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Astronomers Planetary and Solar System Scientists, Experts and Others

I originally wrote the below page on my "If I've Told You About This," page and it is still also located there today as well as here now. Throughout this website there are many similar examples of paragraphs or sections of text that should actually be contained within their own pages but instead they are not.

Something I very rarely do anymore today is to actually contact people who are experts in various closely related areas of study and science. At first this sort of seems to be counter intuitive as you would think that these are the very people I should be contacting and informing. It turns out that this is exactly true, these are the people I need to be contacting and these are the people who really do need to know. I am greatly relieved to be able to say that there are a number of these individuals who do now know about the Object because of many efforts I have made to contact and inform these people. Most of these contacts were made from approximately 2003 to around 2006-7 or so. Certainly overall those efforts were very worthwhile and I'm very glad I made those efforts and in part those efforts are a part of the reason why I can say that I know that I'm Absolved no matter what anyone thinks or says in the future.

( I want to make this point 100% clear. No matter what you read on this page, I certainly would welcome every future opportunity that allowed me a chance to talk to another scientist and to help him or her in every way I am able. I know all to well that this is important to the world. )

The scientists noticed something else that seemed too odd to be a coincidence: "Both Sedna and 2012 VP113 seemed to be making their closest approach to the sun at similar angles. That could mean that there's a giant planet out there, tugging at both of their orbits in the same way. If so, this ghost planet could have a size of anywhere from 1 to 20 Earth masses"

The celestial Object I saw and describe on this website may in fact be the Object that causes the effects that these scientists are describing and thinking about and trying to understand.
This is the sort of thing I can't ignore when I see it and this is an example of what sometimes causes me to contact the scientists who are doing this important work and making these important discoveries. Certainly for whatever scientists that are finally able to put this together and figure it out and then put this out there, they will find themselves making history.

Past a certain point in my efforts in this area I reached a point of what I guess I could try to describe as a point of diminishing returns. At first this was a mystery for me to understand. I used to think that once people, various types of experts, ancient history experts, Egyptian hieroglyph and Maya glyph readers, ancient astronaut theorists and authors, astronomers etc and especially planetary and solar system scientists had a chance to hear about the Object they would be compelled by they facts that they knew and understood to look at this seriously as they began to realize or they suddenly realized that the Object and the details I was describing to them actually fit with their work, after all I am describing what really does happen. It turns out that things are much more complicated than my narrow view allowed me to understand especially at first in those early years as I naively contacted various people thinking that they would be interested in hearing from me. There are many factors that come into the situation that don't allow for virtually most of these people to possibly consider my descriptions. I can't possibly begin to try to list those many factors here. Looking back from the future after the Object's next return, people will be able to clearly see and understand a great deal about what these factors are that I am referring too.

There were some individuals who did give themselves a chance to hear the idea of what I say I saw. In the end and the beginning that's all I wanted to do and the main thing I was trying to accomplish by telling expert types of people about the Object. This is a chance for me to thank those people again. I hope they will look back and be glad we were in contact. I hope my information helped you. It was a point in time for me and for them as well as they will see for themselves eventually.

Unfortunately efforts to directly contact these people usually does inevitably turn out to be a complete waste of my time. I still know that I've done the right thing and I know that without making those efforts I had nearly no hope of contacting and informing more of the right people. It is actually vitally important that more of these people finally find out the basic facts of life concerning our local neighborhood in space. That said I have virtually given up making these efforts to contact these leading experts most importantly namely, astronomers, solar system and planetary scientists. With every failed attempt and after hearing about "my good imagination," my resolution, determination and my patience gradually became less while at the same time my disappointment and eventually my frustration steadily grew to where it is now today. It still boggles my mind when I think about how especially solar system and planetary scientists don't know about the Object I saw. Nasa scientists do know that something crossed between the Earth and Moon in the early 1970's blocking their signals from Apollo experiments left on the lunar surface but I certainly don't know who knows what. But let's just say it the way it is, they are not clueless because the clues are all around them literally, however they seem to be in the dark as a group and they really do seem to be oblivious concerning the Object I saw and describe. This is actually very disturbing and very troubling and very unfortunate for them and everyone. I seem to have made very little impact on the situation with them.

As the years go by the importance that I place on this important contacting astronomers area of things has gone down at a consistent steady rate. Overall today I have realized that I have begun to feel a certain indifference towards nearly all of these people. I am almost at the point where I can say I don't care at all anymore. Well I know that's not true but I seriously doubt I will ever renew the sorts of efforts I used to make years ago when I placed such a very high priority on contacting various scientists directly. I can only do so much, I can only bang my head against that same old wall for so long before it's just not worth it anymore. Unfortunately many people are trapped into a certain box that does not allow them a chance to even spend a short amount of their time to hear the idea of what happens. I totally get that and I know that's just the way it is. I'm guessing that by perhaps May 18th, 2016 or maybe more like by May 5th, 2020 the boxes they exist in may suddenly have way less meaning for nearly all of them and for everyone else as well, we'll see.

Eventually over time I began to realize that there are a lot of people who actually have a great deal to lose once the Ancient Object crosses down again and the facts of a Return are suddenly there central in everyone's equation where they've actually already been all along. Most of my life I just never knew that anyone had anything to lose but eventually I realized what's going to happen automatically when the Ancient Object returns home. I certainly am not talking about scientists and credible serious researchers here in this paragraph. Instead this is especially true in regards to the many various BSer's and their many copy cats that are out there making ridicules claims such as for example; they are in contact with the Anunnaki or they have the inside scoop on Nibiru, Planet X or whatever, and the advanced civilization that they mistakenly claim lives there... from secret government sources or directly from aliens or directly from God... and or that God is an alien and they know this because they went for a ride in his spaceship? Or God has spoken to them directly and given them a personal vision of Planet X and it's coming in!!! but then they are unable to provide any specific accurate details etc like for example the standing stone craters are there like anyone who really actually saw would know. Or that Planet X hits the Earth, Ya right. Oh ya and don't forget the hoards of Nibiru experts (YouTube) that have no idea that the Ancient Object the ancient people were talking about crosses down in front of the Moon, and the many Anunnaki experts (YouTube) who have never heard of the human forms that the shadows create and cause to happen in the Moon's Changed Light. Some of these people actually claim that we are the result of being genetically engineered by the Anunnaki in ancient times! (The thing is they do have it wrong but life on Earth did see the human form within the Changed Light and here we are!!! This does point towards how complicated the situation is as people today struggle with the clues from ancient times. The basic simple fact is that we are exact copies of his image, or his shape which is in fact sculpted by a shadow out of the Moon's Changed Light! Incredible! ) Together many of these people have books and expensive dvd's for sale explaining all about it and even sometimes providing proof for their claims. Where did they get all their tired old regurgitated, repackaged and then rebranded info from... many years of researching the internet? Basically each other?
Anyway's that's what it is as we will see soon.

It seems there's conflicting information regarding why and how come these people use the name Nibiru for the Ancient Object of the crossing down between the Moon and the Earth. Whatever they call the Object is of great interest to me. If you are interested in the origins of why they use the name Nibiru, a name that is very probably a legitimate name for the Ancient Object of the Crossing down, you can google it. I found a fantastic description of the Object I saw located in the Secret book of Enoch. I know with 100% certainty that Adoil was the name given to the Ancient Object of the crossing in that ancient description. Ever since I read that description Adoil was the Ancient Object's name for me. The ancient people knew exactly what they were talking about.

The rubber is going to hit the road hard soon this is true but don't be confused, clearly certainly it has nothing to do with me saying what it is and what I saw before the Object Returns. So forget the idea of blaming me for whatever problems you might eventually encounter. I've just realized the situation and I'm pointing it out. It's this great big space thing that orbits so clearly it has nothing to do with me. Blaming me for any of your future problems would be like trying to say it would be my fault if a meteorite struck you on the head one day. It is what it is and your theories or guesses your job and or your dvd sales will survive or they won't. It has nothing to do with me saying something or not saying anything about the Object. The reality of the Object and the Changed Light will either propel your area of study, science or business forward with or without you or it might crush you down destroying everything you worked towards because you didn't know about the Object and you weren't able to factor it into your equation of thinking. Clearly this is actually very unfortunate because, except for the people who intentionally mislead others, these are good people doing their best for themselves and their families and clearly I'm not suggesting otherwise. They just don't know about the Object and also especially they don't know about the Moon's Changed Light and it's simply not their fault. I'm worried about this situation. How can I figure out how to reach people so they at least have heard the idea of what actually happens? I just don't know. I published a book and all of it's content is free for everyone to read and know all found here on the pages of this website I created in 2005 for this purpose. 12/25/2009 I did my first free podcast in an effort to further explain and describe the Object, the Changed Light and the overall situation to the best that I am able. At this point I have over 80 podcast episodes available for people so that they can hear about what I saw. And I could spend hours a day trying to directly contact more people in a further effort to help. I tried that already and this is part of the point of why I'm writing here on this page.

The crushing effect that the speeding forward rolling Ancient Object will have on all theories and ideas that are off will happen. The crushing effect the Object's reality will have specifically especially on the garbage that the expert BSer's have been putting out there will be overwhelmingly devastating and complete. When the Ancient Object is detected returning home getting ready to change the light from the Moon once again the crushing effect will start happening automatically. As things stand today there's nothing anyone can do to change this or prevent this from happening. At this very moment Adoil is rolling down rapidly approaching and closing the distance that still remains to be traveled until it reaches home and it's crossing point between the Earth and the Moon where once again it will settle into place and become undone causing the Changed and Lasting Light event to occur. At that point time will have run out and thankfully, finally the high tech dark age of today will be over.

There has to be some middle ground suddenly still left there for some people for sure but that middle ground will likely be a very narrow strip at best with the vast majority of ideas, guesses and theories ending up on the outside or on the other side still surviving and able to continue moving into the future with zero space in the middle for any of those who deliberately mislead to hope to cling onto. It will be a shock for everyone for sure but especially for those who mislead who had no idea that the garbage they were putting out there was going to actually ultimately face the reality of what really actually does happen. Those who deliberatly mislead others will be exposed for what they are.

People who I contacted will eventually recall and remember me and they will finally know for themselves that having a chance to hear about the orbiting returning Ancient Object for the first time was a point in time for them exactly the same way that I know that it was important to tell them about the Object and the Changed Light.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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