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Many Early Hominid Types It Only Makes Sense

Something very massively profound caused Homo Sapiens to exist. Obviously everyone knows this already. Surely like so many other things we will never know the entire story of what exactly caused humans to exist. We as humans have many ideas and theories that try to answer this difficult question. Obviously everyone knows this as well.

Certainly as a young boy I had no idea what the sight of the Man of Light was all about and I still don't know anywhere near the whole story and I don't think anyone ever will. I have had many thoughts on this subject ever since I saw the big main black shadow strike and draw the squiggly line that leads to those seconds where you find yourself looking down at the muscular back and the right side of the Man of Light from above and behind. It's been a long road trying to begin to understand. There are many places on this website where I talk about some of the difficulties and problems I had from those early days going forward firstly trying to understand what had happened to me when I saw the Lasting Light and what was the meaning of what I saw?

There is a Big Full Circle, that at the very least the idea of which is a piece of the puzzle. Obviously this reflects my personal opinion and I don't expect people to automatically agree with me. I does seem obvious to me that there is a basic question that a person is confronted with if they are fortunate enough to see the sight of the Man of Light.

Does the sight of the Man of Light up there have any connect with us down here? This is a fundamental question that will simply present itself and every person who sees will know first hand this question is unignorable and has to be asked. All areas of study and human understanding have to be included in the question and in trying to answer this question. To purposely leave any area of science or religion out of the question is to ignore the basic question that the existence of the sight of the Man of Light forces us to ask. Does the sight of the Man of Light have any connect with at all with us? There will be many answers given and reasons given for those answers. And also many opinions regarding what it all means will be expressed and of course these opinions will be all equally valid and correct.

Answer the question: Does the sight of the Man of Light have any connect with at all with us Homo Sapiens?
If you think it does many people will agree with you. Answer the question no and you will also have many people who agree with you. Both sides of the question will give their reasons. At this point hopefully people will figure out that it does not matter if a person sees this question differently than they do. It actually makes no difference what the difference of opinion is in the end it comes back to respecting that other person that you either know or don't know. We are all humans and we all deserve automatic respect from each other. In my opinion this basic human value is part of what the sight of the Man of Light brings to the discussion and to the human condition.

We are life forms that are exact copies of what the main most important central element of the first part of the Lasting Light event looks like! We are self aware and we are not just capable of loving each other we are capable of loving other life forms as well. This is a fantastic fact! In my opinion this points straight towards the heart of the ultimate ancient human mystery.

To more fully point towards the ancient mystery I think that clearly the mystery of the changed light event that the ancient crossing Object causes to occur is the first consideration. Life somehow started on the Earth and eventually some of that life looked up and started to see the changed and Lasting Light including the human form. All the special sights that are seen other than the crossing ancient Object itself are sights that are in fact light from the Moon and the background of space that has been effected by the Object's forces. As if a statue down in front of you the first sight you see after the big main shadow strikes is the crystal clear sight of the very muscular back arms and shoulders and right side of a man with no shirt sitting or crouching in the thinker position looking away form you. This is were and how it all starts as far as the first sight of the human form is concerned.

I wrote this on my home page:
"The crossing forward rolling speeding Ancient Object is beyond stunning and spectacular but somehow it turns out that it's all about the point of a shadow and the fantastically changed incredible spectacular light from the Moon." There you are watching an incredible celestial object rolling at you from in front of the Moon, then suddenly after watching and following the point of the big main shadow into the extreme depth of the valley to the upper right you are suddenly looking at the human form in extreme muscular detail!!! Fantastic and mind bendingly bizarre but incredibly that's what it is. You are also noticing that way the changed light causes you to see is as if out of a remote camera up there. It's all about the Lasting Light, what it looks like and how you see from within it and from whatever place you look at. Look at a place in the changed light and then you will be suddenly looking at that place from up close. Then at this point you can look in a different direction and see in that direction from that place. This effect first starts when the Object's surface suddenly looks flat and you realize you are seeing the surface from a very close distance above it. At this point look to the right and see the suddenly formed ancient Valley, the Moons light changed and lasting. From this early point onwards from the outer edges of the Lasting light inwards the Light is imprinting itself into the viewer. I call it the Shape Effects. There's an intense afterglow that stays with the viewer after seeing the Changed Light. Every future viewer will automatically have this after effect happen to them.

Whatever effect that causes this imprinting into the viewer as I describe is at the heart of what I think of as the ancient mystery, the process that caused some of the life that saw the Man of Light to be caused to grow into and eventually become an exact copy of the Man of Light. The overall shape and the shapes seen within and the qualities of the Changed and Lasting Light is at the heart of how the process worked and works causing our existence. I can speculate and wonder and ask questions and I have opinions. This doesn't mean I'm right about things. It's up to everyone else to also ask their own questions for themselves. It will be up to you to wonder about this as well. Check to Return Viewer Guides and prepare to see so that you have the best chance possible to see the Lasting Light sights that are seen. Either the sight of the muscular Man of Light is connected with and responsible for humans or there is no connection at all and the Man of Light and us humans on Earth exist separate and apart from the other with no connection whatsoever, period. It's one situation or the other and beyond that I can't see a third answer or option to pick from.

The big questions will still be there. It won't matter to people what the process or the natural mechanism that created us humans. Many people will believe there's a god behind all of this and they will have faith. No one will be able to disprove them in their belief. The sight of the Lasting Light will be their proof. Others will see this as an act of nature and we resulted without a god type being involved. They will consider the sight of the Lasting Light to be their proof. No one will be able to disprove this interpretation either. In the future as in our time it seems to me that certain questions will simply remain unanswerable.

Once again everything does come back to the question does the sight of the Man of Light up there have any connect with us down here? This is the fundamental question. In my opinion the answer is yes there is a connect that reaches to a deep biological level within us humans.

It does look like a scientific fact that there were many many early hominid types in our history. After seeing the Man of Light and then through my life reading about early human history I have to say that it only makes sense to me that there were many early hominid types. Fortunately the evolutionary line that led to us survived. Now it's our responsibility to future humans to make sure our evolutionary line continues to remain unbroken with a healthy planet to live on.

Elongated Skulls Copied Human Looking Shapes Seen In The Moon's Changed Light

This Wikipedia article is about the genus of hominids

Current evidence indicates that there were as many as 12 species of early hominins between 6 and 1.5 million years ago, but they did not all live at the same time.

The following species are the most widely accepted ones:
1. Australopithecus anamensis
2. Australopithecus afarensis
3. Australopithecus africanus
4. Paranthropus aethiopicus (or Australopithecus aethiopicus)
5. Paranthropus boisei (or Australopithecus boisei)
6. Paranthropus robustus (or Australopithecus robustus)
Table of Early Hominins and Their Immediate Ancestors



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May 26, 2018

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