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The Crossing Down

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The Future After The Ancient Object's Next Return

In spite of the concerns I raise I don't want people to mistakenly think that I'm a doom and gloom end of the world person I'm not. The fact that I'm writing about the Object and what I saw happen to the Moon's light is proof that the Object can return safely. I have many great concerns obviously however I also have great hope for the future once people finally find out about what happens to the Moon's light and how it becomes fantastically changed by the Object's powerful forces when the speeding forward rolling Object crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth. The repeating sights that are seen within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light are very special. I hope that you are reading this and the Return Viewer's Guide in time so that you will have a chance to see the Object and the Moon's spectacular Changed and Lasting Light with foreknowledge.

I'm no expert, obviously but I did see the Object and the Moon's Changed Light so I am able to ask myself questions and I can try to understand more about what is seen this is true however all I can really do is barely scratch the surface. I beleive the combination of four basic factors are at the root of our existence as a species on this planet. Obviously it's way more complicated than simply just four factors but these four factors or elements work together. To start with there is the existence of the incredible astronomical Object the impactor that remained intact after striking the early Earth casing the three body Earth, Moon and crossing Object system. Next is the way the Object's powerful mysterious forces dramatically change the way the Moon's light looks and behaves. Then there is the special cause and effect way the shadows that are cast from the Object's towering vertically standing crater rim pieces interact with the Moon's Changed Light creating all the incredible repeating details and sights that are seen every time this event reoccurs. Then the fourth factor is that at some point life started on the Earth and eventually some of that life looked up and saw the details within the Moon's Changed Light and then specifically some of that life was caused to grow and evolve into an exact copy of what the very heart of the Changed Light looks like because of the Changed Light's mysterious imprinting effect that happens to the viewer simply by looking. It appears to me that life evolved into our human form simply by seeing the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light event. We are an exact copy of what the heart of the Changed Light looks like! Truly a fantastic thing that appears to be a completely random natural process.

I have always realized that what I saw was very important and special to everyone in the past. present and future. I realized I had an obligation to share this with you and everyone and that's what I have tried to do. I beleive that the special primordial sights seen within the Moon's incredible Changed Light are at the heart of our common human heritage and once everyone else knows about this event and sees the heart of the Changed Light there will be hope for the future because people will realize that there is a lot more that unites us compared to the things we think we perceive that divide us from each other. This is at the root of my hope for the future of my children, your children and the health and well being of a peaceful healthy planet moving into the future.

I think that the main most important point that I can make is that the Object can return and cross down between the Moon and the Earth safely. Once the Object is detected and my descriptions of the Object are verified it will be clear to everyone that it is actually possible for the Object to orbit between the Moon and the Earth completely safely. This fundamental basic fact will not or might not be readily apparent to astronomers and other people when the massive forward rolling speeding astronomical object that has a retrograde orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth is finally detected but this fact is extremely important. Once the returning Object is observed this fact will be understood because again, observers will see that my descriptions of the Object will match with their observations. That fact will be clear proof that I had to have actually really seen the Object before to be able to provide descriptions of the Object and it's surface, it's forward rolling motion and it's retrograde orbital flightpath down across and through between the Moon and the Earth. Knowing the Object can orbit down across between the Moon and the Earth safely is a basic and very important hopeful starting point for people and for me and my family on that difficult night that's fast approaching. I know that future night is fast approaching however now that the May 26, 2018 date that I was pointing towards has come and gone at this point very unfortunately I am unable to point directly at a possible future date for the Object's return.

Once the Object is detected there will be those who will automatically say that the return of the Object of the Crossing Down equals the destruction of the Earth itself due to a direct collision. It turns out that the Object Theia, struck the Earth once in the beginning. It was a giant hit and run impact event. The impactor remained intact and ever since that time Theia, the Object has been orbiting down across between the newly created Moon and the Earth without colliding with either one so based on that I don't think that the Object is going to suddenly deviate enough to collide with the earth. The Object isn't going to hit the Earth again.

Again I am optimistic for the future and there is reason for strong optimism and hope and I feel this way because of how it was for me when I saw the Object safely return and changed light from the Moon. A profoundly fantastic thing to see! I am very lucky and I know that the Object's next return can be safe and fantastic again for all viewers! In my opinion the true facts of what happens and the fantastic primordial sights that are seen in the Moon's Changed Light is the ultimate and most difficult series of incredible events to see and know about but by far the most difficult aspect of this situation is the fantastic but dangerous troubling reality of the very intimidating Object itself.

This is the hard part. Unfortunately there is an actual clear and present danger that really does exist and that danger relates to the fact that it appears obvious that the Object that crosses down through between the Moon and the earth was once geologically active burning hot scorching the Moon and the Earth with tremendous heat. As the Object approached closer to the Earth, it's intensifying felt heat would start to scorch the Earth's surface for a while before it reached it's crossing point between the Moon and the Earth. As the Object moved towards the Earth from the face of the Moon, it also appears as if the Earth was then impacted with whatever type of material the many million miles per hour forward rolling Object's unique craters blasted upwards and out into space in all directions from it's forward rolling surface. This is obviously the nightmare scenario and realizing this has weighted very very heavily on me for a long time. I can say with near 100% certainty that knowing about this and being alone with this very troubling stressful aspect of the situation has shortened my life. There's nothing that can be said by anyone that could change the uncertainty or the outcome of this situation for the better. Either the Object will remain geologically dormant or it will not remain in a dormant state from now on into the future.

I remember that it was the next day after seeing the Object the night before and I was thinking about the Object as a very scary big place that was covered with weird volcano looking craters that were located on the Object's big surface bulging regions instead of on the tops of mountains like on the Earth. It might have been 1972, I was 12 or so however now I'm not sure anymore. The point is that even as a boy because of the way the Object looks it was obvious to me that we were in danger and beleive it or not I think it took me maybe as long as a week to finally stop worrying about some sort of bad thing that was going to happen because of the Object even though the Object was long gone however many hundreds of seconds later after I saw it and I just didn't know it at the time. I saw a fantastic thing and I knew it, the Object and the Moon's Changed Light, but I also knew that the Object was a scary place so it's been difficult because it is actually very difficult. I have always focused on my entire viewing experience and the special sights seen in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light because that is the special thing that you see happen because of the incredible Object's powerful forces! Unfortunately somehow it turns out that we are in an extremely difficult two sided coin situation. The entire event is staggeringly fantastic and difficult. I remember when I finally realized the Object was really gone and nothing bad had happened. I remember my true sense of relief and also I remember that I suddenly didn't feel as numb all over and that was a shock for me all by itself. After seeing the Object and being in fear from seeing it I was in some sort of physical shock. My state was complicated by the effects of seeing the imprinting Changed Light from the Moon as well. If you get to see these sights through a 3" telescope like I did or perhaps also with the naked eye this is also going to happen to you too. It's kind of like standing on the edge of a mountain cliff for a while, your gonna get a spectacular view but if you are like me uncomfortable with heights, you are going to be petrified in true fear. Like I have said and written many times before other than the danger of world war that the stupid humans among us pose to the rest of us, the Object is easily the big thing the I fear the the most.

It's only a guess but I'm going to guess that the last time the Object suddenly arrived back down between the Moon and the Earth in a fully geologically active state was approximately 12,000 years ago when the world wide high tech megalithic culture that once obviously existed was wiped out by a major cataclysm. How long did it take before the Object settled down and was no longer geologically active again? Did the Object immediately revert back to being geologically inactive again in time for it's next orbit down between the Moon and the Earth or did it take hundreds or thousands of years and many orbits down across in front of the Moon before becoming dormant once again? Does the Object re ignite as a part of a predictable repeating geological cycle? Obviously I don't know the answer to these questions. Years ago I read something that always bothered me were an ancient person wrote that a certain angry planet that he was aware of had finally started to behave better, more like a regular planet. I am guessing that he was referring to the same Object that I saw and try to describe. Once the Object becomes geologically active, if it is actually intermittently active, how long does it take for the Object to revert back to a dormant geologically inactive state the way it was dormant when I saw the Object and can it re ignite? Obviously this reality is going to be a difficult reality for everyone who realizes that this is the situation the way I know that it is but once again the Object can return safely. When my stress and worry for my children and the world gets to great I think about the solid unmoving ground where I stood when I looked up and saw the fantastic Object and the incredible Changed Light from the Moon! That always works to help me feel better. I hope that telling you about what makes me feel better might help you so that you and your family can feel better once you know about the Object for yourself.

The Object I saw is in a very precise retrograde orbit that sees it cross down through between the Moon and the Earth ever since the giant hit and run impact event that caused the creation of the Moon and the Earth as we know it. When I saw the Object it was in a fully dormant state and hopefully it will stay that way and it won't ever arrive back home from the depths of space in an active state again. I know that the Object can return safely so again for me personally this is reassuring evidence that I can have hope and you can have hope for and expect to see another safe Return just like the Return I saw.

Everyone says the world is one messed up place. Yes it is as we all know and we all know that it's humanities' fault. We are ruining the planet and we can't get along with each other. I think the facts of what happens during the Object's crossing down and specifically the knowledge of the details of what is seen within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light is humanities' best hope for the future.

When the Object crosses down and changes the light from the Moon and the background of space again a big forced rethink will finally be upon us. Some of us humans argue over and even kill each other over the details of what is seen created by the shadows within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light and what is seen happening within the Changed Light. Or rather should I say that we argue over this or that line of ancient text that describes the Moon's Lasting Light sights and what happens in the Changed Light. Many times ancient people wrote about what the Changed and Lasting Light looked like to them and what they saw. The sights that are seen do repeat in exact detail this is true however take two people who saw from the same place and time. Both descriptions of the same event that they just witnessed will differ even if only slightly. The Changed Light is very complicated and describing it 100% accurately is impossible. To start with two people in the exact same instant in time viewing from the same geological location on the earth while and seeing from within or from up past and over the upper right horizon, one person could be looking to the right and another person could be looking to the left. Each viewer may describe the exact same overall scene at this point but each viewer will see various different details in the area they were looking at. They both will have no knowledge concerning sights they did not see but perhaps the other person viewing saw. I know that sounds weird but these are the types of effects that happen to the viewer. Complicated in many ways two people describing the same scene even at the same moment in time from the same place will have descriptions that vary from slightly to even greatly from each other. And then this effect continues to happen during the entire time that these two viewers are seeing from within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light.

Descriptions of what happens in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light differ. Now add in some of the many factors that also cause differences in the way descriptions of the Lasting Light in ancient texts reads to us today. For example the ancient writers spoke different languages, they were from many different cultures scattered all over the world and they were separated by time hundreds and thousands of years. Then today we read attempted translated versions of their Return descriptions from many different ancient languages. No wonder why there is all sorts of confusion today. Plus throw in what might be the biggest reason for all the confusion and that is the fact that today the world is unaware of the existence of the Object of the Crossing Down and the incredible Changed and Lasting Light event that it causes to happens to the Moon's light. So basically no one knows what the ancient writers were very often talking about and yet many times today and throughout history we find reasons to persecute hate and even kill the other guy because he thinks about this differently. This is a tremendous ongoing tragedy on so many levels. I for one am very happy to know that this situation will be changing all by itself when people finally see the Object and especially when they see the details of the Moon's Changed Light.

In the beginning there was the Awesome Good, The Ancient Man of Light created by a shadow that was cast from the surface the crossing ancient Object by a vertically standing crater rim piece. There are other human forms created by other shadows cast as well and to some degree I still think of this group of figures as the Guy and the Crowd the way I did as a young boy as I explain in various places but it does come back to the fantastic heart of the Changed and Lasting Light. And that main most important central element is the sight of the one and the only incredible ancient muscular Man of Light. The plain and simple fact is that soon the world will once again know that we all a copy of his image and form. We are all descended from this single incredible powerful form that is light because our earliest ancestors looked up and looked at it and became copies of it! By default we are all created equally by nature. The sight of the amazing Changed and Lasting Light muscular human form is at the heart of our common human heritage. This recovered knowledge will create new discussion and should automatically settle and end many many old arguments.

As everyone knows the situation today in our world is a very unfortunate mess that is unsustainable. Everyone agrees that only something big and profound can change the desperately dire situation the people of the world are in for the better.

It is my sincere hope that the situation between the people of the Earth and the condition and health of our planet will take a dramatic turn for the better and drastically improve once the crossing Ancient Object returns down and the way it fantastically changes the Moon's light is seen by humans once again. I beleive that's what has to happen if we have any change to survive into the distant future as a species.

The magnificent Ancient Man of Light was happening before Humans can into existence. The Man of Light will continue to be created by a shadow long after we are gone from the Earth. The question is how much longer will we be here to see his muscular back and his right side close up from above and behind from "a cleft of a rock," a special place to see from down within the misty white layer of the clouds of the distance of the valley as he sits or crouches facing away into the distance of the Ancient Valley of Lasting Light? Will our distant descendants also get to watch and see him from that distant special place deep within the Moon's Changed and Lasting as he suddenly stands up and quickly turns around to his left all in one fast motion to then go face to face with them as intended by nature? I hope so and I know that soon this will be your hope as well.

A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for Theia.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."



Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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