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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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If There Is A Downside To The Object's Return

I finally moved and turned back around to face this big problem that I know about. The pressure of the weight of knowing about this crushes down on me. I have a very alone feeling as I face the reality of the returning Object. I fear for the safety of my two children, their future and the future for my entire family. Also I worry about the safely of all of those kids and families I know and everyone I know. I am in a situation where I know for a fact that every single person there is will be effected right away or eventually once the world's knowledge of the returning orbiting Object and the Moon's Changed Light event is suddenly reacquired.

If there is a downside to the Object's next return orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth the safety and future of everybody may be at stake. There are people's beliefs and opinions but instead at a more basic important level I am thinking about everyone's personal physical safely. Because of this I knew I had to do something about this situation with the world oblivious and possibly in very real peril.

I believe there is no actual downside concerning knowledge of the true facts of what really happens between the Earth and the Moon becoming known again. In fact the opposite is true. There is a basic principle and responsibility to the true facts of the Changed and Lasting Light. The true basic facts regarding the incredible suddenly changed way the Moon's light behaves and looks is the actual big thing that happens. At the very core of our beginnings! The powerful forces of the speeding crossing Object causes this incomparable visual event to occur. We have a lot to be thankful for. Fortunately the Object does what it does otherwise it seems clear that life, at least human life as we know it, homo sapiens could have turned out very differently.

There are the obvious worries, concerns and serious questions that accompany the presence of the massive returning Ancient Object and although certainly they can't be ignored the Object can cross down safely. I saw the Object cross down very possibly the evening of May 25th 1972. There's two parts to this, first the Object itself and second the way the Moon's light looks when it emerges to the right and up over the upper right horizon of the Object. This is the fantastic ancient light that was widely written about and remembered through time by all human ancestors! That's what this is about! There's the very intimidating Object and the indescribably fantastic Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon and the background of space. When the Object crosses down look to the right and stay looking! Fantastic! Everyone's true common heritage will be seen and can be seen by anyone who looks up when the Object is crossing down in front of the Moon. You do want to see this for yourself and you can see this if you look.
The Future After The Ancient Object's Next Return

On this page I am not going to delve deep into all or some of the possible negative impacts that I could think of however this potential has to be addressed at least to some degree.

Instead the first main point is I saw the Object. I completely understand that there is a potential down side, a downside that is potentially much worse than I am capable of imagining. A massive speeding astronomical body crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth. In the big planetary scale of things this celestial encounter that is about to occur again perhaps on the evening of May 26th 2018 happens in extreme close proximity. This bizarre moon coloured forward rolling Standing Stone Crater covered speeding astronomical body will inspire fear and terror even irregardless of the obvious fact that my description prove that I saw the Object and this fact in turn proves that the Object can return safely. This is a fact that needs to become well known as a way to head off any sort of possible uncontrolled panic among the world's people. I do also completely understand why people will be afraid of the Object once the existence of the returning Object is discovered and realized. . Knowing that the Object can and does cross down safely is a good starting point and my descriptions prove that there is actually good reason for hope. A person can have hope that they will make it through without harm coming to them.

The ancient fantastic Lasting Light event happens over the Object's upper right horizon. The Object intercepts and changes the way the Moon's light looks and behaves. The Standing Stone Craters cast shadows into the Moon's Changed Light. People need to understand that a very ancient very spectacular visual event occurs and they can see this incredible spectacle if they look and stay looking in an uninterrupted manner. Follow the big main shadow into the distance to the right and stay looking and brace yourself for the effort that will be required in order to have a chance to remain looking through up till when the Moon's Changed Light rises and beyond. These are the beginning portions of the ancient sights that were written and talked about by all of our ancestors. Simply fantastic beyond all understanding!!! Anyone can see these repeating ancient sights if they look. It turns out that there is a big thing that happens and this is it!

Two sides to one very difficult complicated coin.

On one hand the greatest possible fantastic thing happens and on the other hand obviously clearly if the crossing Object causes any negative impacts physically felt by the Earth the evening of May 26, 2018 could potentially be the end of our civilization as we know it. Or that day could turn out even worse if worst fears are realized and for me that relates to my life long deep fear that the Object I saw is actually some sort of forward rolling intermittently active mini star. The standing stone craters look like they were formed by being blasted outwards from pressure contained within the Object's bulging outwards surface. This is what scares me the most. When I saw the Object it was a peaceful tranquil wondrous place. Obviously this was also the case May 24th, 1926 when I believe the Object I saw was observed and reported.

The Object will be detected as it nears or enters to within the distance of Pluto's orbit. Then in approximately one month or so or less the speeding forward rolling Object will cross down between the Moon and the Earth. This is 100% guaranteed to happen as I describe. Once again the fact that my descriptions will be seen to exactly match the details being observed by scientists is proof that the Object can cross down through between the Earth and the Moon safely. This is important

The Return that I saw was a safe Return. The ground did not shake where I stood. That's what happened last time and that's the way I picture it happening again next time.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
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