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The Crossing Down

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How Big Is The Object?

This is a question that will be answered one day. I will update my latest best guess.

I used to write and say that an astronomical object does not have to be as big as the Moon to still be incredible, massive and huge and overwhelmingly completely most impressive. I do think that the crossing very reflective retrograde Object is probably much denser and massive than our Moon. I'm guessing that it might be dimensionally smaller than our Moon but this is just a guess and I have no proof of this. I have guessed that the Object's size ranges from 2/3 - 3/4 the size of the Moon. Without any question the very fast moving gracefully forward rolling Ancient Moon coloured Standing Stone Crater covered astronomical Object that I saw is extremely huge and massive even if it isn't as big as the Moon. Once the Object is detected and especially when people get a good look at it from close up right away this fact will be instantly understood.

I also know that it is possible that the Object could be roughly the same size or larger than the Moon. I think this is possible because in comparison to the size of the Moon in the telescope's eye piece the Object looked a lot larger. Also obviously the Object was substantially closer to the Earth than the Moon so I realize it can be smaller than the moon and cover the sight of the Moon. While still being very far away from the Earth, I know the Object had to have been substantially closer to the Earth than the Moon because of the crystal clear view of it's surface features. In comparison a normal basic in focus view of the Moon is practically blurry in comparison with the way the surface details on the crossing Object are crystal clear. I am going to guess that when the Object crosses between the Moon and the Earth it crosses at roughly at or maybe exactly at the half way point.

It's very hard to estimate the size of the astronomical l Object I saw and try to describe. I am comparing the size of the Object I saw with the size of our moon. Here is a list of the largest moons in our solar system. This large moon class, small planet sized Object that crosses between the Moon and the Earth will prove to be larger than many other significant known astronomical objects in our solar system. Consider the speeding Moon coloured forward rolling Object's completely different and bizarre orbital behavior that sees it cross down through between the Moon and the Earth every 46 years and one day. At least that is my best guess regarding the Object's orbital time period. The report Mr. W. Spill provided for his sighting May 24, 1926 does not contradict what I saw. I saw the Object in front of the Moon when I was a boy. My best guess is that it was the evening of May 25, 1972. Again after another 46 years and one day it turns out that it will once again be three nights before the full Moon, the date, May 26, 2018. The Object I saw orbits. I know for a fact that the ancient people saw it and they also wrote about what you see from within the Moon's suddenly Changed and incredible Lasting Light. Sooner or later the astronomical Object I saw will return home again as always.

Mr. W. Spill Reported The Object Crossing Down May 24, 1926

Astronomers and scientists and those who study objects in space will be nothing less than profoundly shocked by the incredible intimidating fear inspiring astronomical object that crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth. There will be alarm, turmoil and fear as the reality of the returning Object is suddenly completely apparent to them. Then there's the rest of the world's people, how will they react to the news?

Earth shattering news comes no where close to describing the shock the Object will cause. This is just a fact. It is also fact that the Object caused no damage or at least certainly there was no massive destruction or calamities of any sort caused by the Object the night I saw it. This seems to be an obvious fact! I remember for a fact that the next morning I was intently listening to the morning news on cfrb am radio as was the case every morning in my family's house hold kitchen at that time. I was very confused because of the fact that it was just an ordinary morning with nothing out of the ordinary going on. I remember actually watching the radio while I eat my breakfast expecting to hear something about the Object I had seen the night before. If there had been major disaster I know I would have known and obviously this is certainly true regarding anything that resembled a near extinction event. As I listened I remember thinking that if I ended up hearing something maybe I might hear about volcanoes erupting. Walking home after I saw the Object I was wondering how come the air raid sirens weren't going off and where were all the people? Why weren't there all sorts of people outside looking up at what had just happened? I was in a very shocked and confused overall state at that point in time.

Thinking back over the years I have thought about and wondered how it was that I was thinking volcanoes might erupt. As a twelve year old in 1972 I had no concept of the many serious factors related to physical effects that do occur and could occur when an astronomical object travels in very close proximity to another astronomical object. Gravitational forces colliding etc and so on. I realized that many years ago I used to think of the speeding forward rolling Object as a giant moon type of place with hundreds of volcanoes. Even though the craters are not on the tops of mountains instead they are located on the Object's surface, to a certain point they reminded me of a volcano's crater. Especially with the way the massive vertical crater rim pieces look like surface crust blasted outwards from beneath the Object's very brilliantly reflective smooth Moon coloured bulging crease mark indentation lined surface. From that point as a kid I made the association between volcano craters on the Earth and the Standing Stone Craters on the Object. So after seeing the Object for days afterwards I was worried that if volcanoes erupted on the Earth the craters on the Object might also erupt and I saw that if that happened the crossing forward rolling Object would spray the whole planet in an erupting pinwheel sort of effect. I was thinking about this while meanwhile at that time the Object itself was long gone below and past the Earth down across towards the area of space below and beside the sun right away a few short minutes past the point that I saw it. It took a number of days before I felt sure that nothing bad had happened anywhere to anyone plus I didn't hear about any erupting volcanoes and so this helped me to feel everything really was ok. At that time I just didn't understand that the Object had gone below, beside and past the sun very soon after I saw it. It was a safe Return and I just took me a while to realize it.

The possibility that the Object could be some sort of once active or obviously worse an intermittently active type of dangerous astronomical object, a forward rolling mini star, the ancient star bursting object of old, has been my longest held deepest fear. A very worrisome concern for me, a deep fear I have known for what seems like my whole life.

In an effort to describe the Object I have to make the point that there's much more to the Object than just how big it is. The colour of the brilliantly reflective surface of the Object matches the colour of the bright areas of the Moon. This is a fact that I know points towards something important but what important thing is exactly is beyond my ability to say. Here's a similar example of something that points towards in this case the Object's orbital path and behavior but again I am unable to say in what way.

I predict that when the news of the returning Object breaks many people will conclude that somehow this signals the end of the world... finally. Well this cannot be the automatic presumption because it would be a presumption without basis in fact or experience. Once the Object is detected and compared to my descriptions and it's seen that my descriptions match exactly with the object they are observing and it's orbital behavior, people will be able to know for a fact for themselves that the Object's crossing down can happen safely.

This fact is extremely important however this fact will not be apparent or widely understood unless those individuals who suddenly know this fact share their information with the world's people in a timely manner. It's the astronomer's sharing of information that can make a huge difference to the world if things unfold as they should and the responsibilities the astronomers have to the rest of us end up being met. Minimizing fear and preventing panic might be possible if people know for a fact that they can actually have hope because the Object's return can happen safely and it's as simple as that. This is a fact.
It is extremely important that people know this so that wide spread panic can be prevented or at least minimized.
The Object's last two return orbits between the Moon and the Earth did happen safely!

I can guess what you are thinking. I know that you are thinking that none of the above could possibly apply. Just wait and see. I've talked about and tried to describe how fear goes hand in hand with seeing in the Lasting Light and this is true however I guarantee you that the fear will start long before anyone is seeing from up over and past the Object's upper right horizon within the Moon's Changed Light. The Object's sudden presence will cause an instant type of fear and more and these concerns will be real and very well warranted. Without any hesitation I can say that today the Object I saw and describe is easily the big thing I fear the most even though I actually know for a fact for myself that the Object can return safely. Ultimately it's been my love for my children and concern for their safety and the safety of the rest of the world's kids out there and my real fear of the Object that has caused me to force myself to do something about this situation. I know that this is the only way I can possibly make any difference in an effort to try to minimize any sort of negative effect the Object's crossing might have for all of us. Later after you see the Object you will completely understand my comments and many concerns.

Very importantly thankfully, the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light will be seen again and it has nothing to do with me other than I'm just saying what it is;
The Future After The Ancient Object's Next Return will see a world where people will no longer be able use whatever various interpretations or version of whatever religion's texts to justify for example murder and the theft of property and lands among many other crimes. After people see the Object and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light they will know that there is a fantastic thing that happens and that can be seen by everyone who looks. People will know this for themselves and this will change the world. A very big important change in human history will result because of the crossing Object's powerful forces.

And this result will be a very good thing, an extremely positive resulting outcome that the knowledge of the Object and especially the knowledge of what happens in the Moon's Changed Light will cause to happen. So this is part of the flip side that I know the people of the future will look back upon and be thankful for. Everybody knowing what actually happens is going to change the world for the better especially compared to the High Tech Dark Ages of today, the times we live in today. The return of the Object will cause everyone to know what happens and this will put the world back to the way it's suppose to be. Incredibly there is actually an event that really does happen. It turns out that this is it and I only know this by a totally lucky fluke. Ignorance may allow for our destruction at our own hands. The knowledge of the truth of the Lasting Light sights may help us save our planet, ourselves and as a result a future for our children's children.

The shocking thing is that it's not just an incredible fantastic stunning celestial Object crossing down in front of the Moon but the Object causes the light from the Moon and the background of space to become changed. This Changed Light has a deep profound and basic effect on the life that sees that light. The proof of this is us and in our time our turn to see the ancient Lasting Light may occur May 26, 2018, just like our most distant earliest ancestors did. The Big Full Circle

On one hand the Object terrifies and may well have the potential to cause our destruction. On the other hand we are here thanks to the Object and shadows that are cast by vertically standing crater rim pieces into the Moon's suddenly changed looking and strangely behaving Changed and Lasting Light. Incredible sights are seen as I try to describe. It's not just about the ancient face to face that is ultimately a sudden and intense lasting focus but many other spectacular sights are seen and they will simply amaze! These are the sights that all the ancient people knew and today this same knowledge might help us to survive as a species. Eventually The High Tech Dark Ages of Today will be a part of history and the world will be a better place.

How big is the Object?
It's physical size and every aspect of it's existence and it's orbital characteristics to it's importance to our solar system starting with the Earth and the Moon through to all the Planets and celestial bodies including the possibly that it may play a central role in the regularity of our solar system makes this Object profoundly important.

How big and also important is the Object in regards to us humans here on Earth?
The Object intercepts and changes the Moon's light. Then a vertically standing crater rim piece casts a shadow into the Moon's altered and strangely behaving lasting in place light. The shadow sculpts and shapes this Changed Light. Suddenly in extreme muscular detail the form of a human is there a shape that is light as if a statue. A Man Of Light is at the heart and central focus of the entire Changed Light event at this point and then things progress and change from there as I describe. People are going to be confronted with this situation, one were they will have first hand knowledge from seeing for themselves what actually happens. They will also be left with the Changed Light's after effects and they will understand that there is a strange imprinting effect that happens to the viewer and I believe this imprinting effect is at the heart of the entire question of the existence of humans on Earth.

Once again we humans will be looking up and seeing from past and beyond the Object's upper right horizon. Viewing the Changed Light in an unbroken manor causes you to be suddenly seeing from the place you were formally just looking at. Ultimately this effect that just automatically happens results in a situation, a visual effect where the viewer is actually seeing from places up there within the Lasting Light as if out of a remote camera. To the right as the thick black wave of the shadow sweeps by from the left to the right look for the point of the easily found big main tall very black shadow as it travels into the distance to the right. As you are looking at the point of the main central shadow this causes you to see from closer as before but now as you continue to look at the big Shadow's point in an unbroken manor, your viewing position is racing into an extreme distance to the right lowering down gradually lower closer down eventually at a height right above the flat white clouds of the Valley floor. Then in a sudden small fraction of a second, the Shadow's point strikes and draws the zig zagging squiggly line that is the first actual sculpting and shaping that is the creation of the human form. This muscular form is seen in extreme detail just below and just in front of you when you look down a second later from this new farthest point now lower down again, now from a place just below the top layer of indiscernible misty white cloud effect of the valley floor. In the Return Viewer Guides I provide extensive descriptions of these sight. I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events. All of the things that happen occur exactly the same way every time. If you read about what I saw you will be reading about what you will see happen every time this event occurs.

I think people are going to decide what it means first for themselves. It looks to me that it's clear that there's no middle ground. These things are either connected to human life in it's present form and life on the Earth or they are not. This is a question that has always been there for humans to answer. Then many more hard fantastic questions follow. We will enter a new era.

In my opinion it appears that a direct cause and effect connect exists and is entirely responsible for our species in it's present form. I believe that some of the life that looked up and saw the muscular human form was caused to become an exact copy of that form as a direct result of seeing that form. A special intense Light that suddenly flows into the viewer with an intense pressure that somehow has the ability to reach a deep biological level of the Life that sees these forms shaped within the Changed Light. We are an exact copy of a shape that is Moon light that was intercepted changed by the crossing Object and then sculpted, shaped and formed and created by a shadow that was cast by a crater rim piece from one of the Standing Stone Craters located on the crossing Object's surface. We are somehow an exact copy of a shape that was caused by the interactive process I am trying to describe. It's just to fantastic beyond comprehension and yet there it is, that's what happens.

How big is the Object is a question that is way to small to be asking. I understand that I will never truly know the answer to this question and maybe no one ever will.

This celestial Object and the Changed and Lasting Light event that it causes with the Moon's light is The Big Thing that happens.

How big is the Object? I don't know


From The Formation Of The Moon page:

Maybe the Object that crosses down between the Moon and the Earth is basically the ancient core of the planet Theia that is said to have struck the early Earth. I know that has to sound a bit far fetched but I always wondered if the ancient object I saw crossing in front of the Moon was once the core of a planet. Also I wonder if it's a type of mini star? One that rolls forward in it's direction of travel. If it's a type of mini star it could still also be the object thought of as Theia. I have wondered about the troubling implications if the Object I saw is a type of intermittently active forward rolling mini star type of celestial Object in various places on this website. This does go straight to the heart of my very worst fears.

Does the existence of the Object I describe prove or help show that the idea that some sort of giant impact caused the Moon's formation? Or does it disprove it? I'm guessing the answer is much more complicated than a simple yes or no. Is the Object I saw what remains of Theia? It could be but I certainly don't know the answer to this question but the answer might be yes. It can't be forgotten that if the Object I saw is Theia then after it's impact with the Earth it somehow then orbited back and has remained in that orbit till our time in solar system history. The Object I saw orbits down through between the Earth and the Moon as I describe. Maybe that's exactly what a solar system scientist would expect to see. What sort of angle would Theia have hit the Earth on if that's what actually happened? What area of the Earth if any is there any possible evidence for such a possible impact collision? Look at the Basic Flight path image I provide. Anyway's I'm guessing that any potential evidence or indications of such a collision has long since been erased over time and are not detectable any more.

The Object's orbit in the big picture gets complicated very fast because surly the ancient Object does not actually orbit the Earth and Moon alone but the sun primarily and the whole solar system as well. Somehow the Earth and Moon's position within the solar system must be centrally important during the time of the Object's orbit down through the plain of the solar system. Maybe the idea of a giant collision with Theia does explain the Moon and the orbit of the Object I saw.

Theia, Is Theia's Core Now The Speeding Object Of The Crossing Down? * Important Update *


A basic description of the Object

Even though the Object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth,
it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon. I am mentioning this point
because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image; "The Basic Flight Path."
Size Scales In Our Solar System And The Crossing Object





Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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