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If I Have Told You About This

If I have told you about this then I have to thank you for your time and for listening to what I had to say and talk about. It was an honor for me to have been able to tell you about this. I hope you get to see the ancient crossing Object and the Changed and Lasting Light.
It's now up to you to keep yourself informed and up to date concerning the Object situation I told you about.
Read the Return Viewer's Guide and BE READY!

I had many visits here at this website since 2005. Since 2008 many of you first heard about the Object and what it does with the light from the Moon and the background of space from my podcast.

I am fortunate to have been able to tell a number people about what I saw in person. I have not had a chance to tell the vast majority of the people I know about this. It is a complicated situation for me that's for sure. I tell people about this and there is always another person I am going to mention this to but telling everyone I know is not possible. Picture yourself in my position and imagine actually telling everyone you know about the Object and especially the Changed and Lasting Light and what it does. I am mentioning this point because many of you who know me will wonder why I didn't tell you about the Object. First of all I'm sorry we didn't end up talking about this together. I understand and I know that no matter how many people I am able to actually mention this too I will regret not tell more people about this situation.

Very few of the people I talk to in person about what I saw ever mention the subject of the Object's return to me again later. Some do, but most don't. That's ok I tell people that I understand that this is hard for people and for me for lots of reasons to many to list here. For years at first and even now I find myself apologizing for mentioning this to a person. It's only even been the last part of my life that I have been able to talk about this never mind telling people one on one about the Object and especially what happens in the Changed Light.

There's no way a person can hear my descriptions and believe or understand that they could be real. If I first heard about and found out about the Object at random from someone I just happened to know for sure I know I would not be able to actually believe this either. I would have heard the basic idea of what the person was talking about and I would just have to wait and see like everyone else. Meanwhile I know that once I've told a person about what happens this does mark a point in time for them.

Also I always tell people that it's not about believing anything I describe to them instead in a few minutes I can convey enough information so that the listener has heard the basic idea of what happens. I know that this does actually prepare that person with at least some basic information and foreknowledge that they will eventually realize they have. They will have heard what happens so when it happens again I know I will have done my best to prepare that person in the time I had with that person. This is about doing the right thing even though it's uncomfortable for me and also for nearly everyone I have told or more like everyone I've told. Sometimes I ask this question. If something big was going to happen and you found out that you had a chance to hear about it and know the exact basic details of what happens ahead of time, would you want to know and would you decide to find out about it? I think every person I have asked this question has answered as I would and they would rather know ahead of time as apposed to not knowing. This is not to say that this makes hearing or talking about what happens easy. This instead is one of those starting point things that has helped me to be able to actually tell people about this one on one.

Leading up to May 2014 I found myself contacting people to remind then that the date and time I thought the Object might return was approaching. I couldn't help myself as I called or spoke to people about this again. I realize that I can't end up doing that again leading up to May 26, 2018. I encourage you to remember to be ready incase the Object returns May 2018.
Once I've told you about this situation it's very extremely unlikely that I will contact you to remind you about this later leading up to the time of the Object's arrival home.
In other words it's all up to you to decide to look at my information or not to look at my information. You'll either be ready or you won't be ready. You'll either be able to see with very specific detailed foreknowledge or you will remain basically clueless like the rest of the world concerning the ancient sights that are about to happen once again between the Moon and the Earth. It turns out that it really is as simple as that as you will eventually know for yourself. At that point you will realize that I told you because I knew that this was important for you.

If you do decide to take my advice and look at and read at least some of The Return Viewers Guide doing so sooner rather than later has to be my next advice to you and don't forget to tell other people about what is happening as the time approaches. I am confident that there is a good chance that some of you will see from within the Moon's Changed Light. If that happens then all those uncomfortable moments telling people about this will have been time very well spent! Even if that doesn't happen I know I'm not wasting my time and telling people about this and getting the right information out there ultimately to the whole world is the right thing to do.

If I've told you about this and you know for sure that nothing I said could be true and your even wondering if everything's ok with me... don't worry about me and I know if I was in your place I would very likely be thinking the very same thing as you. Just by deciding to write and talk about the Object in the first place I knew I was automatically placing myself in this position where people will have to doubt my credibility and what I have to say. Over time I have paid at least a certain price and it has not been easy. That is part of the risk I took and the price I pay when I tell another person about the Object and what happens. At a certain point I understood that it boiled down to either doing something about the situation or not doing something. For me that also translates into doing the right thing or not doing the right thing. Knowing I'm doing and I did the right thing when I decided to share my descriptions with people helps me to be able to actually tell someone about this.

If I've told you about this and I have suggested an idea for you to make some money for you and your family, did you consider my suggestion? Did you eventually do something? Any suggestion I might have made for you to consider probably had as it's general theme or had the basic idea of doing something or taking some action or perhaps making or painting something before the return of the Object. Also I have mentioned to most but not all individuals, that I was not interested in making a percentage of any potential money they might be able to make. For example I was offering to sign and date and document your Return related art or work along with you so you could perhaps make money selling whatever item in the future after the Object's return if you were to decide to try to do so. I can clearly see and understand that a signed and dated pre Return, Return related theme piece of art work would have the potential to earn you the artist, a possible fair profit. As I clearly explained to you, that's the idea basically. This is easy for me to understand but not easy for you to understand, I totally understand this. Eventually we will see if some people do anything in this area based simply on my word. The thing is most of you who I have approached are already involved and producing art related items for sale in your store and or someone else's store. I mentioned this very limited opportunity to you because of some factors and a clear situation where it would be simple and easy for you to spend just a small amount of time and effort and you would have in your possession some item(s) that would be unique and special, and historic even. Once again this does relate to you actually doing something before the Object returns home. Also for example I have suggested to some people that they could buy a couple of my books and I would be happy to sign and date those copies. I have a pdf people can save and print. At next to no cost to a person I would be happy to sign their printed copy of my pdf. A three hole punch and a binder and they would have something relevant I could sign for them. We would do our best to document the fact so that later it would be clear that you had your item(s) signed and dated before the Return. As well for those of you who know me feel free to approach me and I'll happily sign and date whatever item(s) you want me to sign or I'll sign and date my book for you if you have a copy plus I'm definitely open to suggestions and ideas. Like I say on my website print out and save the pdf I provide for free download and I'll sign it for you. Later after the Return of the Ancient Object it will be to late and you will have missed your chance to make your investment in time and energy and have me involved signing and dating your artwork with a pre Return date. Understand this very clearly. Later after the Object returns and the situation is suddenly obvious to you and you know about the Object for yourself along with the rest of the world, I will not create a forgery for you so you can then take advantage. I will meet with you and try my best to help you out before the Return like I said I would. It is up to you. Later after the Return I might sign a limited number of pieces of your work if they are Return related but I will not provide you with a pre Return date.

If I've told you about this and you actually really are an expert in your field and I have suggested an idea for you and me regarding some sort of a joint project most probably a book or an article for example, did you consider my suggestion? If you didn't or can't or wont I understand at least I understand in part. Certainly I can't put myself in your position and I know from lots of experience that my Return descriptions are usually not received very well on many different levels. Later after the next Return the situation in the world will be changed and your situation will be changed as well. I hope that at that time you will realize my overall good intentions. There was nothing more I could have said that could have or would have caused you to consider making a decision to explore the possibilities and the opportunity to partner with me on a small project. You were not in a position where you had much chance to be able to consider the opportunity I was proposing. Simply put the realities of the times before the Return made it impossible for you to take me seriously. That's not your fault or my fault. Today looking ahead to the time after the Return I have a difficult time imagining going back to the years before the Return and actually finally partnering with anyone I contacted at that time especially if I didn't receive any response from them after I contacted them. I will try to keep an open mind sort of the way I want and am hoping you will have an open mind today.


Also I am going to take this opportunity to respond and address a couple of that extremely small minority of you who I have spoken to in person or been in contact with who have responded to my descriptions clearly overly negatively or even basically very negatively. I am not talking about a person expressing doubt, questioning me or when I have been in basic debates of sorts although basically I don't actually debate this subject with people.
Instead a couple of examples;
Here is a situation where I received two different responses at the same moment and both individuals clearly did not and could not believe anything I was telling them as per the routine I expect and am very used too.

Some years ago I had some home made business type of cards that I would offer to give to a person with some basic info url etc on it. The local astronomy club was holding a viewing for the public and we decided to go check it out. I had already talked with a few interesting people and we also had some opportunities to look through a number of really interesting telescopes set up for public viewing. All three of us really enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all of you who were so generous and informative that night. Many families were out that night with their kids for the public viewing so that was also really nice to see. I hope the club continues to offer viewing nights for the public!
Meanwhile later that night I gave my card to a person who I am guessing considers himself to also be an amateur astronomer along with the rest of the club members who were set up that night. The card was thrown back at me to then fall to the ground. He then mumbles something about aliens and he then very condescendingly tells me that "we know everything there is to know about the solar system." Meanwhile the other gentleman I spoke with at the same time who if I'm not mistaken happened to be the club president at that time also clearly did not and could not begin to think that maybe what I was describing could maybe have even the slightest amount of credibility. His actual reaction was 100% completely different however. He was very polite, friendly and very helpful. I had an opportunity to speak with him for a few minutes while he was packing or unpacking his vehicle's trunk with some of his gear he was using for the viewing that night. I can clearly understand why the club members elected him president. I would like to thank him now for the time he spent with me that night.

Most times when I tell a person about this I get a polite neutral type of reaction and I am thankful for that and I want to thank those people for that. Thankfully examples like the card thrower above are far in the minority but once in a while almost rarely though I want to say, but once in a while I receive this or that type of negative reaction. I am encouraged forward by the politeness and the patience of the vast majority of the individuals I have been able to talk with so far. Also once in a while a person is very interested in my descriptions and I end up having a great conversation with that person. Now and then a person will come out and say something about something that I didn't know but from my descriptions they were able to realize for them self that they've read about something that I am describing somewhere else. These are the types of encounters that I look forward to the most.

Astronomers Planetary and Solar System Scientists, Experts and Others

Something I very rarely do anymore today is to actually contact people who are experts in various closely related areas of study and science. At first this sort of seems to be counter intuitive as you would think that these are the very people I should be contacting and informing. It turns out that this is exactly true, these are the people I need to be contacting and these are the people who really do need to know. I am greatly relieved to be able to say that there are a number of these individuals who do now know about the Object because of many efforts I have made to contact and inform these people. Most of these contacts were made from approximately 2003 to around 2006-7 or so. Certainly overall those efforts were very worthwhile and I'm very glad I made those efforts and in part those efforts are a part of the reason why I can say that I know that I'm Absolved no matter what anyone thinks or says in the future.

( I want to make this point 100% clear. No matter what you read on this page, I certainly would welcome every future opportunity that allowed me a chance to talk to another scientist and to help him or her in every way I am able. I know all to well that this is important to the world. )

The scientists noticed something else that seemed too odd to be a coincidence: "Both Sedna and 2012 VP113 seemed to be making their closest approach to the sun at similar angles. That could mean that there's a giant planet out there, tugging at both of their orbits in the same way. If so, this ghost planet could have a size of anywhere from 1 to 20 Earth masses"

The celestial Object I saw and describe on this website may in fact be the Object that causes the effects that these scientists are describing and thinking about and trying to understand.
This is the sort of thing I can't ignore when I see it and this is an example of what sometimes causes me to contact the scientists who are doing this important work and making these important discoveries. Certainly for whatever scientists that are finally able to put this together and figure it out and then put this out there, they will find themselves making history.

Past a certain point in my efforts in this area I reached a point of what I guess I could try to describe as a point of diminishing returns. At first this was a mystery for me to understand. I used to think that once people, various types of experts, ancient history experts, Egyptian hieroglyph and Maya glyph readers, ancient astronaut theorists and authors, astronomers etc and especially planetary and solar system scientists etc had a chance to hear about the Object they would be compelled by they facts that they knew and understood to look at this seriously as they began to realize or they suddenly realized that the Object and the details I was describing to them actually fit with their work, after all I am describing what really does happen. It turns out that things are much more complicated than my narrow view allowed me to understand especially at first in those early years as I naively contacted various people thinking that they would be interested in hearing from me. There are many factors that come into the situation that don't allow for virtually most of these people to possibly consider my descriptions. I can't possibly begin to try to list those many factors here. Looking back from the future after the Object's next return, people will be able to clearly see and understand a great deal about what these factors are that I am referring too.

There were a couple of individuals who did give themselves a chance to hear the idea of what I say I saw. In the end and the beginning that's all I wanted to do and the main thing I was trying to accomplish by telling expert types of people about the Object. This is a chance for me to thank those people again. I hope they will look back and be glad we were in contact. I hope my information helped you. It was a point in time for me and for them as well as they will see for themselves eventually.

Unfortunately efforts to directly contact these people usually does inevitably turn out to be a complete waste of my time. I still know that I've done the right thing and I know that without making those efforts I had nearly no hope of contacting and informing more of the right people. It is actually vitally important that more of these people finally find out the basic facts of life concerning our local neighborhood in space. That said I have virtually given up making these efforts to contact these leading experts most importantly namely, astronomers, solar system and planetary scientists. With every failed attempt and after hearing about "my good imagination," my resolution, determination and my patience gradually became less while at the same time my disappointment and eventually my frustration steadily grew to where it is now today. It still boggles my mind when I think about how especially solar system and planetary scientists don't know about the Object I saw. Nasa scientists do know that something crossed between the Earth and Moon in the early 1970's blocking their signals from Apollo experiments left on the lunar surface but I certainly don't know who knows what. But let's just say it the way it is, they are not clueless because the clues are all around them literally, however they seem to be in the dark as a group and they really do seem to be oblivious concerning the Object I saw and describe. This is actually very disturbing and very troubling and very unfortunate for them and everyone. I seem to have made very little impact on the situation with them.

Also eventually over time I began to realize that there are some people who have something to lose once the Object safely crosses down again and the facts of a Return are suddenly there central in everyone's equation where they've actually already been all along. Most of my life I just never knew that anyone had anything to lose during and after a safe Return but eventually I realized some of the things that are going to happen automatically when the Ancient Object returns home. I certainly am not talking about scientists and credible serious researchers here in this paragraph. Instead this is especially true in regards to the many various BSer's and their many copy cats that are out there making ridicules claims such as for example; they are in contact with the Anunnaki or they have the inside scoop on Nibiru, Planet X or whatever, and the advanced civilization that they mistakenly claim lives there... from secret government sources, or directly from aliens or even directly from God... and or that God is an alien and they know this because they went for a ride in his spaceship. Ok ya lol I heard that one on a popular late night US radio show. Or God has spoken to them directly and given them a personal vision of Planet X and it's coming in!!! Or that their wife is in contact with Nibiru and she'd tell you all about it but she's got a headache right now so no such luck... but then they are all unable to provide any specific accurate details etc like for example the standing stone craters are there like anyone who really actually saw would know. Or they'll say that Planet X will hit the Earth. Don't forget the hoards of Nibiru experts (YouTube) that have no idea that the Ancient Object the ancient people were talking about crosses down in front of the Moon and the many Anunnaki experts (YouTube) who have never heard of the human forms that the shadows create and cause to happen in the Moon's Changed Light. Some of these people actually claim that we are the result of being genetically engineered by the Anunnaki in ancient times! Together many of these people have books and expensive dvd's for sale explaining all about it and even sometimes providing proof for their claims. Where did they get all their tired old regurgitated, repackaged and then rebranded info from, many years of researching the internet? Basically each other? Anyway's that's what it is as we will see sooner or later.

(The thing is they do have it wrong but life on Earth did see the human form within the Changed Light and here we are!!! This does point towards how complicated the situation is as people today struggle with the clues from ancient times. The basic simple fact is that we are exact copies of his image, or his shape which is in fact sculpted by a shadow out of the Moon's Changed Light! Incredible! )

The rubber is going to hit the road hard soon this is true but don't be confused, clearly certainly it has nothing to do with me saying what I saw and what this might mean for a person who is making up a story about the Planet of the Crossing and them selling it in an effort to build a personal professional empire. I wonder how often this sort of thing is done world wide in all different areas of society. It makes me wonder if I have to question more things out there that are suppose to be true. Forget the idea of blaming me for whatever problems you might eventually encounter once everyone knows what really happens. I've just realized the situation and I'm pointing it out. It's this great big fast rolling space thing that orbits so clearly it has nothing to do with me except that I saw it. Blaming me for any of your future problems would be like trying to say it would be my fault if a meteorite struck you on the head one day. It is what it is and your theories or guesses your job and or your dvd sales will survive or they won't. It has nothing to do with me saying something or not saying anything about the Object and what I think might happen once people know what happens.

The Ancient Object and the Moon's Changed Light will enter into the equation and many questions will be answered and new ones asked. The crushing effect the Object's reality will have specifically especially on the garbage that the expert BSer's have been putting out there will be overwhelmingly devastating and complete. When the Ancient Object is detected returning home getting ready to change the light from the Moon once again the crushing effect will start happening automatically. As things stand today there's nothing anyone can do to change this or prevent this from happening. At this very moment Adoil, Theia is rolling down again rapidly approaching and closing the distance that still remains to be traveled until it reaches home and it's crossing point between the Moon and the Earth where once again it will settle into place and become undone causing the Changed and Lasting Light event to occur. At that point time will have run out and thankfully, finally the high tech dark age of today will be over.

There has to be some middle ground suddenly still left there for some people for sure but that middle ground will likely be a very narrow strip at best with ideas, guesses and theories ending up on the outside or on the inside still surviving and able to continue moving into the future with zero space in the middle for any of those who deliberately mislead others for financial gain to hope to cling onto. It will be a shock for everyone for sure but especially for those who deliberately mislead who had no idea that the garbage they were putting out there was going to actually ultimately face the reality of what really actually does happen. Those who deliberately mislead others will be exposed for what they are.

People who I contacted with good intentions will eventually recall and remember me and they will finally know for themselves that having a chance to hear about the orbiting returning Ancient Object for the first time was a point in time for them exactly the same way that I know that it was important and an honor for me to be to able to tell them about the Object and the Moon's fantastic Changed and Lasting Light.


And as far as the BSer's are concerned...


Here is an example that I'm not proud of were I replied to my own post in a forum in 2008. My intention was good because I was trying to share information and raise Return awareness however I apologize to the forum's members for this transgression against forum rules and etiquette and my lack of good judgment. I think I was just so happy to see that someone out there had noticed my information and had commented on it. When I read it now seven years later I have to wonder what I was thinking that day. I learned from this mistake. I'm sorry

My frustration shows through slightly as I vent below. At least a small dose of venting may be therapeutic, good for me or maybe not I don't know. I have wanted to say something about a few situations I have been in. Maybe I should add more examples below. I know that there is nothing wrong with saying something if you if have a grievance or praise for something or someone and everyone knows that's just how it is.

I've told you about this and you are a popular Canadian podcast host across the bay, and you were curious and interested at first and you had me on your show a second time and then if you recall, that was when you gave me the bum steer. You proceeded to ask me a couple of bogus questions that were clearly intended to waste time. Then you cut me off after bringing me on the show with only 10 minutes left in the hour or half hour I had been invited on for. Having listened to your show I know of no other example where a guest on your show was treated the way I was treated. Just the other day February 2015 I looked up your previous guests all listed alphabetically. My name is not there. Plus to top it off you knew that this was the first time I had ever been a guest on any sort of show. Ya thanks buddy. You could have done things differently and you should have. Unprofessional and just plain rude of you Rob, sad.

If I've told you about this and you are a media outlet say like for example specifically the Hamilton spectator, and hearing about the Object from me wasn't good enough for you, and it wasn't, let's say to start with because my book was self published, well then all I can say is that's unfortunate. I stood in that long very slow line and I spoke on your phone to that person, a female, saying please put me in contact with a junior reporter. At that time I was planning ahead for the future. I figured if I was able to get at least one qualified press person up to speed then that would be potentially very helpful to the situation later when the Object is detected. Then past that point and then later after the Return I somehow thought and envisioned cooperating with and supporting and working with the spectator namely hopefully that same junior reporter. You made the point that that's not the way you do things and you indicated who would follow up, basically if the decision was made to actually eventually follow up. It was 2009 when I walked into your office giving the spectator the opportunity to become informed and eventually relevant in the story because of the exclusive connection and mutually beneficial relationship I was hoping to start. I was trying start something positive and important with the spectator. And to be sure a situation such as this would have been beneficial to me as well in a potentially big way. Unfortunately it has turned out to be a situation where once again I received no help in any of the important areas to do with the return time of the Object. This has always been a motive for me when I attempt to involve or include other parties. Eventually you will find out about the Object from someone else or because of the Return itself happening. Be 100% clear on this, the conversation between you and me is over having never really started. Do not knock on my door. Don't call me we have nothing to discuss. Call it missed opportunity. You can stand in my line were you will wait forever. And your welcome for telling you about the Object and the overall situation the world is in.

Overall along with many positive memorable encounters and experiences I have had some setbacks and many disappointments. I always expected some setbacks to be the case to whatever point but somehow it's always a bit of a surprise or even a shock when those things happen. I does come back to the problems I face that are associated with telling a person about the Object and especially the Changed Light. Just to start off with there's nothing to prepare a person to hear about my descriptions of what happens. This alone is an actual factor in this equation. Add in the fact that I am not very good at describing things that are so unusual and very hard to convey. Sometimes I really feel as though I have been, and know that I have been completely unsuccessful during and right after I have spoken to a person. This is most often certainly not their fault. In other situations I have to overlook and ignore and sometimes even forgive broken promises, commitments or even rude comments that have come my way. Failed projects have happened as well. I hope I am able to avoid repeats of those types of situations in the future. I am going to continue to try to help people prepare to see within the Moon's Changed Light. I will continue to do this because I also know for a fact that by doing so I will have helped some people to see and go face to face with the ancient Man of Light. I can help a person to see this by mentioning a few easy to remember viewing tips. I know this is important. Because I know that for that other person if they are lucky enough to see the Object and especially if they actually see from within the Changed Light, they will know and glimpse the profound importance of the ancient sights and things they have seen. I take my chances and I mention the Object and the Changed Light to a person. No matter the outcome, it's never wrong for me to attempt to do so considering the potential good outcome especially if that person I approached was successful in helping other people to also see by mentioning a few basic points or tips for them. That's the basic point or task for me even if it's just one person at a time when the opportunity presents itself.

I started off with a small list of basic goals. Most of those goals have been met to various degrees. After the Object's return I believe that most of the rest of the goals that I listed for myself will be met as well also to varying degrees. I hope that ultimately many people especially children get to see the next Return with the foreknowledge I am able to give those future viewers.
There is still time for that to happen at least to some degree.

Once again everyone, thanks for the chance to tell you about this.
Don Beeton

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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