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The Crossing Down

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such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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Ancient Names Used For The Object Of The Crossing Down

Various names that I think are or might be ancient names used for the Object that I saw. These are two examples of places where I talk about ancient names for the Object:
Naming Rules? What Naming Rules?
Nobody Lives There

On this page I want to try to start a basic list of ancient names that were used for the Object in the past. After the time of the Object's next orbit down across through between the Moon and the Earth many people world wide will recognize names used for the Object in ancient times within their culture for example. Maybe one day people could list ancient names that they have discovered or realized.

1 . Kleinchen

Thanks to Mr. W. Spill and his report I think I may know when the Object's second last orbit down occurred. I don't know the history or origins of the name Kleinchen or if it was a name that was ever used for the ancient crossing Object. The German astronomical magazine Die Sterne reported that a German amateur astronomer named W. Spill had observed a second moon cross our first moon's disk on May 24th 1926. I read that as the story goes mainly within Germany there was at least a brief search effort for "Kleinchen" but of course the Object would have been long gone after a few short minutes. I heard that Mr. W. Spill was "disproved."

I want to thank him for his report and to honor Mr. Spill as best as I am able even though it's only in a small way, Kleinchen (little one, a child) is at the top of my list of names used for the Object of the Crossing down.

2. Adoil

I know for a fact the some of the ancient people refereed to the Object I saw as Adoil. Adoil is the name I have decided to borrow and use for the forward rolling Object I saw cross down between the Earth and the Moon because it works for me.
(Enoch 2)
Chapter 25, XXV
Naming Rules? What Naming Rules?

3. Thiea

Is Theia's Core Now The Speeding Object Of The Crossing Down?
Today a situation exists where a very large fast moon coloured forward rolling astronomical body crosses through between the Earth and the Moon. This is a fact. At this point I believe the Object's orbital time period is 46 years and one day, this is a guess.
When Will The Ancient Object Return

I recently heard about the Giant Impact Hypothesis and Theia. It's taken me some time but gradually I am forced to ask the obvious question. Could the speeding moon coloured Object I saw actually be what remains of Theia? And yes it could be, in fact it's gradually becoming glaringly obvious to me that the Standing Stone Crater covered Object I saw is very likely what remains of Theia.
If that is true then the incredible forward rolling Object that I saw cross down through between the Moon and the Earth is Theia.

4. Khonsu

Khonsu - "Traveler" the big ball. Derives from the root, "khens" which means to travel, to move about, to run.
Theban triad of Amun, Khonsu and Mut

This is a guess. I don't actually know if the name Khonsu was ever directly used for the crossing Object.
There are some basic themes mentioned that cause me to wonder if Khonsu is in fact an ancient name for the Object.

5. Nibiru

I sometimes use the name nibiru for the crossing Object because of the overall theme of things that points Nibiru directly at a Return event. I have no idea if the name Nibiru is actually an ancient name for the Object or if it happen's to be a misinterpretation. People today do think of Nibiru as an astronomical object so that shows how people today do definitely get the idea that there's another significant body that is a part of our solar system. Because of this association I allow myself to get drawn into the Nibiru name thing for the Object. Even though the way Nibiru is thought of today is completely off as far as the actual true details of what happens is concerned that's ok and doesn't matter to me at least. I'm just happy that there's at least some people who are thinking about the possibility that there is some sort of returning Object because they are right even though they are unable to describe it. That actually doesn't matter. People today follow the ancient clues left for us and it's hard to put it all together. If I hadn't seen the Object clearly obviously I would be just wondering about things like Nibiru exactly like everybody else who thinks about Nibiru and also our entire solar system. Also like how today's space scientists study the solar system and the universe. People are interested in outer space and people know that what goes on up there in space is important to us down here on the Earth. After the Object's next Return people will decide if Nibiru is an ancient name that was actually used for the Object that crosses down between the Moon and the Earth.
I'm guessing that many people may call the Object Nibiru because the name works for them irregardless of whether or not
the name Nibiru was ever a name that was used for the Object in the past.


Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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