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The Crossing Down

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When Will The Ancient Object Return?

I have just found some information that strongly suggests that I saw the Object cross down three nights before the full Moon May 25th 1972

This could mean the Object of the crossing down's orbital time period is 46 Years and 1 Day

This points directly at »»» May 26th, 2018 ««« as a possible date for the return of the Object of the crossing down.

It appears likely that the speeding forward rolling Object crosses down three nights before the full moon.

May 24, 1926 __ then 46 yrs, 1 day later

May 25, 1972 __ then 46 yrs, 1 day later

May 26, 2018

16,803 days later...

16,802 days later...

_left until 9:30 pm EST, May 26th, 2018

According to the date calculator I link to above, the 46 years and 1 day time period between Return dates is a match and
the day count calculation is 24 hours out of sync. I am guessing that there could be many factors that could account for this discrepancy.

May 26, 2018 then 46years and 1 day later it will be May 27, 2064. Lunar Perigee Alert May 27, 2064

The sky was completely clear the night I saw the Object.

The sky was not clear above my family home one year before I now think that I saw the Object. In Lorne Park Ontario Canada May 7 1971 there were mostly cloudy conditions starting at 11 am and then by 8 pm cloudy conditions prevailed through to clouds and rain the next day. It was not possible for me to have seen the Object three nights before the full Moon in May 1971.

Overcast and wet conditions also existed leading up to, during and following the possible May 14, 1973 date for the Object's return. By 10 am May 15, 1973 the sky cleared.

This situation makes it very unlikely or more like impossible for me to have seen the Object's last return orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth in either 1971 or 1973 in the month of May, unlike on the night of May 25, 1972 when the sky was clear where I lived in Lorne Park along with basically all of south west Ontario, Canada.

I realize there are many factors and facts at work in this situation that I don't know about, don't understand or I am in error on so other than being able to state with 100% certainty that the Object I saw orbits and it will be back, I just can't say for sure exactly 100% when the Object will arrive back home down between the Earth and the Moon.

The main reason I am focused on a night three nights before the full of in the month of May is the May 24th 1926 report by Mr. W. Spill of what I believe was the same celestial object I saw.

My best guess is that the Object will return within an hour of: 21:30 hours (9:30 pm est) May 26, 2018

Even if my best guess regarding this forward rolling celestial Object's return orbit date down across between the Moon and the Earth is not correct that would have no effect on the accuracy of the details I provide concerning what future viewers can expect to see during the first part of a Return Event.

The fully eclipsed Moon's light is suddenly seen to the right and above the crossing Object's upper right horizon. The Moon's light and light from the background of space becomes changed, and it lasts. Incredibly the fantastic ancient thing that happens, still happens and you can see it if you look up at the right time. The Changed and Lasting Light sights that a viewer sees happen repeat in exact detail.

The Object's speed is tremendous. In four or five minutes or perhaps a couple minutes more, give or take, the speeding Object travels the distance down across between the Moon and the Earth on it's orbital path down towards the area of space beside and below the sun. Knowing the night of the Object's imminent return is all important for many reasons. My first and second book have two separate return dates that that were my best guesses at that time. Both guesses were incorrect.

This is a very difficult different situation we are all in. Again I am trying to figure out what night the ancient celestial Object I saw when I was a boy is going to roll down across between the Moon and the Earth again. When will the incredible ancient celestial Object I saw Return?

For a long time I thought I saw the Object in 1970. Now it turns out that this was not the case. Instead it does look like 1972 was very probably the year I saw the Object I describe on this website. I really wish I could have realized this sooner.

There is a long path that has led me to the May 26th, 2018 date.
This does not mean I am correct this time and that the May 26, 2018 Return date is guaranteed.

I can guarantee that the celestial Object I describe on this website will in fact return and change the light from the Moon exactly as I describe. Sooner or later the Standing Stone Crater covered Object will be back that's 100% guaranteed. It does turn out that there is a possibility that the incredibly massive, incredibly ancient forward rolling speeding celestial Object I saw crossing down while rolling towards the Earth from it's crossing position in front of the eclipsed Moon actually might arrive down once again finally back home from the depths of space on the evening of the twenty sixth of May 2018.

*Important Update Nov 5/14 on my page The Formation Of The Moon

Is Theia's Core Now The Speeding Object Of The Crossing Down

Mr. W. Spill Reported The Object Crossing Down May 24, 1926

Starry Night Sky Chart, May 26, 2018

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Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

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