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The Object's Side Profile Within Ancient Depictions, Writing & Hieroglyphs

After I modeled the Object with clay from the front the way I knew it I turned it and looked at it's side profile. That's when I first saw the Object's side profile. Now I am constantly noticing the Object's side profile within ancient depictions, writing and especially hieroglyphs.

I don't know what today's ancient history experts think this shape is suppose to mean or what they think it's about. Watching various TV documentaries I have seen hieroglyphs being interpreted and read. The shape of the Object, it's front shape or side profile is read as if a word.

The people who read ancient hieroglyphs obviously don't know about the incredible speeding forward rolling astronomical Object that crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth and they also don't know about how the Object intercepts and transforms and changes the light from the Moon and the background of space when it eclipses the Moon. Because of this unfortunately the people who read hieroglyphs have no understanding regarding the fact that the ancient people were very focused on the entire event from the forward rolling speeding Object itself and especially what happens when the shadows from the Object's crater rim pieces travel up over and past the Object's upper right horizon into the Moon's Changed Light causing the incredible fantastic impossible primordial repeating sights and things that are seen within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light to happen. This is the fantastic ancient thing that happens. As people today read ancient hieroglyphs how can they possibly begin to understand one of the basic ideas of what the ancient writers were actually trying to describe and what they were talking about

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The Object's Side Profile     Some Images Page

The Side Profile of the speeding forward rolling retrograde astronomical Object that I saw crossing down through between the Moon and the Earth.

Said to be the Stone Of Sidon
Hills Of Tara
The Crossing Object's forces are entirely responsible for causing the Changed and Lasting Light event with the Moon's light. Ultimately the Human form is seen within the Moon's Changed light many times over. The Changed and Lasting Light is the spectacular thing the ancient people were focused on.
I would like the thank the owner of this image
Is This related? I don't know but the Object's side profile is seen. In association with this ancient site many ancient common Return related elements and themes are mentioned.

One day last fall /06 we visited Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, the R.O.M.

We spent most of the day in the kid's area as planned and had a great time. Later as planned we went to the ancient Egypt exhibit. I knew that we would find the Object depicted and sure enough we found it!

After checking out the two black obelisks just inside the ancient Egypt exhibit entrance we started looking over the displayed artifacts. Definitely the R.O.M. has many fantastic ancient Egyptian artifacts! Seeing some of these genuine ancient items was really very interesting.
Then we walked past a square support column and on the column's far side facing away from the exhibit entrance was; The Relief Sculpture Of Metjetji, from the tomb of Metjetji.

I remember that it was as if I saw the Object first before the rest of this fantastic sculpture! Amazing there it was right in front of me, the side profile of Ancient Object that crosses between the Earth and the Moon! This was a special moment for me! And even better than I could have imagined! I could actually touch it!!!

At first I thought that relief sculpture of Metjetji that I was looking at and even able to touch was a reproduction of the original. I asked a very helpful and interesting member of the museum staff for information. She was stationed in the ancient Egypt exhibit to provide help and information to the public. I must say that she was very pleasant and informative. Much to my surprise she told me that I was looking at and actually touching the real thing and not a reproduction! The relief sculpture of Metjetji is in perfect condition and stunning! It's texture is smooth and flawless! It was as if it had been recently carved from the stone and then finished perfectly smooth.

Seeing and touching the Object's side profile in stone was special for me because I knew that the artist who sculpted this shape really did know and for me this really was and still is the first and only time in my life that I have made this sort of a connection or any sort of connection with another person regarding anything to do with the Object's return. So far this is the closest I have come to meeting and knowing someone else who knew and maybe even actually saw the Object and the Lasting Light like I did. I know at first this connection I have seems very distant. When you look at the Big Full Circle of the Object causing the Lasting Light event and human life and all of history, the artist who sculpted this side profile depiction lived just yesterday. I talk about how I made this connection but for me this feels more like the person who sculpted this shape reached out forward in time to me instead of the other way around.

As I describe elsewhere my friend's father did see for a split second but we had a very unfortunate total disconnect and we were not able to talk about what we had seen. The ancient person who sculpted the Object's side profile depiction that I found at the R.O.M. was brought up in a world culture that focused on the details of the returning orbiting Object and especially on the details of the shapes and sights seen that the shadows from the Object's vertically standing crater pieces sculpted and shaped in and then out of the changed Lasting Light from the Moon.
I certainly don't claim to have the anywhere near the same sort of understanding but I do know in general terms a small amount about the big picture of what really happens.

On the day that we visited renovation work was going on in the museum. I said to the R.O.M. employee that I was amazed that I could actually touch a sculpture such as this. I was thinking that the sculpture could be scratched or damaged far to easily this way. The museum staff member told me that as a part of the work that was going on in the R.O.M. a clear protective cover was to be installed shortly to protect the Relief sculpture of Metjetji. First I felt very fortunate to be there in time to actually touch the Object's depiction and second I was very happy to know that the Object's side profile depiction was to be protected and by now I have to assume that the clear cover is in place.

Located in the lower area of the relief sculpture of Metjetji according to the description provided by the museum;
"A child is walking ahead, holding tightly to Metjetji’s staff."

This small figure's left arm points just slightly below the depiction of the Object's side profile.
The Object's side profile is located just to the right of the rectangle in the third column of hieroglyphs.

The picture provided by the museum does not show enough detail to be able to clearly see the exact shape of this ball shaped depiction. Also I was unable to provide a direct link to the R.O.M.'s online image of the relief sculpture of Metjetji from the tomb of Metjetji.

Enter search term: Metjetji
Royal Ontario Museum Images


The Object's Side Profile     Some Images Page
The Side Profile of the orbiting forward rolling speeding ancient Object
that I saw crossing down between the Earth and Moon.

Whenever and wherever you see this shape depicted by the ancient people,
you can be sure that the orbiting forward rolling very ancient Object that I saw
and try to describe on this website is definitely the subject of the ancient depiction.

The Side Profile of
The Planet Of The Crossing
or rather this is the Side Profile of
The Ancient Object Of The Crossing
_Down Between The Earth And The Moon.

And Definitely...*Nobody Lives There!*

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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