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The Crossing Down

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Magnetic North and 1970

It turns out I most likely saw the Object in 1972 not 1970. The topic of this page is still important and may be related to the object I describe on this website. At this point all the facts and dates are not clear concerning the year 1970/72 and the effect described in the mystery below. Because of this I am going to leave this page online. We'll see how the facts sort themselves out later after the ancient Object returns.

In 1970, the probable year of the Ancient Object's last return orbit down across between the Earth and Moon, the known behavior of the Earth's magnetic North Pole changed.
August 28th 2007
This is the television program I refer to below further down on this page;
Nova Transcripts Origins: Earth is Born
PBS Airdates: September 28 & 29, 2004

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This is the TV program I saw back on August 23rd 2005 and then again recently on August 28th 2007
Mentioned as a part of the Nova program "Earth is Born," scientist Mr. Larry Newitt tracks the magnetic north pole's movement.
Mr. Larry Newitt Emeritus Scientist, Natural Resources Canada
Geological Survey of Canada
Earth Sciences Sector
Natural Hazards and Emergency Response
Geomagnetic Hazards

Just like many other people Mr. Larry Newitt has heard about this website and the Object as I describe it.
Importantly Mr. Larry Newitt has heard about the Object, it's basic flight path and the fact that the Object blocked the signals from Apollo instruments from the surface of the Moon to waiting scientists on the Earth.

Once the time of the Apollo detection is known it may be possible to be able to determine if the Object's last crossing down across in front of the Moon caused any type of earthquakes anywhere world wide at that precise moment in time.
The date and time of the "Apollo Detection," as I call it"The Anomaly," as NASA calls it is clearly very important for many reasons

If as a part of your research, your area of this returning Object business, if you happen to know the very important date and the time of NASA's "Anomaly," I am sure that Mr. Larry Newitt would be very interested and happy to hear from you.

Contact Mr. Larry Newitt
Telephone: (613) 999-9999
If you are able to help Mr. Larry Newitt, thanks your help is important and greatly appreciated.

I am very hopeful that you will also decide share your information with me

Unfortunately the time the Anomaly occurred seems to still be unknown or at least or rather unavailable for those who are seeking it. Was it May 18, 1970?

Contact me if you think that you can help to locate this vital information, the date and the time that the Object blocked the signals from the scientific instruments that Apollo crews left on the surface of the Moon.

On August 23rd 2005
I saw a television show that discussed the formation of the Earth and Moon.

One of the topics featured was the magnetic north pole. One of the points that was mentioned was that the magnetic north pole moves from location to location from year to year.

A bit of a mystery was described.
Apparently before 1970 the scientists were measuring and observing that the location of the Earth's magnetic north pole moved at a certain regular basically predictable distance every year.
Suddenly that distance dramatically increased around the 1970 point.
It sounds like ever since 1970 the distance the magnetic pole moves every year has remained at this new longer and now once again basically predictable distance.
I found one source that indicated that in general the distance the Earth's magnetic north poles moves every year changed from 9 km/a year before 1970, to 41 km/a year after 1970. I can't guarantee these figures.

I am also not sure of the exact numbers and figures that were mentioned on the television show that I saw but the point they were making was that there was a dramatic change in 1970.
A basic question seemed to be;
Why did the behavior of the magnetic north pole change suddenly?

What's this all about?

Is this the actual first time,
that I have heard about an effect that is measurable on Earth,
that has to do with the Earth,
that was possibly caused by the passing crossing Object?

I have just heard about this for the first time.
I knew that the magnetic north pole was located in a different point on the Earth compared to the geographic north pole, but I did not know it moved and changed it's location from year to year.

I find out about this and what am I to think?
It only looks a certain way to me. To me, the obvious is the obvious!

I have to ask myself;
How could the Object not, have something to do with this suddenly moving farther magnetic north pole business?

I really don't know but I know I can't ignore the possibility mainly because of the way it's staring me in the face.
This is the way it goes.

Once people realize that there is a returning Object as I describe, many things will automatically just start to fall into place.
How could the Object that I saw not have something to do with this moving north pole business

It's simple for me to realize that since people can't realize that there is an Object as I describe, they can only conclude that everything I am describing and the questions I am asking are completely irrelevant.

If people are going to be able to make any progress for themselves they will have to somehow allow themselves
a first step forward.
It's got nothing to do with believing anything I say but instead just compare what you know, your area of the Object's Return,
with points that I mention.

I saw the orbiting Object. There is one!
However don't try to believe me instead, compare the possibility with what you know.

I know that there is a growing number of people reading here on this website that are experts in their various areas of the Object's Return. Don't ignore how the pieces you know go together the way they go together for you after you hear my Return descriptions. It turns out that this business is real and for you it's going to gradually, gradually become harder and harder to ignore.

Soon the conclusions that you will be faced with will corner you more and more.
The farther you go the more and more you will know about the big thing that happens.
It turns out that there is this fabric of reality that will leap off the page at you..
If it leaps off the page at you, it leaps off the page at you.
I saw the Object.
Things leap off the page at me.
When this happens I can't ignore it and that's why I'm here writing on this page.

I have got some basic questions for all those big expert, and scientific types to consider...

Certainly I will not be able to make every important point that there is to make and I won't be able to ask every important insightful question that could be asked but I will try to make a start in this direction.

- Consider the plotted and known positions of the magnetic north pole before and after 1970.

- Do scientists have records that detail the locations of the magnetic north pole that extend back beyond May 24th 1926?

- Check to see if there was a similar north pole suddenly moving faster phenomenon or any change observed after 1926, the year of the Object's second last Return down across in front of the moon.

- Consider the known details concerning the Earth's molten iron core. It's motion and directional movements, etc.

- Consider the facts you know about the Earth's magnetic field and the magnetic north pole's behavior.

- Consider the Object's flight path and the Object's forward rolling motion as I describe.

- Now go back and consider the Magnetic north pole's positions after 1970 compared with before 1970.

- Also if you can, go back and consider the Magnetic north pole's positions/movements after 1926 compared with before 1926.

- The Object blocked the signals from Apollo instruments from the surface of the Moon to waiting scientists on the Earth.
This is what I call the Apollo Detection. This point in time, this event is what NASA calls "The Anomaly."
This is the exact point in time when the Object was last in position back down between the Earth and the Moon.

- Once the time of the Object's last return is known check to see if there were any earthquakes recorded at that point in time.

- Also what sorts of mysterious readings were recorded worldwide that night by scientists using whatever various types of scientific instruments during those seconds, that exact point in time when the Object was last crossing down between the Earth and the Moon?

- Now also consider all those other factors that are known by scientists and experts in these fields and other areas of research that would be taken into consideration in regards to the situation I am describing and the questions I am asking.
These other factors and other areas of research, are obviously details and points and facts that I would know basically little or more likely nothing about because these are the facts and details and areas that scientists would work with and in and study on a day to day basis.

I can't see what you can see.
I know that there is something there but I don't know if it will be detectable or recognizable for you or not.
It could turn out that to a scientist or expert working in this area, suddenly certain things, may just look a certain obvious and unavoidably clear way especially once the time of the Apollo Detection, NASA's Anomaly is widely known.

I know this is a real situation and these are real questions to ask but that doesn't mean that there will be anyone comparing these points and questions with what they know.
Even if they do so and something obvious and undeniable leaps out at them they may decide not to mention it.

I can only do so much.
The rest is up to other people.

Maybe it's not what you teach in your class? Who cares!
There's a big celestial object that's about to roll down across in front of the Moon and they are going to be rewriting the textbooks.

Where do people want to be within all this?
Everyone will be ending up somewhere.
Maybe you could be the guy CNN calls when it comes to you, and your area, of the Object's Return.

If you see and know something because it's just leapt off the page at you, are you going to run and hide it or are you going to stand up and allow a difficult spotlight to shine on you?
You would be doing the right thing by saying something...

Later in all the clamor when it's obvious and suddenly you can think of all sorts of meaningful, insightful and important things to say you'll be drowned out, by all the simultaneous shouting that's going to happen when all the scientists and big experts,
suddenly all have many important things to say, all at the same time.

Right now, it's the calm before the storm!

Now's the time when a person can make a real positive difference towards progress and understanding.
If you have found out or discovered the truth about something in your area of a Return, say something about it.

Say something and/or, do something about it!

I know to ask these questions because I saw the Object and can describe it's flight path and because of a TV show that I saw this week. (August 23rd 2005.) I know that ultimately this does all fit together but I actually don't know if you are going to see anything that fits together or not.

In 1970, the probable year of the Object's last return orbit down across between the Earth and the Moon the known behavior of the Earth's magnetic North Pole changed.

I know that somehow... this is a big deal!

I know that there is a very very good change that no one is going to look at the situation that I am describing and the questions that I am asking above, for a very long time.

I also know that eventually, suddenly, there's going to be a massive panicked scramble.
Many questions exactly like the questions above and all the wide ranging possible implications of these many many questions will be front and center and the only thing that is discussed.

All of the Earth's many other important questions and issues will all flow outwards and down from the fact that there is an incredibly massive spectacular ancient Object that orbits down through our solar system's inner area every forty years or so.

This whole business is made extra staggeringly huge and extremely difficult because of the forward rolling Object's bizarre orbital behavior and especially because of the fact that the ancient Object crosses down between the Earth and the Moon on it's way down below the Sun.

All of this without even mentioning the situation in regards to
the way the Ancient Object changes the light from the Moon.

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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