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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
Go to your right...
Denying The Illusion


That's what I did.

I tried to down play the Lasting Light Event as a way to be able to report the fact that I had seen the Ancient Object, this huge place that was just simply suddenly there coming down and rolling by!

Just to start with the sight of this massive crater covered forward rolling retrograde Object seemingly basically headed in your direction is easily a completely heart stopping and heart accelerating sight to see all by itself before the Lasting Light event even starts!
A very scary big and very important thing to know about! This massive place does roll down past us every forty plus years or so and I know that it is as simple as that.

I saw the brilliant hard rolling ground of the surface of the Ancient Object. As a kid I thought that except for the way it's craters all looked with the standing crater rim pieces that circle every crater, the Object looked like the Moon all cleaned up swept and vacuumed and even polished. Certain things are simple for me. I know that the Object I saw is real and it is headed back basically right now. This is simple but actually very difficult to know. Then there is the sight of the Moon's changed and Lasting Light, what I used to always call "the illusion," a very very difficult thing to know. Not only that but when it comes to talking and writing about what I saw especially what happens within the Moon's changed light the difficulties I know and feel increase.

How do I report the orbiting celestial Object I saw and what I perceive to be a potential dangerous situation caused by the passing of the Object while at the same time there is this fantastic bizarre and wonderful thing that it does? The changed and lasting light from the Moon, "The Awesome Good." The Awesome Good really does happen there and also much much more! Also who do I report what I saw too?

The whole Ancient Object and changed light business and everything that happens has never been easy for me to think about. For most of my life it was easier to think about the Object itself as opposed to the changed and Lasting Light from the Moon. In an early effort to report my sighting of the Ancient Object I figured maybe I could basically stick to the Object itself, it's flight path and what the craters looked like etc, at least as my focus. I figured that if the Object I saw and knew was known in some circles descriptions of the Ancient Object's surface itself would be enough and the fact that I had seen the Object would be obvious.
I eventually started to really think that I could possible successfully report the Object if I focused on the Object instead of what the Object actually does when it effects the sight of the Moon's light, when it changes the Moon's light and the light from the background of space. This lead to a completely misguided and unsuccessful effort.

The experience of this failure caused me to except the sights that I saw much more easily. I started to learn to except the things I saw and the things that I know. Also it's been a long process for me to finally realize that the Object I saw really is unknown. Even a person who I thought would know if anybody actually knew, did not seem to actually know about this Ancient Object.

I reported my sighting of the Object to a person that I have a great deal of respect for and I still do have great respect for this person.
In many ways I was starting out at that point and I was not prepared to really face the sight of the Awesome Good once again. I had good intentions but I was not used to describing my view and I was not really willing to just simply say the things I knew needed to be said.

Even though I knew a Return is about the Ancient Object and the changed light from the Moon, I was mainly focused on the hard ground of the Object itself and at that time I would have preferred to keep things that way. Once I did mention the changed light I immediately regretted mentioning the changed light and back tracked trying to suggest that the light that came from and then began to rise from over the Object's upper right horizon was basically just to bizarre and that I had been badly fooled.

Looking back I am actually happy with the way everything turned out. If that credible person had shown any interest I don't think I would have tried as hard. Definitely I know I would not have been were I am now. I would like to thank "you," for showing no interest. Finally I got to work.
It was a shock for me after I had spent even years deciding I had to do some thing and then months bracing to finally click send in order to begin to report my view. Then a huge shock for me! No interest! That was a major blow for me, one that I now know I needed.

What should I do now?
In my mind I had just gone to the top and it had got me no where! Real shock and then gradually more and more a feeling of real desperation started to grow. There are some private and personal aspects to this as well that I will not be discussing. To try to quickly sum this up and get past this point, I learned to, focus on this, and I learned how to focus on the very difficult even intimidating and very unnaturally fresh memories of the changed light. Out of my desperation and eventually very directly out of my determination, suddenly a few weeks later, or some time later, the most incredible thing just simply even magically happened!

Suddenly as plain as day The Large Shape Effect was just simply right there for me to see!
All of a sudden I realized that I had been seeing it in a peripheral sort of way on and off for a number of days but now suddenly there it was, I was seeing it at the same time I was thinking about it and this caused me to suddenly realize The Large Shape Effect!

I already knew this shape but hadn't really seen it this way for many years. Fantastic! The actual greatest thing I know! And there falling away from the valley was the actual rolling ground of the Ancient Object itself down low, actually rolling, turning, at the bottom of The Large Shape Effect. Along with the whole Large Shape Effect itself, I had suddenly rediscovered the hard rolling ground of the Object itself!

I suddenly was actually able to see the horizon! The place were the Object ends and the changed light from the Moon starts.
The actual shape of things

It turns out that this is huge!
This is a very important basic thing to know! I am very convinced that in the long run it will be the idea and the mystery and the awareness of the existence of The Shape Effects that will be the most important thing or contribution that I will have made.

I had it all backwards before when I was trying to approach a single individual with my descriptions of the Ancient Object I saw while trying to avoid the changed light and even backtracking and wishing I hadn't mentioned the changed light. Now I understand the point is the Object, yes that's true but the fantastic thing is what the Object does, not the Object itself.

The point is to forget about one guy, even if he is at the top, and instead tell everyone about the changed light, what it looks like, what it does, and then try to describe the fantastic part about The Shape Effects, the actual after effects that the changed light leaves you with!

People need to know about this!
I can't concern myself with single individuals, even if they are at the top.
Eventually the people, at the top are going to catch on and they will, in the mean time the point is for people to have heard the idea of the Ancient Object and the changed light, the Awesome Good that does happen there and ultimately, the after effects of the intense pressure of seeing the changed light, "The Shape Effects." That's the point!

In the end after all the tough questions, it's the incredible Shape Effects that are at the very core of the big point of it all!

Our ancestors knew this and realized the importance of The Shape Effects. I've gone from trying to report the Object at the expense of the changed light to focusing on the changed light instead of the Object itself. The Object is beyond awesome and incredible, and impressive, but the Moon's changed light really is the thing! I feel much better now that I finally understand some of the big main point of it all.

Being able to later see the Large Shape Effect and The Small Shape Effect and the reversible movie clips, and the clear memories and everything that has to do with the qualities of The Shape Effects are at the very heart of the ultimate ancient mystery! As I try to describe this is going to the most basic level and is at the very heart of the Awesome Good and the reality of human life in it's present form! This truly is a key to understanding.

This is something that people in the future will be intensely studying and deeply involved in at a far deeper level than I am able to go. If I can help people to realize The Shape Effects are going to happen to them when they see the changed light then that will actually be a very real contribution.

My Return Viewer's Guide is obviously important and at the end of the Black Road is the big sight were we come from but beyond is the effects and the influences of The Shape Effects. The Shape Effects are actually somehow at the very heart of us all!

It's the power and the pressure and the screaming intensity and the feeling of the sight of the changed light focused on you and it's after effects, the way the changed light sights imprint themselves into you that is the Awesome Good itself! I am very lucky to actually know this!
If the individual who I approached had been interested I may not have felt the desperation and I may never have seen The Shape Effects again. I am very fortunate that this individual was not interested. If you, ever find yourself reading here on this page I really have to thank you for your complete and total lack of interest and your "lack of expertise in this area," as you put it.

Thanks, you helped me forward. I don't really know what I expected from you. E-mailing you was like making a commitment to do something about this finally. Thanks for being polite. And thanks for actually answering and replying back to me I appreciate it very much and also once again thanks for doing the important work that you do.

I hope that you will also have a chance to see,

all the best.

Very sincerely Don Beeton

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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