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The Crossing Down

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The Volk, Malhotra Kuiper Belt Detection

I have just read about the very important and compelling, exciting work of Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra of the
University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

A Message To Solar System And Planetary Scientists And Astronomers

It looks as though I can say with a certain degree of probability that the researchers may have detected the direct effects of the Object I saw crossing down between the Moon and the Earth! As far as I understand it they have done this through direct observation of the orbits of objects in the Kuiper Belt. As far I know they still don't know about the Object of the Crossing Down itself yet or it's exact orbital path and that's unfortunate but they do know that there is an object out there as they describe that caused the effects they have observed and are studying. Certainly they know that they need to be searching for an astronomical object of some description. I know that the evidence they are studying might be caused by a completely different astronomical object and not the one I saw cross between the Earth and the Moon. However I think the Object I saw is way more than just a very good candidate to be the object of their search.

The scientists were able to determine that the object that causes the effects on the objects in the Kuiper Belt that they are studying is smaller and closer to the sun than the object described in the Planet Nine Theory. With their Planet Ten, or the "Planetary Mass Object theory," as far as I know planetary scientists Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra are closer to understanding and discovering the Object's orbit and maybe even the returning Object of the Crossing Down itself compared to anyone else! In my world today it's really really good to see that science is actually finally closing in on the moment when they discover the returning Object so the fact is for me is this is historic! Another amazing point that needs to be made is that these discoveries have been made at a time that happens to probably be shortly before when the Object might actually arrive back home to our solar system if I have the May 26, 2018 return date correct.

"An unknown, unseen "planetary mass object" may lurk in the outer reaches of our solar system, according to new research on the orbits of minor planets to be published in the Astronomical Journal. This object would be different from and much closer than the so called Planet Nine, a planet whose existence yet awaits confirmation.

In the paper, Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra of the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, or LPL, present compelling evidence of a yet-to-be- discovered planetary body with a mass somewhere between that of Mars and Earth. The mysterious mass, the authors show, has given away its presence — for now — only by controlling the orbital planes of a population of space rocks known as Kuiper Belt objects, or KBOs, in the icy outskirts of the solar system."

Below includes my page: Is The Object Of The Crossing Down Planet 9?

Compare the gravitational evidence for the existence of planet 9 with the Object's Basic Flight Path Image and it's possible 46 year and 1 day long orbit along with the positions of the solar system's planets and the objects in the Kuiper Belt on the three possible return dates that I suggest as well as other dates because even though I am sure I might have figured out when I saw the Object and when the Object might return I have been wrong before and I know I could be incorrect again regarding the dates that the Object returns. I explain and provide details here: When Will The Ancient Object Of The Crossing Down Return

To be clear if the Object does not return when I'm guessing it might return it does not change or effect the accuracy of the Return Viewer's Guide regarding descriptions of the Object and the repeating sights and things that you see in the Moon's Changed Light.

May 24, 1926 and May 25, 1972 and May 26, 2018 may be the dates when the Object that I saw orbits down through between the Moon and the Earth. Each of those nights occurs 3 nights before the full Moon. These dates are separated by 46 years and one day.

Because the astronomers and scientists are completely unaware of the solar system Object I saw and describe and it's incredible orbit they cannot imagine such an object and it's very different type or orbital behavior so they imagine a very powerful very large object at great distance in a basically familiar style of orbit instead of a very fast very powerful moon size astronomical object at very close distance to explain the gravitational effects they have observed.

Do both exist? Does the distant large powerful object they hypothesize coexist with the Object I saw and describe, maybe? I don't know what all the possibilities are instead I saw the Object and so outside of the facts as I know them I can only point at various facts that are presented by others and make guesses.

The Object travels at a tremendous speed traveling through between the Moon and the Earth in approximately 5 minutes give or take. Certainly the Object takes less than ten minutes to travel this distance. I used to think it was more like 2-3 minutes but I have reconsidered and it may actually take up to 5 and even 6 minutes to travel this distance considering that the crossing angle itself adds distance and time. Writing this page caused me to realize that the Object's crossing time could be at least slightly longer than 2-3 minutes.

The Object's top to bottom sink rate of motion is approximately half of the Object's left to right crossing rate of motion as seen from the Earth.

The Object's forward roll rate is difficult to determine but I'm going to guess it's probably approximately one forward roll per 45 - 65 seconds. Similar to when I'm trying to guess how long it takes for the Object to travel the distance between the Moon and the Earth my guesses concerning the Object's forward roll rate vary slightly and you will find examples of this throughout all of my writing.

The Basic Flight Path                         

A Basic description of the Object

Illustrating the forward rolling crossing Object's orbital path down through between the Moon and the Earth with 100% accuracy is not possible. However in general with a very slight adjustment, The Basic Flight Path image is exactly what the forward rolling Object's orbital crossing angle looks like. Unfortunately there's no way that I know of that would allow me to properly illustrate the Object's incredible speed. Take the Indiana Jones boulder and slow it down and that does simulate the effect you see when you see the Object the only difference is the Object is the size of a small planet and that does have a profound effect on the perspective that viewer has.

Adjustment: The left to right crossing angle and the top to bottom sink rate shown might be slightly high. Slightly reduce the left to right crossing angle. Also very slightly reduce the top to bottom sink rate angle and this may be a closer approximation than the angles across and down that are shown in my Basic Flight Path Image.

Even though the Object crosses at a point well out in front of the Moon towards the Earth, it also crosses at a point that is well out from the Earth towards the Moon. I am mentioning this point because I realize that this point can help a person to better understand the image; "The Basic Flight Path."

Unfortunately I am unable to do more than just point in certain directions. I am not an astronomer. I don't have the ability or the proper tools that are required to be able to take the Object I know and then see how it fits into and with the objects in the solar system and the Kuiper Belt. I know all about how the Object zooms down through the solar only to do the same thing again perhaps 46 years and one day later. The speeding Object has an incredible orbit that might be a part of some sort of big orbital cycle that it follows that I can't even begin to try to describe or correctly imagine. In my mind I have tried to picture the Object's entire orbit but I have to be no where close to correctly guessing what the Object's entire orbit looks like never mind a possible grand orbital cycle that would consist of may orbits. We spin, the Object rolls, we go slow and it goes fast, all the regular planets spend all their time in close proximity to the sun including Pluto. In sharp contrast the Object spends most of it's time at tremendous distances from the sun and only spending mere hours and then minutes near the sun at it's closest point and then the Object leaves the solar system again on it's possible 46 years and one day long orbit. One day I hope to see what planetary scientists Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra and others as well discover about the Object and it's orbital path. How does the Object's orbit fit in with what is known so far not just about the solar system but especially in regards to how the ultimate three body system the Earth, the Object and Moon are connected through their common history.
Theia, Is Theia Or Theia's Core Now The Speeding Object Of The Crossing Down?

Replace the hypothetical Planet Nine in orange shown in the computer simulation below with the Object I describe and the orbit of the Object I describe. If the effects that the scientists are observing are related in any way to the Object I describe and it's orbit then the correlation may possibly be obvious to a scientist or anyone who is able to read the data and input the basic Object flight path orbital information I try to provide. I provide these three dates but other dates need to be looked at as well because although I know I might have figured out when the Object was here and when I saw it and when it will be back I am not 100% certain. It's the orbital flight path information that I attempt to show in the image that's important much more so that the date that I think I saw the Object.

What does the computer simulation the LPL scientists are using look like? Is it the same as the computer simulation below on this page? Maybe? The simulation below is associated with the search for Planet 9 and may or may not be associated with the theoretical Planet 10 proposed by the LPL researchers. Add the Object and it's orbit as I try to approximate it into the computer simulation below and the computer models used by the LPL scientists and what would that look like? I would be very interested to know.

Planet nine TNO orbits

The orbits of the five objects with high-inclination orbits (nearly perpendicular to the ecliptic) are shown
here as cyan ellipses with the hypothetical Planet Nine in orange. Those of four are towards the left in this view,
and that of one (2012 DR30) is towards the right, with an aphelion over 2,000 AU.

Planet Nine - black background

Planetary scientists Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra present compelling evidence of a yet to be discovered planetary body with a mass somewhere between that of Mars and the Earth. Certainly the Object I saw has tremendous mass and power as evidenced in part by the way the light from the Moon is intercepted and changed in appearance and behavior. Dimensionally the Object I saw crossing between the Earth and the Moon may be bigger than the Moon or slightly smaller. I have guessed in the past that it is approximately the size of Mar's core at it's lower possible size range and I think that's about right and at it's upper size range it's easily possible that dimensionally it is slightly larger in size than the Moon and I think that's also about right.

As a central fundamental part of understanding the solar system today scientists are very convinced that they are correct and there was a giant impact of some description that caused the Moon's formation. Unfortunately the scientists have no idea that Thiea continued to orbit and continues to orbit down through between the Moon and the Earth after it struck the early Earth. Surly the computer models scientists are using to attempt to understand the Giant Impact Theory don't include Theia's tremendous speed and true orbital path and the very basic fact of it's continued existence.

I feel very strongly that Thiea may be the astronomical object that the scientists are looking for and that Theia or what's left of Thiea is without question the Object of the Crossing Down between the Moon and the Earth.


Example; the core of mars should or does happen to approximate the size of the Object at it's lower or smaller possible size range and at it's upper size range the Object could be slightly bigger than the Moon. This is a guess.

A problem researchers face is that they are searching for their object in an orbit they expect to see it in instead of the bizarre orbital path that the Object of the Crossing Down actually exhibits. I know that this handicaps the researchers a lot and I worry that they could have understood more clearly sooner and perhaps possibly detected the returning Object much sooner than the world will otherwise understand and detect the returning Object when that point in time ultimately arrives.

Once the actual Object of the Crossing Down is detected and imaged we'll say, it will be seen traveling towards that special place between the Moon and the Earth when the Moon is eclipsed and it's light is intercepted changed by the Object's forces and when the Object's large surface mound feature comes into view towards you from over the top of the forward rolling Object. The mound continues forward and down towards the Earth transforming into an overhang. With the sun, the Earth and the Object and the Moon all in basic alignment suddenly a very large shadow appears and grows in size under the overhang and then the shadow drops to the Object's surface below. Then ultimately the shadow travels over and past the Object's upper right horizon into where the Moon's light has been drastically changed in appearance and behavior. This is where the incredible ancient precisely detailed repeating fantastic Changed and Lasting Light sights are seen by people who look up towards the Moon at the right time when they will see the Object rolling at them from the face of the Moon changing the light from the Moon. Many individual shadows precede the movement of the the big main shadow's thick black wave towards and past the Object's upper right horizon into the Moon's Changed Light where their individual interactions with the Changed Light somehow produces the most fantastic results that do definitely repeat and happen exactly the same way every time this event occurs.

Meanwhile at the same time another long incredible orbit for Theia has just begun again. Clearly the Earth and the Moon are in perfect resonance with the Object of the Crossing Down otherwise the precisely detailed repeating Changed and Lasting Light sights made from the Moon's Changed Light that are seen and shapes that are created by the shadows that are cast by the randomly standing vertical crater rim pieces on the Object's surface just simply could not happen. The only way that everything that a shadow does and or creates in the Moon's Changed Light happens the same way every time so that the same sights are seen is if everything the Object, the Moon and the Earth are doing is happening exactly the same way every time the Object passes through it's crossing point between the Moon and the Earth causing all these things to happen. All the things that are seen formed, sculpted and created by the shadows within the Moon's Changed Light look the same and happen the same way every time they are created by the shadows. This is the proof that I offer that says that yes in fact the Earth and the Moon are in perfect resonance with Theia, the Object.

I'll take a guess here and say that my feeling is that this incredible powerful crossing Object may be the key to understanding the regularity of the solar system. Also I am going to guess that once the reality of the crossing Object is understood scientists may find that there is a type of resonance situation connecting all the planets with the Object of the Crossing Down and it's not just the Moon and the Earth that are in resonance with Theia. This might not be the case but after seeing the massive Object forward rolling Object from very close up and the spectacular visual spectacle that it causes to happen with the Moon's light and the light from the background of space from very close up I feel as though there is something very special at the heart of the mystery of the entire solar system and not just the incredible situation that happens with the Earth, Theia, Moon system.

Another question that has to be asked is this; Is the Object of the Crossing Down the sun's companion star or a type of companion star. Clearly the Object was geologically active at some point in it's history. This is obvious because of the way the vertically standing crater rim pieces around all of the hundreds of the Object's craters look as though they were formed when tremendous pressure from beneath the most Object's separate bulging surface areas blasted the surface crust upwards into vertical crater rim pieces around all of the craters bent at their bases into their present positions at 90° to the Object's surface. The Standing Stone Craters as I commonly refer to them certainly are not made of stone instead they probably have a very high metallic content instead of stone or ordinary rock that would be fractured and broken. I know that the very reflective Object must be tremendously dense and massive and more direct evidence for this is the profound effects that the Object has had on the Moon's Ocean of Storms, the Oceanus Procellarum region.

Certainly as everyone will see for themselves the crossing Object changes the Moon's light in the most dramatic and stunning way. Clearly easily the returning Object's forces are powerful enough to change the light from the Moon when it's orbit sees it roll down through across between the Moon and the Earth. What does this fact say about the nature and the possible composition of the Moon coloured Object.

The Object's colour is an exact match with the colour of the Moon's bright areas. As a young boy I had seen pictures of the lunar surface in National geographic magazine. As a boy I used to think the Object looked like a moon type of place that had been cleaned up, all the boulders, rocks, stones and dirt were gone and the surface's crease mark indentation lines and bulging areas inside of these lines in the areas between the Standing Stone Craters looked like it had been polished to a high reflective finish.

The vertically standing crater rim pieces are extremely massive and tower many thousands of feet above the Object and are very probably originally areas of surface crust. I looks to me like some sort of tremendous internal pressure blasted the surface outwards forming the standing stone style craters that number into the hundreds. The vertically standing crater rim pieces did not brake or fracture at their base like rock would. Blasted upwards and outwards from the Object's surface probably heated at their bases. Concerning all of the Standing Stone style craters that I saw, I didn't happen to notice any missing crater rim pieces. Also none of the rim pieces are leaning outwards from their crater past 90° instead they are all actually vertical to the Object's surface at 90°.
The Standing Stone Craters Exist On A Planetary Size And Scale

Preceding the Object's arrival observers will not be seeing the typical right to left orbital motion against the background of space the way that a common planetary member of the solar exhibits this type of motion. Instead the Object is basically moving directly towards us from a position at a great distance above and outside of the solar system and this will look very different compared to what the astronomers and scientists are expecting to see when they are searching for the theoretical astronomical object they refer to as Planet 10 and also the same situation apply's to the search for planet 9. Inevitably at some point astronomers will detect the forward rolling Object of the Crossing down instead of the Object they imagine they are searching for. Unfortunately today since they don't know about the crossing Object's actual orbital path down through the solar system they are unable to realize that they probably aren't looking for their Planet Nine or Planet Ten in the right place in space compared to the place in space where the actual speeding forward rolling astronomical Object I describe is orbiting down towards us from.

There certainly are very probably more planets to be found in our solar system in orbit around the sun in a standard typical orbit like the rest of the planets. Maybe the the theorized Planet 9 and Planet 10 will be found with the same type of orbits that the known planets have. Maybe the clues and evidence the LPL researchers are studying has nothing to do with the Object I saw? It's possible however and because I saw the Object I know for a fact that any sort of clue or mystery to do with the solar system may potentially involve the Object I saw. I am wondering what other clues and evidence has been observed that still hasn't been pieced together and recognized because the LPL researchers primarily and also other researchers as well don't know about the true nature of the Object's orbit, call it Planet 10 as some people surely inevitably will one day. It turns out that the ancient Object has many names and I say the more names the better.

The LPL researchers do seem to be clearly stating that they are sure that the effects they are seeing have to be caused by a much smaller astronomical object compared to the size of the object described in the Planet Nine Theory. The fact that they are able to determine through hard direct evidence that the astronomical object that causes the effects in the Kuiper Belt that they are studying are in fact not caused by a very large object at a great distance instead they are caused by an object that is much smaller and exists at a much closer distance, is very important because they are 100% correct because that's what actually happens!

This is fantastic! I only know this because I accidentally saw the Object when I was a boy otherwise obviously I wouldn't have anything to add to the discussion. That is the different and this is what I bring to the table and offer to other people through my free information in the Return Viewer's Guide. I saw the Object and that's how I know that the LPL researchers are correct if the facts they are studying are actually facts about the astronomical object that I saw. If the evidence that is being studied by the researchers has nothing to do with the Object I saw then that's what it is and instead they are looking for a different astronomical object and not the one that I saw.

However as far as I am concerned it might turn out that right now planetary scientists Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra are as close as you can be to discovering the Object of the Crossing Down because they probably detected the Object through their scientific means and direct observation of the effects that the Object of the Crossing Down leaves in it's wake! This is fantastic and I am confident that both of these researchers, Planetary scientists Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra will be credited and remembered for the accuracy and importance of their research work! I am very lucky and grateful to have been able to hear about and read about their important research. It is my hope that they will be able to make more progress in their search for the truth about what is actually really going on in our solar system concerning the object that I saw, the incredible forward rolling speeding Object of the Crossing Down.

Mr.Alessandro Morbidelli at the Côte d’Azur Observatory in Nice, France, said he was “dubious that a planet so close and so bright would have remained unnoticed.”

One of the many reasons that the Object of the Crossing Down has remained undetected is because it's tremendous speed and very long orbital path sees it at too great a distance to be detected from the solar system until it travels back down close enough to the solar system to be detected and that will be shortly before it crosses down through the solar system again. The Object has a very reflective surface and is very noticeably brighter than the Moon when it is crossing in front of the Moon. I think the problem might be related to astronomers looking in the wrong areas in space in order to observe the Object beginning to reflect the light from the sun back towards the Earth enough to be detected by astronomers. If the Object is emitting any sort of detectable signal it might fluctuate corresponding with every forward rotation or roll by the irregular shaped Object.

"In physics, the dynamo theory proposes a mechanism by which a celestial body such as Earth or a star generates a magnetic field. The dynamo theory describes the process through which a rotating, convecting, and electrically conducting fluid can maintain a magnetic field over astronomical time scales. A dynamo is thought to be the source of the Earth's magnetic field, as well as the magnetic fields of other planets."

If this is the case then the incredible speeding forward rolling astronomical object that I describe may posses a core that functions with a dynamo effect that generates a magnetic field. In fact I am going to guess that the forward rolling Object's magnetic field will be measured and discovered to be extremely powerful and large well past what would be expected for a typical astronomical object of it's size. The Speeding Forward Rolling Object's Magnetic Field

Do astronomical Object's emit any type of detectable signal like a radio signal perhaps because of the dynamo action at it's core? I am wondering this because maybe this could be a way to detect the returning Object.

The Object's Side Profile     Some Images Page

The Side Profile of the orbiting forward rolling speeding astronomical Object that I saw crossing down between the Earth and Moon.

The Object spends most of it's orbital time at great distances from the solar system. I'm guessing that the Object's average orbital speed has to be slow enough for it to remain in orbit around the sun at least according to the normal rules, which it obviously does do so does this mean that at the furthest reaches of the Object's possible 46 year long orbit it's speed is greatly reduced to balance out it's tremendous speed when it's here crossing down and going by the sun? When I saw the crossing Object it must have still been accelerating towards the sun. I can only guess that the normal laws of gravity would say that the Object would be instantly slowing down once it pasted the sun or the solar system's central mass. So if this is how things work it looks to me as though the Object's orbit may be divided into an exaggerated type of deceleration first phase and an acceleration second phase type of orbital behavior. I consider the Object's arrival home to be the end of an orbit and then when the shadow strikes in the Moon's Changed Light I consider this point in time to be the start of a new orbit as opposed to when the Object passes it nearest position in relation to the solar systems's central mass so there is a bit of a cross over or gray area there and I understand the difference. The basic point is that during the first half of the Object's orbit it is decelerating away from the sun going down below the solar system and the second half of it's orbit it is accelerating down towards the sun and the solar system from above the solar system. What does the Object's orbit look like? I can guess based on seeing the Object however unfortunately I don't understand more about the solar system than the average layman who is very interested but does not have formal training or a depth of knowledge about astronomy.

One day scientists will discover the Object and eventually figure out many things about and how it is connected with the Moon and the Earth and the rest of the solar system. Along with that the really special incredible part about this is the Changed and Lasting Light event that the Object causes to happen to the Moon's light. The slowly sinking crossing Object fully and then partially eclipses the Moon while it rolls towards the Earth from the face of the Moon. The Object's forces drastically changes the way that the sun's reflected light from the surface of the Moon looks and behaves. This is were the true fantastic part of all of this actually starts as if this ancient Object business this wasn't already to fantastic enough already!

Talking about the Object is one thing and talking about what happens and what you see from within the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon is another thing entirely. I would feel exactly the same way you will feel reading this if I hadn't actually seen the Moon's Changed Light for myself. I will say this and that is you can be sure that my descriptions of the Moon's Changed Light is just as accurate as my description of the Object itself. When you see the Object for yourself you are going to see that my descriptions of the Object match up with the Object you are seeing 100%

This is were the difficulties begin. This is also where the fantastic important part of this for us humans living on the Earth begins!

The repeating series of sights and shapes and forms that the shadows from the Object's vertically standing crater rim pieces cause to be created leads straight to us as hominids. This is the shocking part of this that has to be seen by the person before there is any chance that person could actually understand that this really happens and this is why the changed Light was and is so special for all humans. The Moon's Changed Light has a type of imprinting effect on the person who looks at it. Understanding that this effect just starts happening to the viewer automatically right from the first instant that they see the Changed Light is important because ultimately understanding this imprinting effect that happens to the viewer is going to be one of the keys to understanding the mechanisms that must somehow work at a biological level between what the heart Changed Light actually looks like and life that sees that shape.

The way the light from the Moon and the light from the background of space become changed because of the Object's force's causes and effects will open many entirely new areas of research in science. Incredibly one of those areas of research will be the quest to understand what appears to be an obvious direct connect between us homo sapiens and also the many early hominids and the muscular form of a man that is seen as a central highlight at the heart of at least the entire Changed and lasting light event's early portion. This human shape was caused to be created by the interactions between a shadow from the Object that was cast by a vertically standing crater rim piece and the Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon. A solid three dimensional human figure is created like a statue that consists of solid looking material that is actually light. Somehow life on Earth started. At some point some of that life looked up and saw the muscular form of a man at the heart of the Changed and Lasting light event. With the mysterious imprinting effect that the Changed Light has on the viewer somehow just by seeing the muscular Man of Light some of the life that saw this shape that was created by a shadow, were and are caused to grow and evolve and become copies and even exact copies of this human looking Lasting Light form. Either this is what happens or there is no connection at all between us humans down here on the Earth and the incredible Changed Light event and the very clearly visible very finely detailed muscular form of at man that is centrally featured within the Changed Light's heart. I know what I think and people will have to decide for themselves. This new Changed and Lasting Light area of research in science is actually what might be humanities oldest area of wonder and amazement research and science and surely the actual thing that has been observed and studied the most back through time all the way back to our very origin. Jointly through time our longest human quest has always been to try understand where did we come from and who are we? Once the Changed Light event is seen again in our time we will again be trying to answer the same basic questions we have always tried to answer, how did humans happen, were did we come from and also why are we here? This time we will have the benefit of having seen the Object and the Changed and Lasting Light event when people think about this questions.

Incredibly it started with a giant impact between Thiea and the early Earth creating the Moon. Theia continued to orbit and the Theia Earth, Moon system evolved from that point in time into the three body system that it is today. At some point in the evolution of this three body system the Changed and Lasting event started. An incredible thing happened when some of the life that started on the Earth looked up and saw the special heart of the Changed Light and somehow incredibly the fantastic thing that happened is still happening! Today we are here on the Earth and as it turns out we are exact copies of the muscular Man of Light! How does this happen? How is something like this possible? How could the Object and the Moon's Changed Light and especially the sight of the muscular man of Light not have something to do with us humans? I can't think of any way that it doesn't so for me I have to face the obvious and soon the people of the world will face what will be the same obvious questions.

We'll see what happens, I have a feeling this is going to be interesting because I know that once the Object is detected by the astronomers and the Moon's Changed Light is seen again it's a game changer and this represents to me the world's best change to stop our fighting with one another and instead realize that we only have each other to depend on and it's time to get along and cooperate with each other in what should be our unified central main task and that is to save our planet and at the same time save ourselves.

I have just given some of the reasons why I know that the work of planetary scientists Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra is vitally important. There are many more reasons why their work is important as it relates to the reality of the crossing Object because of all of the many serious potential implications and problems that might arise when this massive Object passes by so close to the Earth. I know for a fact that anyone who has been or currently is working on anything that has to do with the returning Object is going to suddenly find out sooner or later when the Object is rediscovered that there's way more to this returning Object business than is apparent at first even though that first glance at the very intimidating fast massive forward rolling very ancient looking Object is going to seem like way more than enough already.

Astronomers and other scientists will eventually realize that my descriptions of the Object's orbital path, forward rolling motion and it's surface details do match exactly with their observations. At this point they will have proof that the Object has been here before and that it can return and cross down through the solar between the Moon and the Earth safely as evidenced by my descriptions.
At that point it is their duty to inform the world's public that they can say for sure that the Object can safely cross down through between the Moon and the Earth and this is the situation that we expect to see happen again.

If you are reading this remember this because for obvious reasons this is the first basic fact that will need to be widely understood around the world right away next or at the same time that the news of the Object's detection has been released. There is such a thing as a safe return, this is a fact!

The next thing the people of the world need to know is that the very special natural visual spectacle that the crossing Object's forces causes to happen to the Moon's light and the light from the background of space as seen to the right of the Object and over and beyond the Object's upper right horizon is the big thing that happens and they can see it to just by looking. The Object causes the big thing to happen and it's important and the world's people need to know that this is their chance to see what our ancient ancestors saw. Ultimately somehow this does seem as though it has at least something to do with the answer to the question where do we come from? People say they want to know where we come from, including me. I believe some of the answers to these questions can be found within the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. As far as I am able to determine the question, why are we here?, is still just as unanswerable as ever for a person even after seeing the Changed Light. After people see the Object cause the incomparable Moon's Changed and Lasting Light event they can decide what they think about what they saw and what impact seeing the Changed Light had on them. Anyone including you can see the Object and ultimately go face to face with the muscular Man of Light because as it turns out at a basic level it's about looking up at the right time and although it's complicated it is also really as simple as that.

This is the complete full version
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I strongly suggest that you consider printing and saving at least one copy of this file. A printed copy of this free file guarantees you that no matter what is going on at the time of the Ancient Object's return and crossing down you will have accurate basic viewing information that you can trust and depend upon.
Help those around you to see!

The Return Viewers Guide

Lemon Shaped Moon's Long Internal Axis Matches The Object's Orbital Crossing Angle

The Moon's Ocean Of Storms And The Crossing Object's Powerful Forces

Minor Lunar Standstill Cycle And The Object's 46 Year And One Day Orbital Period

The Apollo Detection

The Formation Of The Moon

How Big Is The Ancient Object?

Lunar Perigee Alert May 27, 2064

The Speeding Forward Rolling Object's Magnetic Field

Message To The World Media

Time Has Nearly Run Out. When will the Object return?
May 26, 2018

Mii maanda niigaan da-ni-giizhgak ge-mno-aabjitooyan
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