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The Crossing Down

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Earthshine Plus The Effects Of The Star Bursting Object On The Infant Moon

Why is the crust on the far side of the Moon thicker than the crust on the near side of the Moon? This is the question being asking by researchers.

As I understand it researchers have theorized that after Theia struck the early Earth causing the formation of the Moon the extreme heat from the recently impacted Earth would have still been tremendous for a period of time after the Moon cooled. They have also determined that the infant Moon formed rapidly in an orbit that was much closer to the Earth compared to it's present day orbit. In an effort to explain the fact that the crust on the far side of the Moon is thicker compared to the crust on the near side of the Moon, the scientists have come up with a very interesting theory that has gained acceptance.
Earthshine on a Young Moon: Explaining the Lunar Farside Highlands - Cornel University Library
Solving A Lunar Mystrey With Extrasolar Planets

I find the Earthshine Theory very interesting. Although I don't understand the details of the chemistry and the math I do get the idea of the Earthshine Theory and it makes sense to me. One reason why the Earthshine Theory makes sense to me is because the hot Earth cooking the near side of the faster cooling Moon while it was orbiting at it's initial close distance seems as if it could or would be a likely possible scenario or probably almost a predictable logical outcome of the collision between Theia and the early Earth.

Unfortunately at this time the fact that retrograde Theia continues to orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth from the time of it's collision with the early Earth up until the present day is unknown to science. Researchers are unable to factor in the crossing Object's powerful forces and possible potential extreme heat and what would have been the resulting powerful additional influences into the Earthshine Theory equation. Another additional factor to be considered is that the Object continued to orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth possibly scorching the Moon and the Earth with extreme heat every orbit down especially in their early history and possibly well into the middle and late history of the Earth and the Moon. It does also appear to be the case where the Object's crossing promoted and caused ongoing geologic activity in both the Moon and the Earth through time as the Moon's orbit gradually became more distant from the Earth. Could the Object's actions have caused the molten Earth to remain molten for a longer period of time also adding to the Earthshine effect on the early Moon?

Today when scientists try to understand the evidence available to them in an effort to understand the Earth and the Moon they are able to see the effects of the Object's forces but so far they are unable to translate that into understanding that the third body that they apparently correctly theorized in the first place, the impacting Theia central in the Giant Impact theory, is still in existence and is still influencing and evolving the Moon and the Earth today. It was a giant hit and run impact event. Theia was not absorbed into the Earth's core.
The Moon's Ocean Of Storms And The Crossing Object's Powerful Forces

I have always wondered about the Object's true nature and how it fits into the big picture. When I hear about the scientific discoveries that are being made around the Object like the Earthshine Theory and the search for planet 9 and 10, it gives me hope that the astronomers, solar system and planetary scientists are finally gradually getting closer and soon they are going to figure things out as far as realizing that there is an orbiting object that is returning to the place in space where it crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth. There are many important complicated things that go along with that but this is the starting point that science is closing in on and I will be greatly relieved when they finally get there and someone else finally knows that there is an object out there that they really need to study because next to the sun itself, the Object of the Crossing Down is the biggest, closet most dramatic, important and potentially consequential astronomical body out there in space in relation to the Earth that exists! Correct me later if I'm wrong.

The speeding forward rolling crossing and possibly star bursting Object is a big part of the equation!
I read that the heat that the Earth was giving off was like that of a star because after the impact with Theia the Earth was in a type of molten hot state for a period of time. The collision with the Earth must have also had a dramatic effect on Theia as well even though Thiea remained intact and continued to travel through space. What is the Object? Is it a type of star perhaps? I once read about a person who lived thousands of years ago who said that he was greatly relieved that some sort of angry planet that he was aware of was finally acting more like one of the regular planets. If he was referring to the Object of the Crossing Down then for me this is a worrying sign as to whether or not the Object could once again become geologically active. I am more worried about May 27, 2064 when the Moon will be at perigee on a night when the Object might return and cross down, compared to May 25, 2018 when the Object might be back. I have wondered if it was possible for the gravitation interactions between the Moon and the Object to potentially be a type of trigger that might cause the Object to re ignite and become the forward rolling star bursting object from ancient times again. Or does the Object just simply return back down from deep space already geologically active again if it's possible for it to be geologically active again? With such a tremendously long orbit could the gradual acceleration that happens to the Object as it nears the sun be a factor and a possible trigger that could cause the Object to become active again with it's internal electromagnetic field generating dynamo core as if on steroids building enough pressure and heat to cause the Object's craters to explode outwards into space again like a giant fiery pinwheel. If that happens we are all in big trouble because that pinwheel rolls at the Earth from the face of the Moon while it slowly transits from the Moon's upper left corner to it's lower right corner. I know this all sounds way overly dramatic however for me this has been my daily nightmare and the thing that has always crushed me down under it's weight more than any other thing or natural danger that I know of this because of the fact that I saw the Object. So I know enough to not only respect the Object and it's powerful forces and especially what happens and what is seen in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light but also because I saw the Object I am also in a state of perpetual fear of the Object for everyone today and for everyone's children in the future because that's just one of the facts of seeing. To see the Object is to know and fear the Object because that's just what happens to you and there's no avoiding it even though it is also a fact that the Object can cross down safely the fear is still always going to be there for everyone who knows that the Object exists.
Lunar Perigee Alert May 27, 2064
The Speeding Forward Rolling Object's Magnetic Field
Compared To The Planets The Object Orbits In The Opposite Direction Around The Sun

The Object is actually a very bizarre type of astronomical body that I have many questions about. Clearly it was once geologically active as evidenced by the surface craters each neatly ringed by massive towering crater rim pieces that look like they were blasted upwards towards space by tremendous subsurface forces. There are no typical impact craters on the Object's surface that I am aware of. I saw the rotating side of the Object that faces the Earth and there are no craters of any type located in this region. I am going to guess that the other rotating side or pole that is not visible from the Earth is probably similar and there are also no craters located in this region as well. There are no craters located on the surface area that leads upwards preceding the top of the large raised mound surface feature. Everywhere else on the Object's surface is heavily cratered with craters all the same in various sizes and all with the massive towering crater rim pieces that are bent upwards at their bases. If the surface of the object was rocky the bases of the vertically standing crater rim pieces would be fractured and broken. Of all of the hundreds of craters I saw I didn't happen to notice a spot were even just one single crater rim piece was broken off and was missing. I saw approximately 3/4 of the Object's cratered surface.
The Standing Stone Craters Exist On A Planetary Size And Scale

A difficult troubling question is this, could the Object be some sort of intermittently active mini star? These caters appear to have formed when tremendous subsurface pressure blasted the surface layer upwards and outwards. If the Object also became a molten type of place similar to the Earth the crust had to have cooled enough in order for the crater rim pieces to have been formed from the Object's surface crust. Before the possible molten Theia's surface cooled could the Object's molten state combined with it's forward rolling motion be at least partially responsible for the mound feature? From the side the Object has a snail like shape.

Clay models 2004  
The object. Pick any ancient name that you want.        "Adoil,"  causes the sight of the ancient valley.                The ancient valley is the changed and lasting light from the Moon.                                         
The side profile of the orbiting forward rolling speeding astronomical object that I saw crossing down through between the Earth and Moon.

This is the side of the Object that is seen from the Earth. To illustrate the Object's forward rolling motion rotate the image clockwise approximately one forward roll per 45 - 65 seconds.
This image is an attempt to depict the Object's craters. You can find a basic description of the Object I saw here, Some Images

Was the Object once the core of a planet with everything now stripped away gone because of the giant impact with the Earth? If it was I'm going to guess that it would have to be a planet that formed around a different star and not our sun because of it speeding orbit down from above and through the plain of the solar system and down into deep space again as it goes around the sun in the opposite direction compared to the planets. None of the planets that formed around the sun behave this way at least as far as I know. It appears to me that because the Object orbits around the sun in the opposite direction compared to the planets it was probably formed by a different process compared to the accretion process that formed the planets unless it formed by accretion around a different star and then somehow ended up in orbit around the sun. I don't know what all the possibilities are but the first thing that needs to be determined is the answer to the question what type of astronomical object is it and then the guessing as to how it formed can begin. Is it actually some type of mini star or a type of object that hasn't been conceived of or theorized? Maybe this is what the core of a planet looks like. Maybe the Giant Impact with the early Earth stripped away all the outer material from Theia leaving a core that looks like it was geologically active at some point with it's surface level volcanic looking craters. Why would the core of this planet if it this is a planet, be geologically active after all of the planet's outer material was lost in the Giant Impact? Is this possible or does this suggest that Theia is an entirely different type of Object and not an ordinary planet? Could the heat generated by the Giant Impact cause the core of a normal planet to end up looking like the Object? Another question I have is what sort of material used to get blasted upwards into space from these craters on an object that is very probably highly metallic in nature? It's not going to be regular lava from rock because there's no rock there as far as I know and I saw around three quarters of the Object's surface. A tremendous subsurface pressure caused tremendous bulging smooth areas to form. These areas are where the craters are located. Around the perimeter edges of these bulging regions that feature the craters there are deep crease mark indentation lines that spread throughout the Object. There are no craters on the turning poles or sides of the Object but in the areas where the centrifugal forces are the greatest the greatest bulging occurred and this is where the craters formed. Moving up from the crease mark indentation lines towards the level area of the bulging surface region where the craters are located it looks like the surface is stretched to the limit containing the subsurface pressure that did ultimately blast upwards from the middle regions of the bulging areas on the Object's surface.

Did the Object look like it does today before it impacted the early Earth? For me a comparison that makes sense is the giant impact that occurred when the Object struck the Earth was like a cannon ball going through a water melon. The collision is not going to bother the cannon ball very much compared to the watermelon. This does lead me to ask did the collision with the early Earth cause the Object to become captured around the sun? Or was the Object already in orbit around the sun and eventually the newly forming Earth just happened to get into the way of the Object's retrograde orbital path?

If the Object was caused to become a captured object around the sun because of the giant impact then somehow the Object's new orbit around the sun caused or resulted in the Object returning to the place in space where the giant impact occurred seeing the Object orbit through the exact place where the impacted Earth was and the debris from the impact was coalescing forming the Moon. Could this happen? Could an impact such as this cause the speeding massive surviving smaller than the Earth object to return to the same place where the impact occurred with the Earth or is it more likely that the Object was already in orbit around the sun and the early Earth eventually crossed paths with the Object, got struck and then became tied into and in resonance with the Object.

An incredible thing to me is that the Object orbits the sun in the opposite direction compared to the Earth and Moon and yet today all three bodies are locked together in close proximity in some sort of recurring intimate fantastic orbital dance.

The Object is obviously intrinsically linked with everything about the Earth's complicated movements and linked with the Moon's very complicated movements and cycles. When the Object crosses down through in front of the Moon it intercepts the Moon's light and drastically changes the way that light looks and behaves. This fact does say something about the true nature of this Moon sized massive Object. The main evidence that tells me that the Earth and Moon are in resonance with the crossing Object is this; Because of the fact that everything that is seen happening in the Moon's drastically Changed Light happens the same way every time this event happens it suggests a repeating cause and effect situation that causes the same end results to happen or to be recreated in and with the Moon's Changed Light. This is very complicated to quickly explain here but for your reference along with the Object itself this topic of the Moon's Changed Light is basically what my website is mainly about. Anyway's I believe that the things that happen in the Moon's Changed Light could only be happening in an exact precisely detailed repeating way if everything else in regards to the Moon and the Earth and the Object and especially in regards to the positioning of the vertical crater rim pieces that cast the shadows into the Changed light, and maybe even the solar system as well was also happening in the same repeating way. As unlikely as this will sound to anyone who reads this and the idea of the Changed Light will and does not make any sense to people as I know very well for myself this is the evidence that I suggest for the idea that the Earth and Moon are in resonance with the Object. I believe that this is solid evidence that will be seen by others again one day and then we shall see what other people including the scientists have to say about this once these people have seen the Object and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light and they know for themselves what happens. Sorry as usual I tend to wonder off topic.

The Earthshine On A Young Moon Theory. With the absence of the knowledge of the Object it appears as if the effects that the Object has had on the Moon has all been attributed to the molten Earth. Because the Object does exist as I describe I know that the effects observed on the Moon were not all caused by the Earth alone and instead it is clear that it was the molten Earth in combination with Theia's continuing orbital action crossing between the Moon and the Earth that caused the effects observed on the Moon.

I believe it may have been May 25, 1972 when we were looking at the moon using a small backyard telescope and when it was my turn to look at the Moon again I saw the astronomical object that I describe instead.

The Object travels at a tremendous speed through between the Moon and the Earth in approximately 5 minutes give or take. Certainly the Object takes less than ten minutes to travel this distance. I used to think it was more like 2-3 minutes but I have at least partially reconsidered and it may actually take up to 5 and even 5 1/2 minutes to travel this distance considering that the crossing angle itself adds distance and time. Could the Object take as long as 6 minutes and a couple seconds to cross through? I have to say maybe because that may actually be the case however less likely 6 minutes or slightly more seems to me. Writing this page caused me to realize that the Object's crossing time could be at least slightly longer than 2-3 minutes.
Size Scales In Our Solar System And The Crossing Object

The Object's top to bottom sink rate of motion is approximately one half of the Object's left to right crossing rate of motion as seen from the Earth.

The Object's forward roll rate is difficult to determine but I'm going to guess it's probably approximately one forward roll per 45 - 65 seconds. Similar to when I'm trying to guess how long it takes for the Object to travel the distance between the Moon and the Earth my guesses concerning the Object's forward roll rate also vary slightly and you will find examples of this throughout all of my writing.

The Basic Flight Path                         

Even though the Object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth, it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon. I am mentioning this point because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image; "The Basic Flight Path." I created my basic flight path image in 2005 with a couple of styrofoam balls and a pipe cleaner when I started my website about the Object.
A Basic description of the Object

Illustrating the forward rolling crossing Object's orbital path down through between the Moon and the Earth with 100% accuracy is not possible. However in general with a very slight adjustment, The Basic Flight Path image is exactly what the forward rolling Object's orbital crossing angle looks like. Unfortunately there's no way that I know of that would allow me to properly illustrate the Object's incredible speed. Take the Indiana Jones boulder and slow it down and look at it directly in the middle from close up and that does simulate the effect you see when you see the Object however a big difference is that the Object is the size of a small planet and that does have a profound effect on the perspective that viewer has especially when using a small back yard telescope the way I saw the Object.

Adjustment: The left to right crossing angle and the top to bottom sink rate shown might be slightly high. Slightly reduce the left to right crossing angle. Also very slightly reduce the top to bottom sink rate angle and this may be a closer approximation than the angles across and down that are shown in my Basic Flight Path Image.







Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
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