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The Crossing Down

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The Standing Stone Craters Exist On A Planetary Size And Scale

It was my first year of high school and I was walking into the library when I noticed one of the books on display on the top of one of the shelves. Right away it caught my eye! There was a Standing Stone Crater right on the cover! This was a wow moment for me. I do think this was the first time I had seen anything that had anything to do with the Ancient Object since that night a few years earlier when I saw the Object.

I remember that I was really effected in that instant. I write about and talk about how suddenly thinking about or suddenly being reminded about the Object and the Changed Light especially in the early part of my life actually really caused a physical type of shock reaction to happen to me that is complicated and hard to describe. As I am looking at the book cover I remember being so surprised. Flipping through the pages I was seeing vertical stones and stone circles surrounded by grass? In a field with trees and people around? I remember being so amazed by the concept. I just didn't know that the people had copied the Object's craters and made their own. There were also pictures of Standing Stone Circles in a more natural desert type of setting more similar to where they are actually seen as opposed to a grassy field but that did not matter to me, there were copies of the Object's craters made by people who had obviously also seen them.

So while I am looking at the book in those first couple of minutes I remember that I was really noticing the stressful effect that being surprised by thinking about the Object instantly had on me. I believe the Shape Effects are at the root of this effect. To various degrees I still experience this effect today. When you look back from the future back to when you saw the Changed Light this will be an effect that you will experience as well. However unlike me you will know that you are suppose to focus on these memories and concentrate hard on them and remain thinking about them and this will allow or cause the visual part of the Shape Effects to show itself to you, a very fantastic very real thing to see and know. Straight towards the ancient mystery itself as I try my best to describe in many places on this website. The Shape Effects

Because I had the book in my hands I didn't automatically just stop thinking about it suddenly and just move on the way that I describe this happening to me many times. I think this was one of the first times that I really ended up thinking about the Object for an extended length of time. By this time in my life I had started to realize that people did not seem to know much about the Object and the Changed Light because I was not hearing or seeing anything about it. On the other hand I was certain that many people must know about the Object especially the space scientists and I just wasn't seeing or hearing about their work. Now suddenly I had in my hands some answers for the first time!

Obviously there were people who knew about the Object but who were these people? This was the question I was wondering about. Right away looking in this book I was realizing that aside from brief references to neolithic or ancient people the book's focus was all about the big mystery of the standing stone circles. What were they? What are they suppose to represent or mean? Why did people build them. Why are they found all over the world? This was a major disappointment for me and also confusing as well at the same time

I was hoping for information about the Object and for me this was especially now about finding people who saw and talked about the Object and wrote about it and where studying and explaining this whole Ancient Object and Lasting Light business so I could understand better about everything and more about what happened to me because of seeing the Moon's Changed Light, but no such luck.

So it was weird. I now knew that there were standing stone craters or rather standing stone circles on the Earth but they were mysteries. At the same time it was normal for me to somehow also believe that the space scientists knew all about the Object. What else was I suppose to think? Obviously if anyone knew these people knew and ever since the night I saw the Object I figured that those space scientists people I imagined were experts on everything up there including the Object were watching of course and they were getting a way closer to the ground up there microscopic examination like view of the Object's surface compared to what I saw. I know that sounds weird but me being just a kid looking up through a small backyard telescope and then suddenly seeing the way the Changed Light causes you to see without realizing or knowing anything about this strange effect, I imagined that the way the Object would have looked to those scientists with their huge telescopes was they were seeing from way closer to the Object's surface compared to the way I saw the Object. As a kid this was just one of the many things I didn't understand and this misunderstanding tricked me in a sense or caused me to think about the big picture concerning what everyone else knew in an incorrect or narrow way at first. So anyway's I just took it for granted that the space scientists knew about the Object and the fact that the standing stone circles on Earth were mysteries was strange to me but that was the way it was and so I could only except this fact because that's what it was. And today it's still the case. The shocking thing is people just don't know that a standing stone circle is a copy of a crater on the crossing Object. Even more stunning and shocking is the fact that it is clearly obvious that the vast vast majority of all scientists and researchers know absolutely nothing of the Object I saw cross down between the Moon and the Earth. Are there any scientists who know about the Object from any other source other than me? Maybe but for me this situation is 180° opposite to the way I once thought about this. Surly if there was an astronomer or a group of astronomers and or scientists out there who knew about this they would be doing their absolute best to ensure that they get all the credit and staking their claim for such a profoundly important discovery? Yes? This certainly isn't evidence but for me today this does suggest to me that maybe they really actually don't know about the Object and have no idea that a standing stone circle on the Earth is a copy of the craters on the Ancient Object of the Crossing Down.


The Moon's Changed Light causes you to see the place you are looking at from close up. Then you can look around as usual left and right and then the same effect happens again and once again you are suddenly seeing from the next place you look at. This is one of the stunning effects that just happens automatically as you look at the Changed Light and when you are seeing from within the Changed Light for example once the Object tilts towards you rather than continuing it's earlier normal looking rolling at you effect, and once the place that you are seeing from has gone past or is past or farther than the Object's upper right horizon. What I think of as the Far Slope becomes visible, when you are seeing this, the effect I am describing here is happening. Basically the exact point that this effects starts is when the Object seems to tilt towards you instead continuing to roll towards you. Also at this same point the Object's surface area looks flat. The Changed and Lasting Light event has started and all of the effects I describe follow this point in time.

As it turns out you can also look down and have that seeing from the place you are looking at effect happen then as well. When this was happening to me I remember how it was so natural that it was hard to realize what was happening. I am going to give you an example of this effect.

If you follow this example I can guarantee you that you will see a most incredible surprising view of the vertically standing crater rim piece's incredible size and scale.

To the right is the Moon's Changed Light, to the left in the wide scene is the hard ground of the crossing Object. I highly recommend that you read the Return Viewer Guides. If you do this you will be prepared with accurate information. This is very important. In the case of this page and this example knowing what is going on in an overall sense from reading one or all of the Return Guides will help you to be able to better place this example in context within the sequence of events that occur when the Object returns crosses down and Changes the light from the Moon.

An important point that has to be remembered during the entire time you are viewing the Object and the Changed Light is that you cannot look away otherwise you will have to start all over again when you start looking again. When my view of the Object was over that was it, it was over and I didn't look again and try to continue looking from the last point or place I was seeing from when I stopped looking so to be clear I am guessing here. That said I do think that if you look away after you are already looking from a few places deep within the Changed Light it would only be logical that if you looked away and then back again you would need to repeat a few steps in order to replicate what you did when you looked the first time so that you could get back to the place you were seeing from when you looked away.

So don't turn to the people around you and make comments etc, instead everybody stays looking!
Keep looking and move from one place to the next and then you can look from there at something else and you will see that suddenly you will be seeing that thing or place from closer than you were a second earlier and that's how it goes. This is seeing in the ancient way as was written about. This is an effect that just automatically happens to the viewer. In the example I am giving on this page this effect is what is happening as I describe how I saw down to the ground, the surface of the crossing celestial Object I describe. This event is extremely fast paced and nearly all the the sights that can be seen happen and then are over not to be seen again for another 46 years. If you are looking you will see. If you look away and this causes you miss the first sight of the muscular back of the Ancient Man of Light, then you will have life long deep regret.

On the left the shadow has dropped down to the Object's surface from under the overhang. When you look at the surface you see the leading edge of the shadow moving over the surface through a sea of craters. Every crater is ringed by the most incredible vertically standing rim pieces. I did not see any craters anywhere on the surface area I observed that looked like the typical impact type of craters you see on the Moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system. Instead every single crater exhibits these incredible towering rim pieces. I think that originally these rim pieces were surface crust. What effect or process could have caused the Standing Stone Craters to come into existence? This question does point directly towards many troubling areas. Understanding the crossing Object's true nature is of vital importance.

Instantly after the shadow drops or leaps down to the Object's surface from beneath the smooth curving overhang, the Object's raised mound surface feature, the shadow instantly starts to rapidly move to the right as it starts traveling towards the Object's upper right horizon. Now everything starts to speed up as you watch the upcoming sequence of events beginning to unfold.

As you watch the shadows leading edge traveling across the Object's surface through the craters you'll see how there are hundreds of individual long pointy shadows all of different lengths and widths that precede the leading edge of the deep black thickness of the main part of the wave of the shadow. Also naturally you are looking moving from the left to the right.

Everything happens the same way when the forward rolling Object crosses through between the Moon and the Earth. Everything that the Object does happens exactly the same way every crossing and as a result everything that happens in the Changed Light also happens in the same precise way producing results that are exactly the same every time. Everything that happens and every sight to be seen created in the Changed light repeats in exact detail every time the Object arrives back home and crosses down. This is why I know that I can make a guarantee to you that you can see exactly what I saw and more by following my advice or viewing tips.

I made this statement above: If you follow this example I can guarantee you that you will see a most incredible surprising view of the vertically standing crater rim piece's incredible size and scale.

I am going to describe an experience I had that resulted in me finding myself seeing from out over the Object's surface from a place so low that it was as if I was literally standing on the surface looking out across the land. It is from this perspective that I observed and noticed that the Object's surface area outside of the crater I was looking at on my left suddenly sloped upwards as it got closer to the bent base of the outside of the nearest vertically standing crater rim piece.

Earlier from where I was seeing from I could see the wave of the shadow approximately 5 or 6 seconds old, moving over the surface from the left to the right nearing the craters in the area I could see if I looked down. As I watched the shadow near I looked ahead of the shadow's wave at surface area below and slightly in front of my viewing position, the place were I was seeing down from within the Changed Light. Close to the left there was a typical average size crater. Shadows were just starting to cross through this crater when I looked to the right at the surface area just outside the crater. There I saw the beginnings of a small shadow starting and I happened to look right at it as it lengthened. In an instant I was suddenly seeing the ground from close up. Then somehow very naturally I was looking out across the surface of the Object from between the craters so low that at a distant point between me and the closest vertically standing crater rim piece on my left I saw that the land sloped upwards from the height I was seeing from to a tremendous height before it reached the side of this vertical rim piece's base area. I don't believe I looked all the way up to the top of this particular crater rim piece as I don't believe I have a memory of doing so. I may have glanced all the way to it's top I am not sure. I know for a fact that I did look at the crater that was directly in front and slightly to my right. I also looked at the crater located to my far right. The crater on my left eventually curves around out of sight to the left.

You can also suddenly find yourself seeing exactly like I am describing. Somehow this effect automatically happens just by looking and then continuing to look in an uninterrupted manner. I looked down at a stationary spot and suddenly I was seeing from that spot as if I was now down there standing upright looking across the surface with everything I was seeing oriented exactly like you expect.

When this happened I was seeing this without realizing or understanding what was going on. I remember thinking wow look at this place, and then over and over again with the new sights and the sudden new places I was looking from I just kept thinking wow over and over again. It was a long time before I began to understand what happened and how I was able to see in the strange way I am describing here in this example. Truly this is a profound effect that is outside of any normal frame of reference.

Seeing the Standing Stone craters from the surface up there the way I did happened by chance. If I had not stopped looking all over the place looking left and right I would not have found myself seeing from that low point on the surface the way I did. I looked at a place where a shadow was growing and next I was seeing from that spot. If I had looked at a different random point on the surface say between two different craters or at a place within a crater I would have found myself seeing from that spot in the same way. Everything happens very fast but there is time to look around as I try to detail in the Return Guides. There's also time to look down. If you are able to remember this try your best to steady your gaze and pick out an interesting looking random spot and look directly down to it and then see from down there. It's as though you are there standing up there between the craters looking around just exactly the same way you can look around down here. Completely fantastic!!! I think you will agree that it's as though you were actually really there standing on another planet.

The view I had of how the land or surface area sloped upwards from the height I was seeing from to a tremendous height before it reached the side of this vertical rim piece's base area is in part what tells me that these standing rim pieces were originally surface crust perhaps formed or exploded outwards into their vertical position The Object's surface displays deep crease mark indentation lines. Between these many lines the Object's surface bulges as if it strained to hold tremendous subsurface pressure. I have always thought that the Object's surface was bendable and perhaps with a high metal content as opposed to say the way a rocky crust would be brittle or prone to cracking and shattering. The crater rim pieces themselves are massive well beyond belief. The height of the shortest and least massive of these crater rim pieces around the smallest of the craters will be measured many miles high.

Because the Object's craters are so unique and different compared to known types of craters and because the Object's speed and orbital behavior is also unique and different compared to most or perhaps all celestial object types that are known, I can only begin by suggesting that this Object is also totally and completely unique and different compared to any known types of celestial objects. Truly stunning and spectacular the speeding forward rolling Object I describe is real and returning orbiting back down through our solar system again very soon.

The object. Pick any ancient name that you want.        "Adoil,"  causes the sight of the ancient valley.                The ancient valley is the changed and lasting light from the Moon.                                         

This image is an attempt to depict the Object's craters.
You can find a basic description of the Object I saw here, Some Images

The Moon and the Standing Stones of Stenness
I think this is awesome. Without realizing it to a certain degree the author of this page has mimicked what really happens! Some basic elements are there. Standing crater rim pieces on the crossing Object cast shadows into the Moon's light. A standing stone circle or crater on the Earth rather, and the Moon seen in space on the other side of it. Basically that simulates what really happens!

My daughter surprised me with this wonderful gift.
As far as I know this painting is the only painting in existence
at this point in time, ancient or modern that clearly shows the main elements involved in a Return. Light from outer space, the Earth, the Moon and the Moon coloured Ancient Object of the crossing itself complete with the Mound, the Shadow and the Standing Stone Craters.
My daughter surprised me again this time for my birthday!
I'm a very lucky and proud dad.
Thanks Sweetheart!

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