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The Object's Basic Flight Path And The Earth's Shadow

A while back I heard about a Near Earth Object that pasted by the Earth at was reported to be an uncomfortably close distance.
Apparently this N.E.O. was not detected by astronomers until it had already passed by the Earth and was already leaving the Earth's local neighborhood. Why wasn't this particular N.E.O. detected before it passed by the Earth? The reason given was that this N.E.O. had approached the Earth from the Sun's basic position. Then as the story went, this N.E.O. entered into the Earth's shadow. While in the Earth's shadow it was not detected or noticed. It was only after this N.E.O. had emerged from the darkness of the Earth's shadow into the light from the Sun before it was noticed by astronomers!

First off I have to say that this scenario does not do much to help build up my own confidence as far as the world's ability to detect N.E.Os. is concerned. It seems as if our overall ability to detect N.E.Os. is very limited. If an object in space approaches the Earth from the Sun's basic position it's hard to see because of the sun's brightness, at least that's how I understood the explaination that was given. I don't know all of the reasons why our ability to detect N.E.Os. is so limited but it does appear to me as though it is very limited. I know that there are serious efforts being made by some dedicated people however the overall situation does not appear to be very good.

When I was a kid I saw the Object that rolls down across between the Earth and the Moon. My friend's Dad also saw the Object, or at least or rather my friend's Dad also saw the Moon's changed light even if he didn't notice the Object itself. Today, as far as I know, basically no one else seems to have seen the Object that crossed down between the Earth and the Moon that night long ago. A basic question that I have had for a very long time now is why?

First of all why isn't the Object widely known for the fact of life that it is? Why don't people know about the Object?

At one time the Object was known the all of the Earth's people no matter were they lived. This is obvious to me because of all the references in ancient texts to the Object and especially to the shapes and forms within the Moon's changed and Lasting Light. Also the Object's side profile is shown carved out of stone in ancient depictions. Obviously at one time everyone knew about the Object. What happened between now and those ancient times when the Object's existence was widely known? Obviously I am not able to completly answer this question. There must be many reasons and circumstances that all contributed to today's situation were people just don't know about the Object.

I can't even begin to completely understand why on a world wide basis people didn't see the Object when I saw it never mind being able to understand why the Object has been forgotten to all of history.
I have given this question a lot of thought and overall I haven't made much progress at all. I do have some thoughts and ideas but overall obviously I know I still don't know the complete answer.

Obviously one factor is the fact that the Object travels at a truly tremendous speed. The Object is only between the Earth and the Moon for a few or a couple of short minutes. Obviously the time available to see the Object is very short. Definitely this is a major factor in understanding why the Object was not widely seen the night that I saw the Object. This is also a factor that may help to understand the lack of reported sightings going back into the past. Combine this with the fact that people are not ready to see the Object because it's unknown they just aren't looking up for the Object anticipating it's arrival.

Then recently I heard about the N.E.O. that I mentioned at the top of this page. I had just never thought about the obvious fact that the Earth itself casts it's own shadow. Suddenly I realized that at some point the Object must disappear down into the Earth's shadow!

Now after looking into some of the details concerning the Earth's shadow it appears that the Object does disappear down into the Earth's shadow at some point after it finishes crossing down the face of the Moon's disc. The Object's left to right crossing speed is approximately twice the speed of the Object's sinking or top to bottom dropping rate. The speeding Object is very obviously dropping or sinking down as it rolls forward crossing in front of the Moon.

During the Object's second last Return down in front of the Moon, May 24th 1926, the Object returned three days before the full moon. When I saw the Object the Moon looked like a full Moon to me but was it actually a full Moon? I have know way of knowing. I know that my view of the last Return had to have occurred within a small number of days of the full Moon. The fact that the Moon was full or nearly full was one reason why my friend Mike invited me over to look at the Moon using his new telescope. With the Moon full or nearly full the Sun was basically right behind us that night. Obviously that would put the Earth's shadow in the area between the Earth and the Moon. The earth would cast a large or wide shadow compared to the size of the Moon. I do accurately depict the Object's basic flight path in the below image. I am certain that there is a very high probability the the Object does indeed travel down into the shadow that the Earth casts before it has traveled the total distance between the Earth and the Moon.

I now believe that there is a very good chance that this situation I am describing and trying to understand may be a major factor overall in trying to understand why the Object was not widely observed the night that I saw it. I now know that when I was on my way home, and I looked up again the Object might have still been up there in the visible sky blocking out the light from stars but unseen because the Earth's shadow. I was on my way home within less than a minute or so after my view of the Object ended due to the circumstances I describe elsewhere.

Contrary to what some people think or suggest about "The Planet Of The Crossing," the Object does not emit it's own light. The Object surface is very reflective that's for sure but the Object definitely was not emitting it's own light the night that I saw it. I can only hope that the Object's surface remains inactive for all time. This gets into a very troubling area because as far as I am able to understand it appears as if the Object is in fact some sort of mini star of some type that may be intermittently active. I do believe that this object is the forward rolling ancient star bursting object of old. In this difficult potential situation I can only presume that the Object would in fact emit it's own light. Certainly this is not the sort of situation that some people today envision when they package and sell their ideas concerning The Planet Of The Crossing, as they mistakenly imagine it to be.

Anyway's the Earth does cast a shadow and it seems very likely to me that the speeding Object does disappear down into the darkness of the Earth's shadow. This may be a major factor in the overall situation and this may help to explain why so few people saw the Object the night that I saw the Object. This may also help to explain why people today just don't know about the Object, the biggest most important thing in all of history to know about. Definitely a very worrying and troubling situation.

One way or another the situation will be changing and in a very drastic, very dramatic way very soon because of the fact that the very intimidating Object, Adoil is orbiting home and will be back down between the Earth and the Moon again very soon.

Compare the Object's basic flight path with the position of the Earth's shadow

Just before sunset, a flat, dark blue band rises up from the eastern horizon. This is the Earth's shadow

When will The Object return and once again be seen rolling down?

Even though the object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth, it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon. I am mentioning this point because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image; "The basic flight path."

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

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