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The Shigir Idol And The Holy Ghost Panel Horseshoe Canyon And Nunalleq Idols Of The Yup'k

I believe that the Shigir Idol depicts a human type of form or shape that is seen within the Changed and Lasting Light event that the orbiting Object causes to happen to the Moon's Light. The Shigir Idol form like other human forms that are seen in the Moon's Changed Light is most probably also created by a vertically standing crater rim piece on the Object's surface casting a shadow and then that shadow sculpting and shaping within the Moon's Changed Light. Somehow that's what at least some of the many many long tall individual shadows can do. They create human looking forms and human faces as well.

I didn't see this exact shape but I saw the Easter Island type of human forms and their style of human face later after I first saw the muscular form and the face of the Man of Light, The Awesome Good. There are variations but there's that characteristic way a human face that was made by a shadow sculpting in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light looks that is an ancient common theme that is known worldwide. Then there's the way all the shapes that are caused to happen by the shadows happen the same way every time the Object returns and crosses down and changes the light from the Moon causing this visually completely spectacular special Lasting Light event to happen. The shapes that are seen in the Changed Light repeat in exact detail and the people on the Earth saw these shapes. People separated by distance and vast amounts of time saw the exact same Lasting Light sights and things in detail. Everyone sees the same thing above and over and past the forward rolling crossing Object's upper right horizon. This fact is at the root of the main answer to the question; what connects and inspires the many worldwide ancient common themes that are mysteries in our time.

The Shigir Idol is new to me, I had seen the Holy Ghost panel in the Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon Utah. I'm not trying to say that for sure both of these depictions are of the same exact shape or form seen within the Changed Light but they could be and they might be. They do look the same however I'm guessing that the chances are against them being depictions of the same item this because there could be many human looking forms shaped exactly the same way that at least one of them is formed for example the Shigir Idol. If there is one there might be more than one or many more than one of this type of human form seen created. Opposite to this again there many only be one human looking form that looks like the shape that is depicted in these two depictions similar to the way that surly clearly there is only one Awesome Good. There are similar looking human forms produced by the shadow's actions but there are differences between the way these human looking shapes look even if they are similar looking overall. This applies to the Easter Island look that the group of human forms that appear second have. This group of human forms that are seen in the Changed Light have individual characteristics. They are individuals even though in general they look basically the same as with the faces of the Easter Island statues. Firstly I believe this because of how the overall scene looked to me down within the top of the rising light mountain. I only saw the face of the individual first to the right of the Awesome Good. I am guessing when I say that all of these individuals have different faces. I also base this guess on the way that it seems apparent that the people who constructed the statues on Easter Island made different faces. Also it has to be a fact that although extremely similar looking there can't possibly be two vertically standing crater rim pieces on the Object that are exact copies of one another so it follows that there shouldn't be two human looking faces that are exactly the same. However you never know what is possible within the Changed and Lasting Light event that the Object causes to happen with the light from the Moon and the background of space.

During the second phase of the changed light event the Changed Light rises. The central main position where the focal point of the Changed Light is located, the sight of the Man of Light continues to be seen, now transformed from his muscular first look into the second way that he looks. I have always thought of him now as the Lion Man. His face remains the same as you are still going face to face with him and you can see that things change outwards from his face for instance the prominent lines that radiate or flow outwards from his face. After the Changed Light's perimeter's rapid inward pulsing, after the transition time from the Valley to the rising Light Mountain suddenly more individuals are seen arranged in their together to the right and left and as well behind. To curving lines of human forms both matching the curve of the Object's upper right horizon.

I saw the face of the Man Of Light, the central human form that I think of as The Awesome Good and again I saw the face of one more human form, the face of the next individual human form one to the right and positioned slightly behind the Awesome Good. These human looking forms look very statue like solid and unmoving. Except initially as I describe the thing is this, the Moon's light becomes changed when the crossing orbiting Object goes between the Moon and the Earth. The Object casts shadows into the changed moon light from hundreds of vertically standing crater rim pieces and among many other things the human form is created in extreme muscular detail. Then things progress and everyone who ever saw this back through time saw the exact same thing. That's what I do know.

When I first saw the Shigir Idol it was in the news. Shigir Idol is oldest wooden sculpture monument in the world, 11,000 years old say scientists.

I knew I had seen the Shigir Idol's shape somewhere so after a short search there it was a figure depicted in the Holy Ghost panel. I am pointing out this similarity as an example of how two different and distant groups of people depicted a shape that is basically identical. The ancient people saw the human looking forms in the Changed Light. I didn't see as much as the ancient people saw and knew but I did see from the beginning many seconds into the second phase of the Changed light event, the rising curving Light Mountain. I know that it is very possible that the Shigir Idol and the figure depicted centrally, third from the left, third from the right in the Holy Ghost panel image located directly below on this page, may in fact be depicting the exact same individual human form seen within the Changed Light at a point later or after the furthest point that I saw up until.

Now again 04/17/16, I have seen exact same shape depicted again! The Nunalleq Idols Of The Yup'k
See below

During the third phase of the Changed and Lasting Light event things that happened earlier in the Changed Light, during the Valley phase and the rising Light Mountain are preserved within the layers that are stored within the mountain itself. Then during the Oval Plain stage or phase of the event everything that happened earlier is displayed to be seen happening by the viewer within the oval plain's layers. The third phase or Oval Plain phase is the time the human form below and other types of human forms and other later human forms are seen. The Oval plain is the light of and from the Valley which is the changed light from the Moon and the changed light from the background of space. A stored record of everything that happened when the shadows were sculpting and shaping and creating in the Changed Light within each moving solid rippling area or wave of transformed Moon light as it arrived from over the Object's upper right horizon is stored as a layer or new section or new base section suddenly joined solid and instantly rising continuing the creation of the rapidly rising Light Mountain. The Light Mountain grows at/from it's base. Right before this point the area of light that became the new base section for the light mountain arrives in the most bizarre fashion. As I describe in various places on this website and in the Return Viewer Guides I saw down from the left edge of rising top of the Light Mountain. I was able to look directly down the side of the inside of the curve of the rising column of Changed Light. Looking at the Upper right horizon area you see each area of Changed Light arrive and seamlessly join into the base of the rising mountain becoming the next solid piece or section of rising mountain. Each area arrives from over the Object's upper right horizon and amazingly it actually looks very similar to the way a wave washes in and up the beach. Suddenly when the wave stops and it should then reverse direction and wash back out to the sea if it was water instead it instantly transforms into the newest base section or layer of the rising curvingly strait smooth rock or stone rising column or mountain of light. Then the next wave of moving light does the exact same thing and this process continues.

Special sights are seen in the Changed Light and these things you see were created by hundreds, perhaps thousands of individual shadows each interacting with the Moon's Changed Light. The Object's surface displays the tremendous Standing Stone Craters numbering in the hundreds at a minimum. Each crater is ringed by towering massive vertically standing crater rim pieces. Each crater rim piece casts a very long tall shadow into the Moon's Changed Light. Some of these shadows do somehow create a shape that looks human. The human form is created many times. The first human form that is seen is seen in muscular exact detail, The Awesome Good. For me a big part of the ancient mystery is the fact that we are an exact copy of the first human form that is seen created in the Changed Light by a shadow. Next as the Changed Light instantly starts rising there are two human figures on each side of him and behind him in a second row all of the Easter Island style human figures positioned in an arch that again matches the arch of the Object's upper right horizon. Together you see them all rising together with The Awesome Good down within the top of the rising column of stored areas or layers of Lasting Light, the Light Mountain. Up to this point in the Changed Light event the first two versions of the way the Man of Light looks and the Easter Island style humans, are the only types of human forms seen. The figures depicted below occur beyond the point that I saw up to. Past the point that I saw up until I have to try to guess about what happens next as everything progresses. Based on what I saw and thanks to various ancient texts and incredible ancient depictions such as the Holy Ghost Panel, The Great Gallery and the fantastic Shigir Idol, and now also the Nunalleq Idols Of The Yup'k, I can guess that many fantastic things are normally seen far past the point that I saw up until. The ancient people saw these things and they knew all of these Lasting Light sights were special.

Holy Ghost
Panel Figure

The Shigir Idol is carved from larch. As identified from the annual rings, the tree was at least 159 years old. Stone tools were used for carving the markings. The head reproduces a face with eyes, nose, and mouth. The body is flat and rectangular. Geometrical motifs decorate its surface. Horizontal lines at the level of the thorax may represent ribs, and lines broken in chevrons cover the rest of the body. Along with the face at the top, several faces are visible at various points along the sculpture.

A reconstruction suggested that the original height of the statue was 5.3 meters tall.

One of Russia's greatest treasures, the Shigir Idol is 11,000 years old!
The Siberian Times

Holy Ghost Panel,
The Great Gallery,
Horseshoe Canyon, Utah


Circled in red are faces. This is that typical characteristic way a human face that was made by a shadow sculpting in the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light looks. This look is an ancient common theme that is known worldwide. I find the face in the bottom left interesting because of the way lines flow away from the forehead. The second way the Man Of Light looks shows the lines flowing outwards from around his face. From the time I saw this as a boy I thought of his second look while rising as the lion man.

Now again I have seen exact same shape depicted again!
My Dad set aside this issue of Archaeology magazine for me to look at.
He deserves full credit and I want to thank him again, thanks Dad!

I used my phone to take a couple pictures of the images of the wooden human figures that were discovered during excavations at Nunalleq Of The Yup'k

Ancient Yup’ik village in Alaska
Excavations near Quinhagak, a Yup’ik village in Alaska have yielded many important items from the Yup'ik ancient past including carved wooden human figures some of which are very similar to the Shigir Idol and Holy Ghost Panel Figures. The site has been dubbed Nunalleq, which means
“Old Village” in the Yup’ik language.

Nunalleq Idols
Of The Yup'k

( image by: Rick Knecht, University of Aberdeen)
From Archeology magazine, I used my phone to take a couple pictures
of the images of the wooden human figures that were discovered during
excavations at Nunalleq Of The Yup'k

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


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