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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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The Future After The Ancient Object's Next Return

A main most important point that needs to be made is that the Object can return and cross down between the Moon and the Earth safely. This fundamental basic fact will not be readily apparent to people when the Return starts happening but this fact is extremely important. Once the returning Object is observed this fact will be understood because observers will see that my descriptions of the Object will match. Knowing the Object can orbit across between the Moon and the Earth safely is a basic and very important starting point for people on that night that's fast approaching.

There will be those who will say that the return of the Object of the crossing down automatically equals doom and gloom and destruction on the Earth or even the destruction of the Earth itself as a result of some sort of collision between the Object and the Earth. The Object Theia, hit the Earth once in the beginning and since that time it has been orbiting down across between the Earth and the newly created Moon without colliding with either one. The Object isn't going to hit the Earth. The people who will be saying this are basing this old doom and gloom narrative on what exactly? Best guesses? Well we all have to start somewhere. I make guesses as well and I know I won't be right all of the time either. Basically we do our best to guess based on the best information we are able to gather. If you are a scientist you'll call it your theory.

The Object I saw is in a very precise retrograde orbit that sees it cross down through between the Moon and the Earth ever since the Giant Impact event that caused the creation of the Moon. The last two times the Object crossed down, 1926 and 1972 it seems that overall at least basically the people of the Earth did not notice. For me personally this is reassuring evidence that I can have hope for and expect to see another safe Return just like the Return I saw. I know there's such a thing as a safe Return. Based on this I am looking forward the future after the ancient Object's next Return.

I know there are no guarantees that the Object has always and especially will always orbit down safely. In fact this does point towards what are my worst fears for the future of my family and my children and the entire world's children. The flip side of this is I know there are real reasons for hope for a real future for my children, your children and the children of the future.

Everyone says the world is one messed up place. Yes it is as we all know and it's humanities' fault. We are ruining the planet and we can't get along with each other. I think the facts of what happens during the Object's crossing and specifically the knowledge of the Changed and Lasting Light is humanities' best hope for the future.

A big rethink is nearly upon us. We argue over and even kill each other over the details of what happens in the Changed Light. Or rather should I say that we argue over this or that line of text that describe the Lasting Light sights and what happens in the Changed Light. Many times ancient people wrote about what the Changed and Lasting Light looked like to them. The sights that are seen do repeat in exact detail this is true however take two people who saw from the same place and time. Both descriptions of the same event that they just witnessed will differ even if only slightly. The Changed Light is very complicated and describing it 100% accurately is impossible. To start with in the exact same instant while seeing from within or from up past and over the upper right horizon one person could be looking to the right and the the other looking to the left for example. Each viewer may describe the exact same overall scene at this point but each viewer will see various different details in the area they were looking at. They will have no knowledge concerning sights they did not see but perhaps the other person viewing saw. I know that sounds weird but these are the types of effects that happen to the viewer. Complicated in many ways two people describing the same scene even at the same moment in time will have descriptions that vary from slightly to even greatly from each other. And then this effect continues to happen during the entire time that these two viewers see.

Descriptions of what happens in the Lasting Light differ. Now add in some of the many factors that also cause differences in the way ancient descriptions of the Lasting Light read to us today. For example the ancient writers spoke different languages, they were from many different cultures scattered all over the world and they were separated by time hundreds and thousands of years. Then today we read translated versions of their Return descriptions from many different ancient languages. No wonder why there is all sorts of confusion today. Plus throw in what might be the biggest reason for all the confusion and that is the fact that today the world is unaware of the existence of the Ancient Object and the Changed and Lasting Light event. Basically no one knows what the ancient writers were talking about and yet many times today and throughout history we find reasons to persecute hate and even kill the other guy because he thinks about this differently. This is a tremendous ongoing tragedy on so many levels.

In the beginning there was the Awesome Good, The Ancient Man of Light created by a shadow that was cast from the surface the crossing ancient Object by a vertically standing crater rim piece. There are other human forms created by other shadows cast as well and to some degree I still think of this group of figures as the Guy and the Crowd the way I did as a young boy as I explain in various places but it does come back to the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light. And that main most important central element is the sight of the one and the only incredible ancient muscular Man of Light. The plain and simple fact is that soon the world will once again know that we all are in his image. We are all descended from this single incredible powerful form that is light. By default we are all created by nature equal. This recovered knowledge will create new discussion and should automatically settle and end old arguments.

As everyone knows the situation today in our world is a very unfortunate mess. Everyone agrees that only something big and profound can change the desperately dire situation the people of the world are in for the better.

It is my sincere hope that the situation between the people of the Earth will take a turn for the better and drastically improve once the crossing Ancient Object returns down and the Lasting Light is seen once again. That's what has to happen if we have any change to survive into the distant future as a species.

The magnificent Ancient Man of Light was happening before Humans can into existence. The Man of Light will continue to be created by a shadow long after we are gone from the Earth. The question is how much longer will we be here to see his muscular back and his right side close up from above and behind within the misty white layer of clouds as he sits or crouches facing away into the distance of the Ancient Valley of Lasting Light? Will our distant descendants get to watch and see him as he then turns around to his left and stands up all in one fast motion to then go face to face with them as intended by nature? I hope so and I know that soon this will be your hope as well.

A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for Theia.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."



Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
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Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
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