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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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The Black Road

I believe that the black road referenced to in Maya cosmology is a shadow. Not the big main wave of the thick very black shadow that crosses the crossing forward rolling Object's brilliant moon coloured surface from the left to the right turning it black but instead the black road is the big main long tall pointy black shadow that emerges centrally ahead of the other individual shadows that emerge ahead of the awesome spectacular rapidly moving wave of the shadow.

The point of the big main tall long widest central very rapidly moving shadow, the black road, leads your eye up over and past the Object's upper right horizon into the distance of the Moon's incredible Changed and Lasting Light deep into the distance of the heart of the sight of the ancient Valley. Ultimately the big main Shadow strikes with it's point suddenly cutting left and right zig zagging drawing a squiggly line shaping and sculpting the incredible first sight of the back of the human form in extreme very muscular detail. This deep deep distant very special ancient place within the Changed Light where the very muscular Man of Light, The Awesome Good seen first created is the first very special sight that you see at the end of the black road.

Finding myself accidentally seeing the crossing Object while viewing the Moon using a small backyard telescope I remember and describe in detail the Shadow from it's first startling appearance suddenly forming then growing, thickening and spreading out and then suddenly dropping from under the forward rolling Object's raised area or large mound. As the Object crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth the mound emerges from over the top of the forward rolling Object towards you. The large craterless smooth curving mound evolves into a cliff like feature and then a very large overhang. The sun is located behind the viewer and the Earth. It's three nights before the full Moon early evening but it is dark. The alignment between the sun, Earth, the crossing Object and the Moon causes or results in the formation of a shadow under the newly formed overhang as the Object travels towards the Earth from the face of the Moon from the left to the right on it's slightly downwards crossing angle between the Moon and the Earth.

Sagittarius for example and the dark rift region of space may be one of many places in space where the speeding retrograde Object appears and orbits down from. The speeding Object arrives down to it's crossing point between the Moon and the Earth from somewhere. If today's interpretations of ancient texts or depictions, glyphs etc are correct and it turns out that the ancient Maya and others are pointing at the area of space where the dark rift and Sagittarius are located then this information may be very important in understanding where the brilliantly reflective Object first becomes visible and then rolls down from. Are there any ancient clues, myths or texts etc that suggest that any sort of astronomical body became visible or appeared in or came from this region of space? This in association with for example creation myths or ultimately in the appearance of various gods or gods etc. I do know for a fact that the appearance of the ancient Man of Light is at the root of many important things. This is the big thing that happens.

How long does it take for the speeding retrograde Object to cross down between the Moon and the Earth after it's first appearance becoming visible to the naked eye after returning from the depths of space perhaps from the dark rift region of space? The Object becomes visible appearing after being invisible, it appears and rolls down from somewhere. The Object is traveling at a tremendous speed. It crosses the distance between the Moon and the Earth in just a few minutes and I think it will take 30 days plus or minus to travel Pluto's average orbital distance from the Sun. It will arrive home again and seem to settle into place between the Earth and the Moon and when it does suddenly the light blending and merging between the Moon and the crossing Object will begin as the Object, Adoil becomes undone.

The Moon's light has become changed and has become transformed into the sight of a fantastic valley, the actual fantastic Ancient Valley itself is seen to the right past the Object's upper right horizon with it's three steep faced mountain ranges surrounding the flat layer of white clouds that is the valley floor on three sides. One mountain range is positioned across in the distance joined at each end with the other two mountain ranges on the left and right side of the Valley. The closest area of flat misty valley floor borders on the Object's upper right horizon. You see this border area down over the Object far slope when you see from up there as if out of a remote camera the way the Changed Light cases you to see from or close to the place you are looking at as I try to describe in detail in the Return Viewer Guides.

The Object continues forward rolling down causing the giant mound to become an overhang suddenly causing the Shadow to form. The Shadow grows, creeps and stretches down before suddenly dropping leaping down to the Object's Standing Stone Crater covered surface below. Instantly the thick very black wave of the Shadow starts moving and travels towards the Object's upper right horizon through a sea of incredible massive Standing Stone Craters. Along the leading edge of the shadow a group of fence post like looking shadows cast by vertically standing crater rim pieces emerge and now proceed ahead of the Shadow's great thick black wave further faster towards the distance of the central heart of the Valley where the big main shadow ultimately strikes.

As I looked down from the place in the Lasting Light that I was being caused to see from the way the small group of individual shadows looked reminded me of fence posts for a fence around a piece of property or a house in the country or out in the prairies of western Canada. Arranged from the left to the right seconds later the individual shadows look basically exactly like a line of telephone poles stretching across the country side. You see the telephone pole looking shadows at this point from a viewing position located above this scene similar to about 300 feet to maybe around 500 feet. You have been and you will continue to see from well past the Object's upper right horizon within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light as if out of a remote camera down at a place that is flat like land or more like flat smooth rock. As the shadows progress outwards and away from you towards the upper right they are traveling over and across the flat white clouds of the Valley floor. Instantly as they travel over and across this flat area instantly as the shadows move the layer of white clouds transforms into a flat smooth rock or stone look and spreads and builds outwards matching the progress of the group of individual shadows.

At this point as I describe over and over again in the Return Viewer's Guide that now is the time to find and follow the point of the big main shadow, the black road as it turns out. Intensely focusing and remaining looking at the point of the shadow causes the place you see from to follow and race much further past the Object's upper right horizon deeper into the distance of the Changed Light as if you were speeding down a tunnel or cave with your peripheral view focusing inwards becoming less discernable as you continue to focus on the point of the big main tallest longest widest very black shadow. Also at this point you really start to notice how your viewing position has been gradually lowering getting closer to the newly formed smooth rock valley floor.

Suddenly the now flattish looking speeding shadow goes up and down and up and down twice very quickly. Then instantly the point of the black road cuts left and right up and down drawing the squiggly line that is the sculpting and shaping and creating the muscular human form as if a statue sitting or crouching facing away towards the distance of the Valley. This shape that you are looking at is somehow made of or consists of the Moon's light after it has been intercepted and changed somehow slowed down now a solid unmoving thing a very expansive big place and at the very heart of this changed light the shadow strikes and the muscular human shape or form in exact detail is somehow caused to happen because of the shadow's very special interactions with the Moon's bizarre looking and behaving fantastic Changed Light.

I am comparing what I saw to the reference to the black road in the Maya The Popol Vuh. The black road isn't just a shadow instead it's as if the big main Shadow, the black road actually transforms into and becomes the Awesome Good, the Ancient Man of Light.

The Changed Light imprints itself into you. The ancient mystery is there. Life started on the Earth. Eventually some of that life looked up and saw the muscular form of the Ancient Man of Light. And here we are on the Earth, an exact copy of what a vertically standing crater rim piece and the Object's forces caused to happen.

A shadow is cast, the black road and somehow we are the result. Our beginning is there to be seen. When we look all the way to the end of the black road we find ourselves. Our collective human heritage by birth starts with the truth of what happens at the end of the black road.

A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for Theia.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."

The Object's Basic Flight Path and General Description
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Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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