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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
Go to your right...
Nobody Lives There

In spite of what many people believe today about

"The Planet Of The Crossing,"

it turns out that nobody actually lives on the Ancient Object that rolls down across in front of the Moon.

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I am going to try to describe some of the main reasons for this type
of confusion and complete misunderstanding. Contrary to what
many people believe based on interpretations of certain ancient texts;
Nobody lives there . . . What can I say? That said incredibly the
human form is seen there not just once but many times.

Using a telescope I saw the Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down
In Front Of The Moon and it’s an incredible barren desolate crater
covered world, guaranteed. Just like when you finally see the speeding
forward rolling Ancient Object first hand for yourself, when you are
looking at the Moon from an up close perspective you are able to
clearly see what’s there. You are not going to look at up close images of
the Moon and wonder to yourself . . . does anyone live there?

Although the standing stone style craters on the Object are very
different from the craters on the Moon, the moon coloured object looks
basically, exactly, like a giant forward rolling fast moving moon type
of celestial object. When you see the Ancient Object, and eventually it
will be from up close, you will easily be able to clearly see the Object’s
surface details exactly the same way that I clearly saw the Object’s
surface details.

May 24th 1926 German amateur astronomer Mr. W. Spill saw and
reported the Object. He called the Object Earth’s second moon. He
called it our second moon for a number of reasons. One of those
reasons was because that’s exactly what this place looks like, a moon.
A barren desolate world with craters.

The Object’s colour matches exactly with the colour of the brightest
areas of the Moon. The Object has the Standing Stone Craters instead
of the lunar craters that we are all familiar with and the Object’s speed
and motion and orbit is completely different than our Moon’s but the
Object does look like a moon.

Did Mr. W. Spill see the Object change the light from the Moon? I
have no idea and I would like to know the answer to this question. In
the meantime Mr. W. Spill did see the Object “obscuring the Moon’s
disc,” as he describes, and certainly he didn't’t see anyone actually
living there.

Actually I don’t know how he could have seen that the Object
“obscures the Moon’s disc,” without also seeing the way the Object’s
forces change the light from the Moon. I do know that since the
Moon’s appearance becomes drastically changed it is entirely possible
that Mr. Spill could have seen the ancient Valley to the right and the
upper right of the Object without realizing that he was looking at the
changed and Lasting Light from the Moon. Also I know only to well
how Mr. W. Spill might have seen the shapes and human looking forms
that the Object’s shadows sculpt, shape and create with and out of
the Moon’s changed light but thought it best to not mention anything
about it to anyone, less they think that he was not credible. Sticking
to the idea of describing the hard rolling ground of the Object itself
can seem to be the best approach to take and that’s what Mr. W. Spill
might have done. If he did, I don’t blame him at all. That’s exactly what
I unsuccessfully tried to do as I describe on the Denying The Illusion

Mr. W. Spill did see the Object and he did describe the Object as
Earth’s second moon, not a type of planet that supports life. It looked
like a moon to him just exactly the same way it looked like a moon
type of place to me. As we all know a moon is not the sort of place
that typically supports life, never mind anyone actually living there.
Nobody lives there. When people see the Object, nobody is going to be
wondering if anyone lives there, and it’s as simple as that.

Today a very confusing situation does exist for some people. I can
clearly understand some of the reasons for this confusion. Today some
people think that some sort of life, a humanoid life form of some type,
superior to us humans, lives on what has been interpreted from certain
ancient texts as “The Planet Of The Crossing.” Also these people
sometimes refer to the returning orbiting Ancient Object as Nibiru or
Nubiru, the Missing Planet or Planet X and many other names, etc. I
use the name “Adoil.” I have yet to notice anyone else using the name
Adoil for the ancient Object however I am not surprised by this fact.

Without realizing it some people mistakenly sometimes think of
some of the Lasting Light types of human looking forms that do
indeed come from or rather rise from over and past and beyond the
Object’s upper right horizon towards the Earth as real living breathing
humanoid looking superior beings, the Anunnaki for example.

These human looking forms are real but they are not breathing and
alive the way we normally think of a living breathing entity. These
forms consist of or are made of Moon light that has been changed
and made to last by the power of the Object’s forces and then sculpted
and shaped by shadows into the forms that are eventually seen by the
viewer. As unlikely as that sounds eventually everyone is going to be
suddenly forced to realize that this is actually somehow true.

Also by the way some ancient texts sound to me when I read them I am
going to list some other ancient names that appear to have been used to
describe some of the many very human looking lasting light forms that
the shadows create. This list is only a small sampling and not complete
and may or may not be entirely accurate; Anunnaki, Neter, Nefilim,
Nephilim, Anakeim, Anakites, Anakim, Elohim, Nordic, the giants
basically . . . and so on. Some of these names may be the same with a
different spelling, I just don’t know.

The name Anunnaki almost certainly was used in ancient times to
describe the forms within the Moon’s Lasting Light, this much is
seems to be true at least as long as the name “Anunnaki,” is translated

Once again, some people think that some sort of life, a humanoid life
form of some type, superior to us humans, lives on, “The Ancient
Object Of The Crossing Down in front of the Moon.”

This is just one example of many many types modern day
interpretations that happen to be totally completely and in this case
even hopelessly off as far as the basic meaning and understanding of
what really happens when the orbiting forward rolling Ancient Object
Of The Crossing down between the Earth and the Moon, returns is

Many people get the sense from various ancient writings that there
really is an object of some type out there that is an orbiting member
of our solar system that has yet to be recognized and studied. Give
these people credit because they are correct. Trying to imagine how
an object you haven’t seen may orbit through our inner solar system
is going to be tough. The Ancient Object was between the Earth and
the Moon May 24th, 1926. Now I think I saw the ancient Object May 25,
1972. If a person hasn’t actually seen the Object’s return and what it
does to the light from the Moon for themselves then they could never
guess correctly what actually really happens as evidenced by all of
today’s incorrect guesses and complete misunderstandings. They are all
equally wrong.

Today’s ancient history experts know many fantastic ancient facts
but as it turns out just like everyone else today they have no idea
concerning the details and the facts of the Object’s return to it’s
crossing point down between the Earth and the Moon and the way
it intercepts and then changes the light from the Moon. This is what
actually happens. That’s just the way it is.

Today’s ancient history experts try their best but they simply are unable
to describe a Return by guessing and trying to interpret meanings from
ancient texts concerning what actually really happens.
To start with the Object the Ancient people were focused and fixated
on crosses down in front of the Moon. It intercepts and changes and
then shapes the Moon’s suddenly drastically changed and bizarre
behaving light.

Researchers need a reliable place to start their research from. The
Ancient Object crosses down between the Earth and the Moon. In
spite of the fact that I just described what really does happen most
researchers can only reject my description. They have to reject my
descriptions because at first they have no other option. The details of
what the Object is really like and what it really does to light is just to
improbable sounding, Even to Me! I agree completely. Like I have said
before I understand completely and if I hadn’t seen the Object and the
changed the light from the Moon myself first hand then I would have
serious doubts as well.

It does turn out that today’s best guesses and ideas are completely off
and come nowhere close to describing Adoil, the Ancient Object, or
what happens to the Moon’s light. After all the Object and the Lasting
Light event that the Object causes is usually the subject of many of
the most spectacular ancient texts that I have found and read. It turns
out that I am easily able to understand that the ancient people saw the
Object and the Moon’s changed and Lasting Light. I saw the Object
and the Moon’s changed and Lasting Light and that’s how I know for
certain that they did as well.

I know that everyone’s ancestors saw the sight of the spectacular form
of the incredible Awesome Good. The Ancient Man of Light. Once a
person knows this from seeing these sights then it’s easy for them to
appreciate the fact that humans are all equal and all modern.

How about giving all of the ancestors of all of today’s people the credit
they deserve. Our ancient ancestors knew that seeing the Awesome
Good and the other shapes that were also Lasting Light was good for
you and that’s how we all eventually somehow came into being.

The Lasting Light from the Moon causes/caused the life that sees it
to become exactly like it. The sight of the fantastic very muscular
Awesome Good makes this an obvious conclusion, an obvious fact. ( A
guess of mine. My opinion.)

Being separated by geography and time made and makes no difference
because a Return’s Lasting Light event happens and repeats in exact
detail every time the shadows that are cast by the Object sculpt and
shape the Moon’s changed and Lasting Light. Our ancestors saw these
shapes. All people are equal, and modern.

My Some Images pages describes and shows the Ancient Object’s
Basic Flight Path, a small sample of it’s orbit exactly as I saw it. Once
again if a person is only guessing about what the ancient people were
writing about and talking about they simply have no chance to guess

I saw Adoil, the incredible Ancient Object that crosses down between
the Earth and the Moon. I’m not guessing about what is seen and my
Basic Flight Path image is very accurate. Eventually slowly
or perhaps instead very suddenly and dramatically, everyone is going
to be forced to realize the true situation as I know it to be.

As I have stated in a number of places including within my website
and podcast, I do not believe there is any such thing as a prophet in
any form or regard as far as the Adoil the Ancient Object is concerned,
and the sight of the shapes within the Lasting Light event and the
details that are a part of the entire region of light are concerned. Either
a person has seen or they haven’t seen these sights. If a person who
has seen or a person who knows decides to say something about the
Ancient Object and especially about the Lasting Light event then that’s
all it is and that’s all that they are, a person saying something about an
event they either saw or know about having heard.

After the Object has come and gone again and many people have
seen the Lasting Light event first hand for themselves I wonder if the
people who claim to be prophets and those who claim to have been
sent by God will still be making such claims?

We will see . . . The Ancient Object is near and so it won’t be very
long now before the shock of it’s existence will strike and then at that
point and beyond there will be no denying the facts of life such as they
really are in our solar system, and eventually especially there will be
no denying the Lasting Light facts of what really actually happens
between the Earth and the Moon when the speeding Ancient Object
returns and crosses down.

Why don’t these people ever mention the Ancient Object exactly as I
describe it? Many of these people mention the ancient “Light,” that the
ancient people adored and profoundly honored but no mention is ever
made of the connection between the Ancient Object and this amazing
changed and Lasting Light event from the Moon and the background
of space . . . why? Many of these same people will give all sorts of so
called evidence that proves the existence of beings that live on Nubiru,
evidence they found after many years of researching sources on the
internet. Now these ideas are thought of as being fact almost the same
as a religious belief.

Here’s a couple of points about the confusion and misinterpretation
that I see concerning sights that are seen within the Lasting Light.

A “second horn,” among ten horns for example is seen as a part of one
of the shapes that a shadow created by sculpting and shaping within
the Lasting Light. K.J.V. Revelation 13, 1

Somehow according to some people, “the second horn is Iran.” What?
This type of thinking is so far off from the meaning of the text that
I sense that it’s even dangerous. There is nothing symbolic about the
second horn, and many many other similar types of examples in the

The people who wrote these ancient Return descriptions were simply
writing down and reporting what they had seen within and as a part
of the Lasting Light event as best as they were able to describe! Soon
everyone is also going to know that this really is the case. For example;
Many depictions left to us by the ancient Maya people are closely
related to the Rev. 13, 1 Lasting Light descriptions because the Maya
depictions I am referring to were crafted by people who witnessed
the exact same sights. Read the text carefully, allow for inaccurate
translations and different perspectives and frames of reference and
then use your imagination. Once people are able to realize that all
the ancient people were seeing and describing the exact same ancient
fantastic celestial Object and indescribable incredible Lasting Light
sights then true understanding may finally begin to take hold.

To suppose that “the second horn,” or this or that other Lasting
Light sight is somehow symbolic of a country or this or that in our
modern day is not correct. Also to suppose and believe and teach that
any modern country is pointed towards by any ancient Lasting Light
description is to show a level of total misunderstanding and lack of
knowledge that is truly shocking and troubling for many reasons.

One day in the distant future well past the Ancient Object’s next safe
Return when the shock of the truth has had a chance to subside, future
people may even feel sorry for us in our day because of the level of
misunderstanding that prevails in our time. Very unfortunate and very
worrying to me.

The second horn just like the other nine horns, are a part of a shape
or form that was created shaped and sculpted by a shadow and it
consists of light that has been changed and made to last by the Ancient
Object’s powerful forces. This is all a part of the evolving reality of the
Lasting Light event. It turns out that many of the passages in the bible
that people interpret as having a symbolic meaning are in fact literal
descriptions of sights that the ancient writer actually saw when they
were looking up through and seeing from up within the region or area
of Lasting Light. Attaching symbolic meanings to these literal sights
does nothing to accurately describe these sights that are themselves
Lasting Light.

The symbolic meaning given to these sights in our day have no true
meaning or relevance at all as far as describing the Lasting Light and
the many shapes, forms and sights seen within this incredible event.
Many of or more like most of today’s interpretations as to what it all
means turn out to be basically completely inaccurate as far as what
really happens is concerned.

Take some time and read my page The Awesome Good. It’s a long page
but I do include some literal descriptions of some of the sights and the
sight of the Awesome Good down within.

Part of the point of this page is to point out how far off today’s thinking
is compared to the details of what really happens when the Ancient
Object returns is concerned. I can only suppose that eventually people
are going to be commenting and writing on their websites expressing
their opinions against me, and the descriptions of the Ancient Object
that I offer and my comments on my website. That’s ok and surly it’s
inevitable. I never said I was so smart or anything but I did see the
Object and the changed light event that it causes to happen, that’s the
difference. My return descriptions and my comments on this page will
stand the test of time.

Each Standing Stone Crater on the Object’s surface cast a number of
individual shadows and these individual shadows each sculpt their own
fantastic shapes that are themselves changed light from the Moon. The
initial sculpting of human looking forms is caused by a group of main
most important shadows. I think that there is a very good chance that
this first and most important group of shadows is very likely cast by
a single most important circular crater’s vertically standing crater rim
pieces. A Standing Stone Circle, is actually a Great Standing Stone
Crater located on the surface of The Object Of The Crossing down
between the Earth and the Moon.

I just described a very small portion of what actually happens. It
just goes to show you a bit about how far apart some of the ideas of
today actually really are from some of the exact details of what really

Like I keep saying, this is a very troubling situation. A situation that I
know I have a duty to point out. I have no other option. As a part of my
goals related to my Return Viewer’s Guide and the obligations I have
to everyone, past, present and future, I have decided to say it like it is
instead of beating around the bush or worse not saying anything.

I hate to say this but one day many of the guesses of our time will be
a part of the laughing stock of the future. I am not laughing now and I
won’t be laughing then either. Instead I can’t help but worry about this
situation that we are all in today in our world’s modern times. This is to
serious a situation and I can’t find any humor in any of it.
People just don’t know what actually happens. The returning Object
and the Lasting Light event that the Object causes are simply the facts
of life and the way things really are in our area of our solar system.
The size of the shock to come is unimaginable to me.

I don’t laugh now and I’ll never be laughing at today’s sincere attempts
to understand the many ancient clues around us unlike how the unfair
arrogant jeering crowd of tomorrow will be laughing at the guesses of
today. I don’t laugh, instead I worry about the unfortunate situation
that we the people of today are all in. I can point out this unfortunate
situation and I know I have to because I did see the Object and the
details of the shapes within the Moon’s changed light.

I suppose it could be said that if people are going to venture into
what happens to be the area that has to do with the returning orbiting
Ancient Object and especially the Moon’s changed and Lasting Light,
then they are faced with the reality that their guesses and ideas will
inevitably be put to the test.

I’m sure that this is way more than these people bargained for when
they got started. They knew they were working on the world’s greatest
mysteries so it could be said that these people knew ahead of time
that at best they would be standing on shaky ground perhaps one day
finding themselves without a leg to stand on if it turned out the bottom
happened to fall out on their guesses and ideas.

Incredibly that’s exactly what’s about to happen because it turns out
that many of the big areas of expertise that these people claim to
have are very often based on the celestial Object that I describe. The
Ancient Object that I saw orbits down across between the Earth and
the Moon every forty five years as a part of it’s overall orbital pattern
or cycle. A confrontation between the Ancient orbiting Object and the
hopelessly off guessers of our day is about to happen. Today’s guesses
stand zero chance to survive and will be crushed once they come face
to face with the weight of the Ancient Object of old, “Adoil.” Who
knew? Apparently basically no one.

I know that the guessers of today only have a few short years left
before the ride that they are on ends. Either way if it’s someone else’s
bandwagon they have jumped on or if it’s their own guesses at things,
the ride is ending very soon.

Will the world once again start counting the years starting back at year
01 again, once the facts of the returning orbiting Object come to pass
down across in front of the Moon once more? We will see . . .

A.R. 01 or 01 A.R.

After Return 01, it’s got a nice ring to it . . . so does One AR Obviously
it’s not up to me to figure out what we will call it however if we decide
that it’s actually time to start counting the years back from year #01
again we will have to figure out and agree on what we are going to call
it. 2014 BR, Before Return, then year One AR

This does relate to the size and the gravity of the situation that is about
to occur again. Either that or this has nothing to do with resetting the
world calendar back to year one. A big part of this is about people
knowing having seen the Moon’s changed and Lasting Light. Once
again the Awesome Good, the Ancient Man of light is going to stand
up and turn around. Even if we don’t reset the calendar back to year
one a new era in the history of humans on Earth will begin.

The Object is not going to slip by unnoticed again like it basically did
the last Return. Once people know this for themselves, everything will
change and nothing will be the same ever again. I believe that the next
year one is nearly here again.

By a complete lucky fluky chance, I saw the Object and the details
within the Moon’s suddenly changed and Lasting Light. By luck only, I
know what happens.

I am not guessing as far as the basic details and facts of a Return event
are concerned. I have no concerns or worries whatsoever as far as my
descriptions of the Object and the first part of the Lasting Light event
as I describe it being put to the impossible test unless you’ve seen it,
that’s literally fast approaching it’s crossing point down between the
Earth and the Moon.

Again one of the main points of this page is that the guesses of today
are completely wrong. It’s obvious to me that unless you’ve seen what
actually happens and were it actually happens the details of a Return
event are impossible to guess correctly. So far from the guesses and
theories that I have come across so far no one is able to describe the
Object’s exact details or describe the exact details of what the Object
does to the Moon’s light while it rolls at you from in front of the Moon.

I provide very exact details of the Ancient Object. Not vague wide
ranging descriptions that could be taken to be associated with this
or that type of similar celestial object imagined and dreamt up by a
guesser or a BSer or actually real having been observed.

There is only one Object that crosses down between the Earth and
Moon who’s shadows does the fantastic specific detailed sculpting of
the Moon’s changed and Lasting Light as I saw and as I describe. It’s
important that people have some sort of clue as to what really happens.
No one needs to believe my Return descriptions however the Return
details that I offer to people are very important and need to be known
for many obvious reasons.

People read the ancient descriptions through less than 100% perfect
translations and then they come up with interpretations and meanings.
It seems that if everyone or if at least some people agree then
somehow these interpretations and guesses are then considered to be
solid facts even though the actual true facts concerning the returning
Object and the Lasting Light event that it causes with the Moon’s light
are unknown and not a part of the equation of understanding. Because
the actual real details and facts concerning a Return are not included in
today’s ideas it turns out that these guesses and ideas just simply don’t
come even remotely close to describing what actually really happens or
even where it happens.

Like I said before on a different page, we are all living in the high
tech dark ages of today. At least that’s how I think of the type of times
that today’s world is stuck in. The guesses of today are hopelessly
off because people today don’t know what happens when the Object
returns and intercepts and somehow changes the light from the Moon.
Nobody lives there but incredibly the human form is eventually seen
as shaped lasting Moon light! This is true but this is very difficult to
quickly easily describe.

Obviously the ancient people saw the Object and the shapes within the
Moon’s Changed and Lasting Light and they wrote about these sights
in a literal sort of way. These writings are today’s ancient texts. These
texts are descriptions of what happens when the Object rolls down
across in front of the Moon. Also it appears clear that within many of
these ancient texts there is a great deal of content that has nothing to
do with the Ancient Object or the Changed Light. Perhaps this content
was added later by individuals who knew nothing about the Changed
Light? Maybe.

The returning Object crosses down between the Earth and the Moon.
The Object intercepts and somehow effects the light from the Moon
slowing it down and making it appear solid looking. The behavior
and appearance of the Moon’s light becomes changed. The Object’s
vertically standing crater rim pieces cast shadows into the light from
the Moon. Somehow these shadows sculpt and shape the changed and
lasting Moon light. Along with many other types of sights the human
form is seen not just once but many times over. These facts are at the
heart of the today’s confusion and total misunderstandings.

The Object returns and when it does it causes a fantastic event to
occur! It’s a returning object and a fantastic visual event, that repeats in
exact detail! This is one of the points I’m always’ trying to make.

Yes, the Object is completely spectacular beyond belief but the
changed and Lasting Light event it causes is spectacular, literally
beyond comprehension! The changed and Lasting Light event was
always the spectacular thing, or event the the ancient world was always
focused on and this is without question. A Return event is the big thing
that happens from the sight of the Ancient Object rolling down to it’s
crossing point in front of the Moon, all the way through from the first
sight of the Moon’s changed light, the ancient Valley, and then the
shadow dropping and passing over the Object’s Standing Stone Craters
into the Valley to well well beyond the point were the incredible very
muscular Awesome Good turns around to it’s left and stands up and
seems to notice you.

Obviously the entire ancient world awaited each and every Return
event with great anticipation because of the sights that they knew they
were going to see within the changed and suddenly Lasting Light from
the Moon.

Incredibly somehow when the points of the main group of tall pointy
obelisk shaped shadows reaches a certain point in the distance of the
ancient Valley the changed and very different behaving and looking
light from the Moon these shadow’s individual points all sculpt and
shape forms out of and with this Lasting Light. The hard part, or at
least a big part of the hard part is the fact that human looking forms
are somehow created.

Once again these basic facts are at the heart of the confusion in our
time. Nobody lives there but the human form is somehow generated
and created there. This really is at the root of all of the modern day
confusion and misinterpretations and lack of understanding. Today’s
overall lack of knowledge has led directly into today’s unfortunate
overall lack of understanding.

Try to explain what the point of the big main shadow does when it
strikes and draws the squiggly line. Suddenly everything that you are
looking at changes and all the shadows are gone and the place were
you see from isn’t racing forward anymore. Suddenly, instantly you
are looking down from above and behind and there incredibly, right in
front of you is the human form. The very startling intense crystal clear
sight of the very muscular back of the Awesome Good!

There’s no way that I can describe this sight without the listener or
reader just naturally presuming that I am talking about a real human up
there, sitting or crouching out in the valley, gently rising up out of the
flat layer of white clouds of the Valley floor as I describe. Even after
my best efforts the a listener or reader thinks I’m trying to describe
a real person and also other real people, all a part of some sort of an
actual civilization of some type. It turns out that this is very hard to
describe to someone else without them automatically thinking that you
are actually talking about real people. After all, what else could I be
talking about and what else is a person to think when they first learn
about what really happens?

This is the same effect that happens to people today when they read
ancient Return descriptions like the descriptions that include the
Anunnaki and the Nephilim. People just don’t know that there’s such
a thing as shaped and sculpted Lasting Light never mind the fact that
these forms could be in the form of human beings.

I try to explain what happens to the point of the big main shadow to
people who speaks english just like I do. My listener does not have
to try to understand the words that I am using when I am trying to
explain these ancient sights. People I talk to have the benefit of a first
hand eye witness account and they do not have to use or rely on some
sketchy deciphering of some sort of obscure or otherwise ancient texts
in a difficult to understand and interpret ancient language in order to
hear about what happens when the Object returns and intercepts and
changes the Moon’s light and the shadow strikes.

I saw the Object and I saw how it changed the light from the Moon.
I saw how the end of the big main shadow, The Black Road, shapes
and sculpts the Moon’s changed light and joins with it and creates
and becomes the form of the Awesome Good. In English, the only
language I know I try my best to describe what happens and what I
saw. In spite of this people are not able to grasp the idea of what I am

Obviously one of the points that I’m trying to make is that unless
you have seen the Object and the Moon’s changed light for yourself,
it is very hard or nearly impossible to realize from anyone else’s
descriptions of a Return ancient or modern what is really being
described and talked about.

I certainly can’t explain this event but I can describe what the sights
look like at least during the first part of the event. I didn’t see the
entire event. The Lasting Light event was still progressing and
evolving and growing and the Object was still visible not having
finished rolling away yet in the lower right area of the view finder
when I stopped looking and my view was over.

I did see the human shaped form of not just the Awesome Good but I
also saw the other incredible human forms that the points of the rest
of the main shadows created in the distance of the ancient Valley of
Light. The light from the Moon becomes slowed down and perhaps
even stopped and then it lasts. The human forms and shapes that
were sculpted and shaped by the shadows are light. The Moon’s light
becomes effected by the Object and somehow it lasts. The human
forms, the sights that you see are actually Moon light that is solid
looking as if statues. The impossible is there and it has human form.
Not only that but the impossible repeats itself many times. I have to
try to be clear here because this is obviously very difficult to explain

The heart of the Lasting Light is the incredible Awesome Good, The
Man of Light as I try to describe even if it’s only briefly on the page;
The Awesome Good. The impossible that repeats is in the human form
but these other forms are different human looking forms compared to
the Awesome Good and they all happen later after the Awesome Good
was created.

As a kid and growing up and still to this day I always have and always
will think of them all as, The Guy and The Crowd.
Down within the upper structure at the top of the rising column of
lasting Moon light is the sunken inner place were the Guy and The
Crowd are located in their curving staggered semi circular pattern right
after the crowd is newly formed and created by their own individual
shadows. Shadows that were each cast by vertically standing crater rim
pieces. Again it could be true that all of the main shadows were cast by
the standing rim pieces of a single crater. I happen to think that there
is a very good chance that this single most important crater with it’s
vertically standing rim pieces is located just beyond the curving top
of the object’s raised feature, the mound that eventually becomes the
Overhang as the Object rolls forward. A guess.

The column or tunnel of rising Lasting Light with the sight of the
Awesome Good and his accompanying friends is transported straight
towards the Earth. That is what was happening when my view of the
Object’s last Return ended.

In very ancient times the area down within the rising upper structure
somehow continued towards the Earth while the sleeve or tunnel of
light that transported this internal Lasting Light down within becomes
left behind. This is very complicated and I am going to be continuing
to try to describe the sequence of events while mentioning and
describing the evolutions of the various separate elements that make
up the Lasting Light event as far as I know it and can guess about it on
some of the other pages of my web site.

Today people have no idea that the situation and the scene as I
describe it is actually what really happens. Today people translate
and interpret various ancient texts and based on these translations
and interpretations and based on what other people think they try to
figure out what it all means. I see some people being very careful not
to deviate very much at all from what those they respect think so that
they will not find themselves being ridiculed by these people.

I see some other people looking at various different sometimes obscure
ancient sources and then saying it like it appears to them without
regard for what anyone else thinks and completely unafraid of anyone’s
ridicule or condemnation. These are the people who’s work I find
most interesting. It’s just unfortunate that they don’t know about the
Moon’s changed and Lasting Light. If they knew about this then their
collective understandings would be nearly complete because this is
what actually goes with all the fantastic ancient facts that these people
know first hand for themselves as a result of many years of dedicated
hard work.

If the ancient material that people today are dealing with has nothing
to do with the Object and the changed and Lasting Light from the
Moon then I don’t know anything about it and I can’t comment on any
of it. I also have to say that if the material being dealt with is about the
Object and the Moon’s Changed and Lasting Light then that’s what it is
and that is what it’s all about. People don’t know this and the fact that
they don’t know this isn’t their fault or anyone’s fault.

That said it does not change the plain and simple fact that if the
ancient texts or depictions are about the Object and the Moon’s
Changed and Lasting Light then that is what it is and that is what it’s
about. That’s just the way it is.

Once again for everyone, as far as

The Planet Of The Crossing

or rather,

The Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down

between the Earth and the Moon is concerned,



Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
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Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

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