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The Awesome Good!

When I try to write about the idea of the Awesome Good I don't know where or how to start as evidenced by my first attempt at writing this page years ago and as it turns out I had the same problem writing this page again today.

I know that I'm no expert and that I don't have the right and it's not up to me or anyone else to tell you what the sight of the incredible Object changing the light from the Moon, then casting shadows into the Moon's Changed Light causing the creation of the fantastic primordial muscular Man of Light who is seen within the heart, and who is the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light event is all about and what it all means. Once you know about this very difficult and special event for yourself ultimately you will have to try to figure it out and decide for yourself what this is all about and what it means to you personally, at least that's what I think.

I was very lucky because by a fluke I saw what happens and I try my best to describe it. I have struggled with many or basically every aspect of seeing the very intimidating a astronomical object that crosses down between the Moon and the Earth and especially the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. It's a difficult two sided coin. Thanks to the Object colliding with the early Earth causing the formation of the Moon resulting in the Earth, Moon and crossing Object three body system we humans are here on the Earth today still looking up and seeing the Object change the Moon's light in the most incredible magical ways! It's an incredible thing! We owe our existence to the Object and it's as simple as that. The other side of the coin is the obvious fact that at the very least the powerful speeding Object was once geologically active scorching hot with some type of material under great pressure blasting upwards from it's craters. It's a very scary thing that has effected me negatively and has made it hard to answer to the question, "what does it all mean?" for myself. The way I feel about it and how I try to answer this question has evolved through my life into a more overall general answer to that question. It seems to me that we humans have been trying to answer this central question ever since we were first human and long before that back to the origins of our most distant ancestors who obviously also saw the incredible muscular form of the Man of Light himself, the Awesome Good.

I can say what I saw and I can try to describe some of the things that I think it's about but in the end all I can really do is barely scratch the surface of understanding. I don't want you to think that I'm trying to tell you what to think or how to think about the Object and what you see within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. It seems to me that many of the problems throughout our collective human history have been caused by some people who saw and or didn't see, forcing their interpretations regarding what it's all about onto other people. I beleive that it is very probable that the more a people and a civilization is connected with and aware of the true facts of the Object and what is seen within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light, the more likely they are to get along with other groups of people and civilizations who also know simply because of the fact that they are connected by the common knowledge of what really actually happens. This is how I think of the worldwide prehistoric high tech megalithic culture that existed before they were mysteriously wiped out around 12,000 years ago by reports of some type of world wide cataclysm perhaps caused by the Object itself. It's the other side of the two sided coin. I'm guessing the the prehistoric high tech megalithic culture existed for many many thousands of years before the Object suddenly arrived back down from the depths of space in a geologically active state causing the world wide cataclysm that destroyed them. Once again the Object effected the course of human history. It caused us to exist and there's the fantastic very special sight of the Man of Light but on the other hand it appears as though the Object can take it all away in a few short minutes if it arrives back home between the Moon and the Earth in a fully geologically active state. Knowing this has caused me great distress for what seems like my whole life. It's a two sided coin and as always I try to remain focused on the far less distressing although still difficult other side of the coin, the fantastic incomparable primordial sight of the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light!

Look at the high tech dark ages of today where the knowledge of the Object and how it changes the light from the Moon and what is seen from within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light is unknown. For hundreds of years people have been arguing and hating and fighting and murdering each other over various types of disputes and conflicts and wars that many times arise out of different interpretations regarding the written about details of what is seen and what happens when the Object returns and fantastically changes light from the Moon. One way or another sooner or later this situation will finally be changing because once the Object returns and people see how it intercepts and changes the light from the Moon again the high tech dark age of today will finally be over. At that point one of histories all time favorite reasons and excesses for war invading destroying and murdering and stealing from your neighbor will be gone. War hopefully won't exist anymore but if it does no one will be able to say in any way that it's in the name of or sanctioned by their god. That reason, a reason that never was will be gone. An illegal war is an illegal war, a thief is a thief and a murderer is a murderer.

The Awesome Good isn't simply the Man of Light. My own personal interpretation is more like a general overall feeling. There's the fantastic process that caused us to exist that appears to have started when the object struck the early Earth causing the Moon and the three body Earth, Moon and crossing Object system. Then at some point life started on the Earth. Some of that life eventually looked up and saw the Object's vertically standing crater rim pieces cast their shadows into the moon's Changed and Lasting Light creating the heart of the Changed and Lasting Light event. Some of the life that looked up and saw the muscular form of the Man of Light was caused to grow into that shape just by looking at that shape. The Changed Light's mysterious intensity definitely has an automatic imprinting effect on those who see it. I beleive that this automatic imprinting effect is at the root of our existence as humans. We are an exact copy of what the heart of the entire Changed and Lasting event looks like. This is an incredible thing! Obviously no matter how you try to say it there is no way anyone especially me, can come close to describing how profoundly important and how fantastic this natural visual event actually is and how it's connected to human life on the Earth. This is just to amazing and to incredible but the Object is real and the Changed and Light event that it causes with the light from the Moon really does happen and it appears to me as though we are here looking up at the Changed Light as a direct result!

I was probably 12 years old and completely unsuspecting. My friend Mike invited me over to look at the Moon with his new 3" achromat small backyard telescope. I had seen the Moon at least once when on my next turn to look at the Moon again I suddenly found myself looking at a crystal clear view straight at the middle of the Object's bulging forward rolling surface instead of the Moon the way I was expecting. Three or four seconds later unknown to me at the time, the Object's huge raised mound surface feature was coming into view from over top of the forward rolling speeding Object towards me. Then instead of continuing to roll at me the Object seemed to tilt towards me as I stared at the flat surface area that precedes the mound. This is the exact moment when the Changed Light event starts and I know this because this is when you start to see the Object's surface from very close up as if you are seeing from out of a remote camera up there close to and actually from above the Object's surface. I think it's all a part of an overall effect that happens to the Moon's light that can start to be described with rotational frame-dragging in combination with gravitational lensing. From the Earth a large area of reflected sunlight from the Moon is seen for a period of time over the very fast moving forward rolling Object's surface area, the upper right horizon. The Moon's reflected sunlight becomes completely drastically changed in appearance and behavior.

As you probably know if you are reading this there is an intensity that's dramatic and physically felt by the viewer when the Changed Light eventually rises emanating from over the Object's upper right horizon but before that from the first sight of the Moon's Changed Light when it looks like the tremendous three sided valley to the right of the Object, I beleive that the Changed Light is imprinting into you even though you don't feel the same sort of intensity and pressure that you feel following into you when you see the Changed Light rising towards you up through space from over the Object's upper right horizon. I think of the overall imprinting effect that simply automatically happens to the viewer as the shape effects. It just happens to you when you look and see the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon. I am guessing that the imprinting way the shape effects work is at a molecular level. Or it may be possible that this effect is so profound and fundamental that it might even reach down into the particle zoo to lay out a road map or organize a pattern for the life that is seeing the Changed Light from the moon to follow and grow into and become an exact copy made out of flesh and bone. Somehow just by seeing the important very muscular human shaped solid Lasting Light form at the heart of the Changed Light, a shape that was made by the point of the big main shadow, we became an exact copy of that shape! This is how it looks to me and like I said I'm no expert and I don't have all the answers but I have had to try to make sense of what I know is an event that is of profound importance to us humans.

Beyond the process that created us starting with the Object and it's powerful forces and the shadows that are cast from massive towering crater rim pieces into the Moon's Changed Light actually causing the human shapes that are seen created including the first one to be sculpted and shaped, the central most prominent figure the muscular form of a man like a solid and ultra real looking statue. We are an exact copy of this shape! It's a stunning thing! Knowing this is going to be difficult for everyone like it has been for me but it is the special ancient thing that happens, it's our common origin, it's our common heritage and it unites us all! It's a fantastic thing! We are so lucky to be here against what surly must be nearly impossible odds. One randomly standing massive vertical crater rim piece out of thousands of other crater rim pieces also casts it's own shadow into the Moon's Changed Light. That particular crater rim piece is geographically located on the Object's surface where it happens to cast the shadow that happens to turn out to be the first shadow out of thousands of other individual shadows that the other crater rim pieces cast to be first to reach into the Moon's Changed Light to the right of the Object. This big central main shadow was cast from a randomly positioned crater rim piece and this shadow sculpts and shapes the primordial muscular form of a man. The Object's powerful forces change the Moon's light and then it's shadows create the fantastic human forms that are seen including the the Man of Light himself. I think of the idea of the Awesome Good to be much more than simply the fantastic physical event that caused him to be to created and then to remain and last and evolve.

We are here on the Earth and we are conscious living matter copies of a shape that is light! This is a fantastic thing! We are also much more than that because we can empathize with another human being and we can love another human, another person! We can love and empathize with not just our mate and our own children, parents and siblings but other forms of life as well! I beleive that this is a reflection of the Awesome Good itself that is within us and a part of who we are as human beings!

I don't think that the Awesome Good is just the sight of the Man of Light but the Awesome Good is also what has resulted as a result of the Object striking the early Earth causing the formation of the Moon and then casting shadows into Moon's Changed light from a randomly standing vertical crater rim piece causing the fantastic primordial form of the muscular Man of Light to happen. Life started on the Earth, the awesome planet we live on, and then some of that light looked up and as a result we are here living able to hope and feel and love and dream. We are very lucky!


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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