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The Crossing Down

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The Shadow


Start at: 10:00 minutes. This podcast was from 2010. At that time I did not realize that the Object might return May26, 2018.
I no longer own

I learned about rotational frame dragging recently and that's why you don't hear me talking about the importance of rotational frame dragging as a potential central force that may be at the heart of the cause of the Changed and Lasting Light event.

The sudden appearance of a growing very black spot within the scene of the very bright surface of the speeding forward rolling Object in the left area of the overall scene drew my attention immediately. There is a very sharp visual contrast now within the scene. The shadow has appeared. Suddenly the first step in the repeating incredible primordial sequence of events on and then off the surface of the Object that leads up to the sculpting of the incredible ancient muscular Awesome Good within and out of the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon starts to happen. Somehow it turns out that there is a big thing that happens and this is it. The Big Full Circle

On the left the forward rolling object's raised mound area becomes a rounded gradually occurring overhang. Phase one of the visual spectacle of the Changed and Light from the Moon the valley has been well underway in place for a short length of time leading up to the first appearance of the black spot of the shadow.

The first sudden movement actually startled me. The very black spot of the shadow spreads out underneath the growing overhang and is seemingly stuck up there. At first I did not recognize the shadow, as a shadow, because of it's strange behavior. As it gathers in more ceiling surface area it thickens and also starts to begin to slowly at first, spread and reach down the face of the now very steep wall that leads down to the floor of the valley which is actually the surface of the Object in the left area of the entire valley scene that the viewer is seeing at this point in time. All of this occurs in the left area of the valley scene on the actual real ground of the Ancient Object's very fast moving, forward rolling surface as opposed to the now very different looking valley place to the right of the Ancient Object that the light from the Moon has become. The Moon now looks like a tremendous three sided valley located to the right of the Object.

The first area of the valley the wave of the shadow will travel through is the surface of the object from left to right, and going away from you, through the craters that are evenly spread out in this area of the object. All of the craters have towering crater rim features. A very high number of individual shadows are always adding to the complexity of the shadows awesome wave.
The entire length of time that the slowly crossing object was eclipsing the Moon and casting individual shadows into the Moon's changed light, plus the number of shadows cast by the towering crater rim features on the forward rolling slowly sinking surface of the object, add up to the number of individual elements that would have or could have be seen later, at least in ancient times, built up in and out of the Moon's light. Each individual shadow must do it's own very particular "sculpting and building out and down," with each arriving wave of changed light from the Moon. This goes strait towards the central reason's why phase three of the Changed Light Event, the plain was said to be so fantastic. I did not see that far along into the event as my view ended. Also as I have said before, it does not appear as if the lasting light plain part of the event occurred during the last return. Not only that but it appears as if the lasting light that used to emerge out of the mountain of lasting light after being transported towards the Earth may have stopped occurring long ago back in ancient times for reasons that I can only guess at.

The Valley to the right is not drawn to scale or very accurately shown and the two outer mountain ranges are not angled outwards properly like the way the mountains are shown angled outwards in the image above on this page. In the simplest way this is an attempt to convey the idea of the three steep faced mountain ranges and the flat white cloudy mistiness of the Valley floor.

The sight of the valley sets the scene. The shadow's wave will ultimately move toward the valley, the Moon. The sight of the valley is blended with the object and is a stable area that does not roll with the object. The changed but stable looking light from the Moon blends with the object were the object's far sloping horizon blends down as part of the valley. It all becomes one very big looking place.

As the object's forward rolling continues the shadow finishes growing outward and in thickness and then very suddenly leaps or even pounces down to the valley floor below were it starts out from on the object in the left area of the overall scene. Instantly it takes off to the right at a constantly increasing angle as it starts to rapidly move across from left to right and away from you. I only finally recognized the big moving black thing as a shadow once it's awesome wave started across the object's surface now looking the way you would expect a shadow to look if you were looking down on it from above as it crossed over land.

Somehow the shadows are the actual key or at the very least a very central part of the question of how does this happen? The shadow seems to trigger the second phase of the illusion. This may or may not be true but as soon as the shadow moves off the actual surface of the object itself into or onto the area within the valley were the flat white cloud effect is seen instantly the flat white cloud layer changes into flat smooth hard ground matching the edge of the shadow's outward movement. The shadow is already well into the distance of the Moon creating "new," ground out of the flat white cloud effect before it seems to strike. At this moment the light, now sculpted and with form, suddenly is moving in your direction. This is the same place and this is at the same point in time when you are seeing from a very close position looking down from just above and behind.

Does the shadow actually trigger the light's movement and sudden solid appearance or was the edge of the first area of effected and changed solid looking and now "lasting," light already moving towards you over the object and the shadow just happens to pass over this area at the exact time? The sight of the valley is the sight of a place that is just suddenly there to be seen. It is not moving towards you in any perceptible way but very suddenly it does move towards you or rather it's light is moving towards you. The shadow could be seen as, and does look like some sort of trigger to the sudden way you see forms and the light moving up or towards you. Without any question about it, the shadows do sculpt in the Moon's light. Not only that but each wave or portion of arriving, one way pulsing area of light from the Moon have their own separate area or time in the area that had crater rim pieces casting shadows into it and sculpting in it.

The evolving sculpting effects are stored in the new areas of rising light that are then added into the base of the lasting light mountain that rises out of the former area of the sight of the valley. The light from the mountain comes from the light of the valley which is actually the light from the Moon. The light mountain is almost in some way similar to a video camera storing information using whatever format. In this special case the format relates to the way you are here looking up at these very familiar looking but difficult to look at sights. It's light and it's this very solid looking obviously real thing over there! You are seeing it somehow so some sort of light is actually arriving in your eye but the actual "thing," you are seeing really is this huge area of lasting and eventually growing Moon light, over there. There is some sort intensity of light that arrives in your eye after the shadow strikes that is beyond description, at least for me. I know it's real and is directly related to the shape effects.

It's not just the physical qualities of the Moon's light's intensity that causes such a sudden high degree of difficulty for the viewer. Another reason for the high degree of difficulty is the very basic fact that you know that the very familiar sight and then sights that you are seeing should be completely impossible and not happening at all. Very suddenly you are forced to realize what you are seeing. Looking around the valley was like looking around a valley. A very fantastic valley but it was like looking around and down at and into a place, a wide and deep valley, from above. I always think of this time as awesome peaceful seconds of wonder for me. The object rolls with a magic gentle grace that is another sight that is describable but at the same time not completely describable. How can I put into words the way all sense of speed is lost and instead the object seems slow and gentle as it's graceful rolling combines with a tilting and spreading effect at the same point as it seems to blend and settle into place in front of the Moon. A very tremendous wondrous sight to be sure, guaranteed!

Now you can look around and that's how it is and how it feels when you look around. Looking at the valley is like looking at a valley. During the wave of the shadow it's still just like looking around. Even after the first look at the focal point of the illusion it is still the same, you are looking that way you would expect except you are seeing down from a very suddenly close position. Certainly this sudden look down at the back of the Awesome Good is starting to cause a great deal of the very real surprise and realization but the unexplainable intensity is still not happening at this point.

The high degree of difficulty starts and continues to climb at the instance that the focal point of the illusion turns around to face you. That's the actual incredible starting point that is completely beyond belief. It may be that at this point when the Awesome Good turns around to the left and "notices you," is more shock and surprise than real intense pressure from the light but at this point definitely the easy peaceful moments are over and the degree of difficulty has started to increase. This is the point were the all time ancient mystery really starts. Why does this big sight up there look the way that it does? On the page, "The Awesome Good," I try to discuss this very difficult sight. I understand that the only way that others will be able to possibly believe that this sight exists is to actually see it for themselves. I am simply trying to describe and at the same time report and record my view of this event. I am not going around trying to do all sorts of convincing. I can see that most of my basic goals concerning the next return and some common sense preparation issues are attainable without me having to try to convince anyone of anything.

I always talk about my viewer's guide and the idea of looking. Understanding that there is a fantastic sight to be seen is a very basic starting point. In time I can see that if I have the guide out there and at least partially known, it could turn out that a substantial number of people may be ready to let their eye follow the ancient series of events that will lead there eye to that ancient and very special place in the light of the Moon at the exact second that the focal point of the entire illusion, the very heart of the entire spectacle, turns and looks right back at you having noticed you! Very incredible and fantastic! I know that other's will know this sight and I am very fortunate to be in a position were I clearly know, I can be of help.

As the wave of the shadow travels a series of tall individual shadows emerge beyond the shadows edge. I know that this sounds strange but I am going to try to describe this series of individual shadows the way it appeared to me at the time I saw this happen. One thing I want to explain is that I did not know that I should stay looking at the tall shadows as they continued to grow. Instead I was looking to the right at the series of individual shadows and then I would look back to the left again. Then I looked back to the right and I would see the individual shadows again at a later stage in their continuing ongoing growth or lengthening and then I would look back to the left again. The result of all the looking left and right that I did was that I got glimpses of these individual shadows at various points instead of seeing them all grow longer while watching.

The leading edge of the shadow's wave starts to show some bigger separate individual shadows separating themselves outward faster and farther that the edge of the big main wave. Slightly off the center of your view and traveling away from you is a group of three now very tall shadows. It turns out that this is the first three main shadows that create forms out of the Moon's light. The central big main shadow starts to very obviously show it's greater size when compared to it's two companion shadows that are located one on either side and behind not as far into the distance of the valley.

This is it. The big main shadow! The middle shadow of the group of three shadows has to be at least twice as wide as the two outer shadows. Also the two smaller outer shadows very clearly are not as long and tall as the big main shadow and visibly trail behind the main shadow.

It turns out that once your eye's gaze has made it it this point it is a natural to be able to lock and fix your gaze onto the very point of the big main shadow as it streaks towards the sight of the Awesome Good!

Suddenly like a ribbon the Black Road, the big main shadow starts to rapidly go up and down and up and down, your eye with it. Then the sudden left and right up and down all over the place zig zagging squiggly line starts to happen and lasts for a mere fraction of a second! Your eye had been riding the very sharp point of the big main Obelisk shaped shadow and now suddenly you are looking at the very clear sight of the muscular back of the Awesome Good and then a couple short seconds later you are going face to face with the Awesome Ancient Good! Very special moments completely beyond description!

It turns out that the object casts a shadow in the changed light from the surface of the Moon and now Humans live on Earth!
It's an ultimate mystery if there ever was one!

I saw it and all I have to do is go to the library and I can read about a lot of other people who also saw it.

Soon it will be our turn to see and know the sight of the changed and lasting Moon light sculpted and formed into the Awesome Good by the point of a very long incredible completely fantastic, very dark black shadow!!!

The black darkness of the shadow's wave sweeps over the world of the object, and the shadow is good. The shadow leads straight into the Moon's changed light and then creates and sculpts the shape and form of the Awesome Good! The Awesome Good itself looks directly this way, towards life, and then this leads straight towards us humans living here, on the good old Earth.

There came out Arukhas, solid and heavy and very black. And I saw how suitable he was. And I said to him, Come down low and become solid! Page #172 Divine Scapegoats "The traditions of Adoil (another name used in ancient times for the Object) and Arukhas, two personified primor-dial helpers assisting the Deity in bringing the world into existence" It's all about the Object, the shadow and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light!

I have to guess as far as some of the bizarre seeing effect's and sensations are concerned. At an earlier point on the surface of actual object itself, I looked down the light of the leading edge of the shadow's wave back to the left against the wave's motion to the right. Once I had reached the ground and I was seeing from very close to the ground right beside the edge of a crater, I was able to look out across the land and then actually up the slope of the next crater as if I was actually standing on the ground or hovering just above the ground actually looking into the distance across and parallel to the object's surface. How does an effect like this work? I know how strange this sounds but I did see across the surface of the object from a place close to the surface of the object. Bizarre! It just happened without any sort of planning by me. It was only later that I realized that this had happened and was an unusual effect. During my view when I was seeing as I just described, it was at this point that I suddenly realized a sense of scale. Even this one place between just these two craters was a very big place all by itself! For some reason I was actually thinking that it would be a long drive in pickup truck to go from were I was all the way even to the point were the land started to slope up towards the next crater and I was actually picturing or imagining what that would look like while I was looking at the terrain between were I was seeing from and the crater rim pieces in the distance. I was looking out and up at the sides of the towering rim pieces of the next crater way way in the distance across the land, the surface of the Object! Totally bizarre! A real effect that happens automatically as you see and look around! And as I mentioned before, while I was seeing this scene I was actually reminded or somehow I made the association similar with the way a scene from an old black and white tv western would look out in the badlands we'll say were there are huge steep faced rock formations with great open distances between them.

I am mentioning this again because for one, I have mentioned and think that at an early point while the shadow's wave is safely still crossing the surface of the actual object itself and there is time before the shadow's wave reaches over the far upper right horizon there is time to look close down to the Object's surface. Another reason I am mentioning this effect is because it may be possible that a form of whatever effect that happens to your eye's viewing position as it travels forwards into the Lasting Light riding the point, looking at the point of the big main shadow so that you can see down from above and behind does also seem to be at work happening all along the edge of the wave of the shadow even on the object itself before the shadow reaches the changed light from the Moon. This if you don't let your eye's gaze travel with the left to right motion of the wave of the thickening black shadow, I think. Basically stop and pick a point down below you before the shadow gets there and look down, stay looking at that specific spot and suddenly you are able to see across the Object's surface from that place you were just looking at. I do a lot of repeating myself in an attempt to describe real things like the Object and very unusual seeing effects so that a person reading has the best chance possible to get the idea of how you see in the Changed Light. A nearly impossible task that I know I will be only partially successful at accomplishing.

Early on in the life of the shadow pick a spot and look down at it. I happened to pick a spot to the right of one of the craters that was nearly directly below the point I was seeing from. I was looking at the way the standing crater rim pieces on the right side of this crater were casting their own shadows. Actually at first I watched the shadows lengthening across and through the middle of this particular random crater and then fortunately I stopped looking further to the right once I was looking down just to the right of this crater. More and more details reveal themselves as you seem to be able to see from closer and closer and you are able to see smaller and smaller things as your eye's viewing position seems to be getting closer to the ground. This area or region was not completely blackened by the shadow yet. There were many small lengthening shadows being cast in this area at this point. As well the tops of both tall and small features were still above the height of the shadow's main wave. The amount of new details and the texture of the surface is suddenly seen in more and more detail thanks to the highlighting effect of the moving changing shadow. Get in down close and then spent a couple of precious seconds and look out across the surface from were you "are," or seem to be! You should find yourself seeing out across the land as if you were really standing or hovering there! People should perhaps consider trying out this effect.

If it's early in the life of the shadow's wave and you don't hang around looking from "down there," for to long, a couple seconds, just long enough to see, then you shouldn't be in danger of missing the start of the big squiggly line. There is nothing else that is worth seeing that compares to the first instant when you see the down to the back of the Awesome Good from above and behind! Don't delay or you may very well miss the first big sight in the light! There is time to look around but there is not that much time. Things, events and sights do move right along and everything happens very fast.

I am mentioning this part of my view again because there really is an awesome effect or thing that happens along the edge of the shadow and especially at the very point of the big main central most important shadow. The place were you see from changes from were you are, the place were you normally see from, to a place, the place were you are looking "at." That does not really describe the effect very well and I struggle to understand this for myself. I find it very hard to find words to accurately describe what I don't understand. I can only say that this effect is real and very mysterious and fantastic! The place were you see from races forward similar to a zoom lens effect, towards the big moment and the big sight from above and behind, and then it, the place were you see from, races back! Without realizing it at the time I guess in some way I was riding in the light. That's how I can think of it so that it makes sense to me. Without my feet leaving the ground, at first I saw down to the ground and then out across the land, "up there," and then I looked around from back here on Earth were I stood and then I saw down from a place up there from just above and behind and very close to the sight of the back of the Awesome Good! A completely fantastic and real effect that I can remember, and even see! But I can't understand or explain how this very real effect happens. As a part of my viewer's guide I understand that this visual effect is of central important because it is an integral part of the qualities of the magical changed light from the Moon. Future viewer's can only benefit if they know this ahead of time instead of having to try to do all sorts of suddenly noticing and realizing as they themselves find themselves traveling forward through and into the distance of the Moon's magnificent light!






Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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