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Nasa's Official Truth About Nibiru

First I want to express my admiration for Dr. David Morrison and his important work. One day many scientists and also Dr. Morrison will have the opportunity to study and ponder the Ancient Object and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. Scientists from many disciplines will be intensely focused on studying every aspect of the very fantastic retrograde astronomical Object that crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth. Also of course the study of the Moon's Changed Light is going to rock the scientific world and the entire world from top to bottom. The heart of the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light is the high light of everything that is important, this in spite of the shocking overwhelmingly profoundly important and impressive nature of the speeding forward rolling Standing Stone Crater covered crossing ancient Object itself.

The crossing Object, the facts and the reality of the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon, and the health and well being of our planet and all of the life on the Earth and peace on earth combined are the most important items that should concern us humans and our hopes, dreams and prospects for the future. I think that everything else is less important.

Video transcript below: I offer some comments Dr. David Morrison
Senior Scientist
Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute YouTube

For me today this is the time when sitting down and talking with a very knowledgeable space scientist like Dr. Morrison might be important at least for me and hopefully important for him as well. I saw the Object and I know I can shed light on the situation. Just to start with the physical theory for making the moon and its geochemical prediction not matching observations problem is instantly understood when you realize that the impactor Theia or Nibiru if you will, remained intact. It looks to me like it was a giant hit and run impact event instead. This is a basic fundamental thing to know. Then unbelievably it's way more complicated than that but I can help at least up to whatever point.

I saw the Object and I want to help them understand but the all of the doors I've tried have been closed to me. The unfortunate frustrating facts and situation that I face almost certainly will not lead to me being able to accomplish my goal of being able to provide basic 101 starting point information and facts on what happens between the Earth and the Moon. Many people and important groups have seen some of my descriptions so I have accomplished some important things but that's not the same as actually meeting with someone and really talking with them and hopefully that person can do something, whatever that might turn out to be in order to prepare firstly astronomers and then later the rest of the people of the world. Unfortunately there's virtually no chance that I will be able to sit down and explain and describe what happens to anyone involved in space or physics science before the Object returns and arrives down between the Moon and the Earth at all never mind me actually been taken seriously. It's like I'm almost without any hope sometimes that I can make a difference and actually end up helping anyone or anything. I know we are in a situation and the world around me goes around oblivious. The whole business is just to big and to fantastic from the Object through to especially the Changed Light for me but here I am.

Later after the Object has returned home it will be to late for me to make a difference. It would still be interesting for me to have a chance to talk with a solar system scientist or two. It is doubtful that they would have any reason or need to talk to me after the Object's next safe return because after all they'll know what happens by then because obviously they will have suddenly finally seen for themselves exactly what happens. So at that point there'll be nothing I can offer them that they won't already know. I'm guessing that by then the important urgent need that I have today to actually really talk directly with people who can make a difference will have faded and will be gone. At that point I will be looking back with the benefit of hindsight after the Object's return. I wonder how the world will look to me on that day that will hopefully come?

The point and the reason why I'm doing this page is because I do want to be able to meet and talk with a space scientist today. Perhaps doing this page will serve in small part. So far the only reaction I have received is that I have been blocked from following @NASAGoddard on Twitter and I am blocked from viewing @NASAGoddard tweets. I think that happened shortly after I mentioned rotational frame dragging and gravitational lensing in a tweet discussing trying to understand how the Object's forces change the Moon's light.

I have known for a long time that more than likely unfortunately very few people will have a chance to read about what happens from the Return Viewer's Guides before the Object gets here. If the right people are informed then quick action can follow. From important viewing information for people before the Object safely arrives home and changes the light from the Moon through to timely worldwide concrete measures to secure vital infrastructure in the event that there is some sort of negative impact felt by the Earth as a result of the speeding Object's next orbit across down through between the Moon and the Earth.

An Email / Message To Solar System And Planetary Scientists And Astronomers

Nasa's Truth About Nibiru Video

There are many problems with the situation today and the main one is that people including Nasa scientists don't know about the Object. This unfortunate situation has lead to the situation today, a situation where unfortunately Nasa, the main people I think of as sort of being the worldwide leaders in basically everything space science have very little or basically nothing to offer the people of the world in regards to the astronomical object that crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth, probably Theia. This is so incredible to me so much so that I barely know where to begin. One day after the high tech dark ages of today are finally over the people in the future will look back on our old era in human history from their new era in human history and they'll be completely blown away by the way the world is today without people knowing about the Object and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light.

I inserted the word "official" into the video's title then used it for the title of this page. If this video is not actually "official," then I'm guessing that this video is at least a "semi-official," nasa video because the title of the video would suggest that this is so. Of course the video features Dr. Morrison so that does make it official for me.

Video transcript: I offer some comments

0:03 Hi, my name is David Morrison.
0:06 I'm a NASA Space Scientist

The first obvious question I have to ask myself is this, does Dr. Morrison know about the retrograde Object that I saw?
I find him to be sincere sounding when he talks and I do believe that he is genuine and believable. Also he seems like the sort of person who would be well liked by those around him. I am going to go forward with the presumption that Dr. Morrison does not know the actual details or anything at all about the speeding forward rolling astronomical Object I saw cross down in front of the Moon as a boy in 1972.

The next obvious question for me to ask is, does anyone at nasa or wherever behind the scenes know about the Object?
Yes clearly they do know that something big blocked Apollo ALSEP transmissions being sent from the lunar surface. I first learned of this incident from reading a magazine article while waiting at the dentist office. The scientist quoted said something like this, "whatever it was it had to have been huge." I am completely aware that knowing that something crosses in front of the moon doesn't automatically mean that you are going to figure it out and understand that the Theia survived the giant impact with the Moon and it continues to orbit through what was once the newly impacted infant earth and the debris from the impact that would eventually form into the Moon. This is the situation and it's so bizarre that it's little wonder that no one has just simply guessed correctly about the Object and what happened and what still happens. It appears to me that the Giant Impact Theory is nearly 100% correct except for the part about Theia being absorbed into the earth's core because as it somehow happened to turn out Theia just kept going and still orbits the sun today.

Still are there people or officials or scientists behind the scenes who know not just about the signal interruption from the lunar surface but are there people who actually know about the Object I describe?

I'm asking this question because if there are then shame on them for not informing the people who really need to know and that is people like Dr. Morrison and his fellow scientists and astronomers.

The Apollo Detection:
From what I understand every Apollo mission after Apollo 11, excluding Apollo 13, deployed a Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) The Apollo 17 mission was flown in December 1972, that would be after the Object crossed down May 25th 1972 if I'm right about this date. The stations ran from deployment until they were turned off on September 30th 1977. This means that there were four Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages deployed and operating at the time the Object I saw crossed in front of the Moon.

Each of these stations operated with a Central Station unit that transmitted signals to the Earth. Were there other transmitters on the lunar surface operating at that time as well? I don't know at this point but there were at least four transmitters that were operating when the Object crossed in front of the Moon. For the signal interruption to be explained away it would require an equipment failure on the earth. How many ears or receivers were listening? Just one? Maybe but that makes no difference to me because I saw the Object block the sight of the Moon from the Earth so I know that there actually was a signal interruption caused by a celestial object no matter what explanation anyone out there puts forward as a way to explain away what caused the signal interruption

0:08 and I want to talk to you very briefly about Nibiru.

Nibiru may or may not be one of the many ancient names used for the Object I have no way to confirm this. Clearly today even if the name Nibiru is not a name that was ever used for the Object today people associate the name Nibiru with some sort of astronomical object that returns even though they don't have any real idea what that astronomical object really does or what it looks like or how it behaves or how it rolls forward as it crosses down across between the Moon and the Earth. I give people credit for being convinced that there is some sort of returning object including the Planet nine scientists. It appears as if some people base their beliefs on ancient texts and legends from around the world and other people base their beliefs on their newly discovered gravitational Planet nine evidence as is the case with the astronomers who actually do know that there's another astronomical object out there they just haven't actually discovered the Object yet but they will sooner or later. I don't know the whole story about the name Nibiru but fundamentally people who use this name are correct in at least an overall general sense because there is another astronomical object that is a member of the solar system that has not been described and recognized in our time and point in world history and as it turns out it returns like the legends say.

This so overwhelmingly huge and off the scale in importance! Because of this fact the size of the shock that will happen across the board when the returning retrograde Object is detected and reported to the world by responsible persons is something I can only barely glimpse. It's going to be a shock beyond measure guaranteed. Importantly as I always have to say it will be obvious that the Object can orbit between the Moon and the Earth safely because my descriptions of the Object will match with astronomical observations that will be made of the Object.

0:11 I am doing this because I received a note
0:15 from a 12 year old girl recently
0:17 that said she wondered if the video I made
0:19 two years ago was still valid.
0:21 That she and her classmates were scared
0:24 about Nibiru and could I please explain
0:27 from a science point of view why we know Nibiru is not real

0:31 and is not a danger.

I sure hope there's no danger. The last two times the Object crossed down the Object's crossing does appear to have occurred safely. The other side of this question is unknown to me. The speeding massive retrograde Object can orbit between the Moon and the Earth safely. This is a fact that won't be clear at first but a fact that will be clear when it is obvious that my description of the Standing Stone Crater covered forward rolling moon coloured speeding astronomical Object matches exactly with the new body they suddenly find themselves observing. This is important because instantly they will know that there is such a thing as a safe Return and basically it's as simple as that. At this point the scientific community has the responsibility to make sure that the world's people know for a fact that the Object can cross safely. This is a basic fundamental responsibility that many people will suddenly face. Compare my descriptions with the new object you will be very startled to have suddenly detected traveling nearly directly at the Earth. Eventually you will realize that I do describe this Object. A challenging time and a very tense situation is about to confront all of those people concerned who will know about this because of the important various scientific fields that they work in. Make sure that people know that the Object can return safely! This is a fact, beyond this point there are no guarantees and many troubling questions that I don't have answers to but I go on what happened last time the Object was here crossing safely down

0:33 You know, the simplest thing to say
0:35 is just that there is no credible evidence
0:37 whatever for the existence of Nibiru.
0:40 There are no pictures, there's no tracking,
0:43 there's no astronomical observations.

Mr. W. Spill Reported The Object Crossing Down May 24, 1926
I saw the Object through a small backyard telescope and that night was possibly May 25, 1972, and very notably it was detected.
The Apollo Detection:

The Question:

In the early 1970's Apollo crews placed scientific instruments on the surface of the Moon. Signals that were being sent to the Earth were suddenly unexpectedly interrupted for a period of time. When the Object I happened to see crossed between the Moon and the Earth it eclipsed the Moon and caused the signal interruption that was observed. What was the date and time of this occurrence?

If you can determine the date and time that the scientists lost and then reacquired contact with their lunar experiments you will be on the trail of the celestial Object I saw and describe on this website. If someone was able to confirm this date from other sources this would be important. I saw the Object and then many years later I learned that "they" detected the Object I saw when they lost their signals from the lunar surface.

If you find information or the report and this event's designation number, and it does have a designation number, you will know when nasa had their anomaly. Nasa claimed to have solved this anomaly mystery by computer means whatever that is suppose to mean.

The important information in the report is the date and the time of this occurrence.

Was the date May 25, 1972? Did nasa lose contact with their four separate (ALSEP) signals from the Lunar surface May 25, 1972?

If not what was the date and time of this occurrence?

The Apollo Detection

From what I understand every Apollo mission after Apollo 11, excluding Apollo 13, deployed a Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) The Apollo 17 mission was flown in December 1972, that would be after the Object crossed down May 25th 1972 if I'm right about this date. The stations ran from deployment until they were turned off on September 30th 1977. This means that there were four Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages deployed and operating at the time the Object I saw crossed in front of the Moon.

Each of these stations operated with a Central Station unit that transmitted signals to the Earth. Were there other transmitters on the lunar surface operating at that time as well? I don't know at this point but there were at least four transmitters that were operating when the Object crossed in front of the Moon. For the signal interruption to be explained away it would require an equipment failure on the earth. How many ears or receivers were listening? Just one? Maybe but that makes no difference to me because I saw the Object block the sight of the Moon from the Earth so I know that there actually was a signal interruption caused by a celestial object no matter what explanation anyone out there puts forward as a way to explain away what caused the signal interruption

Central Station of Apollo 16's ALSEP.

Apollo 16's astronauts lifted off from the lunar surface aboard Orion April 24, 1972. Thirty one days later the
Object I saw blocked the signals that were being sent
from this ALSEP central Station unit along with the
other three Apollo ALSEP Central Stations on the
lunar surface at that time.

Data from the five continuously operating ALSEP units
was received and recorded by NASA's tracking network
24 hours a day.
The Spacecraft Tracking and Data (Acquisition) Network

Every ALSEP downlink frequency is different.
Apollo 12
, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2278.5 MHz.
Apollo 14, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2279.5 MHz.
Apollo 15, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2278.0 MHz.
Apollo 16, ALSEP Downlink Frequency : 2276.0 MHz.

Apollo_Lunar_Surface_Experiments_Package Wiki
ALSEP Central Station
receives commands from the Earth and transmitted data. Communications with Earth were achieved through a 58 cm long, 3.8 cm diameter modified axial-helical antenna mounted on top of the Central Station and pointed towards Earth by the astronauts.

ALSEP 12 five years old and still going strong December 2, 1974 Report

The ALSEP system and instruments were controlled by commands from Earth. The stations ran from deployment until they were turned off on 30 September 1977

To suggest an alternative explanation for the cause of the signal interruption other than the Object I saw eclipsing the Moon is to try to put forward an explanation that would be impossible to prove. I saw the Object. I know what happened. When the scientist quoted in the magazine article were I first read about nasa losing their lunar telemetry stated, "whatever caused the signal interruption, it had to have been enormous," he knew that there was only one explanation that fit and that was that obviously some type of an object had to have blocked the signals causing the interruption. As it turns out I can say with 100% certainty that he was right. That's exactly what happened. He wasn't the only one who knew either. Also for some time I have wondered what the last signals they received from the Moon at that time indicated? For example I have read that the seismic detector experiments that were deployed worked very well with a high degree of sensitivity. I would like to know what the reacquired signals indicated. Were there any unusual seismic readings recorded right before and right after the signal interruption? After finding out that the Object's basic flight path is oriented basically exactly the same as the newly discovered lemon shaped moon's long axis, I now know for a fact that the Object's forces impact the Moon. There was progress towards NEO study and detection starting in the 1970's. They knew something big went by right under their noses and it seems they missed it. Even though they didn't see it they did detect the Object's crossing.

0:45 In fact the origin of the name is a little weird.
0:48 Nibiru was a minor god
0:50 in the Babylonian pantheon
0:53 probably associated with Jupiter.

0:55 There's no record that they ever thought of it as a planet.

When it comes to this subject the problem is we think we know what the ancient people were talking about and writing about and thinking and we don't. There's no notion or concept today that could conceive of or imagine or consider the facts of the reality of the Changed and Lasting from the Moon and the background of space and then also consider and realize that the crossing Object eclipsing the Moon and intercepting and slowing down the light from the Moon could be real and the cause of the entire Lasting Light event.

I bet what I just wrote makes little sense to many. My poor writing skills aside I am writing about an astronomical body that I clearly saw with a telescope when I was a boy. I am writing in english. The problem for people is not understanding what I'm saying, the problem for people or readers is they don't know what I'm talking about. The speeding forward rolling Object I saw certainly does not behave at all like any other type of planet but I am talking about an object that is certainly small planet sized especially if we are debating Pluto's status as a planet. Certainly I know that this completely different and bizarre looking and behaving astronomical Object is no were close to being a planet the way we think of planets today. On The Formation Of The Moon page I wonder about the possibility that the Object is the remaining core of the theorized planet Theia. It may also be true that the Object is a captured object around the sun and it didn't form around our sun the way the other planets formed. I am suggesting this because of the Object's retrograde orbit. It's a complicated situation when today we try to understand what is written down in ancient times regarding the Object. Today people can't picture or imagine the type of orbital behavior that the crossing Object exhibits. Another problem for readers today's is that often times when the Object is mentioned in ancient texts the Changed and Lasting Light event that the Object causes to happen with the light from the Moon is also written about and this causes much confusion and is a primary reason why the experts today can so easily discredit the ancient descriptions as being to fantastic and impossible therefore not true. This last point is a very major reason why most people today can't take ancient descriptions of the Object seriously.

There's way to many reasons to begin to try to list here now for why it's no wonder that today there could be people convinced that; "There's no record that they ever thought of it as a planet."

1:00 Sometimes we talk about planet X,
1:03 but that's a strange term too,
1:04 because astronomers say planet X
1:07 for an object that has not been found,
1:09 a possible object.
1:11 Like Pluto when it was being searched for was called planet X
1:15 Once it was found it became Pluto.
1:18 So there really isn't any evidence here to counter,
1:22 but I can quite specifically say
1:24 how we know that Nibiru or planet X does not exist
1:28 and does not threaten the Earth.

1:30 First, if there were a planet

1:34 headed into the inner solar system
1:36 that was going to come close to the Earth in December of 2012

The Maya and the Mayan calendar were not wrong they were tracking the Object I saw. They knew what they where talking about and tracking with their calendar and those who were guessing about 2012 and the Mayan calendar where wrong. That's just what it is.

1:40 it would already be inside the orbit of Mars.

Here's part of the problem for people trying to understand from me or trying to figure things out for themselves. The forward rolling Object travels at a tremendous speed as it accelerates towards the sun as a part of it's very long highly eccentric retrograde orbit. It crosses between the Moon and the Earth in just a few short minutes. I estimate the Object would travel the distance of Pluto's average distance from the sun in roughly 30 days or less. 46 years does give the Object lots of time to slow down and I assume that it naturally starts to decelerate as soon as it passes it's perihelion point with the sun as it passes by beside and below the sun. Maybe the Object is at perihelion when it is between the Moon and the Earth? The incredible speeding Object will only give minimal warning maybe only a matter of weeks once it's closer than Pluto as it travels down towards it's crossing point between the Earth and the Moon. A new point of light that brightens as the fast mover approaches us.

1:42 It would be bright, it would be easily visible to the naked eye.
1:46 If it were up there you could see it,
1:49 all of us could see it.

I once read somewhere in an ancient text that it sounded like you could see the returning Object either from one hour before sunset or from one hour before it crosses down through between the Moon and the Earth I couldn't tell which one. Either that or the light the Object reflects is seem for a longer period of time before it reaches to within the distance of the Moon's orbit maybe days or a week or two who knows?

Either way certainly the speeding brilliantly shining very reflect Object's probably highly metallic surface should definitely allow for the Object to be seen for at least a short time before it gets here unless somehow the mysterious frame dragging effect somehow complicates the situation as far as directly viewing the Object is concerned. The suddenly visible new light in the sky from the Object may be visible for a fair number of nights preceding it's arrival. The Object should hopefully take at least a full month to reach us from the equivalent distance of Pluto's average orbital distance from the sun. If you knew where to look for the first appearance of the Object's reflected sunlight you would hopefully be able to see it appear. The opposite situation to this again is the speeding massive forward rolling Object with it's Standing Stone Crater numbered in the hundreds at the very least, does effect the behavior of light. This said instead of the Object hiding or cloaking itself somehow when I first saw the moon coloured Object a number of seconds before the Changed and Lasting event occurred it looked exactly like you would expect a astronomical object to look without any light blending or mixing and changing going on the way things happen seconds later with the start of the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light event. The Object's colour matches exactly with the colour of our Moon's bright surface area. I have this worry probably unfounded, that somehow the Object may wrap itself with the blackness and the light from the background of space as it approaches the Earth the same way that it seemingly wraps itself up with the light from the Moon around it's upper right horizon during stage two or the second phase of the Changed Light event when the solid light rises. Einstein's rotational frame dragging effect may be at work on a grand scale. I have to wonder about this question because I know that although space looks black it is in fact full of background sources of light and energy. Will the Object be visible while it travels through the inner solar system towards us before it arrives in front of the Moon where I know for a fact that it's clearly visible? I hope so and it probably will be visible returning down towards us and these speculations will probably prove to be just that speculations that don't add up to what really happens. My view of the Object started after the Moon was fully eclipsed a few short seconds before the Moon's Changed Light emerges to the right of the Object. So I didn't see what the Object looked like before it actually arrived in front of the Moon so I have to guess about what the Object looks like as it approaches the Earth. I did see how it's powerful forces change the way the Moon's light looks and behaves so I am left having to wonder about how the Object's forces may effect how the Object looks to the naked eye or to big telescopes as it approaches. Maybe a large light source like the Moon might be what's required behind the Object in order for a any sort of Changed Light event to be triggered or maybe not.

Once the Object is back everything that happens happens the same way every time and when it's written about no matter when it's written about it sounds and reads the same way it happens. Sometimes it's very easy to realize it when an ancient writer is describing the Object and also the Moon's suddenly Changed Light.

(Enoch 2)
Chapter 25, XXV
1 I commanded in the very lowest, that visible things should come down from invisible, and Adoil came down very great, and I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light.
2 And I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible out of you.

At this point the Object tilts towards you instead of rolling at you and this point signals the beginning of the Changed and Lasting Light event. This is what happens as I know only to well after having seen this using a telescope by a complete lucky fluke otherwise I wouldn't know this just like everyone else, it seems. Just wait and see, no matter if I am able to guess correctly when the Object returns the details I describe are 100% accurate in general and also very accurate in different specific areas. Everything that happens and everything that is seen and how you see within the Changed Light happens exactly the same way every time the Object completes it's very precise orbit down and casts it's shadows from the many Standing Stone Crater's vertically standing crater rim pieces into the Changed Light from the Moon. Sooner or later the Object I describe will return from the depths of space and cross down and change the light from the Moon and the Lasting Light will be seen again. This turns out to be heart of what's important to all humanity as will be seen again inevitably. The Object will become undone spreading down and opening deep and wide to the right again. Follow the free Return Viewer's Guides information I offer and you will be prepared to see with foreknowledge.

1:51 And the crazy thing is people who say they are observing it
1:55 but never tell us where to look so that we can verify.
1:58 Well it doesn't take an astronomer
2:00 to say that there's no bright object
2:02 up there that's appeared in the night sky
2:05 and is headed for Earth.

2:07 Second, if Nibiru were real
2:10 and it were a planet with a substantial mass,
2:13 then it would already be perturbing
2:16 the orbits of Mars and the Earth.
2:18 We would see changes in those orbits,
2:21 due to this rogue object coming into the inner solar system.

I have speculated in many times before and wondered how the crossing speeding forward rolling Object interacts with and influences not just the Moon and the Earth but the entire solar system. I think of the Object as a type of opposite behaving counter rotating spinning flywheel as it travels along it's retrograde orbital path. One day will it be determined that the Object I saw and describe effects or is even the underlying cause of the regularity of our solar system? The astronomers have detected the gravitational effects of the Object and they call their theorized object Planet nine. Sooner or later eventually they will suddenly discover that the Object I saw cross down through between the Moon and the Earth is in fact the same Object that they are searching for.

2:25 Astronomers measure the orbit of the Earth and Mars
2:30 precisely and frequently
2:31 and there has been no change whatever.
2:36 Third, and perhaps most telling,
2:39 if this object had come through the solar system in the past,
2:43 and you remember the idea
2:45 is that it's on an orbit of 3600 years

The Object's orbital time period may be 46 Years and 1 day long if I am right and I might not be. There may be some sort of larger overall cycle or pattern it follows but I can only guess. That may possibly involve long time spans like 3600 years and this may account for why the researchers following ancient clues are suggesting that 3600 yrs is important and related to a returning celestial object. On the other hand a 3600 year time frame for some sort of larger orbital cycle could be completely in error like so many other interpretations of ancient clues.

I believe the Object was reported May 24, 1926. It's been very difficult to track down the date that I saw the Object however I have it narrowed down and things led me the May 25, 1972.
This points directly at a possible return date of May 26th, 2018

2:48 if it had come through in the past
2:50 its gravity would have messed up
2:53 the orbits of the inner planets,
2:54 the Earth, Venus, Mars,
2:56 probably would have stripped the Moon away completely.
3:00 Instead
3:01 in the inner solar system
3:02 we see planets with stable orbits,
3:04 we see the Moon going around the Earth,
3:06 the very existence of the stability
3:09 in the inner solar system

3:11 proves that no rogue planet,
3:14 no interfering object has come through the inner solar system
3:17 in at least a million years.

Certainly Dr. Morrison is right in his conclusions regarding a returning rogue planet the way he envisions one. Unfortunately the popular Nibiru version of events that's out there today regarding the returning object the ancient people were really actually seeing and describing is incorrect. This leaves Dr. Morrison at a disadvantage unable to add to understanding at this point in time when he comments because unfortunately he doesn't know about the Object that actually does return.

3:19 So it's not real. Nibiru doesn't exists,
3:23 we can't see it, we can't detect its gravity,
3:25 and we don't see a signature of its previous
3:28 passages because there weren't any.

Planet nine researchers have detected the gravitational effects of the Object I saw between the Moon and the Earth. That's what I think has finally happened. This news was a great relief for me because I know that they are finally closing in on the Object and hopefully they will discover it soon.

3:31 Now some people change the story around and say well,
3:35 Nibiru isn't even a planet,
3:37 it's a brown dwarf with planets going around it
3:39 or something like that.
3:41 Everything I've said would be worse
3:43 with a massive object like a brown dwarf.
3:46 That would have been tracked by astronomers for a decade or more
3:49 and it would already have really effected
3:52 planetary orbits.

3:54 So please get over it.
3:56 Nibiru isn't real, planet X isn't real.

A basic description of the Object of the Crossing Down
How big is the Object?
Velikovsky Figured Out That There Was Another Member Of The Inner Solar System

3:59 We don't have to worry about this hoax.

There are indeed hoaxers out there, Dr. Morrison is absolutely correct.
From this page:Astronomers Planetary And Solar System Scientists Experts And Others

This is especially true in regards to the many various BSer's and their many copy cats that are out there making ridicules claims such as for example; they are in contact with the Anunnaki or they have the inside scoop on Nibiru, Planet X or whatever, and the advanced civilization that they mistakenly claim lives there... from secret government sources or directly from aliens or directly from God... and or that God is an alien and they know this because they went for a ride in his spaceship. Or God has spoken to them directly and given them a personal vision of Planet X and it's coming in!!! but then they are unable to provide any specific accurate details etc like for example the standing stone craters are there like anyone who really actually saw would know. Or they'll say that Planet X hits the Earth, Ya right. Oh ya and don't forget the hoards of Nibiru experts (YouTube) that have no idea that the Ancient Object the ancient people were talking about crosses down in front of the Moon, and the many Anunnaki experts (YouTube) who have never heard of the human forms that the shadows create and cause to happen in the Moon's Changed Light. Some of these people actually claim that we are the result of being genetically engineered by the Anunnaki in ancient times! Together many of these people have books and expensive dvd's for sale explaining all about it and even sometimes providing proof for their claims. Where did they get all their tired old regurgitated, repackaged and then rebranded info from... many years of researching the internet? Basically each other? Invent something new then sometimes sprinkle it with a little bs.

One unfortunate result of this is that there are many very dedicated very hard working sincere people out there trying to understand about the celestial object they really sense the ancient people were talking about. Many people are trying to figure this out and there is actually something to figure out. One does not want this majority of people I believe, to be all painted with the same brush as those who truly are trying to create and sell something. Some people out and out make things up in order to try to propel themselves and their book sales etc. Opposite to this many other people are trying to figure it out and a most respectful thank you and hats off to them from me. One could easily argue that you all are right because you all are right and you have been right all along. That's how it appears to me.

Later nasa and perhaps some others may well say that you people were all wrong because you were unable to actually describe the Object itself. Listen to the video, nasa scientist Dr. Morrison does not provide any real Object related information and neither does he describe anything at all that is actually describing the Object. Along with that he doesn't refute any of my descriptions of the Object for two basic reasons. The primary reason is because he doesn't know about the Object and the second reason is because he hasn't heard about my descriptions of what I saw happen when I saw the Object.

Neither all of you together or nasa are able to describe the Object. Nasa says there is no object or unknown member of the solar system about to return. Many sincere researchers out there are convinced there is a returning astronomical object of some type.

Soon it will be clear to all of those determined people and researchers who followed the ancient clues and were left convinced that there had to be some sort of returning celestial/astronomical object that they were in fact exactly right.

For a great many big important reasons this is an overall disturbing and unfortunate situation. I believe that obviously Dr. Morrison is honest and quite sincere. Unfortunately he does not appear to know anything at all about the Object that I saw. Is nasa actually really this unaware? Or do some people behind the scenes really know about the Object and what it does concerning the changing the light from the Moon? Scientists share information. If there are people at nasa or whatever other agency who know then I believe that certainly none of them should be thought of as being people of science because their lack of disclosure has hindered and cost the scientific community greatly as they struggle to understand many things without the benefit of knowing about what really happens in our own neighborhood in the solar system. I have to ask this question because it concerns me that maybe some people behind the scenes might know about the Object but choose to keep it hidden. I know this is a possibility but at the same time surly if there are people who know about the Object they would be already out there with the news of their discovery. Somehow at this point we have a situation were the Object is unknown to what appears to be basically everybody.

One of the names that I use for the Object Of The Crossing Down is Adoil along with Theia for example. I know for a fact that the name Adoil was once used to identify the Object Of The Crossing Down. The Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down is what I call the incredible astronomical Object that I saw. Instead of a single word or name I decided to use a descriptive phrase to name or describe the Ancient Object because it seems natural to me. The Object has a certain basic obvious very ancient look to it when you see it. Even as a young boy it was instantly clear to me that the Object was a very old place. The very fast moving forward rolling Object will be detected orbiting down towards us from the depths of space again. Approximately thirty days or probably less after it enters within the distance of Pluto's orbit the Object will arrive down between the Moon and the Earth.

Adoil will return and become undone when it intercepts and changes the light from the Moon and the background of space changing and transforming that light causing it to last and evolve creating fantastic ancient sights and intense solid shapes and forms.
It turns out that there is a fantastic ancient thing that happened and it still happens, and you can see it too! It's not just the incredible retuning speeding Object it's also especially about the incomparable primordial Changed Light sights that the Object 's forces generate and cause to happen. Somehow there really is a big thing that happens and this is it and I am describing it to you.

Read the Return Viewer's Guide so that you can be ready to see the repeating Changed and Lasting Light sights that will be suddenly there to be seen to the right of the Object and over it's upper right horizon when the Object is between the Moon and the Earth. There to be seen by anyone who looks will be the exact same repeating Changed Light sights that all of our ancestors knew and saw and looked forward to seeing again. Guessing when the Object might return is something I attempt to do because I know the Object I saw will be back. It is important that people know that the Object can cross down through between the Moon and the Earth safely. It's equally important that people know to look at the Moon's Changed Light in an uninterrupted manner and that they will have to brace themselves as a part of seeing the very intimidating Object change the Moon's Light in the most fantastic ways! Once you are seeing the Changed Light look to the right, find and follow the big main pointy tall back shadow into the incredible distance of the Moon's Changed Light. If you can do this and most importantly if you are able to remain looking in a completely 100% uninterrupted manner then you will see and you will know for yourself exactly what the big fantastic thing that happens deep within the heart of the Moon's Changed Light actually is because this really is it and you need to see this for yourself and you really can. Everything I saw happens and repeats every time the vertical crater rim pieces located on the speeding forward rolling Object's surface cast their shadows into the Moon's Changed Light. Everything happens the same way every time the interacts between the shadows and the Changed Light takes place. When you read descriptions of what I saw you are actually finding out what will be seen when hopefully you and your family are watching this event unfold. You will be able to see with detailed foreknowledge if you read my descriptions of what I saw. This is what I have to offer you.

To be clear all my information is free.

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A possible approximate orbital path down through the solar system for Theia.
This example orbit needs to be adjusted into a more elliptical shaped high eccentricity orbit.
Also my orbit example is not lined up very accurately and it needs to be rotated or tilted slightly
to the left
in order to line up better with the perihelion region of space where the small bodies
out past Neptune are being effected by the Object as it orbits down through them.

Griffith Observatory Video, "Ninth Planet? - All Space Considered."




Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
Mii maanda sa ge-waabndameg giinwaa waa-bi-zhaayeg
Ezhi-gchi-nikaayan ni-izhaan


Familiarize yourself with the details and the sequence of events that I describe.
Numbered 1-5 combined these five separate Return Viewer Guides
describe what a viewer sees actually happening when the speeding forward rolling
Ancient Celestial Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

Even if you decide that you are not going to read anything else, if you read Return Viewer's Guide #1, you will know
the basic idea of what actually happens when the ancient Object returns & crosses down in front of the Moon.
Find in point form Return Viewer's Guide #1, approximately 20% of the way down the page;
Return Viewer's Guide For Use With Or Without A Small Backyard Telescope

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