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Elongated Skulls Copied Human Looking Shapes Seen In The Moon's Changed Light

I have researcher Mr. Brien Foerster and his videos to thank because seeing his videos about the fantastic megalithic construction achievements of the ancient people and other mysteries that I was unaware of has suddenly caused me to realize an obvious question. Specifically the elongated skull evidence that Mr. Foerster has uncovered has caused him to have to ask a startling question. Mr Foerster's basic question is, do the elongated skulls that he directly points towards in the body of evidence that he presents, represent a genetically different line of hominids compared to homo sapiens?

(Below I have embedded a number of Mr. Foerster's videos)

Hearing this for the first time caused me to suddenly realize that it might be possible that the answer to Mr. Foerster's question may be yes because of the way that homo sapiens are an exact copy of one of the shapes that is seen in the Moon's Changed Light event that the Crossing Object and it's shadows causes in and with the light from the Moon.

Did a natural evolutionary line of hominids arise that featured elongated skulls the same way we homo sapiens arose and evolved from looking at a Changed and Lasting Light human form that has a skull like our skull?

It appears that there are many examples of elongated human skulls from many places around the world and I have seen pictures of some examples over the years. Elongated heads are shown in ancient depictions. Apparently the practice of cranial deformation was developed and widely used around the world to cause a child's skull to become permanently elongated as that person matured. Until now I had always thought that this practice accounted for all of the examples of elongated skulls as it never occurred to me think wonder otherwise.

I always thought that people practiced skull deformation as a way for humans to copy certain human forms seen within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. Beyond that point I didn't wonder if there was anything else or other factors to consider that were part of the elongated heads story. Again I have Mr. Foerster and his efforts to thank for getting me back on this topic that I thought I knew but it now appears that there's much more to this story.

Neither of the two types of human forms that I saw suddenly created had elongated skulls. Certainly the muscular Man of Light at the heart of the Changed Light Valley and the rising light mountain does not have an elongated shaped skull. I did not directly closely see all of the Easter Island type of human forms that suddenly appear when the Changed Light rises. The Easter Island type of individual located to the Man of Light's right is the individual that I saw directly from close up the way the Changed Light allows you to see and this human looking shape does not have an elongated skull as far as I know. Does the round brimmed hat he wears conceal an elongated skull that will be seen later? Maybe I can only guess about things I didn't see that either do or don't happen later in the Moon's Changed Light. The scene in the Changed Light progresses and evolves and for example the Man of Light transforms and changes and the Easter Island type of shape my possibly transform in appearance at some point as well. It may be possible that some of the Easter Island type of individuals have elongated skulls however I did not see this effect. The Easter Island style of human forms that rise together at the same time the suddenly transformed looking Man of Light rises all have the same general look or group appearance as they rise in their double curving arc arrangement flanking on both sides and behind the Man of Light oriented all facing towards the Object's upper right horizon from their location standing on the floor of the sunken room at the top of the rising Light Mountain. This is truly a most incredible thing to see.

I think that it is very probable that the human looking forms with elongated skulls were seen during the third phase or stage of the Changed Light event, the oval shaped plain. I say this because as far as I am able to determine there are three stages or main phases composing the Changed and Lasting Light event. I saw the entire Valley phase and a good portion of the rising Light Mountain phase and I did not see a human form that featured an elongated shaped skull. Perhaps the human forms with the elongated skulls appear not just within the area of the third phase's oval shaped plain but maybe they appear in association with or perhaps they are seen located within the area of the concentric rings that appear to have been seen created in the Changed Light. The ancient people all seem to be describing this concentric ring effect and this sight was seen and copied and talked about by humans in legend and stone. Certainly the ancient people knew that they themselves were copies of the very muscular shape of the Man of Light at the heart of the Changed Light event. It may be possible that cranial deformation was practiced so that people, homo sapiens could change the shape of their children's skulls in an effort to copy a type of human form that they saw within the Changed Light that they obviously held in very high regard. Also it may be possible that homo sapiens practiced cranial deformation as a way to copy, imitate and emulate a different hominoid species that walked among them in the world at that time.

It occurred to me to ask a question; We are an exact copy of a human form that is seen within the Moon's Changed Light. It appears as if humans and all types of hominids looked up and saw the human forms within the Changed Light and were caused to grow into and copy the human looking shape that they were looking at just by looking at it. When I saw and went face to face with the widely spaced eyes of the Man of Light I really noticed that he has a bony looking face. I have always felt that the imprinting effect that the Changed Light causes, an effect I call the Shape Effects is closely tied together with why his bony face looked so natural in appearance to me. I believe that beginning to understand the Changed Light's imprinting effect that just simply happens to the viewer simply by looking begins to scratch the surface of the actual ancient process that caused us to exist in our present form.

Did a natural evolutionary line of hominids arise that featured elongated skulls the same way we evolved from looking at a Changed and Lasting Light human form that has a skull like our skull?

Obviously this is a question, that people can't consider today however to me this seems like a completely obvious question to ask. Humans coexisted with Neanderthals and perhaps other hominids as well. I really do not think the full extent of the human story is known today so who knows what actually really happened in our past. To me it seems completely possible and even somewhat probable that there could have been a type of genetically separate hominid that featured an elongated skull. The next question is are the hominids with the elongated skulls if they existed responsible for the very ancient megalithic constructions that can't be explained today? Maybe this will be a question that will be answered one day.

Many researchers today believe that they see many indications of an ancient world wide disaster. I am mentioning this because the evidence for this is very compelling without question. Refer to Mr. Brien Foerster's YouTube. I think they might be right in their conclusions. Perhaps the apparent cataclysm that seems to have struck the Earth and it's inhabitants around 12,000 years ago ended the hominid line that featured elongated skulls. If that cataclysm didn't happen I suspect that our world today would be a drastically different place perhaps with hominids with elongated skulls still highly positioned in society. Perhaps they might even be rulers calling the shots and running the show continuing to build fantastic megalithic constructions many of which copy exactly what they saw in the Moon's Changed Light. Specifically I believe they copied the things they saw during the third stage of the Changed Light event where everything that happened earlier from the time that the shadows started sculpting and shaping in the Changed Light was then seen again as a part of and within the oval shaped plain.

If we are lucky enough to see the oval shaped area of Changed Light emerge from the upper structure of the rising Light Mountain we could find ourselves seeing the actual sights and Lasting Light things that the ancient people were always most focused on. We'll see what happens the next time the speeding ancient Object rolls down across in front of the Moon and causes the Changed and Lasting Light event to happen again. I saw the Valley phase and the rising Light Mountain phase of the Changed Light event. I am guessing about what happens next in the Changed Light past the point that I saw up until based on the clues left by the people in our distant past. I am very certain that if the oval shaped third stage of the Changed Light event occurs during the Object's next crossing down through between the Earth and the Moon we will see many familiar looking structures and fantastic things. Look at the ancient and megalithic constructions that we are aware of today and then during the Object's crossing down in front of the Moon look and see if you see any of those shapes recreated again within the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon.

Imagine a world where all the incredible places like Tiwanaku and Puma Punku in Bolivia were never destroyed and they still existed in original condition in our time today complete with an unbroken history and a world society of some description. A society that was focused on their true origin, the returning Object of the Crossing Down and especially on the Changed and Lasting Light event that the Object causes to happen to the light from the Moon. If they were not destroyed by a cataclysm of some sort how far would the megalithic builders have advanced in their next 12,000 years up to this point in time? If that happened we wouldn't be here to wonder who built places like Tiwanaku, Puma Punku, Gobekli Tepe and Gunung Padang and many other places instead we would have been the future that never happened. In a strange sort of way the cataclysm that destroyed the megalithic builders and perhaps also the hominids with the elongated skulls allowing our future and present time to exist is similar to the way that the extinction of the dinosaurs set the stage for the rise of mammals and ultimately all the different varieties of hominids that walked the Earth.

Life on Earth somehow arose and then some of that life looked up and saw the muscular finely detailed shape of man formed like a three dimensional statue made of solid looking unmoving very special Changed Light from the Moon. Somehow over time some of the life that looked up at this shape must have been caused to grow into the human form that was being observed in the the Changed Light. The intense imprinting effects of the Changed and Lasting Light must be central and at the heart of how this ongoing fantastic process works. This is more than just a guess that I am making it's a combination of many things. The intense pressure of the rising Changed Light mountain is certainly imprinting into you but also the imprinting effect starts from the first instant that the Moon's light seen suddenly changed. This is when the ancient Valley is first suddenly visible beside the Object to the right and beyond the Object's upper right. There's no pressure from the sight of the ancient Valley and there's also you experience no pressure from looking at the Changed Light that forms the Man of Light when he is first seen created by the big main shadow. Because the entire shape of the Valley is seen as a part of the Large Shape Effect I know that imprinting is going on or happening from the very start of the sight of the Valley even though you don't feel the Changed Light's pressure the way you are intensely subjected to a force or pressure the way that happens when you see the Changed Light mountain rising the way I describe in the Return Viewer's Guide. There is an incredible physical thing that happens to you automatically when you see the Changed Light. This effect happen to me and it will automatically happen to you when you see the ancient Object of the Crossing Down and the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon. This process is at the heart of the actual ancient mysterious process that caused us humans to come into existence with our skulls the way we know our skulls in their present form.

How many other forms of life on Earth were caused to exist today in their present form because their shapes are seen within the Changed Light? Not just hominids with elongated skulls but also animals of various types might have been caused to come into existence because their ancestors saw the Changed Light exactly the same way our ancestors saw what became their shape or our shape within the Changed and Lasting Light

Many Early Hominid Types, It Only Makes Sense

( Brian, I understand completely why you deleted my reply on your YouTube channel. Basically you had to so no worries.)

Good luck in the future I hope it turns out that you see the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light the fantastic visual spectacle that is at the root and source of many many of the mysteries and fantastic ancient things that our ancestors did in the past. You explore and discover and then share with everyone through your videos your exploration of the Earth's human past seeking truth and understanding. I will never be able to visit the places that you explore but I can see through your lens and as I do I am closer to knowing the people I have always wanted to know ever since many years ago when I first discovered that people made their own copies of the Object's Standing Stone Craters. Who were these people who made the stone circles in their fields and their deserts? Suddenly I finally knew for sure that someone else had also seen the Object and of course the Moon's Changed Light event as well. This was a great relief for me but I didn't know at that point in time that I would never really figure out who these people were and understand and know them. First from the copies of the Object's craters on the Earth and now to the simply amazing inexplicable fantastic enigmatic megalithic constructions and monuments that you explore and then share in your videos I am finally really glimpsing the existence of the true ancient builders that I have always sought as opposed to the traditional story of human history that I just knew didn't fit with what actually really happens. The Object and the Moon's Changed Light and the things that are displayed and seen within that Light are central to the world culture of the Megalithic high tech World and from that point in time and further back in time. I think that it's important everyone and for you to see the Moon's Changed light because you have intimate knowledge of what the Megalithic builders actually did. I get the benefit of seeing through your eyes and I can offer the same to you. You need to see what I saw and you can when the Object orbits back home again and once again changes the light from the Moon and the background of space.

When the speeding forward rolling Object arrives down and crosses through between the Moon and the Earth eclipsing the Moon look to the right and over the Object's upper right horizon into the distance of of the Moon's suddenly newly emerged drastically looking and behaving Changed Light and Lasting Light. Importantly you can't look away because of many important reasons but one of them is this, if you look away when you look back again you will have to start over basically and you might end up not seeing from as deep within the Changed Light and as close up as you would have otherwise. Stay looking in an uninterrupted manor. I talk about this and try try explain more about this in the 5 free Return Viewer's Guides and on my website. I only saw the first two parts of the Changed Light event the Valley and the Mountain. Maybe you might be able to see past the approximately the 40 - 50 seconds or so point that I saw up until. Without question it is clear that in many instances the ancient people copied things they saw within the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon as you will see for yourself. You need a clear sky and you have access to many places where you could lower the risk of cloud cover. You need to see the Object cross down and it turns out that you need to see the Moon's Changed Light because it's at the heart of your passionate research and your life's work as well. All the best to you sir keep doing the important work that you do and keep those awesome videos coming!
thanks Don.

Mr. Brien Foerster of
Quadcopter View Of Tiwanaku And Puma Punku In Bolivia

















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