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The Formation Of The Moon
Below find Sedna, Bidin and Eris related information and questions I am asking.
*Important Update Below, Lemon Shaped Moon

So how does all this work? Not just the formation of the Moon but also importantly the formation of the Earth as well along with the formation of the profoundly important celestial Object I saw and describe on this website. I am interested in knowing what the celestial Object I saw actually is and how it will eventually be described by astronomers. How do these three objects, the Earth, Moon and the Object I saw fit in with the entire solar system's evolution and history and the questions regarding the solar system's stable regularity and many other questions as well. There are a number of theorys out there attempting to describe and explain the formation of the Moon and also the formation of the Earth. Obviously all of the scientific theories that try to describe the process that caused today's Earth and Moon too come into existence considered both the Earth and Moon in the formation of the other in order to answer these questions. Unfortunately as far as I am aware the incredibly massive speeding moon sized, moon coloured forward rolling standing stone crater covered Object that I saw rolling down across between the Moon and the Earth is not taken into account in any of these theorys as far as I am aware.

This is a shocking thing for me to actually know you can be sure of that. This is how it always goes for me in all of the areas that I am aware of that the Ancient Object affects or is related to. Getting back to today's scientists and especially those scientists who try to understand explain and describe the formation of the Moon, the Earth and the entire solar system and it's place and our place as homo Sapiens in the universe. Clearly obviously the world's entire scientific community is in deed about to receive a badly needed reality shock that is certain to be incalculably beyond all possible compare.

Gravitational forces at the point when the Object I describe was crossing down between the early Moon and Earth from the beginning of our solar system's time especially, had to be tremendous and extremely dynamic!
The Moon and the Earth and the Object evolved together with the Object's every orbit crossing down shaping each other especially in early solar system history but surly also right up to our point in time as well. From the point in time long ago that saw the Object I describe, and the Earth, and the moon in existence together they have been evolving together as a group of three celestial object's not just two, the Earth and the Moon as science has thought up till now.

I had always assumed that Accretion theory was responsible for not just the Earth and the Moon but also basically responsible for the ancient forward rolling celestial Object I saw as well. Part of the reason I always assumed the Accretion process had to be responsible for the formation of the Earth, Moon and the ancient Object was because I could never consider the idea that the Object I saw could be a captured object. I still don't think it could be a captured object. That said today the idea that a mysterious planet-size body slammed into the young Earth about 4.5 billion years ago and then the moon formed from debris blasted into space is an idea that seems to be popular and apparently proved by various scientific means and evidence.

Could it turn out that the ancient Object I know from having seen it turns out to be this theorized Theia? Maybe a collision with the early Earth could account for the way it rolls forward in the direction it travels along it's orbital course? If Theia originally had a rotation spin similar to the Earth's and the lower or southern region of Theia collided with the Earth could it's rotation motion be caused to change to the forward rolling motion the Object has today? Just a guess based on this idea of Theia. Maybe a glancing blow type of collision from the speeding object Theia that was already rolling forward and already in the basic orbit it is exhibiting today? I still think the odds are that one day it will be discovered that the Accretion type of model will best describe the formation of the Moon, the Earth and the Object I describe and there was no big collision. This is also a guess that may have less than a 50/50 chance of being correct. I just have my doubts that the Earth and a speeding moon or Mars size object could survive any sort of severe collision and still remain in a stable regular orbit. With the Object crossing through three nights before the full moon this shows the angle of the Object's orbit and this would see Theia hitting the Earth from the side basically and perhaps a bit behind the Earth's center. After seeing the way the Object moves and what it looks like I can't understand how either body could remain in orbit if it survived the collision. I imagine them effected similar to a pool ball sent off course. This especially so concerning the extremely long orbit of the Object and it's tremendous speed. I just don't know enough about how the theories work that try to describe how the Protoplanetary disk accreted and how planets orbit. I only know the Object and the Moon. I am left guessing when it comes to trying to understand how the Object fits into everything. I have to wonder about the Theia idea because I had not heard of this idea before. For now I have to go with the idea that the Moon and the Ancient Object were formed together with the Earth from the beginning when the Protoplanetary disk accreted. Maybe the Object Theia just happened to cross down through a previously formed Moon and Earth causing it's capture and it's stable 46 year orbit? Somehow I can only suspect that this type of scenario is highly unlikely at the very least if not practically impossible. How did the Moon and the Earth and the crossing Object I saw come into existence?

If the ancient celestial Object I saw does turn out to be a captured object perhaps a spectacular collision with the Earth 4.5 billion years ago could have resulted in the reality of our solar system today with the Earth, the ancient Object and the Moon locked into this extremely precise orbital dance with each other.

Maybe the Object that crosses down between the Moon and the Earth is basically the ancient core of the planet Theia that is said to have struck the early Earth. I know that has to sound a bit far fetched but I always wondered if the ancient object I saw crossing in front of the Moon was once the core of a planet. Also I wonder if it's a type of mini star? One that rolls forward in it's direction of travel. If it's a type of mini star it could still also be the object thought of as Theia. I have wondered about the troubling implications if the Object I saw is a type of intermittently active forward rolling mini star type of celestial Object in various places on this website. This does go straight to the heart of my very worst fears.

Does the existence of the Object I describe prove or help show that the idea that some sort of giant impact caused the Moon's formation? Or does it disprove it? I'm guessing the answer is much more complicated than a simple yes or no. Is the Object I saw what remains of Theia? It could be but I certainly don't know the answer to this question but the answer might be yes. It can't be forgotten that if the Object I saw is Theia then after it's impact with the Earth it somehow then orbited back and has remained in that orbit till our time in solar system history. The Object I saw orbits down through between the Earth and the Moon as I describe. Maybe that's exactly what a solar system scientist would expect to see. What sort of angle would Theia have hit the Earth on if that's what actually happened? What area of the Earth if any is there any possible evidence for such a possible impact collision? Look at the Basic Flightpath image I provide. Anyway's I'm guessing that any potential evidence or indications of such a collision has long since been erased over time and are not detectable any more.

The Object's orbit in the big picture gets complicated very fast because surly the ancient Object does not actually orbit the Earth and Moon alone but the sun primarily and the whole solar system as well. Somehow the Earth and Moon's position within the solar system must be centrally important during the time of the Object's orbit down through the plain of the solar system. Maybe the idea of a giant collision with Theia does explain the Moon and the orbit of the Object I saw.

The below "The Basic Flight Path" image does show the Object of the Crossing's basic orbital path with the Moon located in the background. Clearly the Object as I describe has to be taken into the equation of understanding because I am describing what really happens. Consider the crossing ancient Object I describe and then questions like for example the angular momentum of the Earth-Moon system. I know nothing about this question except that it can't be fully answered until the Object I saw is taken into the equation. Sooner or later for sure the celestial Object I describe throughout this website will be front and center in the equation. Many questions in many different branches of science will be raised.

"Internal density anomalies have formed, and they've kind of canted the moon," Garrick-Bethell said. "At some point in lunar history, you have these events that took place that caused these density anomalies and shifted the density axis away from the shape axis."

Libration is manifested as a slow rocking back and forth (or up and down) of the face of the orbital body as viewed from the parent body. Libration is closely tied into understanding when the Ancient Object crosses down in front of the Moon.
Perigee and apogee along with libration are all a part of the Earth Moon and Object orbital puzzle.
The Ancient Object the Moon and the Earth are locked in a very hard for me to imagine precise orbital dance
that sees the Object cross down and obscure the Moon's disc three nights before the Moon every 46 years.

When I look at the area of the moon that shows the majority of the volcanic activity it is in general oriented towards the Object's crossing flight path as it crosses down between the Moon and Earth. After reading about some of the lunar research I now know that the Moon's dark areas visible from Earth are volcanic areas. And basically the majority of the rest of the lunar surface has lunar craters and is not volcanic in nature. Now that I know this I know that this is important and the reason why I'm doing this page. Plus of course I'm doing this page because the Object I describe is going to be back very soon. 1926, then 1972 and now it looks like maybe May 26, 2018.
That is a subject and issue that's important for our world today in our time.

Three nights before the full Moon the Object crosses
through and down between the Earth and the Moon
Libration and Moon Phases

Even though the Object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth, it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon. I am mentioning this point because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image; "The Basic Flight Path."

The Ancient Object returns and rolls down from the region of space above and to the left of the Moon. The Object first covers the moon's upper left corner as seen from the earth. The speeding Object slowly rolls forward in the direction that it is traveling. The Object is traveling at a tremendous speed and is only within the distance of the Moon's orbit for a very short few minutes, at the most. Maybe two minutes. The forward rolling Object travels towards the viewer's lower right as seen through a spotting style small backyard telescope. It travels down past the Earth's horizon towards and eventually through the area of space below and beside the Sun.

The Object's colour matches the colour of the brightest areas of the Moon.
From the page Some Images A very basic description.

Total Lunar Eclipse Oct 8 2014
There is information about an observation I made that has importance in understanding the Ancient Object's basic orbital behavior. I encourage you to check the information on this short page!

The ancient Object's orbital behavior may even be responsible for the way the Earth tilts on it's axis and we have seasons as a result. I don't actually know this and it might not be a fact but I can guess that the Object's orbit might be responsible for the Earth's planetary and orbital characteristics. Why not? That has always made sense to me. I always ask the second question and that is, how could whatever effect or question I might be wondering about not be related to the crossing Object? Quite often asking this second question makes answering the first question easier.
I try my best to estimate the size of the Object that I saw. Half the size of the Moon is in the ball park without question. It is very possible and likely the Object might be as large as two thirds the size of the Moon or maybe larger. My sense is that the Moon is bigger that the crossing Object I saw. I know it is actually possible the Object could be bigger than the Moon. I know of no evidence that proves that Object is smaller than the Moon. This place is very massive and shockingly big and very intimidating. Easily my last sentence will turn out to be a drastic understatement.

"Internal density anomalies have formed, and they've kind of canted the moon," Garrick-Bethell

I have to conclude that the Internal density anomalies observed could not exist in their present form without the influences and gravitational effects of the object I describe. It's all tied together and can be understood one day once the Object I describe is rediscovered by humans.

Same thing goes for the research trying to explain the angular momentum of the Earth-Moon system. Whatever that is exactly I don't know. I do know that if the object I saw and describe was known and at least somewhat understood then all of these types of lunar and Earth orbital characteristics, history and formation questions would have clearer answers and a lot better understanding

Inevitably the Object will crosses down through our solar system again to then eventually somehow cross down between ourselves and the Moon. Then it looks like maybe 46 years and one day later the Object does the same thing again. I can't even imagine what an orbit like that would look like but it's entire orbit must be fantastic. I am able to describe the Object's orbital path during it's crossing through in front of the Moon. The Object's orbit is such that while the forward rolling Object is eclipsing the Moon it's as though the Object is actually seemingly rolling right at you in the view finder. It is actually moving from the left to the right, and at the same time slowly sinking in the view finder while it gracefully continues speeding forward rolling along it's orbital course. Again the Object is a big thing, I'm guessing it is approximately two thirds to three quarters the size of the moon but it could be much larger. It takes a while for such a large Object to cross through your line of sight. As a boy as I watched the Object at this early stage of my view that night I had no sense whatsoever that the Object was going to somehow miss not just the Earth but me standing where I was in my neighborhood. A bizarre and real hard to explain and convey visual effect that happens to the viewer. Of course the Object missed like it always does but I didn't know that basic fact when I saw the Object.

The Object's sinking rate motion is approximately half of the Object's left to the right crossing rate of motion. All the while it continues it's gradual roll rate forward in the direction it is traveling. Truly incredible to see and you really can see this for yourself because the ancient object I describe is nearly back home again crossing down in front of the Moon.

The whole thing is made even more amazing and profound because of what happens in the changed Light, the Moon's Changed Light as seen above and to the right of the crossing Object's upper right horizon. Specifically the way the Changed Light event repeats in exact detail every time the Object crosses down. The Object's vertically standing crater rim pieces each cast their own individual shadow into the Changed Light from the Moon. The shadows interact and somehow end up sculpting and shaping the now solid looking changed light. The resulting effects and the spectacular sights that are seen repeat in exact detail every time this interaction between the shadows and the Changed Light happens.

It seems clear to me that in order for the Changed Light sights to repeat in exact detail and even for them to be able to happen at all in the first place everything the Moon and the Object and Earth are doing at these points in time when the Object returns has to be happening exactly the same way every time to allow this cause and effect situation to happen.

Bizarre and hard to explain but the sights that happen in the Moon's changed light repeat in their specific details. There is only one way this could happen. Everything that happens from the solar system itself through to the orbits of the Sun, Moon the Earth and the ancient crossing Object do happen in a synchronized precisely timed way. A perfect orbit I presume. The big main shadow striking in the distance is the point in time I think of as being the end of the last orbit and the beginning of Crossing Object's next orbit.

Lots of basic questions will be much closer to being understood once the ancient Object I saw cross between the Moon and the Earth is known and studied by science again.

Now would be another good point in time to mention the regularity of the solar system. It could be possible that one day it may be determined that the crossing Object may hold the key to understanding our solar system's regularity.
I think of it's behavior as acting like some sort of giant counter rotating flywheel.

Science seems to be unaware of the forward rolling ancient crossing celestial Object as I describe it. The study of especially Lunar and Earth sciences has been handicapped and has lacked any sort of complete understanding because of this unfortunate fact. Once science finally sees for themselves a new chapter in study will finally begin. At a basic level humans will once again be trying to understand and explain the ancient Object of the Crossing Down between the Moon and the Earth.

Also the sight and the knowledge of the Changed Light will send shock waves through the people. Since before we were human we have been looking up and seeing the sight of the Changed light. Humans have always seen the ancient Object and the Lasting Light sights and wondered. Soon our world today will be doing exactly the same thing. All people today can join with our ancestors when they look up and see the exact same Changed and Lasting sights that have always occurred between the Moon and the Earth.

Science will be confronted and challenged by the Ancient Object's powerful presence. All understanding combined will be stretched to the very limits of human ability when confronted and challenged with accepting, understanding and describing and then contemplating the Changed and Lasting Light sights they will have personally witnessed.

The crossing forward rolling speeding Ancient Object is beyond stunning and spectacular but somehow
it really does turn out that, it's all about the point of a shadow and the fantastically changed incredible
spectacular Lasting Light from the Moon and the background of space!

*Important Update Lemon Shaped Moon

Update Nov 5/14

Yesterday I saw this video.
Mystery of lemon-shaped moon solved/Video

Now I finally get the picture of what this looks like because before from the written descriptions I was reading I was unclear. Now having seen this video I see the picture and it is stunning! Normally I am used to the shock of seeing something or suddenly understanding something that has to do with the Object.

The long axis of the lemon shaped moon, is shown oriented basically practically exactly the same way I show the Object's basic flight path image. As shown above.

It's a basic match.

I have had my Basic Flight Path Image online since 2007 or maybe 2005. The thing is I'm simply describing what I saw. I try my best to provide descriptions here on this website. Also on my Blogtalkradio podcast. My books content and much more information as well is all free to read here on this website. I share all my information with everyone. A person can hear the idea of exactly what happens before it happens. This returning orbiting Ancient Object situation turns out to be supremely important.

A long road has led me to the May 26th 2018 date. I do hope that important scientists and researchers start to hear about and consider this soon. Since 2005 people have been able to read my descriptions. There are actually many out there who have heard this especially from traffic volumes years ago. Sooner or later this will be front and center for you in your important scientific work.

"Interestingly, the long axis of the moon doesn't point directly toward Earth as it likely did long ago; instead, it's offset by about 30 degrees..." researchers said.

My guess is this:
The long axis of the lemon shaped Moon never did point at the Earth.

Instead the earth and moon and the Ancient Object I describe evolved together later after whatever process or incident caused them to come into orbital existence together. The moon's present shape, position and characteristics are a result of this three way orbital interaction that happened in the past and continues through to our time as we wait for the Ancient Object's next return orbit down across the face of the moon's disc. The reality of the Ancient celestial Object I describe precludes the possibility that the long axis of the Lemon shaped Moon ever could have pointed at the Earth.

I have just found out that the scientist's lemon shaped moon's long axis shows a very similar orientation as the Ancient Object's crossing angle. This is a stunning thing for me but also I'm not surprised because this is how it goes for me. It turns out that you are also going to see that the Ancient Object and especially the sight of the moon's changed light goes with nearly everything, including the shape and the orientation of the moon.

Apollo Astronauts left scientific instruments on the lunar surface. My best guess of May 25/72 for when I saw the Object may or may not match the date that the Object blocked the signals from the four Apollo ALSEP central Station units that were on the
lunar surface at that time. The date of this occurrence is known. I may have the wrong date for when I saw the Object. They know when they stopped receiving signals from the lunar surface down to within seconds I am guessing never mind knowing what day it was! In fact this anomaly seemed to have caused quite a stir.
When the scientist quoted in the magazine article were I first read about nasa losing their lunar telemetry stated, "whatever caused the signal interruption, it had to have been enormous," he knew that there was only one explanation that fit and that was that obviously some type of an object had to have blocked the signals causing the interruption. Maybe you can find this date and if you do you will know what day it was when I saw the Object. Guessing Return dates is not what I do although I try. I would like some help in this area though.

Three nights before the full Moon, May 24, 1926 the Object was reported then 46 years and one day later, I think the date was May 25, 1972 when I saw the Object also three nights before the full Moon. Now forty six years and one day later it will be May 26, 2018, three nights before the full Moon. We'll see what happens. I know the object will cross down again sooner or later because the Object orbits and it will be back.

I try to guess the date the Object returns because I know it's important to know when the Object will be back. I guess at return dates because I am able to do so because I did see the Object that night in I believe 1972. I don't guess regarding my descriptions of what a person will see if they look up and stay looking when the Object is crossing between the Moon and the Earth. The Object completely covers the sight of the Moon.

There are two basic separate elements. The very important celestial Object that crosses down between the Earth and the Moon and what the sight of what the Moon's changed light suddenly look's like as seen over the Object's upper right horizon and to the right of the crossing Object and then later above the Object.

The Changed and Lasting light from the Moon and the background of space is profoundly important for us all but not something that people can relate to or understand could be real if they read what I write. My descriptions do give a person a change to hear the idea of what happens in the first part of the Object's return and what the changed Lasting Light event looks like and what it does. Later that person can see the Object and especially the Changed Light with foreknowledge. The sights that occur within the Lasting Light repeat in exact detail. By reading about what I saw and what happened for me a person is going to understand, or at least they will have heard something about what seeing the changed light is like. The sights the viewer sees within the Changed Light are shocking, stunning, magnificent beyond comprehension and this completely understates everything. This is actually very important and why all my information and descriptions are free.

Separate these two elements if that's what you need to do to be able to begin to think about the orbiting Object. Neither one are easy to consider or think about but in comparison to my descriptions of what the Changed and Lasting Light looks like and what it does descriptions of a type of celestial object is something people can relate to and in the end precisely what the scientists are trying to talk about when they try to understand the forces that shaped the Moon and the Earth.

This forward rolling Object is fantastic and bizarre as well. Also very hard for people to consider. We do need to understand this speeding Object and it's forces as it arrives back within our solar system from the depths of space to then race down through our solar system and within a small number of short weeks it will then travel down across between the Moon and the Earth as I describe. I estimate an approximate crossing time for the Object to travel the distance of the moon's orbit at 2 minutes give or take a bit based on my approximate 45 second telescope aided view of the Object's motion and speed that I observed during this time.

I use 238,900 miles in two minutes when I do the math guess on this question.
The Object could travel the average distance of Pluto's orbit 3.67 billion miles, in three weeks. To try to reduce any possible speed over estimation, reducing the Object's speed by a couple of million miles an hour sees a basic month give or take a couple days for the time frame that it will take for the Object to reach us and then roll down across in front of the Moon again after traveling the distance of Pluto's average orbital distance from the sun. Then the Object is gone again for another 45 years. Truly what has to be the most fantastic exotic orbit ever.

The hard smooth reflective surface of the Object displays the unique standing stone craters numbering at least in the hundreds maybe more. Each crater is ringed by massive vertically standing crater rim pieces. Are these vertical rim pieces originally surface crust? These crater rim pieces number in the thousands. The crater diameters range in size and the rim pieces also range in size and height getting smaller and shorter around smaller craters. Every crater I observed had all of it's rim pieces intact.

Will humanity ever fully understand the crossing Object?
Will humanity ever fully understand the changed and Lasting Light?
I am going to have to say that we will never fully understand either of these two subjects apart from each other but studying them separately will be necessary. I am going to suggest that the way to really begin to start to understand a Return event is to combine them together the way they really happen. After the Return I think this will be more obvious because by then people would have seen both the Object and the Changed Light. Fully understanding everything about a Return event would require a healthy planet Earth for the human race to live on enabling our survival into the distant future always seeing the Changed Light and understanding better and always anticipating the next return of the Object. For this to have any chance to happen it would require all humans to respect each other and to cooperate honestly with each other.

A very basic description of the celestial object I saw Some Images

How the Moon Got Its Lemon Shape
From this article I read that the dark areas of the moon were volcanic. I also read that the back of the moon wasn't volcanic basically at all. I did not realize this fact and this caused me to think about the moon and the crossing Object's forces differently.

Here's a page I did some years ago with the information I had at that time. I had heard there was some type of depression on the moon's far side and a bulge on this side of the moon.
The Objects Basic Flight Path And The Shape Of The Moon
Now I sounds and looks like the moon has a bulge facing away from the earth. I thought the Object might push in the moon's far side with some type of gravity collision between the Object and the moon. Now perhaps the moon might have pulled at the object and the Object pulled back as it crossed down through between the moon and the earth? And this caused a bulge effect? I don't know it's a guess.

The topic and the questions I ask are still relevant and about the Object's forces impacting the Moon in regards to:
"The early Apollo missions revealed that the moon isn't perfectly spherical. Its surface is warped in two spots; an earth-facing bulge on the near side is complemented by a large depression on the Moon's far side. Scientists have long wondered whether these surface features were caused by Earth's gravity tugging on the moon early in its existence, when its surface was still molten and malleable." Source: Ohio State University

The moon once had its own magnetic field, just like the Earth has today.
Scientists however are unsure what sustained it or why it ended.
When I consider the powerful forces of the crossing Object and the long entire history the Earth, Moon and the crossing Object have together I believe the scientific observations described were possibly caused by the effects of the Object's forces.

Chadwick Trujillo co-discoverer of Sedna and Eris the largest dwarf planet known
2012 VP113 "Bidin" has the most distant orbit known in our Solar System.
2012 VP113 was co-discovered by;
Chadwick Trujillo currently an astronomer at the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii.
Scott S. Sheppard, Faculty member at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C.

Dwarf Planet Found Beyond The Edge of our Solar System

I used to estimate an approximate crossing time for the Object to travel the distance of the moon's orbit at 2 minutes give or take a bit based on my approximate 45 second telescope aided view of the Object's motion and speed that I observed during this time.

Now I have a better grasp of Size Scales In Our Solar System

I use 238,900 miles in fiveminutes when I do the math guess on this question.
To try to reduce any possible speed over estimation, reducing the Object's speed by 2 million miles an hour sees the Object traveling at a speed of approximately 5 million miles an hour during it's time traveling through between the Moon and the Earth as it continues accelerating towards the gravity of the sun. I would have seen the Object as it traveled at close to it's maximum speed. Once it passed the sun and started traveling away from it as it leaves for the depths of space I can only suppose that it would be decelerating. I believe he Object I saw has a 46 year orbit. Multiply that by the Object's speed with the escape velocity of the solar system factored into the equation. The distance the Object travels in 46 years has to be stunning. I am guessing that the Object I describe has the longest and the most distant orbit in our solar system.

"In fact, the similarity in the orbits found for Sedna, 2012 VP113 and a few other
objects near the edge of the Kuiper Belt suggests that an unknown
massive perturbing body may be shepherding these objects into these
similar orbital configurations. Sheppard and Trujillo suggest a Super
Earth or an even larger object at hundreds of AU could create the
shepherding effect seen in the orbits of these objects, which are too
distant to be perturbed significantly by any of the known planets."

I don't understand or know these orbital configurations being referred to directly above but I know there is a real possibility that the perturbing and shepherding effects that have been observed were and are caused by the celestial object I describe.

"But the actual orbits of the 13 ETNOs are quite different, with semi-major axes ranging from 150 to 525 AU and average inclinations of about 20 degrees.
"This excess of objects with unexpected orbital parameters makes us believe that some invisible forces are altering the distribution of the orbital elements of the ETNOs, and we consider that the most probable explanation is that other unknown planets exist beyond Neptune and Pluto," lead author Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, of the Complutense University of Madrid, said in a statement.

"average inclinations of 20 degrees."
Does this inclination of 20 degrees fit with this observation I make above?
The long axis of the lemon shaped moon, is shown oriented basically practically exactly the same way I show the Object's basic flight path image. As shown above.

I don't know how the Ancient Object's left to right crossing angle works in the big picture here instead I am thinking of and pointing towards how the Object's flight path angle downwards across between the Moon and the Earth may or may not correlate with the "average inclinations of 20 degrees," seen in these distant objects the scientists are observing. Does my Basic Flightpath image show the Object crossing down at something close to a 20 degree angle as the scientists above would measure it along with and in comparison with the distant Objects they are describing? I know the Object I saw and it either causes the effects the scientists are describing and studying in whole or in part or it does not. A solar system scientist looking at my Basic Flightpath image would either say that the Object I depict crosses down at roughly 20 degrees or it does not.


Oct 8 2014 I observed a full lunar eclipse with my small backyard telescope.
The Ancient Object returns and rolls down from the region of space above and to the left of the Moon. The Object first covers the moon's upper left corner as seen from the earth.
The area of the Moon's surface that is first darkened by the Earth's shadow is also exactly the same area of the Moon that is the first area of the Moon that is obscured from view before the crossing Object totally covers the sight of the entire moon from view as I describe many times here on this website.

I know that this is important and a significant indicator of something however I have no idea what this would mean to a solar system scientist who actually stopped to consider this observation I have made along with and in comparison with what they know about how the rest of the solar system functions. I realize that there may be no one today in our time who might see this as a clue or even slightest bit interesting. On the other hand I also know that because what I am describing here is in fact an accurate observation a solar system scientist might be able to realize right away that what I am noting and highlighting here makes sense suddenly to them to whatever certain point. This is why I am pointing this out. Past this point I have to say that although I am able to report my observation I have no overall understanding regarding the true importance or significance of what this observation actually indicates.

I wonder how the facts of the Returning Object I describe here on this website will fit into the above
Scientific areas of study? I know that the Object I saw is the big missing piece of the scientific equation.
It's the big missing piece of the puzzle that's needed by everyone, every human for many diverse reasons. of the Moon

Scientists think the moon formed from debris blasted into space "when a mysterious planet-size body slammed into the young Earth about 4.5 billion years ago. The moon was born hot, and it came into existence quite close to our home planet." "The newborn moon was thus primed to be sculpted by Earth's gravity, and that's exactly what happened, researchers say."

How the Moon Got Its Lemon Shape
"Interestingly, the long axis of the moon doesn't point directly toward Earth as it likely did long ago; instead, it's offset by about 30 degrees. This probably happened when volcanic activity, impact cratering and other events made the moon's interior a much less homogeneous place, researchers said."
Ian Garrick-Bethell

Earth Had Two Moons? Debate Continues Over Theory Explaining Lunar Asymmetry

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
Find in point form Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down the page;
Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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