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The Hand Bag Effect

Everything that is seen repeats and is seen again in exact detail every time the orbiting Ancient Object returns

Everyone sees the same thing no matter when they saw or where they stood looking up. This at least as far as approximately the first 45 seconds is concerned. The part of the Moon's Changed Light event that I saw repeats in exact detail every time. It does appear clear to me that the details of what is seen repeat every time the shadows are cast into the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. There are hundreds of incredible massive Standing Stone Craters located on the surface of the speeding forward rolling brilliant moon coloured moon size returning celestial Object that I saw in I believe probably 1972. Individual vertically standing crater rim pieces cast shadows into the Changed Light from the Moon. The interactions between the shadows and the Changed Light cause incredible results and these things that are seen at this point by the viewer are and consist of light from the Moon and the background of space that has been transformed into solid forms and shapes.

There may be the possibility that especially in the later stages of the Changed Light event to whatever degree there may possibly be some variations or an evolving predictable progression of some of the sights that are seen from one Return to the next. I am guessing that if this is the case then maybe there is a cycle that happens and once that cycle of separate Return orbits is complete everything starts over again. During the first orbit down in the beginning of every new cycle every single detail that is seen within the Changed Light would occur or be caused to happen the same way every time. If the Object does follow a repeating cycle or pattern of orbits back down through our solar system every 46years and one day I wonder how many orbits there might be in one complete cycle? One day we will answer a lot of big questions that humans haven't wondered about for a long time.

Anyway's this is speculation based on a number of factors I talk about more elsewhere in the meantime the basic fact is this, everything that is seen within and as a part of the Changed Light event including the series of events on the Ancient Object's surface occur or happen exactly the same way every time. Somehow it's as simple as that. This is what happens. Without any question people will see that there are many things that are tied together by the facts of what happens when the Ancient Object crosses down between the Moon and the Earth.

All of the basic indicators are present so I have to assume that the Hand Bag Effect is just one example of many examples that show how things seen created by the shadows happen the same way from one Return to the next. This very quickly gets into areas that people need to see for themselves because they can't be imagined as being real. The shadows sculpt and shape and interact with the Moon's Changed Light. Exactly the same way the first human form is created by this effect or process by a shadow, another separate shadow created another human form later at some point this one with a hand bag looking shape that is light just exactly the same way everything that is seen is Changed and Lasting Light unless it's the hard ground of the Object itself.

The points of shadows do somehow cause the human form to be made many times. I saw twelve or thirteen examples of the human form. I am able to read about what I saw and then I realize I can read past that point and I can read about things that are seen later past what I saw. I didn't see the handbag myself. The Hand Bag Effect is thought of by some of as being an example of an ancient common theme and a mystery. Anytime I find out about an ancient common theme and a mystery I always wonder if it's related to the Changed Light. The Hand Bag Effect as I understand it at this point is very likely seen as a part of what is seen within the Changed Light event. It is clear to me that some of the many thousands of pointy shadows that are cast by the vertical crater rim pieces that neatly ring the many hundreds of Standing Stone Craters do continue to create the human form repeatedly many times and on an ongoing bases. Somehow a hand bag shape is also made as a part of the effect or process that happens.

I think that The Hand Bag Effect happens as a part of this process and this explains why it was seen and known worldwide through history. Petroglyph, Pictographs and Rock Art show this same effect with the common imagery that is seen. People looked up, and they all saw the same things. The human form as if a statue over there, up then below and in front of you made of light that is somehow looking solid like stone and smooth rock. People seeing this sight is the entire point of the Return Viewer's Guide. The Object's forces cause the emerging light from the eclipsed moon to behave in the most fantastic bizarre manor. Look up focus and stare and don't look away no matter what. The Changed Light somehow causes you to see from close up. If you look away you will have to start again. This could cause you to miss your chance to see the Ancient Man of Light being shaped and formed by the point of the big main shadow.

One of the human or humanoid looking shapes that is created by a shadow looks as if it's holding a hand bag. This is a guess. Does this effect happen more than once? Maybe however I am completely unable to say for sure I can only guess. I see this hand bag effect depicted and surrounding it I see all sorts of different scenes. This leads to many questions. One of those is the evolving effect that happens. The individual human form that holds the handbag my evolve from one look to another. I see various different characters depicted holding the same basic type of hand bag. Do many separate individuals hold a hand bag or is there one individual that holds the hand bag and that individual then transforms from one character to another? The Man of Light transforms and changes so for me it makes sense that some or all of the other human forms that are created by the shadows possibly could also transform and change as time moves forward within the changed Light.

People want to understand as much as possible about the natural world and universe, human history and our place in it. So do I and you as well probably if you are reading this. The shapes in the Lasting Light are at the root of many big things. The ancient people saw the Moon's Changed Light and it is very obvious they knew it was special and that it was also exactly what their most distant ancestors saw.

I know that it will be impossible for people to consider what I am describing here on this page. Also frequently I do have difficulty expressing myself through writing in a clearly understood manor. And here I am trying to describe the impossible sights that happen in the Moon's Light after it has been effected and somehow changed by the Object. Plus I'm trying to guess about things that seem to have happened later in the Changed Light past the point that I saw it up until.

It's as if the moon's Light has been intercepted and each wave of light separated or divided from each other, slowed down delayed and or somehow gathered up by the Object and then displayed in a smooth movie like manor matching the rate of time that is happing moving forward within the Changed Light. Each area of Changed Light that you see eventually just changes as the time within the Changed Light starts to move forward once the big main shadow strikes and makes the human form for the first time. I have always felt that somehow when you are looking at the Changed Light you are looking at a place where time is flowing at a slower rate. Now today I understand that this might actually be the case.

The ongoing process moving forward sees hundreds of individual shadows interacting with the Changed Light and they each have their own time in the Light shaping the Changed Light. Everything that happens in the Changed Light becomes captured and stored to be seen later within the Changed Light when that particular moving as one area or wave or stored layer of Changed Light is next in turn to be displayed. As if with a movie each area of slowed down light is like one frame in the movie. One frame or one wave flows into or meshes into the next as earlier events in time are eventually seen. For example there's the human form looking like a statue over there, a solid looking thing. When he stands up and turns around to face you, you are seeing what the next one way moving area of Light looks like. The shadow does the sculpting and forming and creating that it does right on through each wave area or frame of Light. One result is a flow of separate but connected events that are unbroken. Each area or layer of light with it's own time or duration displaying in the Changed Light. At which point in succession the next frame displays and the movie continues.

Explaining the sights I saw happen when I saw the Object so that they can be understood by other people is an impossible task. I can say what happens and what things look like but for example what is Lasting Light? A thing that is outside of normal experiences and without any true known or common reference point for a person to use to understand. People may be able to see these things happen again on the night of May 26, 2018. The Object I saw orbits and I think there is a good chance it was here crossing down May 24, 1926. A 46 year and one day long orbit. We will see what happens. Sooner or later the Object will return, because that's what it does.

The owner of this website asks; "How were these ancient civilizations connected"
Riddles of the Sumerian and Mayan Gods

They all saw the Ancient Object and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. I'm not suggesting that I have all the answers far from it. I'm just taking this opportunity to guess and comment on this question and mystery.




1. The hand bag shape is depicted in the video
21 :50 - 21:59

2. The hand bag shape is depicted in the video
7:24 - 7:35

3. The hand bag shape is depicted in the video
30:13 - 30:44

This video contains many different ancient depictions that are very similar or exactly the same
from different cultures that are separated from each other by geography and time. The round
hat like shape on the heads of the group of human looking figures located on the floor of the
sunken room at the top of the rising light mountain is seen at 16:50. I saw the Easter Island
style of humans rising with this shape on their heads rather than the style of human seen in
the video at 16:50

I saw this and liked it because it's the right shape but I don't know how old it is and I have
no idea if the person who made this did so with the Moon's Changed Light in mind.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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