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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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A Pillar And A Platform

Beyond the crossing forward rolling speeding massive retrograde Object itself it's all about the way the light from the Moon and the light from the background of space becomes intercepted and changed by the Object's powerful forces. At certain points within the Changed Light event the viewer is able to witness the way the Moon's Changed Light moves as an entire area wave. Then the next area or wave of light moves. Incredible and hard to comprehend as you are seeing these sights but it turns out light can move slow and even seem to remain in place solid and unmoving as seen through the gravity over the upper right horizon of the forward rolling speeding object that crosses down in front of the Moon.

A Pillar and a Platform. I'll briefly comment here, as well I talk about this effect at length throughout various podcasts. I don't know what people think or believe about a pillar and a platform or what it is suppose to mean or what it is suppose to relate to as far as other items or themes in the bible. Like many other segments of ancient texts I don't usually try to find out what it's suppose to be about instead I just read the text and if I notice something that interests me or I can relate to because of seeing the Moon's Changed Light then that's basically my starting point. Some ancient descriptions are clear cut and I know what it is and there are other texts like "a pillar and a platform," that I might be able to guess about and that's what I'm doing here. I saw the Moon's Changed Light but to be clear I didn't see a Lasting Light structure that looked like Stonehenge within the Changed Light. I am guessing that in ancient times when the third stage or phase of the Changed and Lasting Light event occurred located centrally or prominently within the concentric rings, the sight of the original Stonehenge, a solid looking Lasting Light sight that was made caused to be there because of the interacts between the shadows that are cast from the Object's vertical crater rim pieces and the Moon's Changed Light. A cross piece may be a platform atop the vertical stone, a pillar. It's a guess based on seeing the Object and the Moon's Changed Light. Just because I saw the moon's Changed Light doesn't mean that I am right. Lots of my guesses will not be correct and some will be right and so unavoidably that's how it is when I'm guessing.

Geminating from over the Object's upper right horizon when the Changed Light moves (rises) it builds up vertically. When the light pauses or stops rising it builds outwards horizontally. This process is ongoing and is central to the way the Changed Light behaves. I believe that this effect is the cause of the "step effect," that is seen widely in ancient depictions. The light builds outwards first (flat areas), then builds up vertically or straight down depending on how you think about it.

At the very basic level of this event is the fact that the shadows that are first cast into the Moon's Changed Light are all cast from vertically standing crater rim pieces. Then from hundreds more craters shadows from thousands of vertically standing crater rim pieces follow into the Changed Light to also do their own specific sculpting and shaping in their own specific surface area of the Moon or portion of this Lasting Light event. Truly fantastic and the same spectacle all of our distant ancestors saw!

Everything that happens that is not the Object itself is Moon light mainly initially and also light from the background of space. All this light has been changed and made to last in place above the Object's upper right horizon and to the extreme right area. The Object's forces are powerful enough to change the way the light from the Moon looks and behaves. The rotational frame dragging effect as theorized by Albert Einstein may be on full display! I think that science will make the same determination but that is also a guess, probably a good guess but a guess non the less. Certainly I don't think it's as simple as rotational frame dragging and gravitational lensing because there's a lot going on but taken together that's a good starting point for me to try to better understand this special primordial visual event.

Then the initial group of shadows begin a lengthy sequence of events as I describe. The viewer is able to see large areas of Changed Light flow up from and hugging the Object's upper right horizon looking very much like the way a wave washing up on a shore looks. This wave moves one way only then instantly when it stops it becomes solid and it rises as the new base area of the rising Lasting Light mountain. Also instantly there is another one way flowing wave of Changed Light to repeat the ongoing process! Fantastic and incredible to see! Check my Return Viewer Guides for more details.

At a basic level when the light moves(rises) it builds up vertically. When the light pauses or stops rising it builds outwards. This ongoing process is central to the way the Changed Light behaves. I think there may be a possibility that the idea at the root of a Pillar and a Platform's may be related to this effect that it describe. It is a guess that surly makes no sense to anyone reading this and I might be wrong entirely or maybe slightly off or perhaps at least warm. I know many ancient things that are written about are describing various sights and effects seen within the Changed and Lasting light event that the crossing Object causes to happen. The ancient people saw and knew these repeating Lasting Light sights that happen exactly the same way every time the Object crosses down in front of the Moon. They wrote about what they saw and they also built all types of monuments. Very often these monuments were actually copies of the solid looking Lasting Light sights that they saw within and as a part of the overall Changed Light event.

Stonehenge shows the influences of the standing stone craters as I call them. There is a good probability that Stonehenge is a literal depiction of what is seen centrally within what I call the third stage or phase of the Changed and Lasting Light event, the oval shaped plain. This ancient circular pattern of vertical stones, columns or pillars with connecting cross pieces connecting at the top is seen world wide. I believe the cross pieces that connect the vertical stones are depictions of what the ancient viewers actually saw and may turn out to be caused by the way the light builds outwards when it stops or reaches the end point of it's one way moving wave or rising area of light. All of this resulting in what may possibly be called the Pillar and a Platform effect. Also the step effect may be caused or created as a direct result of this process.


On a family vacation in approximately 1976 we visited Stonehenge. At that time you could walk among the stones and during our visit there were only a few scattered people around and we had the whole place to ourselves a number of times. At that time I had no way of knowing how lucky we were to be there waking among and touching the stones. I took a number of pictures that day and I picked two of my favorites to be included on this page.



Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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