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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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The Big Full Circle

I was watching TV show about the Apollo Moon landings a couple years ago back in 04. While I was watching the show suddenly a thought struck me. As usual whenever a thought strikes me to do with this business I am always wondering why I didn't think of it before. Anyways that's sort of how things go for me sometimes.

There I was watching Neil and Buzz walking on the Moon when I was suddenly struck by the totally obvious. This is a full circle thing, a big full circle thing! There I was watching not just one man but two men walking on the surface of the Moon, incredible!

I really hope that one day as many of the men who actually walked on the Moon as possible will truly know this. I think that it turns out Neil Armstrong couldn't be more right about the small last step that he made down onto the Moon's surface and the "Giant Leap For Mankind," words that he spoke.

When Neil took that final step down off the ladder he was literally completing a circle that must of started at the very very beginning of the evolution of the solar system and the formation of the Earth, the Crossing Object and the Moon system. This very big circle started at the very beginning all the way back to the time when our star ignited and began to produce light.

What a fantastic thing!
I feel very fortunate to actually know this! Way to go Neil and Buzz!!!

At some point vertically standing crater rim pieces were formed or produced around the craters of the Object that rolls down across between the Earth and Moon. At a critically precise point a certain particular most important massive towering standing crater rim piece casts a shadow that then passes over the Object's upper right horizon region into the Changed Light of the Moon.

This particular main most important shadow is wider and taller longer than the two similarly shaped shadows that also travel along with it close alongside one on either side. The main shadow is also bigger than all of the rest of the tall individual shadows to the left and to the right that it travels with ahead of towards and into the Moon's Changed Light that is already seen to the upper right at this point, the sight of the Valley.

The shadows continue up to and past the Object's upper right horizon into the Moon's Changed Light that is seen above the Object's upper right horizon and to the extremely deep distance straight ahead and to the extreme right. The Moon's very changed looking and behaving light at this early point in the Changed Light event now looks like and is in fact the tremendous expansive much written about incredible Ancient Valley of old as it has always been seen back through time to or origin. At least it appears to me as though it has to be this way because how could this incredibly bizarre extremely complicated precise improbable celestial event be happening now if this was something that didn't start happening from the very beginning of the existence of the Object and the Earth Moon system?

This is something you can see happen if you are looking at the Moon when the Object rolls down the next time it arrives back home to cross through between the Earth and the Moon. That's the basic idea and what my Return Viewer's Guides are about. When I describe what I saw I am also describing what has always been seen and what will be seen by anyone and everyone who looks up and sees a Return event past, present or future. All the of the Object's actions and the resultant sights that are seen repeat in exact detail because everything that the Object does happens and occurs and repeats exactly the same way every time it returns. It really is as basic and incredible as that.

It could turn out that a single individual crater's standing rim piece's may ultimately be shown to cast the shadows that make up the first main group of shadows including the three main central most important shadows that do the first sculpting and shaping in the Moon's Changed Light. I try to detail my thoughts and guesses concerning this crater's possible location just up over and past the mound or overhang's position on the Object's surface beyond. A single individual vertically standing crater rim piece does cast the central most important shadow. One reason why I think that the most important crater rim pieces are located beyond the mound raised surface area is because that area is positioned higher compared to the Object's surface area where the original big thick black shadow first occurred and then traveled towards the Object's upper right horizon. As the Object continues rolling forward the craters beyond the mound become positioned in the sun light and they are located at the highest point and this matches with the way the main group of individual shadows appear and become visible further past the big wave of the shadow. As the shadow moves across the valley's floor magically transforming it's flat white layer of clouds into a surface that looks like flat smooth rock the important individual shadows emerge from along the shadow's leading edge. I believe that this is the point when a crater located on the top of the Object is responsible for casting theses shadows

Suddenly as you are watching to the right following the point of the big main shadow. A a special place in the distance of the Valley the now very tall long and strait shadow's point goes up and down and up and down twice. Then instantly it starts to draw a squiggly zig zagging line in the very special incredible Changed Light from the Moon. The Moon's light has been made to last as if a solid thing. The shadow interacts with the Changed Light and solid forms and shapes are created. Somehow incredibly a muscular human form is suddenly there and at the center or heart of this entire event at this point. And then the Light moves and changes and then rises! Incredible but these are the repeating sights I am always struggling to try to describe. Everything that you see happen does so in an exact repeating fashion every time the Object returns and it's actions causes this celestial occur. These are the actual ancient sights that happen and you can see them too.

Somehow incredibility and very suddenly there he is, the first sight of the back of the fantastic ancient and very muscular Man of Light created instantly by the interactions between the continuously moving shadow's point and the Moon's Changed Light. You are looking at a form that is light as if a statue over there.

The Object's powerful forces change the way the light from the Moon looks and behaves. Massive vertically standing crater rim pieces cast shadows from the crossing Object into the Moon's now suddenly Changed Light.

There are many thousands of individual shadows cast from the Object's surface crater rim pieces into the Moon's Changed Light and at this point that light is the form of the previously created sight of the Valley. The main shadow travels away from the viewer to the upper right into the sight of the Valley and then it strikes perhaps on the Moon's surface, and this is the point when the sculpting and shaping action by the shadow in the Changed Light is happening. Instantly right in front and below the the place in the Light where you suddenly automatically find yourself seeing down from you see the first form that is suddenly there and it is the sight of the back of a muscular man as I try to describe in many places.

The shape you find yourself looking at is not a living being the way we naturally normally think about it. This is a real problem for me when I try to convey the basic idea of what I am trying to describe here. People usually are suddenly thinking the only thing that they can possibly be thinking and that is that basically no matter how I try to describe it they imagine that I must be simply nuts and that I am imagining that I saw some guy looking at me when he few by on his own planet. People can't help it what else can they possibly think about me and my story? lol That is just the way it is and of course I completely understand. Somehow the shadow's actions cause an area of the Moon's Changed Light to become sculpted into the shape of a muscular man. This point of fact is very hard to successfully convey to people or more like impossible to convey to people .

A basic point to remember is that everything that isn't the Object itself is Changed Light no matter what you find yourself looking at and seeing. This basic fact is not so obvious for a viewer. And even more difficult for a listener who has not heard of this. Past this point when a viewer who has seen starts wondering about and trying to figure out what it all means I think it all starts with what each individual viewer thinks. I provide descriptions and I give my opinions on various topics related to a Return. Opinions expressed by individuals in the future concerning a Return will surly vary greatly with each other and with my opinions. I think that's just the way it will be and maybe that's how it's suppose to be according to human nature. Certainly the discussion will be without end as it already is stunningly enough. I'm hoping that seeing and realizing these things will cause people to pause and consider our future as a species. Peace and good health for future generations on a healthy planet is very desirable and appears to be our only hope to survive. We have to figure it out and get busy fixing the problems on our planet everyone working together, that's our only hope.

A very fantastic thing happened and is still happening!

At some point on the Earth life somehow starts. Then at a later point some of the life on the Earth looked up and sees the extremely well defined muscular human form within the Changed Light from the Moon. Then from that time forward through the history of life the Changed Light event has been happening and life has been looking up and seeing.

Clearly there's a basic question to be asked. Either what happens in the Changed Light does effect the life that sees it or it doesn't effect the life that sees it? Either there is a big full circle of human life happening here in direct conjunction with the actions of the Object and especially the human shaped form that is produced by the big main shadow's point interacting with the Moon's Changed Light and then life on Earth seeing that human shape or there isn't. I am unaware of any possible middle ground here on this question to be found or somehow realized. Once the Object has returned and caused this repeating celestial event to happen again these basic questions will be asked because it's going to be clearly obvious that these questions are there.

The basic question instead will be not whether or not human life is connected with the human shaped Changed Light but how did we humans happen? Why are we an exact copy of the muscular Man of Light? I describe exactly what happens and think that at a very deep fundamental level humans are here because of simply looking at that human shape during the time of our life form's earliest evolution. I am going to guess that there was the point in time when our first ancestor looked up and saw the muscular human form within the Moon's Changed Light and that was the point in time and the action at the root of our origin. Future researchers and scientists and people everywhere will be always finding new questions to ask and making discoveries as everyone tries to understand as much as possible about this entire event and human life. These facts are stunning and will be confounding for the world. It will be apparent to everyone that at a basic level this is what happened and because of this we are here and we are the ancient mystery.

The Changed Light has special characteristics. Suddenly one effect is somehow you start to see from up there as if out of a remote camera. This particular visual effect starts at the exact point when the crossing Object's surface suddenly looks flat and at the same time it starts to tilt towards the viewer. Now the viewer is finding that they are seeing the surface from very close. Look to the right at this point and the sight of the ancient Valley is there. The way the viewer sees from up close ties into and works together with the fact that the Changed Light's special qualities mysteriously causes it to imprint itself into the viewer. This imprinting action starts from the initial point in the Changed light event when the Valley is seen even before the forceful pressure that is physically felt when when the light mountain rises. It is my opinion that this effect is key in understanding how we as human beings down here on Earth are an exact copy of the way the Changed Light from the Moon looks and the form it is in after it was shaped and sculpted by the first one or three shadows.

Very suddenly the ancient Man of Light stands up and turns around and suddenly looks directly at the person who is looking face to face! I believe that the face of the Spinx is the face of the Man of Light.

Then later much later in time Neil and Buzz land up there on the Moon the place that is the source of the light for the Changed and Lasting Light event. The place where the first initial sculpting and creating by the shadows happens ultimately the very place where we come from!

Neil Armstrong opens the door and climbs down the ladder of the Lunar Lander and then he takes his that last step down onto the surface of the Moon! The ultimate ancient mystery is there! A man standing on the Moon! The entire weight and forward momentum of all life's history and even all of basically every kind of Earth and solar system history and the history of everything and everyone, and especially the history of the awesome goodness of the Man of Light himself, picked up Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and set them down on the Moon. A human being then climbed down and stood on the Moon and spoke those words completing the ancient Big Full Circle!

And all along everyone thought it was basically just the team that worked through NASA that did this. Everything is way bigger than we realize!

There really is a truly magnificent awesome giant Big Full Circle that the ancient Man Of Light started and then Homo Sapiens flying Apollo made complete!

The Big Full Circle

“That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Neil Armstrong

Apollo 11  Insignia

Nasa Images
I would like to thank both Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.
Buzz Aldrin photographed by Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11

Brooklyn Museum Archives:
Lantern Slide Collection
Great Sphinx, Gizeh

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
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