular way it changes the light from the Moon is the big thing that happens and that the sights that are seen created within the Changed Light are often at the very root of many very strange world wide ancient mysteries and depictions including the mystrey of; why do so many world wide ancient depictions of humans or human like figures have their hands on their stomach or navel area?

As it turns out the motion I had that the small group of human like figures that rise with him had their hands in their pockets doesn't actually make sense at all because of course these incredibility stunning solid Lasting Light human like figures were made by the shadow's interactions with the Moon's Changed Light by nature and pockets are a human invention so of course these human like figures that I am describing shouldn't have pockets and as I know now they don't have pockets located on their naval areas. But at the time when I saw the Easter Island style figures suddenly appear and then instantly rise with him, at that point the place I was seeing them from, my viewing position was from above their position relatively speaking and from my viewing perspective the way these figures looked to me it was as if they had their hands in pockets. In fact it appeared to me that the members of the crowd were wearing a light gray garment similar to a trench coat which made it easy for me to logically presume that they had their hands in their pockets, what else was I to think, as I will try to explain. Unfortunately I will be a bit all over the place writing on this page repeating myself in an effort to try to describe what I saw and what I was thinking about when I was seeing those sights that night back when I was a boy in approximately 1972, while looking through a small backyard telescope for the first time and how I understand those things today. As usual when I try to help future viewers by describing situations like this where I talk about what I found myself thinking about while I was seeing the Object and especially the human figures created by the shadows in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light I find it difficult because it is difficult and also just completely fantastic, as everyone will inevitably be finding out for themselves sooner or later. I can't explain how the human forms are actually really created other than to describe the interactions between the shadows and the Moon's changed Light. The fact that the sights I describe do happen is the mind blowing part of this and a big part of the reason why this is hard to talk about and difficult for me, a guy who isn't an actual real writer, to write about in a clear coherent manner, thank you for your patience.

It's obvious to me that it's incredible that these stunning figures, that logically shouldn't be in existence at all in the first place have hands! Because how could it be possible that the human form with actual hands could be created by shadows with the Changed Light from the Moon not just once but many times over? This is the basis that I go by, the Easter Island Style figures have their hands on their navel area's and I know these figures are copies of what I saw created by the shadows in the Changed Light and that these human like forms are shapes that made out of what is the very solid looking drastically changed light from the Moon. I know that since they are depicted on Easter Island with their hands on their naval area, and also in many examples from around the world, their hands had to have been be created or caused to happen in exactly the same way that the Easter Island style human figures were created in the first place. I now know these figures have hands so their hands had to have been created by the same interactive process between individual shadows and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light that originally created the Easter Island style human figures!

to be continued...


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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