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Ask The Astronomer Contest
Although you could say the whole concept of a contest is a bit cheesy at best and I agree that it is,
I am forced to try whatever I can to get answers and share important information

I have spent many years trying to figure out the date for when I saw the Object I describe on this website.

When did I see the Object? ___Was it May 25, 1972?

This is important because the Object I saw orbits and was witnessed and reported May 24th, 1926

The answer to the question I ask directly below on this page does answer this important question, when did I see the Object down to the exact seconds with 100% certainty.
1st Prize:_$1000 or more
To a charity or community service group in the area from where the winning answer was received. Also I hope to be able to donate prize money to help support your ongoing research.

I want to thank every individual person involved in positive replies I may get or any help I might receive. The Object I saw will be back and it's as simple as that. The people of the Earth are nowhere near ready for it's return orbit down across between the Moon and the Earth.
You can help

The Question:

In the early 1970's Apollo crews placed scientific instruments on the surface of the Moon.
Signals that were being sent to the Earth were suddenly unexpectedly interrupted for a period of time.
When the Object I happened to see crossed between the Moon and the Earth it eclipsed the Moon and caused the signal interruption that was observed.
What was the date and time of this occurrence?
Knowing when this happened is important because the celestial object that was the cause of the signal interruption also orbited down across between the Moon and the Earth May 24th 1926
If you can determine the date and time that the scientists lost and then reacquired contact with their lunar experiments you will be on the trail of the celestial Object I saw and describe on this website.
If someone was able to confirm this date from other sources this would be important. I saw the Object and then many years later I learned that "they" detected the Object I saw when they lost their signals from the lunar surface.
I think I finally know the answer to The Question I have submitted
I think I now know when I saw the Object I describe on this website
Date: May 25, 1972 Time: 9:30 pm EST  (I'm trying to guess to within one hour)

Am I right? Maybe... I think I'm right this time because of some very compelling reasons but I have answered this question wrong before officially at least twice. I have a long path that narrowed down and led me to this May 25, 1972 date.

If you find information or the report and this event's designation number, and it does have a designation number, you will know when nasa had their anomaly. Nasa claimed to have solved this anomaly mystery by computer means whatever that is suppose to mean.

The important information in the report is the date and the time of this occurrence.

Was the date May 25, 1972? Did nasa lose contact with their signals from the Lunar surface May 25, 1972?

If not what was the date and time of this occurrence?


May 24, 1926 _ then 46 yrs, 1 day later

May 25, 1972 _ then 46 yrs, 1 day later

May 26, 2018

46 years and 1 day after I saw the Object, once again three nights before the full Moon
it will be May 26th, 2018

We'll see what happens... I know the speeding Ancient Object will cross down again sooner or later
because the Object orbits, that's what happens.

The Apollo Detection

From what I understand every Apollo mission after Apollo 11, excluding Apollo 13, deployed a Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) The Apollo 17 mission was flown in December 1972, that would be after the Object crossed down May 25th 1972 if I'm right about this date. The stations ran from deployment until they were turned off on September 30th 1977. This means that there were four Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages deployed and operating at the time the Object I saw crossed in front of the Moon.

Each of these stations operated with a Central Station unit that transmitted signals to the Earth. Were there other transmitters on the lunar surface operating at that time as well? I don't know at this point but there were at least four transmitters that were operating when the Object crossed in front of the Moon. For the signal interruption to be explained away it would require an equipment failure on the earth. How many ears or receivers were listening? Just one? Maybe but that makes no difference to me because I saw the Object block the sight of the Moon from the Earth so I know that there actually was a signal interruption caused by a celestial object no matter what explanation anyone out there puts forward as a way to explain away what caused the signal interruption

Central Station of Apollo 16's ALSEP.

Apollo 16's astronauts lifted off from the lunar surface aboard
Orion April 24, 1972. Thirty one days later the Object I saw
blocked the signals that were being sent from this ALSEP central Station unit along with the other three Apollo ALSEP Central
Stations on the lunar surface at that time.

Data from the five continuously operating ALSEP units
was received and recorded by NASA's tracking network
24 hours a day.
The Spacecraft Tracking and Data (Acquisition) Network

Every ALSEP downlink frequency is different.
Apollo 12
, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2278.5 MHz.
Apollo 14, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2279.5 MHz.
Apollo 15, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2278.0 MHz.
Apollo 16, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2276.0 MHz.

Apollo_Lunar_Surface_Experiments_Package Wiki
ALSEP Central Station
receives commands from the Earth and transmitted data. Communications with Earth were achieved through a 58 cm long, 3.8 cm diameter modified axial-helical antenna mounted on top of the Central Station and pointed towards Earth by the astronauts.

ALSEP 12 five years old and still going strong December 2, 1974 Report

The ALSEP system and instruments were controlled by commands from Earth. The stations ran from deployment until they were turned off on 30 September 1977

To suggest an alternative explanation for the cause of the signal interruption other than the Object I saw eclipsing the Moon is to try to put forward an explanation that would be impossible to prove. I saw the Object. I know what happened. When the scientist quoted in the magazine article were I first read about nasa losing their lunar telemetry stated, "whatever caused the signal interruption, it had to have been enormous," he knew that there was only one explanation that fit and that was that obviously some type of an object had to have blocked the signals causing the interruption. As it turns out I can say with 100% certainty that he was right. That's exactly what happened. He wasn't the only one who knew either. Also for some time I have wondered what the last signals they received from the Moon at that time indicated? For example I have read that the seismic detector experiments that were deployed worked very well with a high degree of sensitivity. I would like to know what the reacquired signals indicated. Were there any unusual seismic readings recorded right before and right after the signal interruption? After finding out that the Object's basic flightpath is oriented basically exactly the same as the newly discovered lemon shaped moon's long axis, I now know for a fact that the Object's forces impact the Moon. There was progress towards NEO study and detection starting in the 1970's. They knew something big went by right under their noses and it seems they missed it. Even though they didn't see it they did detect the Object's crossing.

2nd Prize, there is no second prize at this time but hopefully that will change and a situation develops were two or more prizes are needed. That would mean that this effort to understand more and share information was worthwhile and perhaps even successful.

  • Using Google search in general I will be asking my question basically starting in the order that the "Ask The Astronomer" website returns are listed.
  • Because I need to spend some time carefully reading instructions at each website submitting the question will take time.
  • Gradually I will compile a list of Ask The Astronomer websites were I have submitted my question.
  • These website urls will be listed below on this page.
  • If there is a winner or winners they will be credited at a point later TBD after the return of the Object I describe on this website.
  • All prizes awarded will be the same as the first prize. If some people are able to help me out today I will be looking forward to the near future when hopefully I will be able to help them out in return.
  • I will be as generous and as fair as I am able to be. I am simply trying to do the right thing overall with my best intentions.
  • Contest closes when the news of the Ancient Object's arrival home breaks or at any point in time TBD before the Object's return.

If you pursue the answer to the question I am asking and you are successful you will have important information that concerns the entire world. If you share this information with me and people who need to know and understand this situation and everyone else, you will be doing the right thing. As a result you will have made an important contribution and nothing less. If you find the answer to the question I submitted but you fail to report and share your answer and the supporting information you have acquired then that would be disappointing and unfortunate overall.

Once again I want to thank every individual person involved in positive replies I may get
or any help I might receive.

See my report below


Google Search (Ask the Astronomer)

So far I have submitted my question to these Ask The Astronomer websites:

I sent the first, "Ask The Astronomer A Question," email on Tuesday, June 30, 2015
At least two emails failed to send.

At this time
 unfortunately I have no results to report.

Friday, December 19, 2015 Although there are more Ask The Astronomer websites I could email, at this time I have decided to at least temporarily discontinue contacting people with my question.

Unfortunately at this time January 11, 2017
The contest is now closed.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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