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The Crossing Down

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A Message To The World Media

The Object did not return May 26, 2018 like I thought it might have. I believe that the Object I saw orbiting down through between the Moon and the Earth may have been observed and reported May 24, 1926 although I am not certain of this.

I used to think that I may have seen the speeding forward rolling retrograde Object cross down through between the Moon and the Earth on the night of May 25th 1972. However now I am also uncertain about this date.

The extremely large very fast moving forward rolling astronomical object that I saw has a highly eccentric retrograde orbit around the sun and as a part of that orbit the Object travels down through between the Moon and the Earth. That's where I saw it completely by chance using a 3" achromat small backyard telescope.

Even though nasa didn't see the Object, when they lost the Apollo ALSEP downlink telemetry from the lunar surface nasa detected the Object crossing down in front of the Moon. That's important information. When was the date and time of the The Apollo Detection?

The physical theory for making the moon and it's geochemical prediction not matching observations problem:
It was a giant hit and run impact event. Impactor Theia remained intact.

If you are able to determine when Nasa Goddard and The Spacecraft Tracking and Data (Acquisition) Network lost and then reaquired the downlink telemetry from the Apollo (ALSEP) experiment's Central Station units on the lunar surface you will know the exact date and time of the Object's last return orbit down across in front of the Moon. I am going to guess that the information is located at National Space Science Data Center in the form of 7-track and or 9-track tape but this is just a guess.

Ask Nasa Goddard maybe they'll respond to you. Aside from being blocked from following @NasaGoddard and viewing their tweets, I have received no response from them. (I think that I was blocked right after I mentioned rotational frame dragging in a tweet to them. Somebody there a little touchy?) I think it will turn out that rotational frame dragging is an effect that I saw actually happening and so I was just trying to give what I know should be an interested party a bit of a heads up in order to hopefully help them and others to be prepared to observe and study the Changed Light phenomenon. This bizarre very special visual phenomenon is possibly a rotational frame dragging effect in stunning action on a small planetary scale. It is my hope that the scientists at Nasa Goddard and others will have time to prepare well enough to be able to see and study how the Object changes the light from the Moon as seen over and beyond the Object's upper right horizon and to the right of the Object the next time the Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Along with astronomers, soon responsibility will fall onto the world's media regarding the orbiting astronomical object situation that I am reporting and trying to describe. Every person responsible not just the world's astronomers and media but everyone needs to be professional, accurate and especially honest in the performance of their upcoming duties and responsibilities.

I'm going to guess that by the time you are actually reading this you won't be needing me to tell you that the Object is real. When I saw the Object there was no destruction on the Earth, this is a fact. This is the first most important point that the media can make and needs to make because knowing this fact can and will help people at least to some degree. I want everyone to know that you can tell your children that the Object can cross down safely and that it was seen before by someone years ago when he was a boy who saw the Object and saw how it changes the Moon's light. You can then tell them how afterwards I walked home and went to bed and got up the next day and had breakfast on what turned out to be a day that was just a normal day like every other day. First for me it's about reassuring children and the best way and really the only way I can do that is through their parents and the media has to make sure that happens.

The fact that my descriptions of the Object will match with observations is proof that the Object can return and cross down in front of the Moon safely. My advice is everybody needs to stay calm while preparing for the Object. I think that it would be a good idea to batten down the hatches, close the high pressure valves and idle the nuclear plants etc incase there are any negative effects on the Earth due to the effects of the Object when it passes close by the Earth. If there's enough time the people should work with each other to get ready once the Object is detected. Hopefully another fantastic safe return is what happens again exactly like the last return.

The time is nearing and soon our astronomer friends will be called upon to contact you the media with the news that they have detected the returning Object of the Crossing Down. The people of the world will be depending on the media and the astronomers to provide accurate information!

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The world's media has to be ready too respond.

The returning forward rolling Object travels at a tremendous speed

I use the Moon's 238,900 miles basic average distance from the Earth when I do the difficult math guess on the question, how fast is the Object traveling? How long does it take for the Object to completely cross through and travel the distance down across between the Moon and the Earth? I used to think it took 2 - 3 minutes to cross between the moon and the earth and it might. I realize that i have to consider that it might take as long as 5 minutes to travel it's entire crossing distance. I would be very surprised if the Object took any longer than five minutes to travel the downward crossing angle distance between the Moon and the Earth but it might. The Object's crossing time is very difficult to estimate. I am guessing that the Object speed is at least 2.5 million mph up to possibly as high as 5+ million mph while it is between the Moon and the Earth. I am also completely aware that I might be grossly underestimating the Object's true speed and it could be actually traveling at a tremendously greater speed.

The Object could travel Pluto's average orbital distance from the Sun 3.67 billion miles, in approximately a month and a few days, to a few weeks or maybe much less time than that.

There may not be much time left once the Object is detected.
Again, at the same time the news of the Object's detection is released the fact that the Object can return and cross down in front of the Moon safely has to also be made widely known, this is very important. A mad panicked scramble will ensue after the news of the Object's detection is released and the world's media may well not be able to meet their obligation and duty to the world's public to provide timely correct information.
One of the ways the world's media can partially prepare ahead of time is to copy the Return Viewer Guide from this website before and once the news of the Object's detection is announced. You will now have some of the information that you need in regards to the astronomical Object that will be crossing down through between the Moon and the Earth.

All people have a basic right to know and see what happens when the Object orbits down across and changes the light from the Moon.

Starting with the basic fact that the Object does not strike the Earth. Instead the Object's retrograde orbital path sees it crossing down through between the Moon and the Earth on a downward angle as I try to describe. A basic description of the Object

A very important basic message is that: the Object never hits the Earth!

Initially in the beginning it was a giant hit and run impact event. After Theia's giant impact with the early Earth, Theia continued to exist and since then and right up until our time it continues to follow it's bizarre retrograde orbit around the sun crossing down through between the Moon and the Earth as a part of the orbit. People can know for certain for themselves that the Object can return safely
once they see the Object for themselves and they see that my descriptions match exactly with the sights they will be seeing.

This basic fact is extremely important

The Object will inspire fear instantly and yet I saw it in maybe 1972 and overall at least, the world didn't seem to even notice.
Starting with me real fear will start instantly as soon as the news of the Object's detection is released and I know for a fact that the Object can cross down safely. It's easy for me to understand that once the news of the Object's presence is out there real very warranted concerns will be raised and obvious. The Object's sudden presence changes everything and unfortunately it opens the door for some people to proclaim that some sort of destruction is certain and yet that is not the case. The message that counters the certain destruction message or narrative is that the Object's recent history says otherwise. There are no guarantees but when I saw the the Object was here there was no sudden destruction on the Earth.

Separately many people will just be stating the obvious potential for some sort of negative impacts and that's obviously completely understandable to me.

When I saw the Object it was in a geologically dormant state. Obviously the very disturbing flip side of this is the possibility that the Object might arrive in an active geological state. Obviously if that happens everything changes and our situation will be extremely dire. I try to remain positive.

Now is the calm before the storm.
The media needs to prepare now while there is enough time for you to start to do so. Be Ready for when it's time for you to inform the people of the World.

Suddenly the completely fantastic Object of The Crossing Down is going to arrive down between the Moon and the Earth and suddenly to the right of the Object, you will see how the Object generates the most fantastic natural visual display using the moon's light.

Completely by luck using a telescope I saw the speeding forward rolling Object Of The Crossing Down. I saw how the light from the Moon becomes changed from very close up. That's how and why I can make the above statements.

There's no possible way for the world to fully prepare or fully brace for the shock of the Object's presence and the sight of the Moon's suddenly drastically changed fantastic Lasting Light. That's true but this does not mean that there isn't anything that we can do about our situation.

Along with knowing the basic idea of the Object and what's happening and how it can cross down safely, people need to understand that they need to look and see what happens to the light from the Moon when the Object crosses in front of the Moon. The basic idea is to look at the Moon's Changed Light over and beyond the Object's upper right horizon in an uninterrupted manner.

The below free pdf contains basic information and the Viewer Guides.
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Help those around you to see.

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Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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