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My Orthopedic Surgeon Said My Thick Back Muscles Saved My Life

I was at work as an outside contractor I.U.O.E. Local 793 at the Lake Erie Steel company Nanticoke Ontario Canada. I was walking down the ramp from the cast house floor when unfortunately I was suddenly struck from behind by a reversing pickup truck that had no backup lights and no backup beeper that was driven by a careless Stelco foreman. I was struck across my back by the tailgate and then thrown into the blackness of the night. Before I was thrown from the back of the pickup when the driver finally applied the brakes I regained consciousness which I didn't know I had lost. I found myself wrapped around the tailgate looking straight up towards the sky and then next in an upright position as I rode down the ramp stuck to the back of the truck I realized that I was in trouble then I was thrown forward into blackness and somehow I landed running which surely saved my life otherwise my spinal cord would have probably been severed if I had landed and tumbled on the road because of the fact that my back had been broken by the impact of the truck never mind the fact that I might have also been run over. I was taken by ambulance to hospital.

After the surgery that was needed to stabilize my spine with a T-2 to T-9 spinal fusion my orthopedic surgeon said that when I was struck unconscious by the impact I should never have woken up instead I should have been killed at that moment. He said he had never seen evidence of such an impact where the victim survived. I told him that I thought I was saved because I was wearing a vest along with my winter coat. He shook his head and said there's no way that wearing a coat and vest saved me instead he said that without any doubt in his mind the fact that I have very thick back muscles is what saved me allowing me to regain consciousness. Hearing this from a surgeon who spent part of his career specializing in thoracic spine trauma surgery I know that he definitely knows what he is talking about. First and foremost I want to thank Dr. Davidson, my orthopedic surgeon Dr Kwok , and all the doctors and people who helped me before and after my surgery.

It turns out that I have thick back muscles. Of course I only know this because Dr. Kwok thought to mention this to me. Just how thick were my back muscles at that time? I don't actually know but as I understand it Dr Kwok had to perform a full 100% lateral incision as part of the surgery. He knows how much back muscle he had to cut through and so only he knows how thick my back muscles were at that time and he said they were thick.

Over the years since that time I have asked myself the obvious question for me to ask myself. Did the fact that I saw the muscular back of the the Awesome Good, the ancient Man of Light have anything to do with the fact that I have thick back muscles? I realize that this is a totally legitimate question to ask.

Maybe I simply have thick back muscles and seeing the muscular back of the Man of Light had no effect on me. Maybe seeing his muscular back somehow caused my body to respond and grow thick back muscles. This is a possibility that I have been forced to acknowledge because I do have thick back muscles and I did see the muscular back of the ancient man of Light.

Here we humans are in existence exact copies of the muscular Man of Light. I think that we were caused to become the form of the Man of Light just by looking at him. It's my guess that at some point after life started on the Earth some of that life looked up and saw the very muscular Man of Light. This caused some of the life that saw his form to grow into that exact same shape and form. Alternately there is no connection at all between the incredible muscular Man of Light and us humans down here on the Earth looking up at him and this is a possibility but however this possibility is not something I subscribe to at all.

I was a 12 year old boy entering puberty when I saw the intensely clear detailed shape of the muscular Man of Light from extremely close up through a small backyard telescope. I experienced the imprinting effects of seeing the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. Immediately after seeing that night I saw the intense afterglow and the shimmering shape of the Large Shape effect. Later in approximately 2004 I saw that very same Large Shape effect again very fresh very similar to the way it looked on the night I originally saw the the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. I know that there is an imprinting effect that happened to me caused by seeing the Changed light. That very same imprinting effect that I know the evidence for myself may have also effected me as I grew up from being a boy to a man.

Somehow I have thick back muscles and I truly don't know if it is because I saw the back of the Man of Light or not. Did seeing his very extremely detailed muscular back have anything to do with the thickness of my back muscles? Maybe? I know that it is possible that seeing the incredible ancient Man of Light when I was boy may have saved my life on that cold dark night when apparently my thick back muscles probably saved my life.


A shameful side note:

After I returned home following my back surgery I contacted brian stockton who had earlier told me that he was the Ministry of Labor area supervisor for the area that included Nanticoke, Ontario and that he was in charge of the Ontario Ministry of Labor accident investigation investigating my accident and he worked out of the Hamilton office of the Ontario Ministry of Labor. I was not provided with an opportunity to submit a written accident report. Instead stockton had taken my accident report over the phone. This one phone call was the one and only time that stockton and I ever spoke or were in contact up until when I called him after my surgery.

I asked stockton about the status of the accident investigation. He told me that the file was in a box in the basement and that it was to much trouble for him to go and get it. I expressed my objection to his reply and at that point this is what he said. stockton stated that it was he who had ordered my very confrontational abusive W.S.I.B adjudicator cathy sabev to reinstate my claim after she disgracefully disallowed my claim stating that all of my injuries were preexisting and had not been caused by the accident. stockton suggested to me that if I complained or inquired further or caused any sort of ruckus or fuss at all then my W.S.I.B claim might be suddenly disallowed again and if that happened unlike the first incident when he claimed he ordered the reinstatement of my claim instead he would not do so again. Basically shut up and go away or else which I did out of fear and desperation. The last thing I said to stockton was that next I could probably expect a bill from the lake erie steel company for damages that I had caused to their pickup truck's tailgate. He had no reply. I hung up phone. I never heard back from stockton again.

How many other innocent permanently disabled Ontario workers were and are being trampled underfoot every day by such incompetent despicable corrupt government employees? Scattered among the very fine honest hardworking employees of the Ontario government who I believe are obviously in the vast majority there are some very undesirable people that need to be permanently removed from their jobs without compensation or pension. In certain cases some of these individuals and some other people all of those complicit in the responsible offending departments many even be deserving and worthy of criminal investigation.

The ongoing culture where the injured worker is routinely placed in difficult situations and their basic credibility is often attacked as a part of the process that the system imposes is unjust and immoral. Instead of always offering quick ongoing support for the injured worker and proper accident investigation routinely in all cases unfortunately in at least one case my case, and certainly in thousands of other cases the injured worker finds out that unfortunately the opposite also happens. This ongoing negative practice and and quietly condoned culture against the injured worker by individuals in positions of authority and in decision making is a total complete disgraceful obscenity against basic human decency, Canadian civil society and Ontario's injured and permanently disabled workers.

This situation has to be stopped right now!
Weed out and fire all of these inhuman people right now!
Change this routine inhuman policy and practice against innocent accident victims right now!
Change this policy that provides for far less monetary compensation than required for basic needs.


Don Beeton



Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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