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The Crossing Down

In days to come you will have good use of this
such are the things you will see you who will come here.
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The Object Of The Crossing Down

Along with the page The Object Returns, I wrote this page very early on and I have decided not to delete it. Both of these pages were early attempts to write about the Object and what happens in the Moon's Changed Light. From the time I saw the Changed Light when I was probably 12 years up until the time I started to try to write about the Changed Light I had always referred to the Changed and Lasting Light as the illusion. From the time I saw the Object roll down across between the Moon and the Earth and change the light from the Moon and since then really I have been searching and struggling for a way to describe and even think about the Moon's Changed Light. Even though using the word illusion to describe the Changed Light is completely inadequate and also inaccurate, calling the Changed Light the illusion was at least a starting point a way to try to begin to understand what I saw and what was happening to me when I saw the Moon's Changed Light. Also both of these pages have to many commas and to much text that is bolded. Since that time my writing ability has improved at least a little bit thankfully.

It turns out that there is an object.

For the first part of my life, growing up, I did not understand that the object was unknown. Overtime I began to see that somehow I was going to have to figure out a way to report and describe what I saw.

The very difficult reality of the sight of the illusion, the changed light of the Moon as it presents itself' over the object's upper right horizon was and is as always, a very difficult complicating factor.
It's not just the object.
There is the fantastic sight of the moon's changed light, that goes along with a return.

There is and has always been an object.
A very fast moving, very massive, forward rolling crater covered, Moon coloured, incredible impressive and intimidating boulder. I understand that this fact alone will not be believed never mind the sights within and out of the changed light from the Moon.
There is very little that I can do except describe the sights I saw.

Once the object is once again within sight it will be instantly apparent that the object I describe is one and the same.
At this point, people will realize and know that my descriptions of the object are in fact accurate, there will be no question about it.
At that point it may or may not be possible for people to then take the next logical step.
The rest of my descriptions concerning the Moon's changed light are as accurate and as reliable as the descriptions I offer concerning the object itself.

The object's colour matches the brightest areas of the Moon.
It looked to me like the object is slightly taller the way it rolls.
As far as I know the craters on the object's shining surface are unique.
Towering crater rim pieces ring all of the craters as far as I know.
I did not see a single crater that did not have these towering vertically standing crater rim pieces. I am guessing but I can only suppose that these standing crater rim pieces are in fact pieces of original surface crust.
The side that partially faces towards the Earth when the object is between the Earth and the Moon is smooth and shows no craters.
Perhaps the other side will also show no craters.

The raised feature that becomes the overhang is the main, largest surface feature.

The overall shape of the object is very similar too and almost looks like some sort of moon coloured, giant crater covered fat snail shell. I know that this sounds too strange, but the similarity is remarkable.
This is especially true when the "tilting starts", and the light blending with the Moon starts causing the object to open up and spread open down wide.
This effect exaggerates the object's snail like appearance.
This is the point when the object is described in a favorite ancient text that I know as becoming "undone." Becoming undone is a very interesting appropriate way to describe the sight of the object tilting at the viewer instead of rolling at the viewer. This effect happens at the point when the light from the Moon is suddenly seen to the right of the object and especially over the object's upper right horizon.

The big rolling place is racing down towards us at this very moment!
Nothing will change this very real fact.

The object's influences and forces change the light from the Moon.
Once the object is between the Earth and the Moon the light from the Moon is effected.
I saw what the Moon's light looks like and I saw what it does.
I can describe these sights but that does not mean I understand or can explain how these sights happen.
It is clear that the object's influences and forces do cause the Moon's light to become changed.
I know this but I am unable to explain how this actually happens. Seeing this sight does not mean that you understand what you are seeing.

That is also what is going to happen during the next return as well.
For "me," and all the rest of the layman and for all of the "experts," alike.
Everyone will be left stunned and without any sort of total understanding.
It turns out that this is simply the way it is.

The questions, the mystery, and the physical power and pressure, "the intensity," of the sight of the Moon's changed light all combine with the rest of it, and result in a very low level of total understanding. I can only presume that that all those "big experts" out there will laugh when I say that they will be left stunned and without answers just like the rest of us. We shall see! They may be able to come up with a few answers to start with, I hope so, but they will be left stunned and numbed, like the rest of us, to be sure.

I have been waiting a long time to hear some sort of "expert" commentary. I don't think that the first day after the next return we are going to actually hear anything very profound from anyone. After a great deal of time goes by, progress will surely be made.
That will give all the experts some time to reprogram everything they know.
After they are all done rebooting their computers and themselves, that expert commentary, I have been waiting for so long too hear, may slowly start to actually happen.

It's not as though I have anything against "experts," the opposite is the case. I like most others can only have the utmost respect.
In the case of the object and the Moon's changed light, the simple fact is that
there simply are no experts.

In spite of this fact there will surely be a very long line of them all eager to give us all some in site! As long as there is T.V. the day after, the commentary without question, will prove to be very interesting even if any sort of true in site will more than likely be missing. True in site will take time, perhaps a great deal of time. I truly hope that one day the in site and "understanding," will come.

The awesome very intimidating reality of the approaching object grows for me daily.
The object is simply the most incredible sight I have ever seen, short of the sight of the changed light from the Moon.

When you first see the object it will instantly make your hair stand on end. The closer your view of it's surface, the more hair raising the sight! I can compare the feeling to "that suddenly caught in traffic," feeling!
Until I saw the object actually going across my "field of view," before the object somehow arrived, I had no sense that it was actually going to miss not just the Earth but me and my local neighborhood.
The view through the telescope completely threw off my perspectives.

The object actually crosses between the Earth and Moon at some sort of great distance from both the earth and the Moon. Faced with the sudden sight of the object just somehow right there, I had no idea what was actually happening. I had no way of knowing that the object was going to miss the Earth and was actually going to do so at a substantial distance from the Earth.

I have spent a great deal of time writing about how I was seeing and thinking from an extremely narrow perspective.
I was a totally unprepared and completely unsuspecting kid who had seen the Moon at least once through a telescope.
Then I saw that the inside of the telescope's eyepiece was all lit up inside.
It was my turn and I bent down and the sight of the Moon was gone and in it's place was the sight of this massive awesome forward rolling boulder seconds before it seemed to settle into place in front of the Moon.

I had no idea that the light from the Moon was going to suddenly emerge from over the object' upper right horizon and way to the right of the object.
I just simply thought that the telescope was pointing at the next big thing that people look at when they look up into space using a small back yard telescope.
At the time I just simply had no clue that the object I was suddenly seeing was actually rolling towards me from in front of the Moon. I simply had no way of knowing that the object was covering the Moon and that the telescope was in the exact same position that it was in earlier when I first saw the Moon.
It was only much later before I figured out and then realized that the telescope had not been moved and that
the object was in front of the Moon.

First, all around, it is was only the sight of the object, the big rolling place.
I was only seeing the spherical shape of the big rolling boulder. There was not any sort of huge expansive place attached to the right side of the object at the start of my view.
Then not slowly, but instead, suddenly to the right, there is the sight of an incredible valley!
I have read about this place many times since I saw it.
This is definitely the sight of the famous ancient valley of old.

While I was watching this I simply had no idea that the new sight of the very big place that is suddenly seen over the object's upper right horizon, the valley, was the light from the Moon.
The Moon's changed light at this point in the return before the first appearance of the black spot of the shadow under the overhang that develops to the left, is the sight of a very very convincing real looking valley.

Even after the wave of the shadow finishes crossing the surface of the brilliant object turning it's lower half or two thirds or more deep black and has gone past the object's horizon into and onto the light from the Moon, and even as the shadow goes into the distance of the valley, the sight to the right still looks like a valley.
This is also true even with the flat hard smooth expansive ground effect that suddenly forms too instantly meet with and provide a place for the points of the shadows to travel over when the shadow does pass through this region.

This is a totally incredible thing to see as flat smooth hard looking ground builds outwards from the edge the object's upper right horizon's light and then continues to extend out farther across the valley into the distance as the group or series of tall narrow shadows that are spread out from the left to the right, extend out deeper across and into the valley.
As the points of these widely strung out tall narrow shadows cross over the flat white cloud effect that is seen within the area of the valley, the flat white layer of cloudiness is instantly turned into flat hard ground that builds outwards from the viewer.
This interaction between the shadows and the Moon's changed light is central and all important.
The majority of the fantastic sights that are seen are "made of or from," the Moon's changed light and perhaps also light from some stars and perhaps even planets. It is actually the effect's of the shadows that is the actual key to the creation of the shapes and forms that are seen by the viewer.

Even though it very hard to realize when you are seeing this take place, all the shapes and every fantastic sight and event that takes place "in the light," "that is light," is actually the results of the shadows interacting with and sculpting the Moon's light that arrives as separate areas or waves of moving light from over the object's upper right horizon. I try over and over to describe these one way moving forward pulsing areas or wave areas of very bizarre looking light.
This effect I'm trying to describe happens later during phase two.
During the valley phase, phase one, the shadows interact with the flat white cloudy effect.
It is about the way the light from the Moon is effected and changed by the object's forces and then it's about the way the shadows from the object interact with, change and sculpt and create shapes and forms with and out of the changed light from the Moon as it emerges from over the upper right horizon and from and to the right of the object itself. Incredible and very bizarre starts to describe it.

The crater rim pieces may show the thickness of the object's crust.
The entire object is a staggering sight. Until the object actually crosses your line of sight or field of view, the view through a telescope does show the object basically rolling down right at you.
The object does always miss the Earth. How could it be otherwise?

Certainly a collision with this object would shatter our planet.

Besides knowing what an orbit is, I don't know very much at all about "orbits."
In spite of the fact that I don't know much about orbits I can take a guess.
It seems only logical to me that for the sake of some sort of starting point, it should be safe to presume that the object will never actually collide with the Earth.

Certainly I have to believe that most people will feel as though my description of the object, it's surface, and especially it's craters and their fantastic rim pieces was something I could have only dreamt up! I can't help that. Even what should be the basic hard ground of the object turns out to be nearly impossible or impossible to believe when you hear about it.
I can only say that there is no easy part here to describe or believe

Towering tall and thick and massive crater rim pieces circle these craters.
The sight of these craters are the source of the inspiration for the many stone circles on the Earth.
Where else would or could the ancient people come up with this sort of a concept other than from this incredible object's surface?
The very huge towering crater rim pieces must have been visible from the Earth with the naked eye and were copied and modeled by the ancient people. These craters are obvious in the rolling foreground of the sight of the valley as well.

After the sun's light reflects off the tops of the crater rim piece that are still illuminated above the shadow's wave down over the far slope that faces into the valley, the upper right horizon, the tops of the illuminated crater rim piece's roll and drop forward and are no longer there. The light that reflected off the many separate crater rim pieces is still seen there and remains visible in the crater rim piece's original location. A brilliant shape is produced. There is time to view the shapes above the height of the shadow before the formation of the focal point or heart of the lasting light illusion, the Awesome Good.
There are many examples of this effect were light is seen remaining behind in the location were the object's surface features were once located.
This is another very strange effect that you see that is hard to realize when you are seeing and very hard to describe later.
I realized most of what I understand only later and not while I was seeing the last return.
At the time I just watched and it was literally years later before the pieces started to fall into place for me and I finally started to understand a little bit about what I saw.

As I mentioned, the object's far horizon is a very special area of note during the first phase of the illusion, the valley. Many fantastic shapes above the black line of the shadow are just simply suddenly there. Once the wave of the shadow leaves the object's surface the shapes are there. The entire slope seems to be also facing into the distance of the valley.
Many many brilliant shapes are arrayed over a vast area. I remember that I have always thought of this area as having a cityscape at night sort of look.

All of the shapes above the slope are now a part of the overall valley and they don't move independently. There area looks like a natural part of the foreground of the valley. All one big place. Everything seems unmoving in this area over the far slope.

I always hate to try to guess at the numbers of things. Whether it's the numbers of craters or the number of crater rim pieces that have had their light left up above the line of the shadow. I try to guess and I try to be conservative. Like I have said a few times before, I was never very good at guessing the number of jelly beans in a glass jar. The numbers are not low.
There are many many more craters than just a few. There is no question that on an object wide basis there are hundreds of craters and thousands of create rim pieces that stand vertically and ring all of these craters.
This is something that I know is actually true but I do always hate to gives numbers. I can't guess the actual numbers, plain and simple.

Instantly everyone will recognize the fantastic crater rim features because the standing stone circles are well known throughout the Earth. It turns out that it's all about the shadows that the crater rim pieces cast into the valley, the Moon's light.
Shadows are cast into the Moon's light from craters on an object wide basis.
There is the big wave of the shadow and there are separate individual shadows, and a main most important group of shadows that emerge ahead of the wave of the shadow. These main shadows sculpt the illusion's main elements. The main elements later accompany the focal point of the Moon's now very bizarre behaving changed lasting solid looking light.

I understand that the crater that casts these main shadows must have been well known in the distant past.
It appears to me as if not only did ancient people know every intimate detail of the changed light, but they also knew exactly were the main shadows originally came from. This is some thing that will be seen during the next return. I don't know the exact location of this crater. I have a feeling that the main crater is above or past, on top of the object's large raised surface feature.

To me it is incredible to think that somehow what must be a random process has resulted in crater rim pieces that cast shadows into the moon's light in such a way, that the incredible results that are seen, are actually seen.
The incredible way that the Moon's light becomes changed is simply beyond belief.
The shadows create the forms that are seen. The forms that are seen are in fact light. On one hand this is simple. On the other hand this is complicated beyond comprehension.

I know that the object's main most important crater is located either just before the big raised surface feature or just past the object's raised surface feature. I give my reasons for guessing that the main crater is located just past the top of the object's main surface feature.

It does come down to the fact that the vertical crater rim pieces from the main most important crater, cast shadows and these individual black shadows travel as a group and precede the big black wave of the big main shadow into the distance of the Moon's changed light, now the sight of the valley.
This is near the end of phase one of the illusion, the valley. The big main shadow that precedes the group of main shadows is seen traveling between two of the smaller shadows.
The big main obelisk shaped shadow does somehow create the incredible form of the Awesome Good.
A fantastic statue of solid lasting changed intense Moon light.

The other main shadows create the group of fantastic statue like forms that are seen accompanying the Awesome Good from a point that starts immediately after the transition point between phase one of the illusion and phase two of the illusion, onward.
It's the sight of the ultimate ancient mystery.
The ancient descriptions of this that I read seem to only briefly mention the returning object itself and then almost always focus directly on the big point of it all. The point is that it's all about the sight of the Moon's changed light.

It is obvious that there is a great deal of confusion over, "the sun." It is obvious to me that this is the Sun that comes, and this is the Sun that then goes. At it's most basic level this is the forward rolling star bursting object. When I saw this object it's surface was completely inactive.
The brilliantly shinning object's surface colour matches the colour of the lightest brightest areas of the Moon.
In ancient times it appears as if this object's ejected material reached the Earth's surface and was eagerly gathered up by the ancient people.

The ancient people seem to have had well established uses for the object's material.
I can go into great detail in this area and I try too.
From gold to metal for weapons to the white powder that appears to have also been a main focus in regards to enhancing the shape effects, it's all about the object and the very complicated array of things that it used to do. In the area of the "white powder," it may not be as simple as a blacksmith and a refiner's fire, or it might be, I don't know.
They did separate the elements and use these separate elements for various purposes. I have to ask a question that is obvious to me. In the very end, or along the way towards the very end, what actually happens to the changed "light," itself, after it is seen as if a movie within the area of the plain? The plain arrives at or near the Earth and then the action starts and then the aging takes place. It's a process, and during this process what happens to the light that is seen in action along the way throughout the time span of this event and at the actual end time of this event?
The star bursting object ejected material outwards in all directions. Certainly I would think, at least as far as I am able to realize, that you would not get gold or metal for weapons from light, even solid lasting light that had aged and then passed away and was then scattered over the actual "World or Earth," itself.

But what about the mysterious "white power?"
Also what else was there besides the white powder?
I have recently found myself reading about how the ancient people were consuming products that included material that resulted from the Return event. I actually even read something were individuals were wondering if the animals that consumed the crumbs from the product they were consuming that contained material from a Return would be able to see the shape effects the same way that they were obviously seeing the shape effects.
I think that they were wondering this in spite of the way that this scavenging animal had not actually seen the lasting light, "I think."
Often I read through something and then later I am unable to relocate the exact text so that I can check the specific details.
The point is clear. People consumed material that resulted from a Return and this allowed the shape effects to be enhanced. That's why they did it.

The ancient Egyptians were very focused on the white power itself. The massive constructions projects they undertook were models of sights and forms and shapes within the light.
Their focus was the lasting light plain and simple.
They obviously knew that the lasting light was and is the big main point of it all just the same way that all the rest of the ancient people knew.
It's obvious to me that since they saw the changed light they also knew the shape effects.
If you see the changed light then the shape effect's will just simply happen to you as a result.
Also obviously just like the Maya, they understood that the shape effects were at the very core, and this core was the core of all things.
From certain descriptions I am able to find I am able to realize that the ancient people were actually consuming some sort of product, in whatever form, derived directly from the object itself or indirectly as a result of the object's forces. Once again, this product that was consumed seems to have greatly enhanced the way the shape effect's work.

Ancient people did know and understand all aspects of the returning star bursting object and the lasting light and the shape effects.
What was the special ingredient that they consumed? I don't know exactly but I am always looking for clues that could help to lead me. It is clearly and plainly obvious to me that ancient people consumed something and the main point was to enhance the shape effects. I know what I think but at this point I do need to find more clues before I am willing to say with 100% certainty exactly what I think. At that point I will still only be guessing, because that's all I can really do, but I will be guessing because that is something that I can do.

I read somewhere, I think from ancient Greek source, that the object had finally started to behave more like a normal planet.
Was this the point in history when the object's forward rolling, star bursting surface, became inactive? Who knows? I certainly don't, but I think that this is a significant clue.
All I know for sure is that in geological terms, ancient Greece and their descriptions of this star bursting object, behaving more like a normal planet, is not that long ago.

When I was a kid the object itself seemed as if it was only a peaceful, graceful, even beautiful big rolling place.
An intensely shocking thing happens there but the big rolling place itself, although very intimidating, was just simply the big rolling place.
Gradually I have realized that the object itself, may not be entirely peaceful and completely harmless the way that I experienced it.

Will the next return be as beautiful and graceful and awesome as the return that I saw?
I hope so.

Below this point in no particular order, is an assortment of copied and pasted descriptions and comments I wrote in pages addressed to my kids. Also there are descriptions and comments taken from letters, sent and unsent.

Usually I write about whatever I read or find out about next. Because I never know what the next new to me thing to know will be, a result is, overall the things I write about or comment on are basically unorganized and seemingly in no particular order. I write about the things I know are related to the sight of the object and the Moon's light. Most ancient things and titles are unknown and/or new to me. Basically I do not actually know how most of these ancient things and titles are thought about by people. All I can do is to try to relate the sight of the object and the changed light from the Moon, the "Illusion," with and to what I read about, and what I see in pictures from various sources and places from around the world.

I am very grateful for the amount of information that is out there thanks to the very hard work and dedicated of all sorts of other people, both in the present, and in the past.

This web site is an attempt to try to present some of the things I saw, some of the things I know, and some of my guesses at things, in some sort of at least, semi organized fashion. Below this point on a page items are less organized, copied at random. (Some sections are removed. As a result there will be many points that do not read smoothly) The idea of patience works best.

I can't hope to be completely accurate in every area I write about. Along with my evolving understanding, most of the new things I find and then write about, reflect my first impressions. I usually don't know very much about the wide array of "background information and facts," that usually go along with these new to me things that I comment on. This relates to the way that I don't really know how all of these sorts of topics and titles are thought about by other people. I saw the object and what the changed light from the Moon looks like and what it does. That's what I know. Many things do seen to go or originate from there, it seems. All I can do is to try to describe and explain, and try to do what is right with what I saw.


(Saturn's small, irregular moon Epimetheus.) This moon is only 116 kilometers (72 miles) across.
This is a moon?
If this irregular shaped rock actually falls into the moon, category I can only suppose that the object does as well, or maybe not.
I don't know what the criteria is but to start with the fact is, the object orbits and goes by between the Earth and Moon. The object is a sphere that is perhaps taller the way it rolls. It has a crust. It is a sphere with a crust, does this suggest anything concerning that mass of this object? From the little that I have read on the subject I have the feeling that it does.
It rolls forward. Do moons anywhere roll forward? Does rolling forward disqualify the object from being a moon? Planets "spin," or rotate and so do moons as far as I know or perhaps not. Our Moon faces us and does not rotate or spin like the Earth does.
Could an object that rolls forward in the direction that it is traveling be common and I just don't know about it?

I can say for sure that did I not hear about this at all in school. In fact the couple of times that I asked science teachers about objects in space that rolled, I was told that objects in space rotated or spun and no one I ever questioned was ever able to give me the sense that they knew anything about objects that rolled through space.
I still have never heard about rolling things in space, except for the object that I saw.
What sort of object rolls through space?
I am very curious about this question.
Has anyone ever heard about objects that roll forward in the direction they are traveling?
So far I have no clue.
Maybe one day someone will enlighten me by maybe sending me a link that may point the way.

The object's colour matches the brightest areas of the Moon.
Epimetheus is a rock on the road compared to the object, does size matter?
Can some sort of small star be a moon, for a whole solar system?
The object orbits closer to the earth than our own Moon! This has got to fall into the bizarre, category. Either the object orbits just the earth or it doesn't.
Could the object pass through our solar system, pass between the Earth and Moon and not be orbiting the Earth? The object passes by and then goes down below, the Earth towards the Sun as a part of it's orbital course.
If it orbits the Sun, and I can only suppose that the Sun has something to do with it, does that mean the object is a planet?
If it is, what sort of planet behaves like this going between another planet and it's Moon?
Are there planets that roll around their stars?

And then there's the star bursting, behavior that the object use to exhibit and may possibly exhibit again. How does a forward rolling object that eject's material outwards into space fit in.
The place were I looked down to and then saw across the object's surface from, lead to upward sloping terrain that then lead to a crater's vertically standing rim pieces. The ground sloped up to this one particular crater.
I can only guess but are there subsurface forces that exerted pressure upwards and outwards at one time causing the formation of these types of very unique craters?
What sort of object is this?
Is it a star, of some sort?
Can stars orbit between planets and their moons?
Do moons eject material outwards as they "roll?"
Do some types of star like, object's burn hot, intermittently?

The object although massive and huge it's probably smaller than the Moon. Because of the object's crossing position well out in front of the Moon during the return, the object is sufficient in size to obscure the sight of the Moon.
(Saturn's small, irregular moon Epimetheus.) This "moon" is only 116 kilometers (72 miles) across.
Where would an object that is 72 miles across need to be positioned between the earth and Moon so that it's size would be sufficient to obscure the sight of the Moon?
I actually have no real idea. Obviously at some point a 72 mile wide object would obscure the Moon. Maybe this question does or does not help because I don't know how far out from the Earth the object crossed. The object's surface was very in focus and very much clearer than the surface of the Moon so I know for sure that it was well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth and also it crosses down at a distance far from the earth. A 72 mile road trip acroos the object's surface my well be less than the distance between two well spaced out craters,. Just saying because it's obvious to me that such a guess is not unrealistic.

I can go on and on asking questions that I can't ever hope to be able to answer.
I do keep asking questions and I have many more of them. From what I understand in ancient times the object was thought of by some as the Moon's "twin." I know that does not make the object a "moon," of ours but it could just turn out that although very different and bizarre this object may in fact turn out to be a type of moon, a moon of the Earth's, our second moon. Also even more so it seems to me that many ancient people thought of this object as being a "sun," of sorts.
Maybe the Earth has a second moon, and maybe our second moon is some sort of mini star?
A mini star that ignites and burns hot only intermittently.
Maybe this object that may or may not be our second moon is not a type of object that is even known.
Could this be true?
This seems just to unlikely to me but I don't really have any sort of real clue.
At various points in time I have used search engines to try to locate information related to the types of objects that are known to exist out in space.
Obviously I have had no luck so far.


"Thus (the sun) revolves and goes... and its course goes under the earth."
" And I measure their goings, and compared their light, and saw that the sun’s light is greater than the moon’s. Its circle and the wheels on which it goes always, like the wind going past with very marvelous speed, and day and night it has no rest." "Its passage and return..." "and spends half (its course) under the earth."
(That describes it.)


I read that according to one author, "Zeus is a stone."

Apparently he figures we, would, all, agree that based on this and that, "Zeus, is a stone." Then he goes on to use some fancy figuring to draw up some sort of profound conclusion that basically says that, Mr. Einstein, who's name is apparently related in some sort of way to the word, "stone," has kicked the very object that I saw, right out of our solar system!
I guess in some ways I wish that this was true as I discuss on the page, The Awesome Good.

In the mean time just to start with it turns out that, we, don't all agree that Zeus, is a, "stone."
I can say that I learned a lot from the piece written by this author who I have a great deal of respect for. He is a writer unlike me, but it turns out that he did not see the object, also unlike me.

I am not going to get into this very much here, I wrote about this somewhere else.

I happen to know that this author's overall conclusion that he bases on some sort of rules that were provided by Mr. Einstein, that supposedly explain away the object and some sort of observable situation within our solar system happen be be 100% incorrect, at least as far as the existence of the object is concerned.

Basically my point is that the author's conclusion, is incorrect. That's the point.

The rules that Mr. Einstein provided may well be 100% correct, I have no understanding at all in the area of Mr. Einstein's work, and that's not what I am talking about.
However, it seems to me that Mr. Einstein's rule book could very well be missing a few chapters and overall his earlier chapters and rules may need a little tweaking here and there, time will tell.

It also seems to me that the numbers that were used or inputted to run the model, may well be off. On the other hand all of this is obviously completely out of my area. Who knows, the "numbers," may be accurate and reliable, I simply have no possible way of knowing. I am not trying to say that anybody's numbers are off.

I just happen to have seen the object roll down towards the area of space beside and below the actual real, Sun. That's what I know, this is my area of things so it does not actually matter what the rules are or what set of "numbers," were used. I don't actually need to be able to understand the math.
There is no way that any fancy figuring on a chalk board and some cleaver colorful words written by any author, will or could ever combine to kick, this object, right out, of the solar system!

Also I try to stay out of this sort of area as much as possible but, I am going to speak up for, and stick up for our ancient ancestors, who knew, and I am going to do what is right. Zeus is, NOT a stone!

In some sort of strange way it could be argued that Zeus may come from a stone. The big rolling place does look like some sort of massive huge "stone," if you wanted to look at it that way. Also Zeus is sculpted created and formed in and then out of light from the Moon. The Moon is a very "stony," looking sort of place, plus, there are "stones," or rocks on the Moon. You do "look," at the Moon's light, after it has been changed. Also if you are going to consider that it could be said that the big rolling object is some sort of "big stone," then if you were to take that sort of thinking to the next level, then the Moon itself could be considered to be an even bigger stone.

None of this goes anywhere close to supporting the statement that, "Zeus is a stone."
I can see the logic that the author followed that lead to his big fancy colorful conclusions but it turns out that in fact, no one has or ever will kick the object or the idea of the object, "right out of the solar system."
Not only that but, most definitely, Zeus, is not a stone!

(It's a massive huge "stone," that eventually happens to look very much like it rolls to the right.(It's left.) I guess it looks like that because that's exactly what it does later on after it seems to have suddenly fallen away from the light of the Moon and the valley.
First the object rolls down towards you and then after it has finished spreading down wide open when it's light blends with the Moon, at the point when it becomes "undone," suddenly it's as if the object falls away from it's own light that it has left behind blended with the light from the Moon and it starts turning again. This time instead of rolling towards you like it did before it started to tilt towards or "at," you, the object becomes like a wheel rolling to the viewer's lower right.
This is a very noticeable visual effect that almost makes you believe that it could be possible that the object changed direction slightly, as if it had just gone down around a corner or bend in the road down away to the lower right. A very strange and bizarre effect. I wonder if future viewer's will be able to relate to this visual effect that I am trying to describe?)


( Clearly it appears as if his "Object" used to orbit much closer to the viewer on Earth. I know that the surface of the object and the fine details of the lasting light event event were once clearly visible on Earth. I can go into great detail here. In fact the great mystery is this;
Why do the details of the lasting light look the way they do?
More specifically;
Why does the focal point of the lasting light event look the way that it looks?
I know the power of suggestion has nothing to do with the sights that are clearly visible to everyone who gets a close enough look. No wonder why the ancient people went spent so much energy building to predict, witness and commemorate this out of this world event!

I call it the focal point and or main element of the lasting light event or illusion. There are other central elements however it appears to me at least based on what I saw, that there is one central main element. It seems to appear first in stunning detail! This is the first instant in the distant valley. From this point forward the viewer will face, sudden shock, and then a rapidly, drastically increasing degree of difficulty viewing. The ultimate assault on the senses, a complete contradiction. It's the big thing! It's impossible, but there it is, rising up, strait toward the viewer. What now?
My advice at this point is simple, keep looking!

In actual fact, as the Big Thing gets closer, my simple advice, that I repeatedly emphasize, will be at best, only a small help. Viewers using a telescope will be on their own, face to face with the Big Thing. I sincerely. hope that I can help people to keep watching by letting them know that they will defiantly need to focus on the idea of, not looking away.

A viewer's guide while using a small telescope.

Using sights, landmarks and events I am able to direct the viewer's eye to the exact spot on the ground at the exact moment that the focal point of this object's illusion event forms and then completes a short series of actions. I am able to clearly recognize one and maybe two of the main symbols on Earth, that were widely used in ancient times to direct the viewer's eye to the all important initial instant of the illusion. I usually hesitate to explain in to much detail because there is a very difficult mental hurdle to overcome at this point. Most people just simply don't want to hear about it. I am simply unable to do anything about that aspect of things. I can say what I saw but I certainly don't understand why those things are visible. Truly the same old ancient mystery everyone in the past has had to deal with.

Most ancient societies seem to have had this second or main sun, or Twin Moon or whatever it is exactly, and especially the details of this truly mind bending lasting light illusion at their very core.
Without any question this Light, is the much talked about light that is very difficult to look at.
This is light that appears to maybe be as they say "bent", (it is curved, I don't know if being curved actually means the light is bent. Clearly for lack of a better word, finding the right words always has been a problem, I will go will bent, for now at least.), and somehow perhaps compressed, slowed down and captured by the object, as it really seems to come to life as it also seems to somehow remain and last.
There it is, solid looking and plain as day, living and lasting and growing as it really seems to focus on, and reach, moving strait for the viewer.
Defiantly this very solid looking moving effect in combination with the clearly visible details contained within the illusion, is what all the ancient fuss was about.
I for one can clearly see why all the fuss.
The question of how and why this happens are really ultimate mysteries. I am very fortunate to be able to direct the viewer as they will also know where to place their eye at the exact instant the show gets going.
Unbelievable but somehow true.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
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Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
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